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Husband Wife Divorce date St, County
M J Sullivan Julia D Sullivan 03/14/2008 TX, Wood
John D Huffman Sheryl L Huffman 03/14/2008 TX, Ellis
Alan Rodriguez Jessica M Rodriguez 03/14/2008 TX, Maverick
Tony M Harris Juanita F Harris 03/14/2008 TX, Smith
James Degroat Julie Degroat 03/14/2008 TX, Johnson
Evan A Anderson Rita R Anderson 03/14/2008 TX, Kaufman
Ernest H Mccray Anna B Mccray 03/14/2008 TX, Denton
Darrell W Bennett Linda Y Bennett 03/14/2008 TX, Tarrant
Larry P Vaughan Amy L Vaughan 03/14/2008 TX, Johnson
Dustin A Rhoades Michelle R Rhoades 03/14/2008 TX, Brazoria
Jose A Salinas Maria G Salinas 03/14/2008 TX, Brazoria
Robby D Stewart Dianne D Stewart 03/14/2008 TX, Johnson
Bryan D Procter Christen D Procter 03/14/2008 TX, Johnson
John D Jackson Kristel C Jackson 03/14/2008 TX, Collin
Caroll D Blevins Lavenia Blevins 03/14/2008 TX, Brazoria
Anthony D Stewart Gayla W Stewart 03/14/2008 TX, Kaufman
Eufemio Cuevas Laura L Cuevas 03/14/2008 TX, Cameron
Owen Davis Doris L Davis 03/14/2008 TX, Upshur
Ricardo Barro Deyanira Barro 03/14/2008 TX, Harris
Diep D Tran Ann A Tran 03/14/2008 TX, Fort Bend
Joseph S Domanico Corinne S Domanico 03/14/2008 TX, Bell
James R Williams Deborah E Williams 03/14/2007 TX, Johnson
Gregory Eclavea Kyong S Eclavea 03/14/2007 TX, Bell
Timothy J Boyle Catherine L Boyle 03/14/2007 TX, Harris
Ramon Hernandez Guadalupe Hernandez 03/14/2007 TX, Moore
Jame M Mata Raquel R Mata 03/14/2007 TX, Nueces
Mitchell D Boteler Ashley N Boteler 03/14/2007 TX, Bell
Andrew M Chalin Quinn A Chalin 03/14/2007 TX, Galveston
Albert D Wilkerson Shirley D Wilkerson 03/14/2007 TX, Hardin
Charles D Leeson Kathleen L Leeson 03/14/2007 TX, Montgomery
Porfirio Gutierrez Ginger G Gutierrez 03/14/2007 TX, Van Zandt
Joshua J Brown Ronda Brown 03/14/2007 TX, Comal
Ronnie H Klaehn Faye L Klaehn 03/14/2007 TX, Guadalupe
Armando Gaytan Tina Gaytan 03/14/2007 TX, Williamson
Darrell E Fincannon Terry L Fincannon 03/14/2007 TX, Taylor
Jose E Boone Aracely M Boone 03/14/2007 TX, Bexar
Rubin Hernandez Virginia A Hernandez 03/14/2007 TX, Angelina
Andrew S Castillo Olga M Castillo 03/14/2007 TX, Galveston
Lopez Pedro Castillo Rebecca F Castillo 03/14/2007 TX, Bexar
Julio Alamilla Marina Alamilla 03/14/2007 TX, Harris
Miguel De La Torre Ninet De La Torre 03/14/2007 TX, Bexar
Jimmy L Edmiston Mary S Edmiston 03/14/2006 TX, Smith
Bradley L Bustance Erin M Bustance 03/14/2006 TX, Denton
Tony A Costilla Cyrena M Costilla 03/14/2006 TX, Travis
Heacox James A Villa Amanda L Villa 03/14/2006 TX, Brazoria
Isaac P Gunther Isormari Gunther 03/14/2006 TX, Bell
Matthew L Barron Noemi C Barron 03/14/2006 TX, Harris
Tim L Brown Kristen M Brown 03/14/2006 TX, Denton
Rodolfo Guzman Elsa N Guzman 03/14/2006 TX, Bexar
Dillon C Emery Ariana H Emery 03/14/2006 TX, Bexar
Robert B Johnson Fawn H Johnson 03/14/2006 TX, Bell
Maurice D Chapman Erin R Chapman 03/14/2005 TX, Liberty
