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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Boulder County, COPatricia K Sweet Craig A SWEET September 1, 1992
Boulder County, CODavid R Sweet Florence L SWEET January 29, 1985
Boulder County, CORebecca J Sweetman Richard H SWEETMAN December 21, 1987
Boulder County, COJoseph P Sweetser Lindsay E SWEETSER
Boulder County, COStephanie A Swendson David L SWENDSON
Boulder County, CONancy Swenson Dan SWENSON June 15, 1976
Boulder County, COMary C Swenson Robert C SWENSON October 3, 1991
Boulder County, COLisa R Swenson Brian F SWENSON July 23, 1999
Boulder County, CODeborah L Swenson David L SWENSON December 7, 1981
Boulder County, COSandra B Swenson Peter W SWENSON July 3, 1984
Boulder County, CODenise L Swenson Markd SWENSON January 9, 1986
Boulder County, COTrina I Swepston Rodney A SWEPSTON July 24, 1990
Boulder County, COKarin J Swett Graham E SWETT October 21, 2002
Boulder County, COLinda L Swett Graham E SWETT May 3, 1990
Boulder County, COJudith K Swift Orrin R SWIFT
Boulder County, COJoseph T Barbary Virginia A SWIFT
Boulder County, COJanet A Swift Peter H SWIFT December 17, 1985
Boulder County, COTherese F Swift Padraic E SWIFT October 6, 1987
Boulder County, COAngela J Swihart Randy K SWIHART
Boulder County, COStanley D Wilson Brenda SWILSON February 7, 1983
Boulder County, COSteven D Swink Jean W SWINK April 22, 1987
Boulder County, CODonna L Switzer Leonard S SWITZER January 26, 1982
Boulder County, COArden H Switzer Donald R SWITZER August 24, 1984
Boulder County, CODonna M Switzer Lawrence J SWITZER August 19, 1997
Boulder County, CODeborah S Swoboda Jeffrey C SWOBODA May 21, 1987
Boulder County, COLaura A Ingalls Jeffrey C SWOBODA April 5, 2002
Broomfield County, CORandal K Sweat Marion A SWEAT November 11, 2003
Broomfield County, CORandal K Sweat Marion A SWEAT
Chaffee County, CODavid E Swaim Dovie M SWAIM April 1, 1982
Chaffee County, COFrank R Swann Dorothy L SWANN August 18, 1986
Chaffee County, COKevin M Swift Dawn L SWIFT July 9, 2001
Chaffee County, COKevin M Swift Mary A SWIFT March 4, 1994
Chaffee County, COJames A Swinehart Linda K SWINEHART December 2, 1994
Chaffee County, COEdward W Swisher Tammy J SWISHER July 1, 1982
Chaffee County, COEdward W Swisher Tammy J SWISHER April 25, 1984
Clear Creek County, COPatrick Sweeney Tammy SWEENEY August 11, 1994
Clear Creek County, COMattie E Swift William C SWIFT August 5, 1908
Clear Creek County, CORichard C Swindell Martha SWINDELL August 11, 1988
Delta County, COGregory A Swain Suzette K SWAIN September 24, 1991
Delta County, COChalmer S Swain Lisa G SWAIN
Delta County, COTom Sweeney Mariac SWEENEY September 3, 1991
Delta County, COKevin R Swenson Sharon L SWENSON
Delta County, CODavid J Swinger Teresa C SWINGER January 24, 1989
Delta County, COHazel C Swisher Carla SWISHER March 3, 1938
Denver County, COCheryl M Woods Wood SW January 14, 1983
Denver County, COJames W Swafford Joyce M SWAFFORD June 26, 1970
Denver County, COEugene Swafford Brenda SWAFFORD October 27, 1971
Denver County, CODavid B Swafford Joanne K SWAFFORD October 18, 1988
Denver County, COSusie L Swafford Damon T SWAFFORD
Denver County, COHomer C Swafford Annie SWAFFORD January 31, 1986
Denver County, COHelen R Swagerty William B SWAGERTY October 17, 1984
Denver County, COLamont J Swagerty Cynthia L SWAGERTY February 3, 1987
Denver County, COKevin J Swaim Jennifer L SWAIM December 29, 1992
Denver County, COVictor J Swaim Joanne L SWAIM August 22, 1988
Denver County, CORosalind L Swain Alan SWAIN
Denver County, COSwain Dee Sandra SWAIN May 21, 1970
Denver County, COAshley Swain Judith SWAIN August 13, 1974
Denver County, CORaymond Swain Connie L SWAIN January 21, 1976
Denver County, COChristy J Swainson Jennifer SWAINSON June 8, 1981
Denver County, COWendell R Swaithes Cora E SWAITHES January 9, 1981
Denver County, COVesta P Walker Ronald SWALKER December 23, 1983
Denver County, COMichael T Swallow Carole A SWALLOW February 26, 1981
Denver County, COJill J Swalm Stephen P SWALM July 24, 1990
Denver County, COMary I Swan Charlesg SWAN October 4, 1900
Denver County, COJohn C Swan Elaine S SWAN December 3, 1975
Denver County, COMichael J Swan Sharon SWAN April 23, 1985
Denver County, COKimberli Swan Jason D SWAN November 26, 1993
Denver County, COEdith Swan John B SWAN January 23, 1933
Denver County, COJohn Swan Kathleen SWAN May 7, 1975
Denver County, COStephanie Hendrix Todd Philip SWAN April 22, 2002
Denver County, COJohn B Swan Kate SWAN November 9, 1906
Denver County, COEmmett J Swan Mildred K SWAN May 4, 1977
Denver County, COMary S Swan Michaelr SWAN January 4, 1977
Denver County, CODennis V Swan Sherry C SWAN December 21, 1983
Denver County, COKaren K Swanda Billy S SWANDA
Denver County, CODonald W Swaney Betty J SWANEY October 4, 1968
Denver County, COConnie L Swank Edward S SWANK August 5, 1981
Denver County, COCynthia S Swank Jesse C SWANK
Denver County, COKaren L Swank David L SWANK October 14, 1976
Denver County, COStanley A Swann Lois A SWANN October 31, 1989
Denver County, CODavid L Swanson Ethel D SWANSON
Denver County, COLaura Swanson Williamc SWANSON November 21, 1938
Denver County, CONorman A Swanson Viola M SWANSON March 14, 1968
Denver County, CORobert Swanson Marilyn SWANSON November 2, 1971
Denver County, COJohn S Wanson Dorothy SWANSON November 12, 1973
Denver County, COCindy K Swanson Art SWANSON May 11, 1976
Denver County, COJudith L Swanson Stephen D SWANSON February 1, 1977
Denver County, CORichard J Swanson Patty J SWANSON January 19, 1981
Denver County, COCarole D Swanson Williamf SWANSON July 19, 1984
Denver County, COPeggy Swanson Hal D SWANSON May 25, 1984
Denver County, CORachel P Swanson Alan G SWANSON April 18, 1984
Denver County, CORobert A Swanson Susan M SWANSON October 22, 1986
Denver County, COPatricia L Swanson Raymond F SWANSON December 14, 1990
Denver County, CORaymond Swanson Betty SWANSON
Denver County, COMinnie L Swanson Herman L SWANSON July 23, 1929
Denver County, COWilliam Swanson Margie S SWANSON February 7, 1969
Denver County, CORichard W Swanson Carolyn A SWANSON February 26, 1971
Denver County, COSwanson Harvey Anna SWANSON September 7, 1972
Denver County, CORobert Swanson Diane SWANSON September 23, 1974
Denver County, COSwanson Wayne Edith SWANSON April 4, 1975

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