Divorces Database | April

You probably already know that divorce can be drawn out and expensive. Divorce cases are fairly common nowadays. Once a couple files for divorce, they should seek advice from the right organizations and legal firms. If they want to avoid spending too much on the divorce proceedings, they should consult free legal help for divorce.

Need to know information about Divorce Records

Husband Wife Divorce date St, County
Fernando D Uribe Marissa G Uribe 04/04/2008 TX, Galveston
Jessie H Castillo Eneida E Castillo 04/04/2008 TX, Dallas
Patrick B Sattler Terri S Sattler 04/04/2008 TX, Hardin
Watson Cabrera Courtney Cabrera 04/04/2008 TX, Dallas
Kevin G Kyle Karen Kyle 04/04/2008 TX, Fort Bend
Eduard Canino Kimberly B Canino 04/04/2008 TX, Brazoria
Efrain Delgado Alva I Delgado 04/04/2008 TX, Denton
Max D Beckham April A Beckham 04/04/2008 TX, Harris
Gilbert Kotulek Georgina Kotulek 04/04/2008 TX, Wichita
Paul D Sam Sylvia Sam 04/04/2008 TX, Mclennan
Christian A Maldonado Andrea F Maldonado 04/04/2008 TX, Travis
Orencio Maldonado Floriberta Maldonado 04/04/2008 TX, Mclennan
Timothy L Holt Nancy C Holt 04/04/2008 TX, Mclennan
Ryan S Lockhart Ariel C Lockhart 04/04/2008 TX, Tom Green
Mark D Avrett Sandra K Avrett 04/04/2008 TX, Parker
Samuel O Medford Lutiecia N Medford 04/04/2008 TX, Smith
Clevert L Tyler Jo A Tyler 04/04/2008 TX, Jefferson
Steven C Spencer Terri L Spencer 04/04/2008 TX, Wilson
Augustine Garza Linda S Garza 04/04/2008 TX, Smith
Franco M Javier Enriqueta B Javier 04/04/2007 TX, San Patric
Angel Flores Laura D Flores 04/04/2007 TX, Williamson
Terrance P Brunson Cynthia A Brunson 04/04/2007 TX, Mclennan
George E Hanna Rosemary Hanna 04/04/2007 TX, Jasper
Eric W Font Autumn L Font 04/04/2007 TX, Jasper
George E Campbell Jackie C Campbell 04/04/2007 TX, Montgomery
Earnest C Lewis Earlee Lewis 04/04/2007 TX, Montgomery
James F Butler Wanda S Butler 04/04/2007 TX, Van Zandt
Joshua T Bellomy Kendra M Bellomy 04/04/2007 TX, Tarrant
Mohammed Awwal Kimberly M Awwal 04/04/2007 TX, Tarrant
Blake W Baxter Melinda Baxter 04/04/2007 TX, Dallas
Joseph D Baldwin Robin Baldwin 04/04/2007 TX, Galveston
Hector Gonsalez Mary H Gonsalez 04/04/2007 TX, Bexar
Richard Claes Patrice Claes 04/04/2007 TX, Dallas
Walter J Gerbin Lucie Gerbin 04/04/2007 TX, Bexar
Ray A Castillo Kimberly Castillo 04/04/2007 TX, Dallas
Mario V Guillen Lehici A Guillen 04/04/2007 TX, Bexar
Rickey L Lockridge Lisa A Lockridge 04/04/2007 TX, Bowie
Syed F Askari Eva T Askari 04/04/2007 TX, Harris
David E Heep Diane Heep 04/04/2007 TX, Bandera
Gustavo G Garcia Noemi P Garcia 04/04/2007 TX, Bell
Ronald W Gray Towasha N Gray 04/04/2006 TX, Gregg
Flores Adan E Aguiler Claudia V Aguiler 04/04/2006 TX, Harris
Clement Appiah-Nfifar Mechega M Appiah-Nfifar 04/04/2006 TX, Dallas
Armando Garza Griselda Garza 04/04/2006 TX, Cameron
Jeffery P Mcreynolds Donna L Mcreynolds 04/04/2006 TX, Bell
Joshua L Tyra Maria P Tyra 04/04/2006 TX, Wichita
Howard Bias Juaneishea N Bias 04/04/2006 TX, Tarrant
Donald R Creager Tammy M Creager 04/04/2006 TX, Lampasas
James C Clark Michelle Clark 04/04/2006 TX, Tarrant
Felix Cazares Jessica A Cazares 04/04/2006 TX, Webb
David P Keefer Stacey L Keefer 04/04/2005 TX, Walker
Bobby R Carr Yvette D Carr 04/04/2005 TX, Tarrant
Paul F Dunkman Margaret A Dunkman 04/04/2005 TX, Travis
Eddie Soliz Daizy Soliz 04/04/2005 TX, Maverick
Jon Kerr Angela S Kerr 04/04/2005 TX, Eastland
Charles A Anang Violet A Anang 04/04/2005 TX, Denton
Robert N Bible Stephanie G Bible 04/04/2005 TX, Burnet
Joseph A Mcclellan Misty M Mcclellan 04/04/2005 TX, Bell
Mark A Aleman Lori R Aleman 04/04/2005 TX, Harris
Caleb D Fletcher Rachel M Fletcher 04/04/2005 TX, Bell
Joshua T Linton Melissa S Linton 04/04/2005 TX, Denton
Pedro Ramirez Rosa Ramirez 04/04/2004 TX, Dallam
Leroy J Keutz Robin T Keutz 04/04/2004 TX, Crane
Khuda Buksh Lettie M Buksh 04/04/2004 TX, Dallas
Jonathan D Chang Stella Chang 04/04/2004 TX, Bell
Fred W Closs Brenda L Closs 04/04/2004 TX, Dallas
Louis T Bryant Jillian J Bryant 04/04/2004 TX, Dallas
Jeffery L Cotton Sonya L Cotton 04/04/2004 TX, Denton
Gary E Hillis Carolynn E Hillis 04/04/2004 TX, Denton
Jason E Hopkins Athena M Hopkins 04/04/2004 TX, Harrison
Sam B Hall Stacey L Hall 04/04/2004 TX, Bell
Luis Comacho Frances T Comacho 04/04/2004 TX, Bexar
Daniel Martin Debra C Martin 04/04/2004 TX, Galveston
Ghassan G Gabriel Monica M Gabriel 04/04/2004 TX, Galveston
Darryl S Terry Melissa K Terry 04/04/2004 TX, Brazoria
Alejandro C Celindo Kimberly M Celindo 04/04/2004 TX, Nueces
Jason R Chlad Simone A Chlad 04/04/2004 TX, Tarrant
Jason D Smith Kelly A Smith 04/04/2004 TX, Palo Pinto
Theodore W Beechler Brenna C Beechler 04/04/2004 TX, Tarrant
Wesley C Cantrell Nancy J Cantrell 04/04/2004 TX, Potter
Brian O Bratcher Irma Bratcher 04/04/2004 TX, Nueces
Walter A Luce Jennifer C Luce 04/04/2004 TX, Lavaca
David R Larner Lisa L Larner 04/04/2004 TX, Hood
Gabriel G Harris Samantha L Harris 04/04/2004 TX, Travis
Kevin J Flaherty Kaley J Flaherty 04/04/2004 TX, Kaufman
William E Dieter Jessica S Dieter 04/04/2004 TX, Travis
Larry D Farrow Shirley A Farrow 04/04/2003 TX, Victoria
Jeremy J Haney Janet N Haney 04/04/2003 TX, Victoria
Patrick G Armstrong D A Armstrong 04/04/2003 TX, Tarrant
James Eggins Shawna J Eggins 04/04/2003 TX, Wichita
David Simmons Sandra G Simmons 04/04/2003 TX, Jefferson
A A Hafiz Georgina J Hafiz 04/04/2003 TX, Travis
Brian T Goss Jennifer J Goss 04/04/2003 TX, Van Zandt
Bryan J Briedigan Vicky L Briedigan 04/04/2003 TX, Tyler
Jose G Ascencion Diana G Ascencion 04/04/2003 TX, Nueces
Michael L Crispin Michelle D Crispin 04/04/2003 TX, Travis
C Henry Vanessa M Henry 04/04/2003 TX, Nueces
Joe D Gracey Kim D Gracey 04/04/2003 TX, Denton
Maurillo A Barreto Lauren E Barreto 04/04/2003 TX, Harris
David Alvarez Luz M Alvarez 04/04/2003 TX, Harris

