Divorce Statistics By Age

A lot has been said about marriage and the respective ages of the couple getting hitched. There is an urban myth which goes around claiming that those who get married young tend not to have a stable marriage, for they lack the maturity to understand the full responsibility which comes with a committed relationship. Then there are those who claim that marriages where the two individuals involved have a massive age gap in between them are destined for a break up sometime in the future. Read More …

Divorce Statistics

Welcome to divorcestatistics.net If you need information on divorce rates in America pertaining to a number of different aspects, then this is the place to be. Here, you will find most of the compiled data relating to divorce statistics in relation to the following aspects- percentages among the fifty states, percentage breakdown between the genders, rate breakdown among different categories of age, rates among religious couples in America, percentage breakdown between couples of various sexual orientation, rates among military families, and many other such specific cases. Read More …

Christian Divorce Statistics

The debate has been endless whether or not people who adhere to the Christian faith legally terminate marital relations at the same rate as their non-Christian counterparts or whether Christian divorce statistics are a way higher than those people who follow other faiths or who do not believe in any religious denomination whatsoever.

Interestingly, there are also some very interesting theories put forth by some theories, especially those hailing from some kind of a Christian background or the other, that Christians, in fact, have a lower break-off percentage than other faiths and religious sects. Read More …

California Public Divorce

California State is among the nations having count of divorce cases in the country of United States of America, although it might be a truth. In cases like this, the divided couples as well as the inhabitants of this country can ask for a copy of the California Public Divorce Records. They are also able to access to vital documents. Another interesting fact of the nation is that this area possesses biggest count’s rank of inhabitant based on United States Census Bureau’s 2011 data. It features the division of possessions and the assets. Additionally, it clarifies their obligations towards them and the custody of the kids . Annulment isn’t a event in certain areas of the nation. There are nations many relationships end up in divorce and where instances of separation are large. Read More …

Alcohol and Divorce Statistics

Alcohol and divorce statistics have a definite and close relation. Addiction to any kind of injurious substances can often be a bothersome situation for an individual and may take a severe on his or her marital relationship. Take alcohol for instance. One of the most lethal addictions, alcoholism is one of the biggest reasons for marital problems like domestic abuse and financial troubles, in addition to compatibility issues. It is for these very reasons that alcohol is a major factor when it comes to marriages breaking up all across the nation. And this is more common than you think as over 13% of all adult Americans deal with drinking issues to some extent or the other. Following facts will give you a idea about how the marital breakup and alcoholism are directly related to each other. Read More …

Thriving Though Divorce & Separation

The last thing in the world any of us want is for a good thing to come to an end. When we first meet our partner there is often an internal recognition that this person is not only the most amazingly gorgeous, handsome and sexy person we have ever seen, but they are wonderfully kind, loving, exciting and interesting as well. We often can’t spend enough time with them, speak on the phone often enough or find enough time for intimacy that will fill the great desire we are feeling. Has this ever been your experience?

I remember when I first met my partner. It was electrifying. This is almost always true for most people, which is what “catches” us and inspires and drives us to “get involved” and then “committed” to our partners and spouses.

So what happens to our relationships with time? Where does all that passion go? What happened to that person we were wild about and who was wild about us? What if I told you your lover, partner and/or spouse was still there exactly as you found them that first day? What if I told you that who you REALLY fell in love with on that first date or first encounter was yourself? What if this person who you are now disappointed with, betrayed by, and hurt from has come into your life because they are your healer? What if this person entered your life specifically to assist you in this lifetime to become all that you can be?

Each one of us is here, on this planet to expand and grow. When your life becomes to small and too comfortable have you noticed that something always happens to shake up your world and “wake” you up or catalyze your life? This is intentional on the part of the universe. We actually vibrate at a frequency that draws and attracts exactly what we need in order to grow to the next level. Most of us resist this. Most of us “think” life is suppose to be easy, fun, comfortable and exciting. So when our life gets shaken up or we find that we are continually stumbling upon obstacle after obstacle, our ego seeks out who or what there is to blame for our experience. As the Dali Lama often says, “when you find yourself pointing the finger out there or at someone, there are always three fingers pointing right back at yourself.” The first place to look during the most difficult and challenging times of our lives is right at the source of our life – ourselves!

The ending of any relationship can be difficult, devastating, and scary. With any kind of ending many experience life slowly (or rapidly) dissolving and the future becoming less and less tangible or predictable. When a relationship begins to slide down the slippery slope of dissolution and divorce there is often a feeling of being taken “down.” It is as if a dark abyss awaits us and we begin to call on our Will to over power the pull of this darkness.

This “going down” is a primary purpose of your relationship? The question for you to consider is, “who are you becoming?” There is a life lesson in this moment and in this experience. All that you are experiencing is part of a greater plan for your life. To Mindfully divorce or separate is to be willing to look into the mirror that is our partner and see that reflection as our self. From this place, peace is possible, dreams become attainable, and healing is inevitable.

Dr. Illana Berger is the author of The Snake and the Four Winds and currently writing Mindful Partnership ~ Mindful Divorce. She is in private practice as a spiritual counselor and healer specializing in gay and lesbian divorce in Oakland, California.