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Divorce court records contain every action and piece of paperwork in regard to a specific case. The party who files for divorce is known as the “petitioner,” and the other party is the “respondent.” The petitioner and respondent each enter their own evidence in the case, submit pleas and arguments to the court, and provide paperwork proving property ownership and financial status during the many hearings of a divorce. Character witnesses and older children who resulted from the marriage may also be called to testify when determining support and custody issues.
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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Arapahoe County, CODonald Esmith Linda KSMITH
Arapahoe County, CORobert Lsmith Linda KSMITH
Boulder County, COMichael G Smith Linda KSMITH June 6, 1985
Douglas County, COJohn J Stevenson Linda KSTEVENSON February 9, 1978
El Paso County, COSteven W Spencer Cheryl KSPENCER April 3, 1978
Garfield County, COJamie R Blalack Daniel KSIAZEK September 3, 2003
Jefferson County, CORobert D Ksiazek Karen K KSIAZEK June 15, 1992
Jefferson County, COJeana Lsmith Robert KSMITH July 26, 1994
Jefferson County, COLindag Smith Brian KSMITH September 3, 1980
Lake County, COBoyd J Simpson Kimberly KSIMPSON March 16, 1995
Mesa County, CORobert Esmith Janice KSMITH April 4, 1988
Mesa County, CODenise E Smith Robert KSMITH September 26, 1989
Mesa County, COLarry C Smith Barbara KSMITH February 16, 1982
Otero County, CODavidj Scott Lisa KSCOTT September 24, 1990
Park County, CORichard Asmith Barbara KSMITH June 11, 1992
Routt County, CODavid Lsmith Susan KSMITH March 7, 1991
Summit County, COJohn Wsmith Angela KSMITH July 12, 1994
Broward County, FLLourdes Smith Robert KSMITH December 16, 1977
Lake County, FLSherry Smith Michael KSMITH
Miami-Dade County, FLKaren Smith Robert KSMITH May 5, 1987
Miami-Dade County, FLCatherin E Smith Louis KSMITH September 27, 1971
Osceola County, FLMiriam Smith Robert KSMITH August 14, 1970
Palm Beach County, FLSharon Smith Brian KSMITH May 21, 1991
Palm Beach County, FLShirleysmith Louis KSMITH December 23, 1980
Palm Beach County, FLJo Ann Esmith Brian KSMITH May 21, 1981
Palm Beach County, FLLinda Stevens Randall KSTEVENS May 4, 1994
Pinellas County, FLCaro L Smith Robert KSMITH April 29, 1971
Pinellas County, FLJoan Smith Robert KSMITH May 15, 1975
Seminole County, FLKathleen S Tone Scott KSTONE July 26, 1990
Suwannee County, FLStevens Myra Richard KSTEVENS May 24, 1995
Taylor County, FLLorraine J Ackson Raymond Jac KSON August 23, 1993
Clay County, MNRebecca A Yocum Robert KSMITH July 7, 1993
Crow Wing County, MNRogerl Smith Janice KSMITH
Freeborn County, MNDarlal Smith Robert KSMITH November 13, 1981
Olmsted County, MNBrendas Smith Robert KSMITH August 25, 1982
Olmsted County, MNBrenda S Moon Robert KSMITH August 11, 1976
Ramsey County, MNSally Y Smith Brian KSMITH February 14, 1974
St Louis County, MNJean M Ksicinski James G KSICINSKI July 13, 1978
St Louis County, MNFelecia A Smith Michael KSMITH June 5, 1991
Washington County, MNFaith G Ksepka Michael A KSEPKA June 22, 1989
Clark County, NVGaryb Smith Robert A KSMITH January 26, 1978
Clark County, NVDoyle L Smith Sharon KSMITH January 9, 1991
Clark County, NVJames Msmith Susan KSMITH November 7, 1991
Clark County, NVErin L Smith Robert KSMITH
Clark County, NVJean R Stout William KSTOUT October 29, 1990
