§ Shocking Divorce Statistics

To some, it’s an especially bitter time, although people hate August. A new working paper finds that, in addition to March, August is the month in.

Analyzed the 15 most recent years of divorce filings in Washington. Here’s what they discovered:

These results are to be peer reviewed, but some nation-wide evidence bolsters them. Online searches for “divorce” and “child custody” surge early in the year, peaking in March, they point out.


The authors speculate that unhappily married couples schedule their divorce filings around Valentine’s Day and both summer vacations, as well as summer vacations.

A few explanations are why people may time their marital dissolutions such a way. It might just be too difficult to announce a divorce around family-oriented Christmas time, especially if there are children involved.


But the writers think the more likely explanation is that individuals decide their differences are irreconcilable right following a significant trip. It could be that vacations are so stressful the already-dissatisfied are driven by them to divorce, or that people do not wish to destroy a family escape.


Individuals are discontent with their marriages, they seem at holiday as an chance to give it one final shot, and what they were hoping would happen did not happen.