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When a couple decides to divorce, the local divorce court will likely hear and decide their case. First, you must visit your state’s official website to determine the correct court which has jurisdiction over divorce cases in your area. Divorce court records begin with the initial paperwork filed by the petitioner, and end with the final divorce decree.

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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, COJerry Lreed Terry LREED
Adams County, CORuby J Rhoden David LRHODEN
Adams County, CODiane Rhoden David LRHODEN December 12, 1988
Adams County, CORuby J Rhoden David LRHODEN November 22, 1982
Adams County, COCharles C Roberts Frances LROBERTS September 11, 1969
Adams County, COFreda Roberts Sandra LROBERTS January 19, 1983
Adams County, COGeorgia Rogers James LROGERS August 27, 1981
Adams County, COSaraha Rose Michae LROSE
Adams County, COJennie J Ross Larry LROSS July 27, 1979
Adams County, CODon Roth Nancy LROTH December 18, 1981
Adams County, CODenise A Rountree Ronald LROUNTREE November 4, 1986
Alamosa County, COEstella C Romero Joseph LROMERO
Arapahoe County, COTonna M Ramsey Terry LRAMSEY April 4, 1985
Arapahoe County, COAnna J Ratliff Albert LRATLIFF November 1, 1982
Arapahoe County, COCharlene R Rivera Samue LRIVERA
Arapahoe County, CODavid Lrose Mary LROSE December 13, 1985
Arapahoe County, COAngela M Ross Robert LROSS May 24, 1989
Arapahoe County, CORenee L Ross William LROSS June 2, 1989
Archuleta County, COJeffrey A Reed Doris LREED February 21, 1991
Baca County, CODoran R Rodgers Pamela LRODGERS August 17, 1977
Boulder County, COPatricia G Richardson William LRICHARDSON April 6, 1982
Boulder County, COAlana Roberts Sandra LROBERTS November 19, 1976
Boulder County, COAngela J Rollings Richard LROLLINGS December 5, 1988
Boulder County, COPatricia B Ryan John LRYAN
Chaffee County, COJohnp Roberts Jennifer LROBERTS
Chaffee County, COAnnie E Ryan James LRYAN November 26, 1892
Denver County, COTeresam Ramirez Anthony LRAMIREZ August 19, 1993
Denver County, CORae A Reed Michael LREED October 15, 1976
Denver County, COReynolds Cora John LREYNOLDS October 9, 1912
Denver County, COD Rande Richardson Sherrie LRICHARDSON
Denver County, COPatricia L Roach Frederic LROACH January 3, 1989
Denver County, CORomero Antonia Joseph LROMERO June 25, 1976
Denver County, COLevi G Romero Maria LROMERO September 5, 1969
Denver County, COMark B Russell Cheryl LRUSSELL April 22, 1982
Denver County, COJudy Bryan Robert LRYAN September 3, 1981
Denver County, CORyan R Susan LRYAN January 4, 1983
Douglas County, CODennisa Rodriguez Mary LRODRIGUEZ August 16, 1994
Douglas County, COKelly C Rogers Karen LROGERS March 5, 1982
El Paso County, COJeffrey S Ransom Susan LRANSOM March 4, 1988
El Paso County, COBrenda J Rathburn Robert LRATHBURN December 5, 1983
El Paso County, CODebra J Richardson Darrell LRICHARDSON August 27, 1976
El Paso County, COGloria R Obinson Henry LROBINSON April 24, 1995
El Paso County, COIrene M Rodriguez Jose LRODRIGUEZ March 25, 1991
El Paso County, CONoel F Rogers Irene LROGERS July 22, 1981
El Paso County, COLisaa Rogers Michael LROGERS February 24, 1978
El Paso County, COBillie M Rose Robert LROSE March 13, 1980
El Paso County, CODavid L Rose Mary LROSE March 12, 1985
