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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, COMarilyn K Hall Ronald RHALL
Adams County, COCarol J Hall William RHALL November 1, 1979
Adams County, COHomer T Rhame Mavis L RHAME November 6, 1970
Adams County, COJerry L Rhea Frankie J RHEA September 9, 1983
Adams County, CORamona Y Rhein Albert E RHEIN December 24, 1998
Adams County, COGenaro C Hernandez Maria RHERNANDEZ February 3, 1987
Adams County, COJane K Rhine George E RHINE November 27, 1989
Adams County, CODiann N Rhine David W RHINE November 29, 1983
Adams County, CORhoades Scott Shannon RHOADES
Adams County, CODonna J Rhoades Francis L RHOADES
Adams County, CODebra L Rhoades Harold R RHOADES August 12, 1988
Adams County, COPamela J Rhoads Bruce A RHOADS February 24, 1993
Adams County, COSherri A Rhoads William L RHOADS
Adams County, COKenneth W Rhoads Carla A RHOADS July 13, 1999
Adams County, COKathleen A Rhodes Mark L RHODES
Adams County, COLinda M Rhodes Kenneth K RHODES
Adams County, CORhodes Maureen Bruce W RHODES May 4, 1979
Adams County, CORhodes Thomas Lora L RHODES August 22, 1983
Adams County, COTammy M Rhodes Williamc RHODES June 18, 1984
Adams County, COJamesa Rhodes Kim M RHODES February 8, 1994
Adams County, COJohn D Rhodes Lynette S RHODES December 13, 1974
Adams County, COPatricia M Rhodes Keith D RHODES October 7, 1994
Adams County, COFrancis L Rhodes Janice M RHODES August 1, 1973
Adams County, COLeon R Wiesner Wiesner RHONDA April 16, 2001
Adams County, COMark Potter Potter RHONDA January 18, 1994
Adams County, COCorinne L Rhone Gary M RHONE
Alamosa County, COCloyd J Rhiness Diane P RHINESS December 7, 1978
Alamosa County, COMartin D Rhiness Mary A RHINESS October 27, 1986
Arapahoe County, CODorothyj Harris Donald RHARRIS January 7, 1986
Arapahoe County, COMartha Hernandez Joseph RHERNANDEZ February 16, 1989
Arapahoe County, COMichael Rhoades Betty J RHOADES
Arapahoe County, COBetty L Rhoades Michael E RHOADES February 2, 1987
Arapahoe County, COWilliam K Rhoades Kimberly A RHOADES August 23, 1990
Arapahoe County, CODiana M Rhoads John E RHOADS September 14, 1984
Arapahoe County, CODonald L Rhoads Martha M RHOADS November 3, 1972
Arapahoe County, CODeborah R Rhoads Terry A RHOADS March 2, 1989
Arapahoe County, COConnie Rhode Raymond J RHODE August 8, 1990
Arapahoe County, CORebecca C Rhoden Bradlyl RHODEN June 28, 1989
Arapahoe County, COIra J Rhodes Dawna RHODES June 18, 1982
Arapahoe County, COChristine Rhodes Jon E RHODES November 7, 1989
Arapahoe County, COJody L Rhodes Edward L RHODES June 26, 1992
Arapahoe County, COLydia M Rhodes Robertw RHODES June 13, 1934
Arapahoe County, CORhodes Kelly David RHODES February 26, 2002
Arapahoe County, COSean Rhodes Erica J RHODES October 25, 2002
Arapahoe County, COConnie Rhodes William J RHODES
Arapahoe County, COJuli A Rhodes John W RHODES
Arapahoe County, COThomas D Rhodes Thelmam RHODES January 11, 1974
Arapahoe County, COKimberly M Rhodes Randyl RHODES April 22, 2004
Arapahoe County, CODebra T Rhodus Michael S RHODUS
Arapahoe County, COMatthew Fraley Fraley RHONDA March 21, 1988
