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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, COSusan L Svoboda Richard J SVOBODA October 16, 1979
Alamosa County, COClarence R Svendsen Sandra J SVENDSEN April 1, 1985
Arapahoe County, COMelanie A Svaldi David C SVALDI June 29, 2004
Arapahoe County, COMartha L Svatos Edward J SVATOS November 4, 1993
Arapahoe County, COCindy L Sventko Michael J SVENTKO November 1, 1982
Arapahoe County, COKarol L Sventko Michael J SVENTKO December 2, 2003
Boulder County, COKaren Svoboda Michael SVOBODA January 24, 2003
Denver County, COPhyllis J Svalberg Thomas M SVALBERG May 27, 1976
Denver County, COFrank D Svaldi Maria E SVALDI October 3, 1988
Denver County, COJohn A Svaldi Tracy S SVALDI August 27, 1992
Denver County, COFrank P Svatos Carole A SVATOS November 14, 1984
Denver County, COAndrea J Svehaug Timothy E SVEHAUG September 28, 1993
Denver County, COJames Svoboda Shirlee J SVOBODA October 22, 1970
Denver County, COKaren S Svoboda Larry G SVOBODA June 11, 1979
Douglas County, COSheryl D Svendsen Brian L SVENDSEN
El Paso County, COJoe A Svara Jayne K SVARA December 15, 1998
El Paso County, COGeanine C Sveen Darren B SVEEN July 5, 1991
El Paso County, CORuth L Dane Ruth A SVETLANA October 23, 2000
El Paso County, COKelley M Svihlik Jeffrey A SVIHLIK December 5, 1988
El Paso County, COJohn F Svihlik Kathy A SVIHLIK August 26, 1986
El Paso County, CODonald Svita Linda M SVITA May 22, 1987
Jefferson County, COPamela Svare Waldemar J SVARE June 28, 1990
Jefferson County, CODonna K Svendgaard Leland W SVENDGAARD June 17, 2002
Jefferson County, COAugie E Svendsen Donna L SVENDSEN November 17, 1998
Jefferson County, COAugie E Svendsen Donna L SVENDSEN November 9, 1998
Jefferson County, COSteven K Svenson Katherine SVENSON August 21, 1985
Jefferson County, COSteven K Svenson Judy A SVENSON October 27, 1993
Jefferson County, COSharon L Svoboda Joseph D SVOBODA
Jefferson County, CODiane R Svoboda Gary L SVOBODA February 1, 1988
Jefferson County, CODiane L Svoboda Peter M SVOBODA January 6, 1989
La Plata County, COJiri V Svec Linda L SVEC
Larimer County, COPatricia L Svedman Alan L SVEDMAN March 5, 1981
Larimer County, COLeanne M Svendsen John L SVENDSEN April 11, 2001
Larimer County, COBernard A Svoboda Carol J SVOBODA
Larimer County, COMarilyn J Svoboda Leonard L SVOBODA September 15, 1979
Logan County, COJeffrey J Svacina Sandi L SVACINA April 15, 1994
Mesa County, COPatricia J Svaldi Gregory P SVALDI March 27, 2001
Mesa County, CODennis J Svaldi Kay E SVALDI
Mesa County, COMelinda L Svaldi Dennis J SVALDI September 29, 1991
Brevard County, FLSvec Mavis Stanley W SVEC September 8, 1976
Broward County, FLJudy Svoboda William J SVOBODA January 12, 1988
Broward County, FLBarbara Svoboda Wayne J SVOBODA December 23, 1996
Broward County, FLCarol Svorinich Daniel C SVORINICH September 8, 1987
Duval County, FLMargaret Svenson John E SVENSON August 3, 1982
Duval County, FLWanda Svitak William SVITAK
Escambia County, FLBeverly Svendsen David J SVENDSEN August 18, 1986
Hardee County, FLAngela Svendsen Ted L SVENDSEN June 3, 1986
Hillsborough County, FLDenise Svenson Richard H SVENSON November 7, 1978
Hillsborough County, FLJoyce S Venson Richard H SVENSON November 13, 1996
Hillsborough County, FLDebra Svoboda Stanislav SVOBODA March 6, 1986
