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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Mesa County, COLeroy B Sublett Karen V SUBLETT September 19, 1975
Adams County, COJoeal G Suarez Raquel P SUAREZ
Adams County, COCarmen Suarez Jose M SUAREZ November 18, 1985
Adams County, COGeraldine Suazo Manuel SUAZO July 1, 1991
Adams County, COTito L Suazo Connie S SUAZO January 16, 1979
Adams County, COEsperanza Suazo Jose SUAZO December 22, 1989
Adams County, COMelissa K Suedekum Steven E SUEDEKUM November 29, 1993
Adams County, COChacy Suen Stephen SUEN
Adams County, COSuggs L Harvey W SUGGS October 29, 1991
Adams County, COLisa Suggs John SUGGS November 21, 2002
Adams County, COLinda D Sugihara Davidj SUGIHARA
Adams County, COJanet M Sulley Lon R SULLEY April 29, 1980
Adams County, COKatherin A Sullivan Daniel T SULLIVAN September 29, 1989
Adams County, COJanice D Sullivan Dennisj SULLIVAN February 25, 1992
Adams County, COArthur H Sullivan Lauraj SULLIVAN
Adams County, COJames P Gahan Allene L SULLIVAN
Adams County, COEuclid J Sullivan Marilyn SULLIVAN November 25, 1968
Adams County, CORuth A Sullivan Michaelf SULLIVAN April 27, 1976
Adams County, COEdwardp Sullivan Virginia E SULLIVAN November 22, 1977
Adams County, COSusan J Sullivan Richard E SULLIVAN November 5, 1985
Adams County, COAnna K Sullivan Williamr SULLIVAN May 11, 1989
Adams County, CORobert K Sullivan Gail L SULLIVAN May 3, 1990
Adams County, COTammy J Sullivan Melvin C SULLIVAN May 2, 1994
Adams County, COJamesw Sullivan Janice K SULLIVAN October 11, 1972
Adams County, COWilliam L Sullivan Pamelaj SULLIVAN April 2, 1974
Adams County, COAlfred D Sullivan Elizabeth SULLIVAN March 13, 1975
Adams County, COPatriciaa Sullivan Robertl SULLIVAN November 28, 1978
Adams County, CORonald J Sullivan Donnam SULLIVAN October 8, 1987
Adams County, COBetha Sullivan Craig S SULLIVAN March 16, 1989
Adams County, COKathleen D Sullivan Lawrence R SULLIVAN June 12, 1990
Adams County, COBrian E Sullivan Tammy J SULLIVAN September 18, 1995
Adams County, COShawna L Summers Steven E SUMMERS October 15, 1985
Adams County, CODennis A Summers Ruth A SUMMERS October 21, 1971
Adams County, CODennis G Summers Cheryll SUMMERS September 22, 1989
Adams County, COVicki L Summers Dominic H SUMMERS July 9, 1981
Adams County, COKathie D Summers Gary K SUMMERS May 18, 1990
Adams County, COBeverly A Summitt David F SUMMITT September 8, 1977
Adams County, COBetty M Summitt Michael D SUMMITT September 8, 1981
Adams County, COLee F Sumrall Eula L SUMRALL April 14, 1992
Adams County, COMichael Sunday Karen M SUNDAY August 13, 2001
Adams County, COKent L Sundberg Carol J SUNDBERG August 25, 1988
Adams County, COGail A Sunderland Randy A SUNDERLAND September 26, 1986
Adams County, COGreg J Sundseth Deborah A SUNDSETH January 18, 1982
Adams County, COTanya V Sundstrom Derek G SUNDSTROM September 23, 1997
Adams County, COBenjamin Suppes Rebecca SUPPES October 1, 1969
Adams County, COPeggy A Suppes Benjamin SUPPES November 29, 1982
Adams County, COBarbara J Suppi Arthur A SUPPI June 27, 1994
Adams County, COSandra L Suratt Ralph L SURATT June 24, 1985