Ty C Felton Joy-Del T Felton 03/14/2005 TX, Nueces
Ronnie G Bush Jamie E Bush 03/14/2005 TX, Fannin
Bayless Brewer Manal Brewer 03/14/2005 TX, Gregg
Wesley J Hasty Heather D Hasty 03/14/2005 TX, Wichita
Syed M Alishah Candice M Alishah 03/14/2005 TX, Harris
Michael E Flannagan Rebecca S Flannagan 03/14/2005 TX, Delta
Gerardo Guzman Kellie R Guzman 03/14/2005 TX, Taylor
Stanley A Cater Phyllis J Cater 03/14/2005 TX, Grayson
Hector Balderas Blanca Balderas 03/14/2005 TX, Dallas
William M Baude Brandi L Baude 03/14/2005 TX, Angelina
Gary F Warren Elizabeth M Warren 03/14/2005 TX, Jefferson
Deup V Patel Punam Patel 03/14/2005 TX, Bell
Christopher D Jackson Jessica A Jackson 03/14/2005 TX, Bell
James W Bishop Cassandra R Bishop 03/14/2005 TX, Bell
Gary Bueno Kathryn Bueno 03/14/2005 TX, Tarrant
Robert D Gauthier Rita G Gauthier 03/14/2005 TX, Bell
Jeffrey R Johnson Danielle V Johnson 03/14/2005 TX, Collin
Edward J Rodriguez Ernestina B Rodriguez 03/14/2005 TX, Cameron
Stephen Beesee Terre Beesee 03/14/2005 TX, Wichita
David Kick Anissa Kick 03/14/2004 TX, Lamar
Daniel T Ledesma Ester T Ledesma 03/14/2004 TX, Kleberg
Anthony J Strazz Amy M Strazz 03/14/2004 TX, Jasper
Chad J Callender Ashlee C Callender 03/14/2004 TX, Bexar
Nicholaus H Eikman Abbey N Eikman 03/14/2004 TX, Randall
John R Aguilar Elisabeth S Aguilar 03/14/2004 TX, Hays
Sergio A Tovar Jaclyn Tovar 03/14/2004 TX, Rockwall
Brandon A Bonnet Brandi L Bonnet 03/14/2004 TX, Val Verde
Jeremy R Gomez Syble L Gomez 03/14/2004 TX, Denton
Jordan G Huber Raydeane Huber 03/14/2003 TX, Victoria
John E Zimmerman Gina M Zimmerman 03/14/2003 TX, Brazoria
Michael Lucky Sarah Lucky 03/14/2003 TX, Potter
Bryan E Sweeney Jeannie K Sweeney 03/14/2003 TX, King
Evan O Martinez Belinda G Martinez 03/14/2003 TX, Jim Hogg
Micheal W Williams Vivian J Williams 03/14/2003 TX, Angelina
Jonathan R Williford Lori L Williford 03/14/2003 TX, Hardin
Federico M Hernandez Joanna G Hernandez 03/14/2003 TX, Travis
Ronnie A Galvan Erica N Galvan 03/14/2003 TX, Bell
Israel Garza Micaela G Garza 03/14/2003 TX, Nueces
Joshua S Martz Teri L Martz 03/14/2003 TX, Brazoria
Perry W Jerden Carrie R Jerden 03/14/2003 TX, Wood
John A Cox Melissa N Cox 03/14/2003 TX, Ector
Jonathan A Harowicz Elizabeth M Harowicz 03/14/2003 TX, Bexar
Derald G Hudson Joan Hudson 03/14/2003 TX, Montgomery
Rickey D Jones Barbara A Jones 03/14/2003 TX, Jasper
Adauto Bautista Crystal L Bautista 03/14/2003 TX, Bexar
Benjamin H Rose Jennifer M Rose 03/14/2003 TX, Bell
Juan J Martinez Susan Martinez 03/14/2003 TX, Fort Bend
Pedro Gonzalez Mireya Gonzalez 03/14/2003 TX, Bexar

Most states will allow you to obtain a copy of your divorce papers if you have the correct information. If the state where your divorce took place is not listed in the state table, then you will need to contact the county where you filed.

Dates of available records shown here are approximate. Your state office may have records going back further in certain circumstances.