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Divorce records are maintained in the respective court clerk’s office where the divorce was officially granted. This is typically within the local county courthouse, but you may not know the exact county where a couple was divorced. In this case, many states offer general search functions through a Vital Records office. However, public websites offer the ability to search multiple cross-country databases to ensure accuracy and timeliness during your search.
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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, COLorraine G Ray James WGRAY November 3, 1976
Denver County, COMarguerit Gibson John WGIBSON December 3, 1975
Denver County, CODorothy B Gray John WGRAY January 26, 1929
El Paso County, CONancy M Gates Jerry WGATES May 13, 1983
El Paso County, COKaren J Graves John WGRAVES
Jefferson County, COBarbara J Graves Richard WGRAVES September 12, 1977
Brevard County, FLGoodman Toni Donald WGOODMAN December 15, 1997
Brevard County, FLMary G Reen Michael WGREEN April 13, 1988
Broward County, FLGordon Robin Philip WGORDON July 27, 1996
Columbia County, FLValerie Green Michael WGREEN December 7, 1993
Escambia County, FLDonna Gonzalez Robert WGONZALEZ June 1, 1984
Hamilton County, FLShannon Glover Richard WGLOVER June 17, 1998
Hamilton County, FLShannon Glover Richard WGLOVER October 13, 1998
Lee County, FLKaren Gaston Russell WGASTON January 26, 1984
Lee County, FLJennifer Goodwin James WGOODWIN May 9, 1994
Miami-Dade County, FLGregory Ilka Gregory WGREGORY
Orange County, FLDale Gentry John WGENTRY July 27, 1983
Palm Beach County, FLLorraine Gonzalez Hector WGONZALEZ August 3, 1983
Palm Beach County, FLGordon Norma Philip WGORDON September 17, 1974
Pinellas County, FLGibson Paulette Kenneth WGIBSON October 13, 1977
Pinellas County, FLLaura Glover Scott WGLOVER September 22, 1995
Pinellas County, FLConnie Green Michael WGREEN February 13, 1985
Pinellas County, FLGlenda Green John WGREEN December 3, 1982
Polk County, FLVirginia Gray Gary WGRAY December 22, 1983
Polk County, FLKati E Green John WGREEN October 29, 1980
Putnam County, FLEvelyn Green David WGREEN January 26, 1979
St Johns County, FLSylvia Gilliam Charles WGILLIAM March 6, 1991
St Johns County, FLMary G Ray John WGRAY May 5, 1992
Volusia County, FLGarrett Jenni Scott WGARRETT May 23, 1984
Bigstone County, MNTimothy L Wgeishofski Penny K WGEISHOFSKI
Crow Wing County, MNLeona F Wgeishofski Donald E WGEISHOFSKI April 8, 1985
Crow Wing County, MNRita V Wgeishofski John J WGEISHOFSKI August 22, 1994
Crow Wing County, MNCraig H Hines Jodi A WGEISHOFSKI
Crow Wing County, MNCarole A Wgeishofski Donald E WGEISHOFSKI July 2, 1976
Hennepin County, MNTamara Greene John WGREENE October 29, 1991
Isanti County, MNMelinda L Green Michael WGREEN November 18, 1987
Mower County, MNJean M Geer James WGEER July 23, 1997
Ramsey County, MNGeorge B Sadie John WGEORGE April 16, 1973
Roseau County, MNCheryl A Green Curtis WGREEN October 26, 1992
Austin County, TXCathy J Gooch David WGOOCH February 4, 1986
Bexar County, TXNadine S Goodwin James WGOODWIN April 29, 1986
Bexar County, TXMarilyn Gorman James WGORMAN July 19, 1977
Bexar County, TXWanda L Gray John WGRAY September 21, 1981
Bexar County, TXKiml Green David WGREEN June 5, 1985
Bexar County, TXMarya Griffith Michael WGRIFFITH February 15, 1977
