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Divorce court records contain every action and piece of paperwork in regard to a specific case. The party who files for divorce is known as the “petitioner,” and the other party is the “respondent.” The petitioner and respondent each enter their own evidence in the case, submit pleas and arguments to the court, and provide paperwork proving property ownership and financial status during the many hearings of a divorce. Character witnesses and older children who resulted from the marriage may also be called to testify when determining support and custody issues.
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County Name Name Date, Doc.
El Paso County, COBrenda Komrofske Alan KOMROFSKE May 7, 1996
Adams County, COLaura L Kobobel Everett L KOBOBEL December 9, 1991
Adams County, COAleata K Kobza Dwayne A KOBZA January 9, 1989
Adams County, CORalph R Koch Esther V KOCH July 22, 1971
Adams County, COPamela S Koch Gary L KOCH December 7, 1978
Adams County, COCarl L Koch Susan P KOCH February 25, 1994
Adams County, COKenneth Lkoch Sondra S KOCH January 12, 1994
Adams County, COShannon Koch Carl KOCH November 14, 2001
Adams County, CORoger L Koch Patricia KOCH August 11, 1970
Adams County, CODenise A Koch Ronald E KOCH December 19, 1984
Adams County, COKenneth Lkoch Connie S KOCH June 5, 2001
Adams County, COTracie L Kochevar James A KOCHEVAR August 8, 1991
Adams County, CORobert E Koehler Ardath E KOEHLER June 21, 1974
Adams County, COPatricia J Koehn William L KOEHN June 27, 1975
Adams County, COMona L Koehn James D KOEHN September 6, 1994
Adams County, COLeroy J Koehn Lillian L KOEHN May 24, 1991
Adams County, CODiana F Koehn Danny L KOEHN April 27, 1992
Adams County, COTimothy D Koehn Rhonda S KOEHN May 29, 1985
Adams County, COThomas Okoehn Debra KOEHN August 8, 1994
Adams County, COMark J Koenig Carrie J KOENIG June 2, 1983
Adams County, COMichael P Koenig Carol J KOENIG October 25, 1993
Adams County, COMarlene R Koenig Robert D KOENIG December 9, 1997
Adams County, COMarlene R Koenig Robert D KOENIG January 23, 1997
Adams County, COAmy L King Aaron D KOENTGES
Adams County, CORobert F Koepke Joyce M KOEPKE January 19, 1970
Adams County, COSherrie L Koepke Thomas A KOEPKE May 5, 1994
Adams County, COTimothy C Koepp Lynette K KOEPP July 1, 1999
Adams County, CORichard D Koepp Judith A KOEPP September 11, 1974
Adams County, COCarolyn A Koeritz Edward R KOERITZ March 21, 1986
Adams County, COHerschel C Koester Susan L KOESTER January 22, 1988
Adams County, COJohn M Koester Karen S KOESTER January 6, 1995
Adams County, COStephanie Koger John L KOGER
Adams County, COPatricia Koger Michael R KOGER April 19, 1977
Adams County, COPatricia A Koger William A KOGER October 6, 1977
Adams County, COJohn A Koger Linda S KOGER January 9, 1975
Adams County, COJolane M Kohama Norman L KOHAMA July 15, 1994
Adams County, COJohn L Kohl Linda S KOHL August 7, 1981
Adams County, COJohn L Kohl Jennifer C KOHL June 1, 1983
Adams County, COJoyce Kohler Robert R KOHLER January 31, 1978
Adams County, COEsther L Kohler Michael S KOHLER September 11, 1989
Adams County, COTiffany A Kohler Daniel J KOHLER July 2, 1993
Adams County, CODan J Kohler Michelle R KOHLER May 27, 1998
Adams County, COMargaret A Kohn Arthur N KOHN September 2, 1988
Adams County, COTodd T Kojima Michelle M KOJIMA October 12, 2000
Adams County, COPatricia G Kokesh Larry D KOKESH April 25, 1985
