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When a couple decides to divorce, the local divorce court will likely hear and decide their case. First, you must visit your state’s official website to determine the correct court which has jurisdiction over divorce cases in your area. Divorce court records begin with the initial paperwork filed by the petitioner, and end with the final divorce decree.

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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, CODeborahd Martin Kenneth LMARTIN February 4, 1986
Adams County, COWilliam E Martinez Mary LMARTINEZ December 23, 1969
Adams County, CODonnam Mckee William LMCKEE
Adams County, COGrace Mendoza Jose LMENDOZA October 29, 1987
Adams County, COJohn Amiller Linda LMILLER
Adams County, COBarbara R Miller Daniel LMILLER December 14, 1976
Adams County, CORicky J Miller Karen LMILLER May 22, 1981
Adams County, COShirleya Miller Gary LMILLER October 13, 1982
Adams County, COMitchell Roxanne Daniel LMITCHELL June 14, 1978
Adams County, COLori R Moore Michael LMOORE January 12, 1994
Adams County, COPatty A Morris Roger LMORRIS September 12, 1994
Adams County, COMorris Ida James LMORRIS January 24, 1984
Adams County, CONancy A Morrison David LMORRISON April 22, 1987
Adams County, CODeanna S Mumma Daniel LMUMMA
Arapahoe County, COLawrenced Martin Janet LMARTIN June 3, 1999
Arapahoe County, COSondraj May William LMAY December 31, 1991
Arapahoe County, COJonf Miller Margaret LMILLER August 8, 1979
Arapahoe County, COJerry A Miller Linda LMILLER February 22, 1984
Arapahoe County, COLuisa L Miller Wayne LMILLER November 25, 1985
Arapahoe County, CORobert C Miller Charlene LMILLER March 5, 1992
Arapahoe County, COBobr Miller Bobby LMILLER January 3, 1974
Arapahoe County, COMelvin M Miller Donna LMILLER July 13, 1979
Arapahoe County, COGeorge Dmiller Sheri LMILLER March 12, 1984
Arapahoe County, CORaymon Demiller Laura LMILLER May 6, 1991
Arapahoe County, COCleveland W Mitchell Mary LMITCHELL January 19, 1970
Arapahoe County, CORafael P Montoya Maria LMONTOYA August 27, 1979
Arapahoe County, COGlenna Moore Cathy LMOORE
Arapahoe County, CORichard E Moore Kathleen LMOORE October 9, 1992
Arapahoe County, COMartha E Moore Jack LMOORE October 24, 1994
Arapahoe County, COLoretta A Morrison James LMORRISON March 7, 1983
Arapahoe County, COAdeline N Murphy Robert LMURPHY September 14, 1994
Boulder County, COWilliamg Martin Mary LMARTIN March 27, 1987
Boulder County, COToni J Mccoy Roy LMCCOY December 6, 1978
Boulder County, COMichael C Karen Jeffrey LMICHAEL
Boulder County, COSharon M Iles David LMILES April 12, 1984
Boulder County, COArdith L Miller Wayne LMILLER June 21, 1982
Boulder County, COFrank E Miller Kathy LMILLER April 19, 1985
Boulder County, COTimothy G Miller Sherry LMILLER August 17, 1994
Boulder County, COLindal Moore Ronald LMOORE August 19, 1988
Boulder County, CORichardb Moore Carol LMOORE September 26, 1997
Boulder County, CORoberta A Morgan Kerry LMORGAN February 9, 1998
Boulder County, COWilliam Morrison Karen LMORRISON January 17, 1975
Boulder County, COPatrickj Murphy Donna LMURPHY April 1, 1992
Boulder County, COJerry R Myers Mary LMYERS February 18, 1977
Broomfield County, COLavonda D Moore James LMOORE August 12, 2002
Chaffee County, COMaude E Martin James LMARTIN June 8, 1906
