§ Get married lawfully in California

Same-sex couples could get married legally in California,many gays would came here to get married and spend holidays,thus this would bring big business opporties in California.

Same-sex couples can get married legally in California since November 16th, that is determined by California courtroom a month ago.

Get married lawfully in California

Critics clarified that California is the only state to permit same-sex couples from other states to have married, so it’s anticipated that a high number of same-sex couples specially went to California to get married. The wedding dress and other wedding supplies Would form a mini-same-sex marriage industry. Outside California, the United States only allows legal gay marriage In Massachusetts, but it is only depending on the local same-sex partners in Massachusetts.

The University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) printed the analysis last week, half of the total 102,000 pairs of same-sex couples in California, intent to get married within three decades. In the 3 Decades, 68,000 pairs of specially sex couples have been estimated to get From different nations.

The research stated: “The state-of-state same-sex couples and same-sex couples could immediately spend over 683 million around the wedding over the three years in California.” The report also pointed out that this will produce approximately 2,100 new jobs.

Kaiser, the vice president of Los Angeles County Economic Development Association and chief economist, studied that when the economic downturn affects the tourism industry, the same-sex union will bring advantage. Kaiser explained: “This is good news for the tourism industry.” She also pointed out that most of the same-sex couples are dual income, no kids are “top-off family,” They’re the most welcome guest of tourist.

Los Angeles, San Francisco have started to openly promote they’re the most nostalgia popular same-sex partners heaven. California has already been the hottest tourist destination for gays. According to statistics of Community Marketing Gay, among the top ten popular gays’ tourist destination, four are in California, gays would spend 640 billion U.S. dollars in tourism consumption in California every year. They would purchase many holiday gifts for their beloved and a few other outside staffs .

Court decision

California Supreme Court refused a law prohibiting homosexual marriage on 16th, therefore gays can legally get married in California. The judgment came in to effect at 5:01 about the November 16th. Many businessmen are ready to welcome a large number of same-sex couples getting married.

In West Hollywood areas in Los Angeles, Carla Freitas, the Hotel Advertising Representative of Ramada Plaza stated: “bookings indeed increased, especially this week. It’s almost fully booked on 17th, the day to begin devoting same-sex marriage certificate. It is expected to be less or more next few days. ”

At exactly the same time, some folks wait and see first. 4,000 same-sex couples rush into San Francisco to get married in 2004, but their union has been falsified by the state government following five months afterwards.