§ Top 10 Countries with highest Divorce Rate in the World

10. Hungary
In 2010, data from Eurostat said that Hungary ranks 3rd in the world in terms of divorce and marriage. Statistics show that 67% of marriages end in divorce. For every 10 adult male in Hungary is divorced and 12.4% of women.

9. Sweden
“Record” the number of divorces — 25 100 — in Sweden were registered in 2013. With more than 100 of these broken marriages lasted less than a year.
About 47% of marriages in this country end in divorce.

8. Czech Republic
In 1960, the ratio of divorces in the Czech Republic amounted to 16%. In 2005 it was already 50%. Today is a sad ratio reaches 66%.

7. Portugal
Today, the rate of divorce in this country reaches 68%, which puts it in second place in the European Union. Every day in Portugal breaks up more than 70 families.

6. Ukraine
In Ukraine of the marriages 42% end in divorce. Almost a quarter of marriages fail due to simple alcoholism of one or both spouses. Another factor that massively destroys families are in financial difficulties and low standard of living.
The presence of children does not deter parents from getting divorced, so today the number of single-parent families is about 20%. The procedure of divorce in Ukraine is incredibly simple, and the amount of alimony to be paid for the child, is very small (less than $ 50 per month).

5. USA
The ratio of divorces in the United States is 53%, and for a number of years it is only growing. Especially a lot of divorces has been registered in 40-ies and 70-ies of the last century. The beginning of the new Millennium was also marked by the rapid growth of this sad statistic. And in the U.S. there is an interesting phenomenon: often people get divorced married. The ratio as follows: of the first marriage breaks up about 41% from the second — 60% and for third marriages, this figure rises to 73%. People don’t learn from their mistakes.

The main causes of divorce in USA experts include: financial difficulties, physical and mental violence in the family, loss of interest of the spouses to each other, infidelity.

4. Russia

Ratio is 51%. If ten years ago in Russia, got divorced, every third couple, today — every second. In 2012, Russia has taken the place of a world leader.

3. Belgium
Here the value of the coefficient rises to a record 71%. In this case, the experts complain about the too high standard of living and too a powerful social protection, people just don’t need each other, and at the slightest falling out of love immediately diverge. In the 70-ies of the last century, when the country was not such numerous and generous social programs, the rate of divorce was only 9.2 percent.

2. Belarus
Here the ratio reaches 68%. The abortion rate here is also one of the highest in the world. In Belarus a similar situation many attribute the massive loss of faith in God and a departure from traditional religious values. Indeed, more than 40% of citizens consider themselves atheists, therefore, the urgent calls of the Church in whatever was to keep family and completely abandon the abortion they have a special enthusiasm did not cause.

1. Maldives
In terms of population this island nation occupies the 175th place in the world, but the divorce rate is one of the first, skirting and huge Russia, and Belarus. Currently, the number of divorces in this country than ever. And this is especially surprising since the dominant religion in the country is Islam, whose followers are known to be more committed to the preservation of the family. Despite the fact that the dissolution of Muslim marriage has always been up surprisingly easy (enough three times to say “talak”, and the marriage is annulled), Islam is extremely negative attitude to divorce, and Muslim countries according to this indicator, far behind everyone else. But the Maldives somehow take some kind of revenge.

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