Lander County, NVMichael W Speers Sandra KSPEERS May 15, 1990
Bexar County, TXViolam Smith James KSMITH December 3, 1991
Bexar County, TXSusan Smith Robert KSMITH May 1, 1992
Brazoria County, TXLela E Smith Michael KSMITH October 18, 1974
Burnet County, TXValerie A Smith Robert KSMITH January 11, 1991
Collin County, TXJenny S Smith Robert KSMITH
Collin County, TXJanis E Smith Robert KSMITH August 26, 1991
Dallas County, TXSuzett E Smith Robert KSMITH July 15, 1980
Dallas County, TXMontel L Smith Brian KSMITH October 13, 1989
Denton County, TXFrances A Smith Brian KSMITH January 6, 1982
Gregg County, TXPaul A Sharp James KSHARP May 26, 1987
Gregg County, TXEmma Lsmith Brian KSMITH July 2, 1993
Hansford County, TXNorma L Smith Robert KSMITH
Harris County, TXMichelle A Saddler Marvin KSADDLER February 4, 1993
Harris County, TXTherese L Ksendzuk Anthony KSENDZUK October 7, 1996
Harris County, TXJeana Smith Wesley KSMITH December 7, 1987
Harris County, TXRosalie Smith Robert KSMITH
Harris County, TXLinda Lsmith James KSMITH September 14, 1978
Harris County, TXYvonneg Smith Brandon KSMITH June 18, 1996
Harris County, TXYvonne S Jackson Stevenjac KSON October 9, 1996
Harris County, TXCatherine A Stansberry Paul KSTANSBERRY December 18, 1979
Jefferson County, TXCheryl Smith Michael KSMITH December 19, 1989
Jefferson County, TXWilma C Stevens Richard KSTEVENS April 28, 1976
Mclennan County, TXMary A Smith James KSMITH March 6, 1991
Montgomery County, TXLindas Mith Robert KSMITH
Montgomery County, TXRachael Msmith Robert KSMITH January 15, 1991
Moore County, TXSherrya Strickland Donald KSTRICKLAND January 3, 1983
Nuexes County, TXSherri R Smith Brian KSMITH
Orange County, TXSusanc Smith Robert KSMITH
Polk County, TXJoyce Lsmith Robert KSMITH June 23, 1993
Shelby County, TXStacy Smith James KSMITH March 21, 1994
Tarrant County, TXHarriett Smith Robert KSMITH April 2, 1985
Tarrant County, TXKathleen A Smith Brian KSMITH July 27, 1992
Taylor County, TXInge K Stevens Richard KSTEVENS February 26, 1980
Tom Green County, TXWanna Smith Robert KSMITH May 15, 1987
Travis County, TXHeather T Sanders Bryan KSANDERS March 24, 1986
Travis County, TXCindi A Smith Robert KSMITH May 22, 1981
Travis County, TXPrincess J Stevens Richard KSTEVENS January 25, 1996
Uvalde County, TXEdna M Smith Robert KSMITH
Williamson County, TXAgnes R Stevens Randall KSTEVENS November 15, 1985
Arapahoe County, CORichard Lthomas Janet KTHOMAS February 16, 1978
Jefferson County, COCheryl A Thomas Gregory KTHOMAS December 19, 1995
Logan County, COIvan T Taylor Brenda KTAYLOR July 26, 1991
Pitkin County, COMikel T Thomas Leslie KTHOMAS October 11, 1995
Pueblo County, COCatherin E Thomas Frederic KTHOMAS November 9, 1906
Duval County, FLAnn Thomas Robert KTHOMAS October 21, 1981
Palm Beach County, FLThomas Ella Frederic KTHOMAS December 15, 1977
Pasco County, FLToni Turner Larry KTURNER March 2, 1995
Pinellas County, FLPamela Taylor Terry KTAYLOR March 17, 1981
Pinellas County, FLPatricia Taylor Terry KTAYLOR
St Lucie County, FLThomas Jacqueline Gordon KTHOMAS August 12, 1997
Anoka County, MNDaniel D Fern Deborah KTHORNTON December 24, 1997
Crow Wing County, MNJeffreyj Thompson Debra KTHOMPSON May 8, 1997
Clark County, NVJames F Taylor Sandra KTAYLOR August 29, 1977
Clark County, NVHenry Jtaylor Theresa KTAYLOR June 15, 1984

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