Adams County, COMichael Surline Sylvia SURLINE
Adams County, COGeorge T Surmick Billie R SURMICK June 9, 1972
Adams County, COWilliam R Ryan Ryan SUSAN June 14, 1993
Adams County, CORamirez Valentine Ramirez SUSANA September 18, 1936
Adams County, COJosefre C Lucero Lucero SUSIE June 15, 1994
Adams County, CORaymond E Susuras Mary E SUSURAS November 7, 1968
Adams County, COJames B Susuras Patricia A SUSURAS
Adams County, COSarah Bliss Mark SUTCH November 28, 2001
Adams County, COCarol A Sutera John B SUTERA December 28, 1988
Adams County, COKaren L Sutherland William T SUTHERLAND
Adams County, COLaura J Sutherland Gary M SUTHERLAND September 6, 1984
Adams County, COAlex Martinez Jennifer M SUTHERLAND June 9, 1999
Adams County, COPatricia J Sutherland David L SUTHERLAND May 16, 1984
Adams County, COMary A Sutter Samuel L SUTTER October 14, 1986
Adams County, COJohn H Suttles Betty J SUTTLES
Adams County, COJamesb Sutton Shelley R SUTTON May 22, 1975
Adams County, COMarvin Sutton Janice SUTTON January 12, 1981
Adams County, COTamarak Sutton Michaeld SUTTON June 4, 1984
Adams County, COGayle E Sutton Steven C SUTTON December 16, 1991
Adams County, CODavid D Sutton Lori SUTTON October 31, 2001
Adams County, COCatherine Townsend-Sutton Randal J SUTTON
Adams County, COMelvin E Sutton Ann A SUTTON July 16, 1968
Adams County, COKathy J Sutton Doyle W SUTTON October 16, 1975
Alamosa County, CODennis C Suazo Kathy B SUAZO April 6, 1981
Alamosa County, COFlorencia Suazo Tonita M SUAZO
Alamosa County, CODennis C Suazo Kathy B SUAZO June 27, 1983
Alamosa County, COOrlando E Suazo Mary C SUAZO April 13, 1978
Alamosa County, CODoreen A Suazo Kenneth L SUAZO
Alamosa County, COGregory D Rose Rose SUSAN March 29, 1982
Alamosa County, COAlan J Sutherland Nancy SUTHERLAND March 25, 1975
Alamosa County, CORita C Suthers Guy A SUTHERS
Arapahoe County, COJoseph R Subialka Kathleen E SUBIALKA May 24, 1984
Arapahoe County, COChantel M Sublet Paul A SUBLET September 18, 1996
Arapahoe County, COBarry R Sublett Cynthia R SUBLETT
Arapahoe County, COLinda K Sublette William S SUBLETTE December 26, 1984
Arapahoe County, COWilma J Succa David G SUCCA February 28, 1985
Arapahoe County, COKim W Tong Kim H SUCK
Arapahoe County, COGeorge Sudermann Barbara S SUDERMANN May 26, 1983
Arapahoe County, COBarbara L Suders Lewis D SUDERS December 31, 1991
Arapahoe County, COGeorganne B Sugden John R SUGDEN March 9, 1998
Arapahoe County, COSusan P Sughroue Jay A SUGHROUE August 12, 1988
Arapahoe County, COJudy D Suiter Davide SUITER March 28, 1988
Arapahoe County, CONavarro Alicia Kevin SUITS
Arapahoe County, COBarbara G Suits Paul K SUITS January 3, 1983
Arapahoe County, CONavarro Alicia Kevin SUITS
Arapahoe County, COReginald W Suitt Evelyn SUITT
Arapahoe County, COAnne S Sullivan Timothy G SULLIVAN
Arapahoe County, CORobert J Sullivan Vicki S SULLIVAN
Arapahoe County, CODanal Sullivan Sean I SULLIVAN
Arapahoe County, COArthur J Sullivan Frances R SULLIVAN September 29, 1969
Arapahoe County, COHenry M Sullivan Theresa M SULLIVAN June 1, 1972
Arapahoe County, COEmmett R Sullivan Sandra K SULLIVAN January 26, 1973

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