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Divorce records are maintained in the respective court clerk’s office where the divorce was officially granted. This is typically within the local county courthouse, but you may not know the exact county where a couple was divorced. In this case, many states offer general search functions through a Vital Records office. However, public websites offer the ability to search multiple cross-country databases to ensure accuracy and timeliness during your search.
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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, CORobinl Little Robert WLITTLE August 13, 1981
Arapahoe County, COEllen Lang Robert WLANG April 21, 1987
Arapahoe County, COBarbara A Lowe Kenneth WLOWE June 16, 1993
Denver County, COMarya Lambert George WLAMBERT April 19, 1926
Denver County, COMary A Lund Robert WLUND August 3, 1982
El Paso County, COLaurie L Lawson Larry WLAWSON April 2, 1992
El Paso County, CONancyj Lee Timothy WLEE
El Paso County, COTamara I Lee James WLEE
El Paso County, COJohn L Wlezien Theresa M WLEZIEN October 3, 1994
El Paso County, COMartha A Love John WLOVE August 26, 1914
Jefferson County, COLisa Along Robert WLONG June 11, 1993
Weld County, COSusane Lee James WLEE August 8, 1901
Weld County, COLee Stella James WLEE September 11, 1903
Charlotte County, FLCarmen Wladyka Nicholas J WLADYKA October 2, 1987
Duval County, FLLester Alberta Jerry WLESTER January 4, 1974
Duval County, FLSandra Lindsey Stephen WLINDSEY November 2, 1988
Escambia County, FLCheryl Littleton David WLITTLETON August 13, 1997
Hamilton County, FLKathy Lee John WLEE August 6, 1999
Hillsborough County, FLLee Cassandra James WLEE December 3, 1997
Hillsborough County, FLEllen L Ong Robert WLONG September 25, 1990
Jefferson County, FLLinda Lewis John WLEWIS November 18, 1977
Lake County, FLDebra Lewis William WLEWIS November 25, 1975
Lee County, FLLee Suzanne Gerald WLEE
Leon County, FLLee Jodi James WLEE August 12, 1976
Manatee County, FLMargaret L Ong Robert WLONG October 3, 1997
Miami-Dade County, FLHelen Lanier James WLANIER January 29, 1980
Miami-Dade County, FLDiane L Ong Joseph WLONG September 25, 1980
Miami-Dade County, FLWanda Lowe David WLOWE September 6, 1984
Okaloosa County, FLKathleen Leach John WLEACH October 23, 1978
Okaloosa County, FLJanet Wloch Ronald C WLOCH February 3, 1983
Orange County, FLLinda Lewis Ronald WLEWIS
Orange County, FLLittle Margie Robert WLITTLE October 29, 1971
Osceola County, FLDorothy Long Robert WLONG September 16, 1987
Pasco County, FLEleanor Little Robert WLITTLE January 16, 1980
Pinellas County, FLLois Wlasiuk Douglas J WLASIUK August 16, 1983
Pinellas County, FLLee Lynn Timothy WLEE March 1, 1993
Pinellas County, FLWanda Long Kenneth WLONG March 12, 1984
Polk County, FLKaren Lee John WLEE October 22, 1976
Polk County, FLLee Viola John WLEE January 12, 1981
Polk County, FLSandra Wludyka Joseph WLUDYKA
Sarasota County, FLLee Althea James WLEE December 2, 1980
Sarasota County, FLDonn A Lewis Paul WLEWIS October 22, 1984
Sarasota County, FLTeresa Wlodarczyk Mark A WLODARCZYK
St Lucie County, FLTammy Lord Brent WLORD October 13, 1992
Carver County, MNJanice N Wlaschin Edward M WLASCHIN April 9, 1999
Chisago County, MNMarjorie C Wlaschin Thomas J WLASCHIN June 25, 1990
