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When a couple decides to divorce, the local divorce court will likely hear and decide their case. First, you must visit your state’s official website to determine the correct court which has jurisdiction over divorce cases in your area. Divorce court records begin with the initial paperwork filed by the petitioner, and end with the final divorce decree.

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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, COAdams G Garcia Sherry LGARCIA December 4, 1970
Adams County, COKiersten Garcia Jose LGARCIA June 17, 1994
Adams County, COBarbara L Gates Martin LGATES March 6, 1987
Adams County, COJudithm Gibson David LGIBSON February 17, 1976
Adams County, COLucy B Gonzales Jerry LGONZALES
Alamosa County, COGoodman Ricky Nanc Y LGOODMAN July 13, 1992
Arapahoe County, CODavid W Gonzales Cynthia LGONZALES September 22, 1994
Archuleta County, COSamuelp Garcia Maria LGARCIA June 14, 1991
Baca County, CODanny L Gordon De Anna LGORDON February 7, 1983
Boulder County, COMarta M Garrett William LGARRETT January 23, 1984
Boulder County, COJohne Gonzales Nancy LGONZALES October 16, 1990
Boulder County, COPatricia L Grace David LGRACE
Boulder County, COBonnie L Graham Robert LGRAHAM September 19, 1977
Boulder County, CODebra I Griffin David LGRIFFIN November 2, 1977
Denver County, COSandra Garcia Jose LGARCIA July 19, 1978
Denver County, COAlicia Garcia Jose LGARCIA January 23, 1986
Denver County, COCarrol B Glover Donald LGLOVER June 5, 1981
Denver County, COBrenda Gonzalez Jose LGONZALEZ
Denver County, COCandic Gonzalez Jose LGONZALEZ October 11, 1985
Denver County, COMaria Lgonzalez Jose LGONZALEZ March 9, 1992
Denver County, COTeresa C Waddles Robert LGRANT April 8, 1999
Denver County, COCheryl G Green Michael LGREEN April 17, 1992
Douglas County, COTammy J Griffin Terry LGRIFFIN March 22, 1991
El Paso County, COLaurie D Garcia Joe LGARCIA November 18, 1988
El Paso County, COIris M Gibbs Robert LGIBBS July 31, 1981
El Paso County, COLarry W Gordon Bonnie LGORDON November 17, 1972
El Paso County, COEdith R Gray Kenneth LGRAY April 24, 1985
El Paso County, COJonathanl Green Jennifer LGREEN December 21, 1994
El Paso County, COJamesc Green Donna LGREEN October 24, 1993
El Paso County, CORobertp Greene Mary LGREENE November 21, 1969
El Paso County, CORhondaa Griffin Robert LGRIFFIN
El Paso County, COMarilyn S Grigsby Loren LGRIGSBY May 2, 1977
Fremont County, CODaniel Graham Sherry LGRAHAM March 6, 1984
Fremont County, COJerald E Greene Susan LGREENE May 18, 1995
Fremont County, COJerald E Greene Susan LGREENE June 22, 1995
Garfield County, COCecila Gardner Ruth LGARDNER February 15, 1984
Gunnison County, COFelipej Garcia Kathy LGARCIA October 17, 1988
Jefferson County, COMichael T Garcia Sherry LGARCIA September 18, 1995
Jefferson County, COConniem Garcia Anth Ony LGARCIA July 19, 1991
Jefferson County, COTeresa A Garrett Richard LGARRETT July 24, 1986
Jefferson County, CODorothy J Gleason Jay LGLEASON March 18, 1986
Jefferson County, COCarol G Gore George LGORE May 17, 1976
Jefferson County, COSusans Grant Robert LGRANT September 26, 1989
Jefferson County, CODeborahl Gray Larry LGRAY May 11, 1995
Jefferson County, CORita K Gray Charles LGRAY December 16, 1981
Jefferson County, COJohnw Green Dorothy LGREEN