Arapahoe County, CODenise J Rhone Tarrence D RHONE November 2, 1993
Arapahoe County, COEmma J Rhone Donald F RHONE
Arapahoe County, COChristine Rhule Rex L RHULE March 5, 1991
Bent County, CORichard J Rhodes Sharon L RHODES November 8, 1971
Boulder County, COKellie A Hall Dennis RHALL October 29, 1991
Boulder County, CODeborah A Henderson James RHENDERSON August 25, 1981
Boulder County, COHugh G Rhine Kathryn L RHINE January 23, 1989
Boulder County, COEsther L Hines John RHINES January 8, 1934
Boulder County, COAngela R Rhoades Thomas S RHOADES January 3, 1992
Boulder County, COLinda R Rhoads James F RHOADS
Boulder County, COLaurel J Rhoads Robert E RHOADS October 1, 1984
Boulder County, COBarbara L Rhoden Steven F RHODEN
Boulder County, COAlbert L Rhodes Emma M RHODES November 13, 1936
Boulder County, COMary L Rhodes John C RHODES June 1, 1981
Boulder County, CORandy G Rhodes Cynthia A RHODES April 14, 1994
Boulder County, CORhodes R Carol A RHODES December 1, 1978
Boulder County, CODavid V Rhodes Karen K RHODES December 31, 1992
Boulder County, COLuann C Rhodes Michaelw RHODES February 27, 1995
Boulder County, CODonald J Robles Susan E RHYNHART December 2, 1998
Chaffee County, COSandra Rhoades Bernard M RHOADES
Chaffee County, COKatherine D Rhodes Christopher M RHODES November 18, 1998
Clear Creek County, COChristianson Craig Christianson RHONDA
Delta County, COCalvin Rhines Lois RHINES April 1, 1986
Denver County, COAnnettej Hall William RHALL May 14, 1987
Denver County, COAngelam Anderson Raymond P RHAMBO
Denver County, COBrenda J Harvey Robert RHARVEY April 5, 1979
Denver County, CORhazi El Mamoun Michelle J RHAZI January 14, 2002
Denver County, CORhazi Abdellatif Sharon D RHAZI October 7, 1996
Denver County, COClarence A Rhea Florence RHEA September 15, 1970
Denver County, COJack Rhine Evelyn RHINE March 5, 1975
Denver County, COMichael D Rhoades Rebecca D RHOADES May 8, 1970
Denver County, CORonald L Rhoades Kathy R RHOADES June 26, 1981
Denver County, COKaren A Rhoades Gerald H RHOADES June 11, 1985
Denver County, COMatthew J Rhoades Sara E RHOADES May 5, 1994
Denver County, COBryan L Rhoades Tracy R RHOADES January 16, 2004
Denver County, COJames L Rhoades Katherina RHOADES June 4, 1990
Denver County, COEvelyn L Rhoads Hollie A RHOADS October 8, 1936
Denver County, COCheryl L Rhoads Richard A RHOADS September 16, 1975
Denver County, COGordon Bryant Gordon RHODA January 7, 1971
Denver County, COJesusa Bolivar Bolivar RHODA October 25, 2002
Denver County, COPauline Evans Evans RHODA March 14, 1933
Denver County, COHarold Tucker Tucker RHODA April 29, 1971
Denver County, CORaymond J Rhode Joyce RHODE January 11, 1980
Denver County, COLaura M Rhodes Walter W RHODES November 25, 1902
Denver County, CORosea Rhodes Frank J RHODES April 22, 1927
Denver County, COJohn M Rhodes Edna N RHODES January 3, 1969
Denver County, COJanice C Rhodes Lawrence D RHODES October 23, 1975
Denver County, COSally Rhodes John RHODES November 8, 1978
Denver County, COJulie B Rhodes Williama RHODES August 9, 1989
Denver County, CORhodes Hattie William RHODES November 17, 1909

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