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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Dallas County, TXPhyllis S Vasquez Carlos PVASQUEZ August 28, 1984
Wichita County, TXSandra G Vitek Jan PVITEK June 16, 1986
Adams County, COGeo B Williams Elizabeth PWILLIAMS May 29, 1931
Adams County, COPhyllis M Wilson James PWILSON May 18, 1984
Arapahoe County, COKathryns Wood Joseph PWOOD December 18, 1992
Boulder County, COCheri V Williams Michael PWILLIAMS
Denver County, COBarbara Williams William PWILLIAMS September 6, 1989
El Paso County, COJanell J Williams Michael PWILLIAMS
El Paso County, CORoy L Williams Barbara PWILLIAMS June 29, 1977
Jackson County, CODonf Wilson Mary PWILSON May 8, 1974
Jefferson County, CODavidf Williams Barbara PWILLIAMS December 11, 1974
Pueblo County, COLanal Williams Michael PWILLIAMS June 25, 1990
Brevard County, FLJacqueline Walker Robert PWALKER September 9, 1981
Brevard County, FLPatricia Walsh William PWALSH July 28, 1980
Brevard County, FLWalsh Lynn William PWALSH September 12, 1991
Broward County, FLDebra White Joseph PWHITE November 29, 1979
Citrus County, FLLyn N Williams Jerry PWILLIAMS October 9, 1981
Hillsborough County, FLMargie Walker Andrea PWALKER June 1, 1987
Hillsborough County, FLS Usan Williams John PWILLIAMS November 14, 1983
Jefferson County, FLJean Wilson Albert PWILSON June 2, 1986
Lake County, FLDebra Wagner James PWAGNER January 21, 1987
Marion County, FLBarbarawright John PWRIGHT October 28, 1993
Marion County, FLJonni Wright John PWRIGHT June 9, 1976
Martin County, FLElaine Williams John PWILLIAMS March 13, 1995
Miami-Dade County, FLJoyce Wilson Douglas PWILSON August 29, 1991
Miami-Dade County, FLSandra Wood William PWOOD July 8, 1987
Nassau County, FLFrance S Williams Michael PWILLIAMS October 7, 1993
Palm Beach County, FLSandra Wall Michael PWALL December 16, 1999
Palm Beach County, FLHelen Walsh William PWALSH March 23, 1982
Palm Beach County, FLLou Anne Williams Michael PWILLIAMS November 12, 1991
Pasco County, FLAlice Williams James PWILLIAMS
Pinellas County, FLKathlee N Wilson James PWILSON November 4, 1992
Pinellas County, FLKathleen Wilson James PWILSON November 4, 1992
Pinellas County, FLKathi Wright James PWRIGHT
Polk County, FLSandra Wi Lliams Michael PWILLIAMS September 27, 1988
Polk County, FLEllen Williams Michael PWILLIAMS May 18, 1988
Sarasota County, FLJoie Williams Michael PWILLIAMS February 2, 1998
St Johns County, FLKatherine Wilson William PWILSON February 1, 1996
Anoka County, MNBeverly M Wilson James PWILSON April 9, 1981
Dodge County, MNSusank Walker John PWALKER January 24, 1985
Hennepin County, MNSheila F Wood William PWOOD December 8, 1978
Lyon County, MNJanice K Walker John PWALKER August 29, 1975
Ramsey County, MNJan A Williams James PWILLIAMS November 19, 1981
Stearns County, MNNadine M Wilson James PWILSON November 29, 1989
Wright County, MNNanci M Wright John PWRIGHT May 24, 1996
Clark County, NVRebekah R Wallace Dana PWALLACE May 2, 1991
Galveston County, TXMelissas Webb Charles PWEBB August 26, 1993
Bexar County, TXAnnam Warner Charles PWARNER May 1, 1982
Bexar County, TXHelene M Woods Ritchey PWOODS April 12, 1983
Brazoria County, TXPennye Wilson Douglas PWILSON November 1, 1990
Brazoria County, TXLaura K Wood Craig PWOOD September 29, 1992
Brazos County, TXMaryc Wood Joseph PWOOD October 11, 1990
Brewster County, TXRhonda G Wilson James PWILSON February 17, 1975
Cass County, TXTheresa G Wall Michael PWALL September 19, 1986
Collin County, TXConnied Wood David PWOOD December 22, 1986
Dallas County, TXConnie D Watkins James PWATKINS
Dallas County, TXDorothy A Williams John PWILLIAMS November 16, 1972
Dallas County, TXCatherine D Williams Michael PWILLIAMS October 14, 1985
Dallas County, TXJan R Wilson James PWILSON April 26, 1985
Dallas County, TXGail L Wood David PWOOD February 21, 1977
Dallas County, TXLauri A Wood William PWOOD
Dallas County, TXJoyce A Wood Michael PWOOD October 25, 1974
Denton County, TXNorma J White Joseph PWHITE August 21, 1987
El Paso County, TXMichellea Wallace Richard PWALLACE
El Paso County, TXMary Lwright James PWRIGHT November 5, 1991
Grayson County, TXSusanr Williams John PWILLIAMS December 9, 1993
Grayson County, TXEmma A Willis David PWILLIS February 16, 1984
Harris County, TXVirginia L Williams Michael PWILLIAMS September 14, 1983
Harris County, TXShirleym Williams William PWILLIAMS December 11, 1990
Harris County, TXJoe A Williams Michael PWILLIAMS December 28, 1994
Harris County, TXTeri D Williams Michael PWILLIAMS November 12, 1986
Harris County, TXCarol S Winkler William PWINKLER
Harris County, TXShela K Winston James PWINSTON September 12, 1995
Harris County, TXCynthia A Wood Joseph PWOOD March 19, 1990
Harrison County, TXLisa L Wagner James PWAGNER September 9, 1993
Jefferson County, TXBennita L Weber John PWEBER November 5, 1990
Lamar County, TXKathryn E Wood David PWOOD October 11, 1978
Miols County, TXBeckyj Williams John PWILLIAMS August 26, 1992
Montague County, TXMelissa L Williams John PWILLIAMS September 28, 1990
Montgomery County, TXLindag Williams John PWILLIAMS June 25, 1996
Randall County, TXMaryh Wilson James PWILSON February 6, 1995
Smith County, TXWarren Kay William PWARREN June 18, 1984
Tarrant County, TXCindy A Williams John PWILLIAMS February 14, 1991
Tarrant County, TXPaula L Wood David PWOOD June 22, 1990
Tarrant County, TXJanice L Wright John PWRIGHT November 23, 1980
Travis County, TXSonja C Williams John PWILLIAMS July 18, 1986
Travis County, TXDebra Williamson Jeffrey PWILLIAMSON May 22, 1992
Travis County, TXTerry D Winkler William PWINKLER January 18, 1991
Victoria County, TXPatricia Windham William PWINDHAM January 26, 1989
Webb County, TXEllenm Williams John PWILLIAMS January 13, 1981
Wharton County, TXLindaf Walker Robert PWALKER October 15, 1981
Wharton County, TXDelores W Alker Robert PWALKER June 24, 1988

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