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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Dallas County, TXGlenda R Srader Richard W SRADER April 29, 1996
Dallas County, TXMary E Srader Richard W SRADER May 5, 1982
Dallas County, TXRay L Patsy David SRAY April 3, 1984
Dallas County, TXJanet K Phillips Phillip SREED
Dallas County, TXEnedina Rodriguez Jose SRODRIGUEZ December 27, 1984
Dallas County, TXKathryn Russell Paul SRUSSELL July 29, 1983
Dawson County, TXMichelle Srader Dickie D SRADER August 19, 1991
Dawson County, TXRamirez Sulema Jose SRAMIREZ March 6, 1986
Dimmit County, TXMariaa Ramos Luis SRAMOS March 16, 1986
Ector County, TXLesley L Sredanovich Steve V SREDANOVICH March 28, 1994
El Paso County, TXKelly L Srader Jason J SRADER
El Paso County, TXMartha A Rogers Robert SROGERS February 17, 1982
El Paso County, TXKimberly S Rogers Robert SROGERS July 16, 1985
Fayette County, TXCynthia P Srubar William E SRUBAR January 14, 1986
Fort Bend County, TXDiane Sralla Lester R SRALLA August 14, 1991
Fort Bend County, TXCynthia A Srubar Edwin A SRUBAR November 16, 1984
Grayson County, TXCarolyn M Srader Charles E SRADER July 24, 1984
Grimes County, TXLynette R Russell Mark SRUSSELL April 17, 1978
Guadalupe County, TXNancy Fray Robert SRAY November 6, 1973
Hall County, TXNancy E Srygley Gilbert D SRYGLEY November 21, 1994
Harris County, TXDana G Srader Jeffery R SRADER January 7, 1980
Harris County, TXDebora A Sralla Ronnie J SRALLA June 2, 1986
Harris County, TXLeslie T Srdoc Darrell D SRDOC December 2, 1982
Harris County, TXBridget M Srebalus Edward J SREBALUS August 22, 1989
Harris County, TXNoreen A Reynolds David SREYNOLDS June 21, 1989
Harris County, TXMariam Rodriguez Jose SRODRIGUEZ April 28, 1992
Harris County, TXChristine M Srubar Adrian E SRUBAR July 1, 1974
Hays County, TXElizabeth M Ray Robert SRAY March 15, 1988
Hill County, TXJohnnie L Srader Paul J SRADER December 16, 1991
Hunt County, TXLana P Rhodes Gregory SRHODES
Jackson County, TXCandida L Rodriguez Jose SRODRIGUEZ
Jackson County, TXGayle M Srubar Glenn W SRUBAR November 26, 1973
Jim Wells County, TXRay Susan Gregory SRAY October 8, 1976
Jim Wells County, TXEva K Srp John H SRP
Jones County, TXCynthiarodriguez Luis SRODRIGUEZ January 31, 1991
Lee County, TXMaria F Rodriguez Diego SRODRIGUEZ August 3, 1993
Liberty County, TXAnnie M Srubar Edwin A SRUBAR November 21, 1996
Mclennan County, TXRebecca J Srygley Deryl L SRYGLEY December 4, 1981
Midland County, TXLinda K Srader Paul J SRADER May 3, 1976
Midland County, TXConnie B Rogers Robert SROGERS February 18, 1992
Montgomery County, TXRebecca Sray Gregory SRAY June 15, 1982
Moore County, TXSusan J Srader Terry H SRADER
Moore County, TXBrenda K Srader Kenn D SRADER August 31, 1985
Nuexes County, TXMary Ross James SROSS
Orange County, TXRebecca A Srader William E SRADER September 5, 1978
Orange County, TXKathya Srubar Frank A SRUBAR November 29, 1976
Parker County, TXBev A Srader Robert J SRADER August 27, 1993
Tarrant County, TXKaren S Srader Charles E SRADER August 1, 1994
Tarrant County, TXNaomi R Srinivasan Salem R SRINIVASAN May 4, 1990
Tarrant County, TXEvelyn B Roberts James SROBERTS October 6, 1989
Tarrant County, TXTeresaa Rodriguez Jose SRODRIGUEZ April 8, 1992
Taylor County, TXDiane D Sryniawski Dennis J SRYNIAWSKI November 1, 1995
Travis County, TXLana F Reed John SREED November 2, 1979
Travis County, TXElizabeth L Srnka Ivan T SRNKA June 16, 1993
Travis County, TXMaria Drodriguez Martin SRODRIGUEZ May 15, 1992
Travis County, TXSophia R Rodriguez Luis SRODRIGUEZ
Travis County, TXTracey L Rogers Christopher SROGERS June 24, 1996
Travis County, TXGlenda C Ryan Michael SRYAN August 28, 1984
Val Verde County, TXMaria Creese Harry SREESE December 5, 1984
Webb County, TXDianai Rodriguez Jose SRODRIGUEZ May 2, 1994
Wharton County, TXJoy L Renfro Forrest SRENFRO January 28, 1992
Wichita County, TXWendy N Sralla Hayden C SRALLA September 28, 1994
Zavala County, TXSandra L Sramek Ralph M SRAMEK April 19, 1974

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