Chaffee County, CODavidr Morgan Mary LMORGAN December 6, 1989
Delta County, CORobertc Martin Barbara LMARTIN November 21, 1980
Delta County, COElton H Myers Sharon LMYERS March 29, 1972
Denver County, COMarye Malone Jerry LMALONE July 28, 1981
Denver County, COKaren S Malone James LMALONE February 24, 1976
Denver County, COFaye E Marsh Richard LMARSH April 4, 1990
Denver County, COChristi Ne Martin James LMARTIN July 9, 1976
Denver County, COBonnie E Martin Roger LMARTIN October 29, 1981
Denver County, COMartine James LMARTIN May 22, 1985
Denver County, COLarry J Martinez Sandra LMARTINEZ November 17, 1981
Denver County, COLarry D Martinez Melinda LMARTINEZ September 15, 1982
Denver County, COJosephin M Mason Walter LMASON April 13, 1979
Denver County, COElaine A Maxwell William LMAXWELL June 16, 1975
Denver County, COMaryp Mcdaniel Robert LMCDANIEL August 18, 1981
Denver County, COLeee Mcdonald Mary LMCDONALD December 9, 1986
Denver County, COSheri L Mckee Daniel LMCKEE October 13, 1978
Denver County, CORebecca A Mcmurray David LMCMURRAY August 8, 2001
Denver County, CORuby Almeida Jose A LMEIDA
Denver County, COArthur G Miller Patricia LMILLER November 19, 1968
Denver County, COScott Wmiller Patricia LMILLER August 31, 1988
Denver County, COArthur L Miller Donna LMILLER
Denver County, COBrenda Jmiller Gary LMILLER August 21, 1980
Denver County, COCarola Miller Gary LMILLER September 11, 1978
Denver County, COWillief Miller Tonya LMILLER July 27, 1992
Denver County, COFern E Minton Donald LMINTON November 2, 1983
Denver County, COVera B Moore Henry LMOORE
Denver County, COJamesg Moore Mary LMOORE September 13, 1969
Denver County, COJeniece A Morgan David LMORGAN
Denver County, CORoderic A Morris Carol LMORRIS October 13, 1992
Denver County, COBreta Morris Pamela LMORRIS June 29, 1990
Denver County, COEmma F Murphy Robert LMURPHY July 18, 1890
Denver County, COMonica Myers Robert LMYERS June 21, 1984
Douglas County, COJulie B Mitchell Ronald LMITCHELL April 29, 1994
Eagle County, COLarry L Moore Carol LMOORE January 13, 1987
El Paso County, COWilliam Bridges Bridges A LMA
El Paso County, COJamese Malone Cynthia LMALONE
El Paso County, CORichard Omartin Patricia LMARTIN
El Paso County, COBarbara L Martin William LMARTIN August 21, 1981
El Paso County, CORonaldl Martin Terry LMARTIN May 22, 1989
El Paso County, COJerryw Martin Deborah LMARTIN July 26, 1984
El Paso County, COShirleya Martin James LMARTIN January 12, 1984
El Paso County, COGeorge H Maxey Dorothy LMAXEY April 14, 1978
El Paso County, COShirley J Mayne Robert LMAYNE November 14, 1979
El Paso County, COGeorgia L Mccoy Roy LMCCOY
El Paso County, COFrances A Mccoy Charles LMCCOY June 1, 1992
El Paso County, COJane F Mcgowan Robert LMCGOWAN December 13, 1991
El Paso County, CODebra L Mcguire John LMCGUIRE March 28, 1983
El Paso County, COJohn H Olmes Mary Ho LMES January 31, 1996
El Paso County, COLarry J Miller Linda LMILLER August 23, 1972
El Paso County, COJimmie L Miller Janet LMILLER January 17, 1989
El Paso County, COLisa C Miller Jeffrey LMILLER October 16, 1991
El Paso County, COElva D Miller Cynthia LMILLER
El Paso County, CODaniela Miller Patricia LMILLER March 18, 1994
El Paso County, COJennifer Miller Christopher LMILLER October 11, 2002


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