Bexar County, TXDebra L Grimes Charles WGRIMES October 14, 1981
Bowie County, TXCheryl A Grimes Charles WGRIMES August 12, 1983
Bowie County, TXPatricia A Grimes Charles WGRIMES November 5, 1987
Brazoria County, TXJanet S Green Michael WGREEN
Collin County, TXSuzanne A Giddings Jonathan WGIDDINGS April 23, 1992
Cooke County, TXRutha Gray James WGRAY December 18, 1980
Dallas County, TXHarriet L Gibson John WGIBSON December 21, 1987
Dallas County, TXGorman Jo James WGORMAN January 28, 1976
Dallas County, TXVirginia L Gray James WGRAY June 3, 1981
Dallas County, TXSarah Gray James WGRAY June 2, 1977
Dallas County, TXSheila R Gray Brian WGRAY October 6, 1989
Dallas County, TXColleen Gray John WGRAY September 28, 1992
Dallas County, TXBeverlya Green Michael WGREEN February 3, 1984
Dallas County, TXJoyce A Griffin Robert WGRIFFIN November 17, 1981
Denton County, TXKathy G Ibson Tracy WGIBSON August 11, 1994
Denton County, TXJodi A Gibson Mark WGIBSON September 11, 1984
Denton County, TXCaroll Green Charles WGREEN May 29, 1990
Denton County, TXGretchen K Green Charles WGREEN November 29, 1994
Denton County, TXTerrie L Greene Steven WGREENE April 29, 1992
Denton County, TXLeilani K Greene Steven WGREENE December 29, 1994
Ector County, TXBeverly A Gray James WGRAY March 22, 1993
Gregg County, TXAngelique I Green Bobby WGREEN May 5, 1986
Harris County, TXKathryn D Gates Jerry WGATES July 21, 1986
Harris County, TXRhonda K Gay James WGAY January 27, 1984
Harris County, TXLillian Gentry John WGENTRY December 21, 1979
Harris County, TXLinda E George Larry WGEORGE June 12, 1973
Harris County, TXKarenl Gibson Jonathan WGIBSON June 12, 1996
Harris County, TXKarens Gibson Jonathan WGIBSON February 17, 1983
Harris County, TXJudithc Gibson Gary WGIBSON September 23, 1974
Harris County, TXOllie B Glasper Voris WGLASPER May 3, 1976
Harris County, TXCharla G Glass John WGLASS September 24, 1986
Harris County, TXGray Shanda James WGRAY March 23, 1990
Harris County, TXDorisl Green Michael WGREEN May 25, 1988
Hood County, TXMarcella M Garner Kenneth WGARNER May 7, 1990
Hood County, TXPatsy J Gray Ralph WGRAY August 14, 1989
Hunt County, TXCarolyn S George John WGEORGE January 8, 1979
Jefferson County, TXBrenda Sgolden James WGOLDEN
Jefferson County, TXBirdie L Gray James WGRAY September 21, 1979
Jefferson County, TXDoris K Green Kenneth WGREEN February 2, 1994
Jefferson County, TXVirginia L Griffin William WGRIFFIN
Lubbock County, TXJoyce E Gilliam Charles WGILLIAM June 19, 1984
Midland County, TXDonna J Gibson Gary WGIBSON December 28, 1995
Midland County, TXDonna J Gibson Gary WGIBSON October 21, 1981
Midland County, TXPatricia G Gray James WGRAY February 11, 1972
Midland County, TXShelly M Green Curtis WGREEN June 12, 1985
Orange County, TXElizabeth A Gray Brian WGRAY November 2, 1993
Orange County, TXElizabeth A Gray Brian WGRAY February 6, 1996
Palo Pinto County, TXLinda J Green Bobby WGREEN September 21, 1979
San Jacinto County, TXTrina A Gray John WGRAY June 12, 1995
Tarrant County, TXGladysa Gallagher James WGALLAGHER July 11, 1990
Tarrant County, TXCynthia D Garrett Mark WGARRETT August 5, 1981
Tarrant County, TXLisa A Gaston Michael WGASTON December 16, 1994
Tarrant County, TXBilli A Gilbert Michael WGILBERT September 5, 1991
Tarrant County, TXDeanna D Goodwin James WGOODWIN December 18, 1992
Tarrant County, TXLesliea Gray Gary WGRAY December 18, 1992

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