Jefferson County, CORuth E Groves Donald LGROVES June 15, 1998
Larimer County, COPaul A Garrett Barbara LGARRETT May 14, 1997
Larimer County, COSherri Lgates Martin LGATES May 4, 1992
Larimer County, COGladysm Gray Charles LGRAY September 9, 1926
Larimer County, COJames A Griffin Karen LGRIFFIN April 22, 1989
Mesa County, COKevin M Green Cindy LGREEN February 24, 1989
Morgan County, COJose Jgarcia Yolanda LGARCIA September 28, 1995
Morgan County, COWilliam H Gray Linda LGRAY September 23, 1976
Prowers County, CODon Gonzales Teresa LGONZALES July 2, 1980
Pueblo County, CORonnie Garcia Sherry LGARCIA February 18, 1986
Pueblo County, COMarion J Griffith Robert LGRIFFITH May 18, 1998
Rio Blanco County, COJamesr Gibson Heidi LGIBSON February 13, 1987
Weld County, COMary H Gates Henry LGATES December 1, 1876
Alachua County, FLBrenda G Reen David LGREEN July 23, 1982
Baker County, FLVivian Greene John LGREENE September 23, 1974
Baker County, FLGreer Gwendolyn James LGREER March 29, 1976
Bay County, FLElizabeth Greene Thomas LGREENE September 9, 1992
Bay County, FLBetty Griffin George LGRIFFIN October 29, 1984
Bradford County, FLPriscilla Green David LGREEN February 24, 1993
Brevard County, FLJoan Greene Thomas LGREENE May 4, 1979
Brevard County, FLGrove Suzanne Donald LGROVE October 4, 1983
Broward County, FLMary Gallagher Ronald LGALLAGHER August 17, 1990
Broward County, FLGay Rosalie Robert LGAY November 21, 1988
Broward County, FLCarmengonzalez Jose LGONZALEZ
Broward County, FLColleen Gonzalez Jose LGONZALEZ
Broward County, FLSandra Goodrich Herman LGOODRICH February 27, 1979
Broward County, FLGordon Annette Robert LGORDON August 21, 1998
Broward County, FLGrace R David LGRACE September 11, 1990
Broward County, FLDebra Graves Steven LGRAVES May 1, 1985
Broward County, FLDebra Graves Steven LGRAVES March 13, 1985
Broward County, FLStephanie G Ray David LGRAY November 25, 1997
Broward County, FLGail Green Robert LGREEN
Broward County, FLGreene Janis John LGREENE October 16, 1989
Broward County, FLBrenda Griffin John LGRIFFIN May 9, 1990
Broward County, FLTeri Griffith James LGRIFFITH March 14, 1988
Broward County, FLNorma Gutierrez Jose LGUTIERREZ July 8, 1998
Citrus County, FLGillespie Vicki Terry LGILLESPIE December 11, 1992
Collier County, FLNoreen Garcia Jose LGARCIA April 2, 1993
Collier County, FLGregory Sherry Charles LGREGORY April 18, 1990
Collier County, FLGregory Theresa Charles LGREGORY July 12, 1994
Collier County, FLMarjorie Greve David LGREVE May 5, 1980
Duval County, FLBarbara Garrett James LGARRETT February 2, 1981
Duval County, FLGlenn Carol John LGLENN April 1, 1980
Duval County, FLRuby Gonzalez Jose LGONZALEZ March 12, 1987
Duval County, FLGraham Marsha Raymond LGRAHAM November 2, 1999
Duval County, FLMary G Ray William LGRAY June 17, 1993
Duval County, FLSandra Green Ronald LGREEN
Duval County, FLC Ynthia Green David LGREEN June 28, 1985
Duval County, FLCatherine Greene John LGREENE December 2, 1981
Duval County, FLGunter Kelly James LGUNTER October 23, 1990
Escambia County, FLVicki Green James LGREEN August 16, 1985
Escambia County, FLGregory Debra Michael LGREGORY April 21, 1981
Flagler County, FLLisa Green Russell LGREEN May 27, 1993
Gadsden County, FLCatherine Green Robert LGREEN December 9, 1974


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