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When a couple decides to divorce, the local divorce court will likely hear and decide their case. First, you must visit your state’s official website to determine the correct court which has jurisdiction over divorce cases in your area. Divorce court records begin with the initial paperwork filed by the petitioner, and end with the final divorce decree.

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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, CODenniso Davidson Mary LDAVIDSON May 11, 1984
Adams County, COStephen J Davis Kathy LDAVIS February 26, 1971
Adams County, COMarsha Davis Tommy LDAVIS July 11, 1990
Adams County, COJohn L Davis Rebecca LDAVIS April 16, 1992
Adams County, CODiaz Maria Del Miguel Ange LDIAZ
Adams County, COReynolds Luke Linda Reyno LDS
Arapahoe County, CODaniel E Dailey Mary LDAILEY June 6, 1979
Arapahoe County, COTyron E Davis Crystal LDAVIS July 11, 1975
Arapahoe County, COAnnes Davis Robert LDAVIS November 7, 1985
Arapahoe County, COLester G Davis Donna LDAVIS
Arapahoe County, COWilliam T Davis Nancy LDAVIS June 3, 1970
Arapahoe County, CONathan G Davis Nancy LDAVIS June 6, 1973
Arapahoe County, COMarvinj Davis Deborah LDAVIS March 1, 1979
Arapahoe County, COFay H Davis Jessie LDAVIS August 27, 1999
Arapahoe County, COGeorge E Day Grace LDAY July 16, 1975
Arapahoe County, COJohnd Downing Janice LDOWNING March 18, 1977
Arapahoe County, COEugene H Downs Linda LDOWNS June 16, 1995
Archuleta County, CODavidson Gilbert Mary LDAVIDSON June 23, 1995
Boulder County, CORickey L Davis Angel A LDAVIS March 26, 1984
Boulder County, COMichaelw Davis Betty LDAVIS September 21, 1973
Boulder County, COKaren D Avis Richard LDAVIS November 18, 1980
Boulder County, COPatricia M Dixon Robert LDIXON August 21, 1984
Chaffee County, COSteven W Dale Rebecca LDALE July 18, 1985
Denver County, COCecelia A Daniels Robert LDANIELS June 4, 1979
Denver County, COMyron C Davis Mary LDAVIS July 1, 1970
Denver County, COAdrienne M Davis Harold LDAVIS May 23, 1978
Denver County, COKathleen Mdavis Kevin LDAVIS January 24, 1978
Denver County, CODaniele Davis Jennifer LDAVIS March 6, 1978
Denver County, COJonr Davis Denise LDAVIS June 5, 1986
Denver County, COGilda I Davis Mark LDAVIS March 3, 1993
Denver County, COMarial Diaz Jose LDIAZ September 22, 1994
Denver County, COBeverly A Dickson Barry LDICKSON September 4, 1980
Denver County, COMona M Duran William LDURAN November 9, 1978
El Paso County, CORobert Cdavis Nancy LDAVIS June 5, 1975
El Paso County, COTanya F Davis Derek LDAVIS July 8, 1999
El Paso County, COJeanette A Davis Timothy LDAVIS September 24, 1981
El Paso County, COTeresal Davis Derek LDAVIS December 18, 1992
El Paso County, COEverett L Davis Deborah LDAVIS August 27, 1986
El Paso County, COJohnnie R Davis Shirley LDAVIS January 29, 1990
El Paso County, COCarla L Donahue Joseph LDONAHUE December 3, 1984
El Paso County, COLaurence S Duckworth Janet LDUCKWORTH November 15, 1968
El Paso County, COCheri L Duncan John LDUNCAN May 18, 1992
Fremont County, CODonalda Davis Shirley LDAVIS April 23, 1968
Fremont County, COMichael L Drake Jennifer LDRAKE July 16, 1987
Jefferson County, CODebra R Davis Steven LDAVIS August 6, 1986
Jefferson County, CORobine Davis Mark LDAVIS August 2, 1996
