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If you are constructing your family tree or searching for family members, divorce records will offer helpful information and provide a roadmap of where you should be looking next. Divorce records often contain the petitioner’s and respondent’s names, the date of filing, addresses of the two parties, and any arrangements decided by or in the court. These arrangements can include division of property and debt, spousal and child support, child custody matters and all related judgments regarding the case.
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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Denver County, COGeorge S Ufema Irene A UFEMA September 21, 1982
Denver County, CODonald W Uffman Sandrad UFFMAN July 11, 1978
Brevard County, FLMary Uffelman Meryle W UFFELMAN November 8, 1994
Broward County, FLMargaret Ufheil John D UFHEIL January 28, 1980
Broward County, FLMary Ufheil John UFHEIL June 4, 1986
Duval County, FLKim Uffelman Loyd E UFFELMAN August 3, 1979
Orange County, FLLinda Uffelman John UFFELMAN December 15, 1992
Palm Beach County, FLPamela Ufnowski Steven UFNOWSKI August 29, 1974
Pinellas County, FLDiane Duff Michael D UFF August 6, 1986
Pinellas County, FLKimberly Ufret Jesus M UFRET January 26, 1995
Hennepin County, MNBarbara Lufkin Craig H UFKIN October 6, 1988
Yellow Medicine County, MNDarlene J Ufkin Barry C UFKIN October 23, 1985
Clark County, NVWilliam Ruff Nancy R UFF June 1, 1979
Bexar County, TXNereida V Flores Robert UFLORES October 11, 1984
Dallas County, TXDenise R Ufomadu Nwabuisi R UFOMADU March 14, 1984
Arapahoe County, COLeneuoti M Ugaitafa Letaea L UGAITAFA November 26, 1986
Arapahoe County, COBarbara A Uglean George T UGLEAN September 2, 1994
Boulder County, COMaria T Ugalde Vicente T UGALDE May 4, 1982
Boulder County, COJulie T Jones Michael H UGHES March 4, 1998
Denver County, CORaymond Huggins Shirley H UGGINS December 14, 1939
Denver County, COJames Hughes Carol H UGHES February 6, 1975
El Paso County, COStephen J Uglow Cynthia J UGLOW February 18, 1993
Jefferson County, COMaxine J Ugarte James L UGARTE October 15, 1979
Montrose County, COLauraa Hughes William H UGHES February 24, 1910
Weld County, COJesse Ugalde Leona L UGALDE August 27, 1969
Brevard County, FLFrances Hughes William H UGHES July 27, 1976
Broward County, FLMaria Ugarte Luis F UGARTE February 17, 1997
Broward County, FLMaria Ugarte Frank UGARTE April 23, 1981
Broward County, FLJennifer Ugas Julio G UGAS November 12, 1997
Broward County, FLJacqueline Augustine Michael A UGUSTINE January 2, 1985
Columbia County, FLAmanda Hughes Michael H UGHES June 7, 1993
Hillsborough County, FLElizabeth Ugo Ralph G UGO December 21, 1978
Hillsborough County, FLLinda Ugo Ralph UGO January 29, 1986
Lake County, FLLinda Ugalde Pedro M UGALDE March 17, 1971
Miami-Dade County, FLUgalde Claudia Victor M UGALDE November 15, 1991
Miami-Dade County, FLMaria Ugalde Marco A UGALDE June 2, 1993
Miami-Dade County, FLUgarte Amelia Jose F UGARTE June 8, 1987
Miami-Dade County, FLLaura Ugarte Gavino H UGARTE
Miami-Dade County, FLSusan Ugarte Miguel A UGARTE February 19, 1987
Miami-Dade County, FLDeborah Hughes Charles H UGHES January 31, 1991
Miami-Dade County, FLTheresa Hughes Larry H UGHES February 2, 1996
Miami-Dade County, FLMarie Ugwu Martin C UGWU July 18, 1989
Orange County, FLJoann Ugent Donald N UGENT
Palm Beach County, FLCarmen Ugalde Victor M UGALDE October 16, 1991
Palm Beach County, FLJennifer Ugarte Carlos A UGARTE March 25, 1999
Palm Beach County, FLHuggins Ada James H UGGINS
Palm Beach County, FLLynn Hughes William H UGHES September 16, 1994
Pasco County, FLCarol Hughes William H UGHES February 11, 1999
Pinellas County, FLAngela Paradiso Paradiso UGO February 7, 1991
Pinellas County, FLPatricia Ugolini Anthony D UGOLINI
Pinellas County, FLBonnie Ugolini Anthony D UGOLINI January 5, 1982
Seminole County, FLLisa Ugarte Julio C UGARTE
Seminole County, FLDonna Ugenti Michael J UGENTI March 29, 1999
Anoka County, MNSusan M Ugelstad Brian L UGELSTAD December 16, 1996
Carver County, MNJames V Cook Marta E UGALDE March 4, 1998
Cook County, MNGary L Uglem Erma J UGLEM February 9, 2001
Freeborn County, MNGloria J Ugland Marlin D UGLAND April 11, 1978
Houston County, MNMark A Ugland Lisa D UGLAND June 18, 1997
Olmsted County, MNLinda L Ugland Jon A UGLAND July 28, 1983
Olmsted County, MNJean M Ugland Mark A UGLAND November 13, 1991
Ramsey County, MNDebra Hughes Mark H UGHES December 2, 1987
Scott County, MNGladys C Uglum Dennis A UGLUM March 16, 1994
Washington County, MNMargaret E Uglem Harvey V UGLEM October 17, 1974
Washington County, MNJoyce H Uglem Harvey V UGLEM February 7, 1996
Clark County, NVRober T Hughes Carol H UGHES October 17, 1974
Clark County, NVCarolj Hughes Mark H UGHES July 3, 1986
Washoe County, NVJose Ugartechea Peggy UGARTECHEA February 27, 1985
Bexar County, TXCarmen C Ugalde Ruben R UGALDE March 23, 1992
Bexar County, TXMaria T Ugalde Vicente Q UGALDE October 7, 1996
Bexar County, TXMary G Ugarte Daniel UGARTE August 13, 1990
Bexar County, TXGloria J Ugarte Ruben H UGARTE June 18, 1986
Bexar County, TXCarolyn Hughes Charles H UGHES January 19, 1977
Cameron County, TXMary L Uguccioni Gus M UGUCCIONI July 23, 1991
Dallas County, TXDoris M Ugo Innocent E UGO December 26, 1985
Dallas County, TXNgozi H Ugokwe Ike S UGOKWE June 12, 1984
Dallas County, TXJanet K Ugor Andrew UGOR
Denton County, TXUgah Clementine Nwojo K UGAH February 9, 1990
Denton County, TXJudy Hughes Charles H UGHES April 15, 1986
Denton County, TXZara A Ugwa Godswill N UGWA July 9, 1993
Ector County, TXLaura Hughes Steveh UGHES October 4, 1979
El Paso County, TXMary Hughes Michael H UGHES January 15, 1974
Grayson County, TXMaria N Hughes Larry H UGHES August 2, 1972
Harris County, TXReschell F Ugochukwu Gilbert N UGOCHUKWU September 21, 1994
Hays County, TXRosa M Ugalde Tom UGALDE
Hunt County, TXTonya A Ugalde Jose J UGALDE September 13, 1994
Kleberg County, TXVilma A Ugues Manuel S UGUES November 9, 1990
Liberty County, TXNorma M Hughes Larry H UGHES August 28, 1984
Travis County, TXDebra S Hughes Bryan H UGHES August 17, 1987
Waller County, TXGun E Ugron Thomas S UGRON May 14, 1985

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