Adams County, CODawn L Kokosh Timothy A KOKOSH January 31, 1980
Adams County, CORaymond J Kolb Cynthia A KOLB May 4, 1973
Adams County, COKenneth G Kolkman Nelda S KOLKMAN December 12, 1988
Adams County, COSandra K Koll Gary R KOLL August 18, 1977
Adams County, CORichard L Koller Mary J KOLLER May 13, 1968
Adams County, COTama L Koller Herbert C KOLLER June 22, 1982
Adams County, COJoseph E Kollruss Margaret J KOLLRUSS May 27, 1988
Adams County, COJudith K Kolojay Thomas G KOLOJAY July 3, 1985
Adams County, COCurtis A Koncar Kathleen A KONCAR June 4, 1984
Adams County, COLori L Kong Steve KONG February 16, 1990
Adams County, COBeverly J Konik David E KONIK June 27, 1991
Adams County, COAloma M Konrardy Richard C KONRARDY May 28, 1982
Adams County, CODonna E Konrath Gordon B KONRATH May 16, 1991
Adams County, COKevin Koon Aline M KOON December 28, 1992
Adams County, COKevin W Koone Mary J KOONE January 4, 1993
Adams County, COLinda L Kopp Harold F KOPP
Adams County, COJanet M Koppenhafer John R KOPPENHAFER
Adams County, COMarilyn S Kopperud Russell M KOPPERUD April 13, 1993
Adams County, COScott R Schindler Deanne R KORB
Adams County, COSue Korber Kim KORBER November 2, 1994
Adams County, COMary B Koren Michael T KOREN June 19, 2002
Adams County, COMelanie A Korn Karl H KORN
Adams County, CORoger C Korrell Louise K KORRELL September 14, 1972
Adams County, COViolet L Korsen Oliver L KORSEN June 1, 1982
Adams County, COWenceslaus F Kortan Mary A KORTAN April 15, 1971
Adams County, COKelvin J Kos Deanna C KOS July 29, 1994
Adams County, COKenneth S Kosco Diane K KOSCO
Adams County, COMary S Kosmecki Gordon J KOSMECKI September 29, 1988
Adams County, CORenita J Kossow Steven O KOSSOW August 17, 1994
Adams County, COJeffrey P Kot Beverly J KOT December 16, 1992
Adams County, COOllie E Kothe Kenneth D KOTHE August 4, 1981
Adams County, COJudith A Kotlik Lawrence J KOTLIK December 1, 1981
Adams County, COLoretta R Kott George R KOTT April 25, 1978
Adams County, CODennis A Kotz Bonnie A KOTZ December 11, 1989
Adams County, COTricia J Kotzian Robert R KOTZIAN February 12, 1999
Adams County, CODawn M Kovalaski Thomas M KOVALASKI January 7, 2002
Adams County, CORodney L Kovar Julie KOVAR
Adams County, CODolores A Kovinchick Michael KOVINCHICK June 25, 1986
Adams County, CODolores A Kovinchick Michael KOVINCHICK May 2, 1991
Adams County, COEdward E Kovtynovich Judith A KOVTYNOVICH
Adams County, CODebra K Kowalski Ronald A KOWALSKI March 16, 1982
Adams County, COMichael T Kowalski Teresa L KOWALSKI February 2, 1993
Adams County, COElizabeth C Kozlowski Stephen D KOZLOWSKI
Alamosa County, COHeather Kokesh Timothy KOKESH
Alamosa County, COLeslie Kolkman Clint W KOLKMAN December 18, 2003
Alamosa County, COClarence A Kooiman Beverly J KOOIMAN February 3, 1986
Alamosa County, COMary Koontz Jesse KOONTZ September 24, 1920
Arapahoe County, CODavid C Kober Denise K KOBER January 3, 1975
Arapahoe County, COMichael A Kobzina Mary J KOBZINA August 5, 1999
Arapahoe County, COMichael A Kobzina Mary J KOBZINA August 3, 1999
Arapahoe County, COCarol Koch Gary KOCH
Arapahoe County, COAnnette R Koch Frank KOCH December 28, 1984
Arapahoe County, COWilliam A Koch Judith E KOCH July 28, 1990
Arapahoe County, COCarole A Koch Anthony KOCH February 14, 1994
Arapahoe County, COCoty D Oliver Nicole L KOCHURKA May 6, 1999

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