Jefferson County, CODenice L Desoto Robert LDESOTO October 16, 2002
Jefferson County, COCecelia G Dietz Robert LDIETZ June 23, 1995
Jefferson County, CORobert B Douglas Mary LDOUGLAS April 16, 1973
Jefferson County, CODouglas Karen Robert LDOUGLAS April 22, 1998
Larimer County, COVera F Davis Paul LDAVIS
Larimer County, CODebby S Davis Mark LDAVIS February 17, 1981
Larimer County, CORonaldd Davis Nancy LDAVIS November 15, 1971
Larimer County, CODawn J Davis Timothy LDAVIS April 12, 1989
Larimer County, CORebecca Elder Michael E LDER March 29, 1995
Mesa County, COLloyd J Davis Connie LDAVIS April 5, 1971
Mesa County, CODouglas D Davis Kathy LDAVIS May 11, 1981
Mesa County, COAnna M Dove Orlan LDOVE April 9, 1991
Moffat County, CODanny Ldavis Mary LDAVIS June 28, 1977
Moffat County, CORicky A Decker Rebecca LDECKER June 8, 1988
Montezuma County, CODonald Edavis Connie LDAVIS December 3, 1982
Morgan County, COMichael Reynolds Linda Reyno LDS June 6, 1975
Park County, COGabriel L Davis Jenifer LDAVIS
Pueblo County, COMarilyn R Davis Robert LDAVIS February 17, 1978
Pueblo County, COMaryk Davis James LDAVIS June 26, 1980
Pueblo County, COMary E Davis Robert LDAVIS October 22, 1982
Pueblo County, COMarvin W Davis Rebecca LDAVIS July 27, 1987
Summit County, CORonald Edavis De Anna LDAVIS May 23, 1994
Weld County, COWilliam A Davis Jody LDAVIS November 3, 1980
Weld County, COToni L Davison Mark LDAVISON June 6, 1989
Alachua County, FLEstella Davis Harold LDAVIS January 14, 1981
Alachua County, FLLinda Dewolf Dennis LDEWOLF September 14, 1973
Alachua County, FLJeanette Reynolds Robert Reyno LDS August 28, 1996
Alachua County, FLJanet Durham Kenneth LDURHAM June 14, 1989
Baker County, FLBradley Pearl Bradley LD August 24, 1989
Baker County, FLBrenda Dugger Richard LDUGGER May 2, 1983
Bay County, FLClaudia Davis Jeffrey LDAVIS March 28, 1988
Bay County, FLSandra Davis Trac Y LDAVIS July 9, 1991
Bay County, FLMaryday John LDAY July 8, 1976
Bay County, FLBrenda Dodson Terry LDODSON May 6, 1986
Bradford County, FLZena Davis George LDAVIS July 14, 1986
Bradford County, FLJudith Dugger Richard LDUGGER November 8, 1974
Bradford County, FLSusan Dugger Richard LDUGGER January 7, 1986
Brevard County, FLElain E Davis Samuel LDAVIS June 26, 1995
Brevard County, FLTricia Davis Phillip LDAVIS
Brevard County, FLEvelyn Davis Robert LDAVIS July 7, 1978
Brevard County, FLDeborah Davis Jeffrey LDAVIS November 2, 1995
Brevard County, FLSharon Dillon Robert LDILLON August 5, 1981
Broward County, FLMary Harrington Harrington LD January 16, 1981
Broward County, FLMary H Arrington Harrington LD February 12, 1981
Broward County, FLDalton Lindsay John LDALTON April 2, 1984
Broward County, FLIrmgard Davis Thomas LDAVIS June 17, 1975
Broward County, FLLaura D Avis Thomas LDAVIS February 19, 1985
Broward County, FLMelinda Davis Raymond LDAVIS July 27, 1996
Broward County, FLMary Davis Walter LDAVIS November 22, 1974
Broward County, FLDelores Davis Eddie LDAVIS March 3, 1980
Broward County, FLMary Davis Claude LDAVIS June 19, 1986
Broward County, FLFlora Davis Jimmie LDAVIS July 31, 1991
Broward County, FLEarlene Davis Joe LDAVIS
Broward County, FLMinnie Davis Robert LDAVIS July 25, 1977


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