Divorces Database | April

You probably already know that divorce can be drawn out and expensive. Divorce cases are fairly common nowadays. Once a couple files for divorce, they should seek advice from the right organizations and legal firms. If they want to avoid spending too much on the divorce proceedings, they should consult free legal help for divorce.

Need to know information about Divorce Records

Husband Wife Divorce date St, County
Roger L Baham Gail L Baham 04/01/2008 TX, Chambers
Carlos Pena Erika Pena 04/01/2008 TX, Brazos
Ermest P Lopez Bertha A Lopez 04/01/2008 TX, Bastrop
Jorge Contreras Dora S Contreras 04/01/2008 TX, Ector
Floyd E Davison Yonette S Davison 04/01/2008 TX, Bexar
Benjamin D Barnette Katherine M Barnette 04/01/2008 TX, Dallas
Kenneth R Brown Katrina M Brown 04/01/2008 TX, Dallas
James Bell Natasha Bell 04/01/2008 TX, Collin
Darryl L Virgil Nillie A Virgil 04/01/2008 TX, Brazoria
George O Bush Susan Bush 04/01/2008 TX, Cherokee
Lourdes Castillo Rosario Castillo 04/01/2008 TX, Midland
John T Barron Nancy Barron 04/01/2008 TX, Mclennan
Aaron L Dana Cassandra S Dana 04/01/2008 TX, Montgomery
Wade P Starr Sandy A Starr 04/01/2008 TX, Hunt
Bernardino J Gardea Angelic M Gardea 04/01/2008 TX, Upton
Jamie J Huffman Paula C Huffman 04/01/2008 TX, Washington
Jesus Arias Aurelia G Arias 04/01/2007 TX, Uvalde
Simeon Lopez Margarte S Lopez 04/01/2007 TX, Caldwell
Mark D Burt Ann M Burt 04/01/2007 TX, Dallas
Yirmeyahu L David Kanicia R David 04/01/2007 TX, Ector
Richard D Spears Teresa M Spears 04/01/2007 TX, Archer
Gene Garrett Sara Garrett 04/01/2007 TX, Ector
Jaime Olivas Isabell Olivas 04/01/2007 TX, Ector
Brent A Witcher Shannon K Witcher 04/01/2007 TX, Grayson
Kevin D Land Lori L Land 04/01/2007 TX, Nolan
William Alfrey Amanda Alfrey 04/01/2007 TX, Tarrant
Terence F Ash Paola Ash 04/01/2007 TX, Tarrant
George D Clements Bonnie B Clements 04/01/2006 TX, Taylor
Rex D Smith Robyn R Smith 04/01/2006 TX, Johnson
Jason M Wilkerson Mindy K Wilkerson 04/01/2006 TX, Johnson
Jared Cardinal Esmerelda Cardinal 04/01/2006 TX, Tarrant
James K Dean Kristy R Dean 04/01/2006 TX, Taylor
James Q Peterson Brittney N Peterson 04/01/2006 TX, Johnson
Dwayne C Smith Andrea M Smith 04/01/2006 TX, Kendall
Justin C Bohl Jacqueline N Bohl 04/01/2006 TX, Palo Pinto
Jerry D Watson Kristenna L Watson 04/01/2006 TX, Smith
Freddie L Johnson Samone D Johnson 04/01/2006 TX, Morris
Gray Harris Teresa I Harris 04/01/2006 TX, Nueces
Scott J Martin Katrina Y Martin 04/01/2006 TX, Travis
Norman E Jones Tammie L Jones 04/01/2006 TX, Travis
Jeffrey D Boren Lori R Boren 04/01/2006 TX, Williamson
William T Chilton Haley A Chilton 04/01/2006 TX, Wilbarger
Gustavus Chisholm Laura R Chisholm 04/01/2006 TX, Williamson
Christopher L Cook Anissa L Cook 04/01/2006 TX, Wilson
Christopher P Vahrenkamp Bobbie M Vahrenkamp 04/01/2006 TX, Burnet
Toby G Germann Kimberly D Germann 04/01/2006 TX, Callahan
James C Ashby Suzette L Ashby 04/01/2006 TX, Harris
James D Bridge Laura J Bridge 04/01/2006 TX, Collin
Samuel G Peveler Heather N Peveler 04/01/2006 TX, Gray
Eugene E Miller Geraldine A Miller 04/01/2006 TX, Collin
Roy D Sue Teresa L Sue 04/01/2006 TX, Crosby
Luis P Bartomomei Rachel Bartomomei 04/01/2006 TX, Dallas
Christopher D Becher Alison O Becher 04/01/2006 TX, Denton
Richard V Burns Rhian D Burns 04/01/2006 TX, Hays
Mark A Thompson Jennifer R Thompson 04/01/2006 TX, Brazoria
Aaron J Moreno April L Moreno 04/01/2006 TX, Bell
Christopher D Aultman Jessica D Aultman 04/01/2006 TX, Archer
Robert M Dixon Stephanie M Dixon 04/01/2006 TX, Angelina
Mark A Perez Robin D Perez 04/01/2006 TX, Angelina
Tommy R Barnhill Lindia L Barnhill 04/01/2005 TX, Burnet
Alejandro P Bazalar Carole J Bazalar 04/01/2005 TX, Dallas
James Hart Lauren L Hart 04/01/2005 TX, Ector
Mark Garcia Kristi A Garcia 04/01/2005 TX, Galveston
Leopoldo R Banda Petra G Banda 04/01/2005 TX, Bexar
Mark Bland Heather H Bland 04/01/2005 TX, Fort Bend
David Delos Santos Katherine Delos Santos 04/01/2005 TX, Brazoria
Imraz Ali Bibi S Ali 04/01/2005 TX, Harris
Bryan Buchanan Seema Buchanan 04/01/2005 TX, Dallas
Christopher M Gonzales Emma R Gonzales 04/01/2005 TX, Rockwall
Jesus Lara Eimelda Lara 04/01/2005 TX, Lee
Elojio Flores Maria E Flores 04/01/2005 TX, Nueces
Harry M Dies Judy A Dies 04/01/2005 TX, Jefferson
Jonathon A Sanchez Magdalena E Sanchez 04/01/2005 TX, Lubbock
Michael J Frank Sandra K Frank 04/01/2005 TX, Mitchell
Rudy Lomeli Dilma Lomeli 04/01/2005 TX, Midland
Trevor Lynn Melissa Lynn 04/01/2005 TX, Liberty
Benjamin Z Corona Jamie M Corona 04/01/2005 TX, Johnson
Donnie L Jones Jamie O Jones 04/01/2005 TX, Randall
Thomas M Givens Valarie P Givens 04/01/2005 TX, Young
Jason S Nelson Deborah D Nelson 04/01/2005 TX, Val Verde
Mikeal D Titman Maranda L Titman 04/01/2005 TX, Webb
Shawn T Gray Kristi L Gray 04/01/2005 TX, Walker
Jose A Garcia Rebecca V Garcia 04/01/2005 TX, Travis
Chadrick W Casteel Jennifer D Casteel 04/01/2004 TX, Young
Jesse B Hunter Tonda Hunter 04/01/2004 TX, Brazoria
Filipe M Pinto Marta W Pinto 04/01/2004 TX, Brazoria
Alexander Tadese Eden Tadese 04/01/2004 TX, Collin
Jimmy Cail Ashley L Cail 04/01/2004 TX, Collin
Richard C Bowman Amy L Bowman 04/01/2004 TX, Dallas
Donald R Butterworth Shawna R Butterworth 04/01/2004 TX, Comal
Todd F Offenbecher Ramona K Offenbecher 04/01/2004 TX, Clay
Don W Moss Jennifer D Moss 04/01/2004 TX, Jefferson
Stoney S Allen Tasha S Allen 04/01/2004 TX, Parker
Shawn L Williams Brenda R Williams 04/01/2004 TX, Mclennan
Craig B Grissom Heather L Grissom 04/01/2004 TX, Liberty
Michael A Brown Essence L Brown 04/01/2004 TX, Tarrant
Daniel E Keaton Billie J Keaton 04/01/2003 TX, Palo Pinto
Thomas R Bell Porscha L Bell 04/01/2003 TX, Tarrant
William J Maven Janine R Maven 04/01/2003 TX, Madison
Thomas A Chessher Pamela A Chessher 04/01/2003 TX, San Jacint

