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Husband Wife Divorce date St, County
Richard T Bacino Betty J Bacino 06/24/1974 FL, Arapahoe
Jerold L Vosika Helen M Vosika 06/24/1974 FL, Sedgwick
Angel M Andrade Matilda Andrade 06/24/1974 FL, Prowers
Fred A Davis Mary K Davis 06/24/1974 FL, Elbert
Ronald O Barstad Shirley J Barstad 06/24/1974 FL, Adams
Fred Prowse Wanda G Prowse 06/24/1974 FL, Montezuma
Jearl W Thorpe Helene Thorpe 06/24/1972 TX, Lubbock
Peter M Armitage Ann O Armitage 06/24/1972 TX, Harris
Nic L Catalani Pamela P Catalani 06/24/1972 TX, Bexar
Jackie L Traylor Patricia Traylor 06/24/1972 TX, Morris
Vincent J Benvenuto Laverne Benvenuto 06/24/1971 FL, Arapahoe
Rodney D Barger Darlene Barger 06/24/1971 FL, Arapahoe
Ernest P Atwood Audrey Atwood 06/24/1971 FL, Adams
Don A Balerio Rena M Balerio 06/24/1971 FL, Alamosa
John D Charlesworth Rebecca Charlesworth 06/24/1971 FL, Mesa
Wallace J Ballard Jacquely K Ballard 06/24/1971 FL, Adams
Celestino A Martinez Gayla R Martinez 06/24/1971 FL, La Plata
Theodore F Sisneros Orpha E Sisneros 06/24/1971 FL, Kit Carson
Glenn A Jacobs Sadie M Jacobs 06/24/1971 FL, Huerfano
Clarence Benjamin Addie Benjamin 06/24/1970 FL, Adams
Joseph W Ballew Esther Ballew 06/24/1970 FL, Jefferson
Morris Brassill Lena Brassill 06/24/1970 FL, Pueblo
Edward H Brunner Linda L Brunner 06/24/1970 FL, Mesa
Lee Allison Susan M Allison 06/24/1970 FL, El Paso
Salvatore Camzomeri Toni Camzomeri 06/24/1969 FL, Pueblo
John E Chelewski Marjorie S Chelewski 06/24/1969 FL, Mesa
Merle I Knode Sandra L Knode 06/24/1969 FL, Sedgwick
Darrell E Aumiller Dorothy L Aumiller 06/24/1969 FL, Pueblo
David Carl Delina A Carl 06/24/1969 FL, La Plata
Alfredo Avila Genevieve Avila 06/24/1968 FL, Las Animas
William O Abila Caroline E Abila 06/24/1968 FL, Las Animas
Clinton B Stewart Marion B Stewart 06/24/1968 FL, Pitkin
Richard D Bonnamy Claudia S Bonnamy 06/24/1968 FL, Chaffee
Frank E Bauman Myrna J Bauman 06/24/1968 FL, Pueblo
Howard W Atz Mary M Atz 06/24/1968 FL, Jefferson
Calvin M Seely Pauline Seely 06/24/1968 FL, Otero
Jerry D Williams Geneva M Williams 06/24/1968 FL, Gunnison
Richard E Pinchera Neva L Pinchera 06/24/1967 TX, Collin
Ralph E Martin Charlotte A Martin 06/24/1966 TX, Hardin
Pat E King Doris King 06/24/1949 TX, Harrison

Divorce is a difficult time in anyone’s life. It involves many legal issues that must be considered when deciding on whether or not to proceed with the divorce. A marriage is not the only thing be dissolved, there are also many assets that may have been acquired during the marriage that must be equitably divided between both parties in a fair manner. If children are involved then custody issues must be decided. These are issues that can decide whether a divorce is handled amicably or whether it goes through the courts and has to be decided by a judge or a jury, which can dramatically increase the cost of the divorce.