Indian River County, FLKathryn Svetic Steve J SVETIC October 6, 1999
Marion County, FLJennifer Sverdrup George R SVERDRUP August 7, 1998
Miami-Dade County, FLLinda Svadbik John K SVADBIK June 22, 1998
Miami-Dade County, FLLinda Svadbik John K SVADBIK September 25, 1997
Miami-Dade County, FLAndrea Svoboda George SVOBODA April 5, 1989
Miami-Dade County, FLTammy Svoboda John Stephen SVOBODA March 9, 1992
Monroe County, FLJudy Christensen Christensen SVEND May 6, 1987
Monroe County, FLLois Svetin Leonard J SVETIN June 29, 1999
Palm Beach County, FLJudith Svenson Vernon J SVENSON January 31, 1978
Palm Beach County, FLKathleen Svitilla John S SVITILLA December 3, 1998
Palm Beach County, FLPhyllis Svob William J SVOB March 21, 1995
Pasco County, FLSusan Svoboda Kenneth E SVOBODA July 31, 1979
Pasco County, FLDonna S Voboda Kenneth E SVOBODA January 3, 1984
Pinellas County, FLDebra Svabek Thomas M SVABEK October 11, 1977
Pinellas County, FLPamela Svec Edward J SVEC November 14, 1975
Pinellas County, FLKaren Svensson Eric C SVENSSON January 17, 1997
Santa Rosa County, FLBeverly Vance John SVANCE July 15, 1994
Sarasota County, FLLori Christensen Christensen SVEND November 3, 1989
Sarasota County, FLValeri E Hansen Hansen SVEND February 8, 1993
Sarasota County, FLBarbara Svenson Andrew E SVENSON December 23, 1992
Sarasota County, FLAnne Svrlinga Paul S SVRLINGA September 19, 1980
Anoka County, MNElizabeth J Svare Jeffrey A SVARE October 3, 1997
Anoka County, MNTammy L Svedin James L SVEDIN March 29, 1994
Anoka County, MNPhyllis H Svegal Edward M SVEGAL February 26, 1981
Anoka County, MNChad S Svenningsen Paula B SVENNINGSEN
Anoka County, MNBecky A Svensk James R SVENSK December 21, 1983
Anoka County, MNSandra L Svenson James A SVENSON July 7, 1995
Anoka County, MNJill E Svoboda Leroy T SVOBODA April 18, 1991
Anoka County, MNGlenn Albert Svoboda Amy Lyn SVOBODA August 6, 2002
Anoka County, MNCynthia L Svoboda William L SVOBODA September 14, 1987
Anoka County, MNSherri A Svobodny Joseph F SVOBODNY October 6, 1987
Becker County, MNJeanne E Svare Timothy L SVARE September 25, 1986
Becker County, MNThomas R Svegal Suzette M SVEGAL October 26, 1999
Beltrami County, MNTina M Svir Stacy A SVIR April 26, 1993
Benton County, MNElizabeth A Follett Shannon D SVACINA May 16, 1996
Benton County, MNPatricia A Svihel John A SVIHEL August 9, 1989
Carver County, MNTina M Svaleson Kevin H SVALESON November 27, 1995
Carver County, MNJanie E Svare Charles J SVARE August 13, 1992
Carver County, MNBruce A Sveen Peggy A SVEEN November 4, 1998
Carver County, MNJennifer M Svendahl Gary L SVENDAHL May 24, 1993
Carver County, MNPeter L Svensson Linda S SVENSSON October 17, 2000
Carver County, MNJeanne D Svien Norman E SVIEN December 29, 2000
Carver County, MNMonique H Svien Tony W SVIEN March 26, 1999
Carver County, MNJack L Svoboda Heidi M SVOBODA May 4, 1999
Cass County, MNKathleen M Lawrow Lars O SVEDVIK September 25, 1990
Chippewa County, MNDonna M Sveen Earl W SVEEN August 13, 1999
Chippewa County, MNJan M Svoboda Cletus V SVOBODA August 28, 1989
Clay County, MNBeverly Svare Wayne L SVARE November 9, 1993
Clay County, MNDonald J Svec Susan B SVEC January 14, 1999
Clay County, MNAnne Svensson Paul A SVENSSON September 7, 1994

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