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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Denver County, CORhonda L Pacheco Jose PPACHECO November 12, 1976
Denver County, COCheryl P Ierce John PPIERCE
Jefferson County, COCarol A Pacheco Jose PPACHECO September 3, 1991
Broward County, FLJosephine Parker James PPARKER March 22, 1996
Broward County, FLJennifer Poole Richard PPOOLE March 9, 1998
Hillsborough County, FLPerez Gilda Robert PPEREZ August 29, 1996
Lee County, FLBarbara Parker James PPARKER June 28, 1985
Miami-Dade County, FLPerez Mercedes Jose PPEREZ May 21, 1976
Miami-Dade County, FLPerez Ivonne Jose PPEREZ August 25, 1980
Miami-Dade County, FLLauren Perez Robert PPEREZ February 1, 1979
Miami-Dade County, FLMiriam Perez Jose PPEREZ
Miami-Dade County, FLAngela Perez Jose PPEREZ
Miami-Dade County, FLNancy Perez Robert PPEREZ April 28, 1981
Clay County, MNPaul A Gwen James PPAUL November 14, 1995
Hennepin County, MNKaren K Paul James PPAUL June 3, 1988
Andrews County, TXMaria D Perez Jose PPEREZ April 8, 1980
Bexar County, TXNancy J Ppool Ronald L PPOOL December 29, 1994
Collin County, TXJoann Lapple John A PPLE December 21, 1995
Dallas County, TXJohnnie R Parker James PPARKER May 22, 1989
Dallas County, TXAnna M Pierce John PPIERCE November 18, 1981
Franklin County, TXDorothy M Patton John PPATTON December 18, 1992
Harris County, TXParker Eunice James PPARKER January 27, 1975
Harris County, TXMaria Eperez Robert PPEREZ May 17, 1977
Harris County, TXPerez Jovita Robert PPEREZ January 11, 1982
Hunt County, TXBarbaraj Pierce John PPIERCE
Nuexes County, TXPerez Elma Jose PPEREZ November 14, 1974
Randall County, TXJane D Parker James PPARKER October 2, 1991
Travis County, TXSha Ronl Parker James PPARKER March 19, 1975
Travis County, TXDorothy J Perez Richard PPEREZ April 24, 1984

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