El Paso County, COClaudia D Ross Steven LROSS
El Paso County, COGayle S Rowe Kenneth LROWE November 15, 1991
El Paso County, COPamela S Rudisill Gary LRUDISILL May 6, 1976
El Paso County, COCatherine Russell Charles LRUSSELL February 16, 1977
El Paso County, COSherman D Russell Donna LRUSSELL May 6, 1981
Fremont County, COCharles R Ritter Donna LRITTER April 24, 1995
Grand County, COFred W Reynolds Mary LREYNOLDS May 22, 1968
Huerfano County, COKenneth P Rodriguez Alice LRODRIGUEZ November 1, 1993
Jefferson County, COPatricia F Rambo Albert LRAMBO February 2, 1988
Jefferson County, COSusan A Ray Robert LRAY November 19, 1979
Jefferson County, COReed Marla George LREED April 2, 1976
Jefferson County, CORichard P Reynolds Mary LREYNOLDS December 15, 1970
Jefferson County, COJudith L Reynolds Randy LREYNOLDS
Jefferson County, CODons Riggs Cynthia LRIGGS June 21, 1993
Jefferson County, CORonald P Roberts Sandra LROBERTS June 4, 1976
Jefferson County, COWinifred B Robinson James LROBINSON July 26, 1939
Jefferson County, COHelene Ross Robert LROSS July 25, 1983
Jefferson County, COTammyl Rowe Robert LROWE May 29, 1992
Jefferson County, COPaul E Russ Sharon LRUSS May 18, 1979
Jefferson County, COJefferys Russell Renee LRUSSELL March 14, 1984
Larimer County, COJack L Reed Jennifer LREED March 6, 2003
Larimer County, COPatricia L Robinson Gerald LROBINSON September 29, 1998
Larimer County, COTimothy C Robison Janice LROBISON January 17, 1977
Larimer County, COFrank L Rogers Janet LROGERS December 26, 1991
Larimer County, CONellie Rogers James LROGERS December 14, 1885
Larimer County, CODeanna M Russell Terry LRUSSELL June 8, 1976
Lincoln County, COKevin F Ross Patricia LROSS March 24, 1980
Mesa County, COCharles M Ross Patricia LROSS August 24, 1984
Montezuma County, COCharles A Reed Patricia LREED January 8, 1986
Morgan County, CORicardo R Rodriguez Mary LRODRIGUEZ February 19, 1981
Otero County, COFloyd M Rogers Connie LROGERS June 13, 1980
Pueblo County, CORube N Ramirez Maria LRAMIREZ September 11, 1973
Pueblo County, CODanny R Richardson Donna LRICHARDSON December 5, 1980
Pueblo County, COJanetm Robinson David LROBINSON March 8, 1993
Pueblo County, COMariam Robinson Curtis LROBINSON April 27, 1994
Teller County, CORoberts Darlene Collins Richard LROBERTS February 6, 2003
Weld County, COScott B Randolph Brenda LRANDOLPH January 28, 1987
Weld County, COPaula E Reed Robert LREED November 14, 1977
Weld County, CORhonda K Reed Robert LREED
Weld County, COAlma A Ritter James LRITTER July 14, 1978
Weld County, COMaryl Rogers James LROGERS June 12, 1975
Weld County, CONickj Ross Laura LROSS October 29, 1999
Alachua County, FLMary Ray Edward LRAY May 2, 1979
Alachua County, FLMary R Ichardson Earl LRICHARDSON March 7, 1996
Alachua County, FLStacy Roberts David LROBERTS April 9, 1990
Alachua County, FLMargaret R Obinson Walter LROBINSON April 4, 1972
Alachua County, FLCornelia Robinson Walter LROBINSON January 12, 1978
Alachua County, FLCarrie Robinson David LROBINSON May 12, 1977
Alachua County, FLEartha Robinson Walter LROBINSON December 11, 1996
Baker County, FLRich Selina Paul LRICH August 4, 1994
Bay County, FLDawn Roberts Kenneth LROBERTS October 18, 1999
Bay County, FLRoberts Debora Matthew LROBERTS November 23, 1994
Bay County, FLKimberly Roth Scott LROTH March 14, 1996


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