Alcohol and Divorce Statistics

Alcohol and divorce statistics have a definite and close relation. Addiction to any kind of injurious substances can often be a bothersome situation for an individual and may take a severe on his or her marital relationship. Take alcohol for instance. One of the most lethal addictions, alcoholism is one of the biggest reasons for marital problems like domestic abuse and financial troubles, in addition to compatibility issues. It is for these very reasons that alcohol is a major factor when it comes to marriages breaking up all across the nation. And this is more common than you think as over 13% of all adult Americans deal with drinking issues to some extent or the other. Following facts will give you a idea about how the marital breakup and alcoholism are directly related to each other.

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Thriving Though Divorce & Separation

The last thing in the world any of us want is for a good thing to come to an end. When we first meet our partner there is often an internal recognition that this person is not only the most amazingly gorgeous, handsome and sexy person we have ever seen, but they are wonderfully kind, … Read more