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A Public Divorce Record is a very important record. Divorce Records Search can help you verify if the subject is legally divorced.

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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, COSharon M OffenDean A OFFEN
Adams County, COJames W OffenEsther L OFFENSeptember 11, 1974
Adams County, COJudith A FoltzLester OFOLTZOctober 1, 2003
Arapahoe County, COTed A OffSaundra J OFFSeptember 29, 1997
Arapahoe County, COLeslee F OfferleHerbert V OFFERLESeptember 9, 1999
Delta County, CONeil T OffenDonna L OFFENJanuary 3, 1995
Denver County, COKeith E FarmerOlivia OFARMER
Denver County, COFarmer YvonneWilliam OFARMEROctober 19, 1977
Denver County, COPatricia B FarrisDavid OFARRISMay 31, 1985
Denver County, COArthur GonzalesGonzales OFELIAFebruary 23, 1999
Denver County, COSarah EgoffWilliam G OFFDecember 13, 1888
Denver County, COMargaret J HoffEdward H OFFMarch 17, 1939
Denver County, COLarry C OffeGloria J OFFE
Denver County, COSusan CoffeyWilliam C OFFEYOctober 7, 1998
Denver County, COMargaret A OfficerCharles D OFFICERJune 9, 1934
Denver County, COMildred HoffmanJoseph H OFFMAN
Denver County, COCatherine HoffmanJoseph H OFFMANOctober 3, 1912
Denver County, COThomas E FingerSheila OFINGERNovember 8, 2001
Denver County, COEdward J OflahertyRuth OFLAHERTYApril 18, 1935
Denver County, CODorothy J FreelandJames OFREELANDJanuary 26, 1993
Denver County, COMaria D TakahashiGreg OFRIEDLANDMay 4, 2004
El Paso County, COEarl G FarrellAndrea OFARRELLApril 27, 1992
El Paso County, COCabrera NicolasCabrera OFELIAMay 22, 2003
El Paso County, COCabrera NicolasCabrera OFELIA
El Paso County, COToni M OfferRobert F OFFERJune 8, 1987
El Paso County, COCarolyn D OfferleHoward H OFFERLEApril 1, 1997
El Paso County, CODebra S OffersonJames R OFFERSONJune 8, 1993
El Paso County, COPaula M OffuttBobby R OFFUTTMay 6, 1982
El Paso County, COTeresa FieldTim OFIELD
El Paso County, CORae R OfihellyJeremiah J OFIHELLY
El Paso County, COJerri L FrancisTodd OFRANCISJune 21, 1978
El Paso County, COEdward J FrankoSharon OFRANKOSeptember 12, 1991
El Paso County, CODanell C FrickGlenn OFRICKMarch 18, 1996
Fremont County, COWilliam G OffersonSharon K OFFERSONSeptember 8, 1983
Huerfano County, COMontoya GilbertMontoya OFELIA
Jefferson County, COEugene P OfallonVivian D OFALLONJanuary 5, 1968
Jefferson County, COPaul Eo FarrellJohnina B OFARRELLAugust 13, 1998
Jefferson County, CORuth M FettingVirgil OFETTINGMay 21, 1984
Jefferson County, COJohn G OfferdahlDebra OFFERDAHLMay 12, 1989
Jefferson County, CONancy L OffersonRandall L OFFERSONApril 23, 1998
Jefferson County, COKelly R OfficerJudy K OFFICER
Jefferson County, CORaphael T OffuttEdith E OFFUTTSeptember 3, 1985
Jefferson County, COPatrick M FitzgibbonsCelia OFITZGIBBONSNovember 19, 1987
Jefferson County, COAngela C FontenetteDwayne OFONTENETTEAugust 28, 1995
Larimer County, COJohn G OffermanKatherine P OFFERMANOctober 1, 1975
Larimer County, COKatherine OffermanJohn G OFFERMANOctober 1, 1975
Larimer County, COWilliam G OffermanRhonda G OFFERMANMay 4, 1989
Larimer County, COJohn G OffermanKatherine P OFFERMANJune 4, 1975
Larimer County, COOpal J FordClyde OFORDSeptember 8, 1923