Not everyone can afford a lawyer. Couples with limited resources can easily look for free divorce legal help online. There are non-profit organizations that provide free divorce legal help and they usually have their own websites. These organizations have experienced and very competent divorce lawyers who extend free legal help. Aside from the non-profit organizations, there are also reputed attorneys and legal firms who offer pro bono social services. These lawyers or attorneys take some divorce cases each year without asking for any fees.

Among the new concepts online are online divorce and its gaining popularity these days. In fact, many couples have tried it already and they were able to deal with their divorce proceedings in a timely and simple manner.

Some people like to try a ‘pro se waiver’. This is a fairly reasonable option because there’s only a small fee to get legal services during your dissolution proceedings. This is already a packaged deal and so couples don’t need to worry about costs every time their lawyer sits in the courtroom; not only that, this option also saves time and energy. Start looking for this legal option now and you will only fill out some forms and pay nominal processing fees. Soon the divorce proceedings will be over and you can already begin a new life.

Some say that there is a huge difference between paid services and free legal services. For those who can afford paid legal divorce services, start looking for the best legal services in your area so that you can get over the divorce proceedings soon. People with limited resources can stick to the free legal services offered by non-profit organizations or pro bono services but make sure that you choose carefully.

When looking for a divorce lawyer, you need to ensure that your lawyer is looking after your best interests. You have to conduct some background checks to see how many divorce cases your lawyer handled in the past and to determine his or her creditability. You must be able to trust your lawyer all throughout the divorce proceedings to ensure success. If the couples are in good terms, they can seek legal help together.

So if you and your spouse decided to file for divorce, get legal help at once. Don’t be left helpless and ignorant. You need to know the law to protect your own interests and you need your lawyer to guide all your actions.