Not everyone can afford a lawyer. Couples with limited resources can easily look for free divorce legal help online. There are non-profit organizations that provide free divorce legal help and they usually have their own websites. These organizations have experienced and very competent divorce lawyers who extend free legal help. Aside from the non-profit organizations, there are also reputed attorneys and legal firms who offer pro bono social services. These lawyers or attorneys take some divorce cases each year without asking for any fees.

Among the new concepts online are online divorce and its gaining popularity these days. In fact, many couples have tried it already and they were able to deal with their divorce proceedings in a timely and simple manner.

Some people like to try a ‘pro se waiver’. This is a fairly reasonable option because there’s only a small fee to get legal services during your dissolution proceedings. This is already a packaged deal and so couples don’t need to worry about costs every time their lawyer sits in the courtroom; not only that, this option also saves time and energy. Start looking for this legal option now and you will only fill out some forms and pay nominal processing fees. Soon the divorce proceedings will be over and you can already begin a new life.

Some say that there is a huge difference between paid services and free legal services. For those who can afford paid legal divorce services, start looking for the best legal services in your area so that you can get over the divorce proceedings soon. People with limited resources can stick to the free legal services offered by non-profit organizations or pro bono services but make sure that you choose carefully.

When looking for a divorce lawyer, you need to ensure that your lawyer is looking after your best interests. You have to conduct some background checks to see how many divorce cases your lawyer handled in the past and to determine his or her creditability. You must be able to trust your lawyer all throughout the divorce proceedings to ensure success. If the couples are in good terms, they can seek legal help together.

So if you and your spouse decided to file for divorce, get legal help at once. Don’t be left helpless and ignorant. You need to know the law to protect your own interests and you need your lawyer to guide all your actions.