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Divorce Court Records

When a couple decides to divorce, the local divorce court will likely hear and decide their case. First, you must visit your state’s official website to determine the correct court which has jurisdiction over divorce cases in your area. Divorce court records begin with the initial paperwork filed by the petitioner, and end with the final divorce decree.

Contents in Divorce Court Records

Divorce court records contain every action and piece of paperwork in regard to a specific case. The party who files for divorce is known as the “petitioner,” and the other party is the “respondent.” The petitioner and respondent each enter their own evidence in the case, submit pleas and arguments to the court, and provide paperwork proving property ownership and financial status during the many hearings of a divorce. Character witnesses and older children who resulted from the marriage may also be called to testify when determining support and custody issues.
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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Denver County, COVerla J Parker Mark TPARKER
Denver County, COLou Maryphillips William TPHILLIPS April 26, 1898
Jefferson County, COJoni M Parker Mark TPARKER August 8, 1984
Jefferson County, COPham Tu Kim Lien TPHAM March 6, 1989
Larimer County, COKenneth G Eggert Egger TP November 8, 1983
Charlotte County, FLVictoria Potter Kevin TPOTTER May 1, 1996
Hillsborough County, FLPaul Joan Richard TPAUL May 7, 1999
Indian River County, FLMarilyn Pappas John TPAPPAS September 25, 1987
Indian River County, FLFrances Pappas John TPAPPAS October 6, 1972
Indian River County, FLLinda Patterson James TPATTERSON August 5, 1983
Indian River County, FLTeresa Patterson James TPATTERSON April 6, 1981
Manatee County, FLPowell Bonita Richard TPOWELL August 3, 1989
Monroe County, FLPaul Nancy Richard TPAUL December 17, 1979
Okeechobee County, FLCynthia Pugh James TPUGH June 12, 1985
Pinellas County, FLDeborah Powell Richard TPOWELL November 25, 1991
Polk County, FLDiane Payne James TPAYNE October 23, 1991
Polk County, FLPatricia P Erdue Ronald TPERDUE May 22, 1991
Putnam County, FLMary P Rice Charles TPRICE June 15, 1976
Sarasota County, FLChristina Peterson Matthew TPETERSON
Cook County, MNMichelle L Vanermen Craig TPAPIN December 1, 1993
Hennepin County, MNMary J Pappas John TPAPPAS October 24, 1974
Hennepin County, MNPatricia C Powell Richard TPOWELL July 14, 1989
Ramsey County, MNRuby M Patterson John TPATTERSON October 25, 1974
Washoe County, NVPatterson Gayle John TPATTERSON
Bexar County, TXJuanita F Pena Guadalupe TPENA March 17, 1993
Collin County, TXGail A Patterson James TPATTERSON October 11, 1984
Collin County, TXLisa D Prince William TPRINCE February 2, 1984
Dallas County, TXBeverly A Polk Ben TPOLK
Ector County, TXHazel Payne James TPAYNE January 22, 1976
El Paso County, TXJeanine E Pugh James TPUGH June 24, 1992
Fort Bend County, TXEva A Palmer Kenneth TPALMER September 8, 1995
Harris County, TXSuzanne M Palmer James TPALMER October 3, 1995
Harris County, TXMargaret S Patterson James TPATTERSON January 11, 1980
Harris County, TXJudith Patterson James TPATTERSON November 7, 1978
Harris County, TXNau T Pham Nho TPHAM January 31, 1992
Harris County, TXSheryl M Phillips William TPHILLIPS May 1, 1978
Hunt County, TXPatterson Ernestine James TPATTERSON July 3, 1996
Hutchingson County, TXSybil I Patterson James TPATTERSON March 22, 1984
Mataforda County, TXSusie L Phillips William TPHILLIPS November 19, 1984
Nuexes County, TXLinda C Perez Pablo TPEREZ March 18, 1992
Tarrant County, TXDeana I Patterson John TPATTERSON June 5, 1984
Tarrant County, TXMargie G Patterson John TPATTERSON August 16, 1973
Tarrant County, TXBarbara G Patterson John TPATTERSON December 4, 1989
Tarrant County, TXMegan E Perry Cleve TPERRY January 31, 1992
Victoria County, TXJanie C Perez Pablo TPEREZ
Webb County, TXJodi A Powell Richard TPOWELL
Young County, TXPamela M Perkins William TPERKINS
Washoe County, NVJudith A Quinn Richard TQUINN January 13, 1992
Bexar County, TXKathleen M Quinones Juan TQUINONES August 8, 1986
El Paso County, TXBeryl I Quinones Juan TQUINONES February 12, 1981

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