Freeborn County, MNNanette M Wlazlak Peter A WLAZLAK November 16, 1993
Hennepin County, MNSharon R Lee Dale WLEE January 21, 1981
Hennepin County, MNLee Evelyn Daniel WLEE November 25, 1988
Hennepin County, MNMarye Lewis Gary WLEWIS October 8, 1991
Hennepin County, MNMary E Wlizlo William W WLIZLO October 26, 1989
Hennepin County, MNCarol L Love Robert WLOVE July 12, 1983
Kandiyohi County, MNLori M Lee James WLEE July 7, 1989
Ramsey County, MNKaren E Larson John WLARSON February 4, 1980
Ramsey County, MNKaren M Wlaschin Edward M WLASCHIN April 19, 1982
Ramsey County, MNKimberly A Wlaschin Daniel J WLASCHIN
Ramsey County, MNBarbara L Wlaschin Edward M WLASCHIN June 5, 1974
Ramsey County, MNBarbaral Lee James WLEE June 3, 1988
Scott County, MNLynn M Wlaznak Joseph A WLAZNAK August 3, 1992
Swift County, MNGila A Wlazlak Peter A WLAZLAK November 14, 1997
Waseca County, MNJanicel Lee James WLEE
Clark County, NVAnthony D Wladkowski Lisa M WLADKOWSKI October 17, 1991
Clark County, NVLewis Lina Ronald WLEWIS February 26, 1982
Clark County, NVLewis Lina Ronald WLEWIS April 6, 1990
Douglas County, NVPatrick R Wlodarczyk Lorraine A WLODARCZYK September 24, 1996
Bastrop County, TXAlma L Hargrow Hargro WL December 22, 1975
Bell County, TXLaura J Leon Dennis WLEON August 29, 1990
Bell County, TXPhyllis J Long David WLONG March 15, 1979
Bexar County, TXSusana Lewis Ronald WLEWIS November 11, 1976
Bexar County, TXSusan F Little James WLITTLE July 14, 1982
Bexar County, TXGisela M Long John WLONG June 11, 1975
Bexar County, TXNancy F Long John WLONG January 16, 1992
Bexar County, TXChristine A Lujan Anthony WLUJAN
Brazoria County, TXSandra K Wleczyk Billy J WLECZYK October 1, 1993
Brazoria County, TXDorothy J Wleczyk Rueben C WLECZYK January 22, 1979
Brazoria County, TXLeilani M Wleczyk Rueben C WLECZYK July 21, 1988
Brazoria County, TXJeanine F Long John WLONG December 9, 1976
Brazos County, TXAmy J Lee Nelson WLEE August 2, 1994
Brazos County, TXSusan K Lowe David WLOWE June 21, 1983
Caldwell County, TXMarsha L Larson John WLARSON September 15, 1988
Collin County, TXMartha O Lowe Ronald WLOWE September 4, 1990
Dallas County, TXLee Marietta James WLEE January 5, 1983
Dallas County, TXCandy K Lee James WLEE January 13, 1972
Dallas County, TXLinda Klee James WLEE December 31, 1974
Dallas County, TXSandral Lee Walter WLEE December 6, 1979
Dallas County, TXJames D Lindy James WLEE February 18, 1994
Dallas County, TXNelda E Lee Jerry WLEE
Dallas County, TXTeresa Llee Timothy WLEE
Dallas County, TXLillian Jlewis Randy WLEWIS May 6, 1988
Dallas County, TXCarolyn London William WLONDON August 22, 1989
Dallas County, TXLindas Long David WLONG April 28, 1995
Dallas County, TXMarsha Llong John WLONG August 18, 1989
Dallas County, TXPaula S Long John WLONG June 17, 1980
El Paso County, TXKarla E Long John WLONG May 31, 1989
Erath County, TXCharlotte L Lowe David WLOWE October 1, 1991
Fort Bend County, TXSherri L Wleczyk Scott A WLECZYK
Fort Bend County, TXCarla J Wleczyk Richard W WLECZYK November 24, 1992
Fort Bend County, TXThresea G Wleczyk Glen A WLECZYK July 31, 1995
Fort Bend County, TXDorothy A Wleczyk Andrew J WLECZYK August 4, 1988
Fort Bend County, TXWillie E Wleczyk Johnnie L WLECZYK March 15, 1989

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