Larimer County, COBetty OftLarry OFTMay 16, 1997
Pueblo County, COMary L OffersonBarry D OFFERSONMay 17, 1979
Weld County, COWendy L OffermanKeith J OFFERMANAugust 25, 1993
Brevard County, FLJudy OfcarcikBruce J OFCARCIKMarch 16, 1990
Brevard County, FLSandra FortenberryKendrick OFORTENBERRYJuly 14, 1970
Broward County, FLMarie FaberBrian OFABERFebruary 12, 1992
Broward County, FLKathleen OfallonDaniel J OFALLONMay 31, 1979
Broward County, FLVirginia O FarrellKenneth A OFARRELLNovember 17, 1975
Broward County, FLAlice FayWilliam OFAYDecember 17, 1996
Broward County, FLJoyce HoffmanGerald H OFFMANAugust 7, 1984
Broward County, FLBarbara FranklinJames OFRANKLINAugust 11, 1980
Broward County, FLDenise LoftisJames L OFTISJuly 22, 1982
Broward County, FLApril FullerEdward OFULLERSeptember 2, 1976
Clay County, FLMary F LemingJoseph OFLEMINGNovember 14, 1974
Dixie County, FLCarol OfarrellGrady C OFARRELLAugust 27, 1974
Duval County, FLJudy FakeBrian OFAKEMay 31, 1985
Duval County, FLFarmer CaroleCharles OFARMERSeptember 12, 1986
Duval County, FLMargaret F ErgusonDouglas OFERGUSONMay 29, 1981
Duval County, FLDebra FindleyJohn OFINDLEYJune 2, 1982
Duval County, FLElizabeth FowlerRichard OFOWLERJanuary 7, 1982
Duval County, FLGloria FrancoEmmanuel OFRANCOApril 2, 1979
Duval County, FLDiane FullertonScott OFULLERTONFebruary 13, 1985
Escambia County, FLMary FarishSidney OFARISHSeptember 18, 1974
Escambia County, FLCarol F ItzgeraldJohn OFITZGERALDDecember 28, 1994
Escambia County, FLMary FletcherRobert OFLETCHERMarch 4, 1982
Hillsborough County, FLDawn OffermanJonathan M OFFERMANJuly 16, 1996
Hillsborough County, FLSusan HoffmanMichael H OFFMANMay 29, 1990
Hillsborough County, FLOffner DanaEdmund OFFNERMarch 3, 1999
Hillsborough County, FLMildred FowlerJames OFOWLERFebruary 6, 1979
Indian River County, FLMargaret OffuttHarry C OFFUTTSeptember 18, 1985
Lake County, FLMarjorie FeeRichard OFEEMay 4, 1983
Lee County, FLJulie OffermanWayne F OFFERMAN
Lee County, FLVictoria HoffmanGregory H OFFMANNovember 16, 1990
Leon County, FLMildred FrazierMichael OFRAZIERDecember 17, 1997
Marion County, FLBarbara FannonMichael OFANNON
Miami-Dade County, FLGladys FajardoFabio OFAJARDOFebruary 1, 1996
Miami-Dade County, FLFaust GeraldineAnthony OFAUSTMarch 13, 1992
Miami-Dade County, FLDebbie FaustAnthony OFAUSTJuly 1, 1985
Miami-Dade County, FLBetty FaustAnthony OFAUSTDecember 5, 1975
Miami-Dade County, FLGomez FernandoGomez OFELIAMarch 3, 1993
Miami-Dade County, FLJacob JillJacob OFERJune 9, 1993
Miami-Dade County, FLFernandez HildaRafael OFERNANDEZJuly 25, 1978
Miami-Dade County, FLFernandez GeorgiaMario OFERNANDEZMarch 31, 1987
Miami-Dade County, FLMargaret OfficerUpton D OFFICERAugust 14, 1973
Miami-Dade County, FLHoffman TerriRichard H OFFMANOctober 25, 1990
Miami-Dade County, FLHoffman JuneDavid H OFFMANFebruary 29, 1984
Miami-Dade County, FLMary HoffmanMichael H OFFMANDecember 4, 1986
Miami-Dade County, FLHoffman IdaJoseph H OFFMAN
Miami-Dade County, FLHoffman TinaRichard H OFFMANApril 1, 1991
Miami-Dade County, FLPamela OffretIvan T OFFRETJuly 8, 1981
Miami-Dade County, FLGloria FiguerasJuan OFIGUERASMarch 27, 1984

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