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Divorce court records contain every action and piece of paperwork in regard to a specific case. The party who files for divorce is known as the “petitioner,” and the other party is the “respondent.” The petitioner and respondent each enter their own evidence in the case, submit pleas and arguments to the court, and provide paperwork proving property ownership and financial status during the many hearings of a divorce. Character witnesses and older children who resulted from the marriage may also be called to testify when determining support and custody issues.
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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, COGlenna A Foster James KFOSTER November 15, 1991
Larimer County, COKari R Fuller Brian KFULLER September 13, 1996
Mesa County, COPatricia Fischer Robert KFISCHER December 1, 1989
Lee County, FLCarol Kfoury Antoine H KFOURY August 27, 1987
Pasco County, FLMichell Efisher Dale KFISHER
Pasco County, FLKimberly Fisher Dale KFISHER June 14, 1999
Hennepin County, MNGail B Foster James KFOSTER May 1, 1973
Washoe County, NVKenneth E Foster Brenda KFOSTER
Washoe County, NVKenneth E Foster Brenda KFOSTER November 19, 1976
El Paso County, TXJudith A Foster Dennis KFOSTER December 19, 1979
Harris County, TXRita A Foster Randal KFOSTER May 18, 1982
Harris County, TXLynn A Freels Dennis KFREELS June 5, 1987
Rio Grande County, COChristinam Garcia Robert KGARCIA May 15, 1996
Broward County, FLLinda Gordon James KGORDON July 3, 1980
Hillsborough County, FLDaniell E Green John KGREEN September 12, 1997
Indian River County, FLGordon Alice James KGORDON October 27, 1983
St Lucie County, FLBetty Graham James KGRAHAM June 12, 1979
Ramsey County, MNRichard L Green Deborah KGREEN June 11, 1999
Dallas County, TXBarbara S George Ronald KGEORGE April 28, 1972
Harris County, TXLoria Graham James KGRAHAM February 4, 1992
Harris County, TXKimberly Graham James KGRAHAM October 13, 1994
Jefferson County, TXPatsy E Gilbert James KGILBERT June 6, 1979
Orange County, TXShelley D Green Gerald KGREEN
Orange County, TXLois E Green Gerald KGREEN August 27, 1993
Potter County, TXMary K Gilbert James KGILBERT June 28, 1973
Tarrant County, TXMaryf Graham James KGRAHAM April 18, 1975
Adams County, COChris V Harris Susan KHARRIS January 6, 1978
Adams County, COSami S Khelik Marguerite E KHELIK December 22, 1999
Arapahoe County, COJohn R Hall Sharon KHALL May 19, 1978
Arapahoe County, CODyal K Khalsa Siri D KHALSA
Arapahoe County, CORhonda Lkhamesi Pour Mohammad R KHAMESIPOUR June 18, 2004
Arapahoe County, COHelen S Saisan Rigiziroki KHODANAZAR
Arapahoe County, COKimberly A Howard Michael KHOWARD September 28, 2001
Boulder County, COGurusant K Khalsa Gurusant S KHALSA April 9, 1992
Boulder County, CORichard Dhanson Sandra KHANSON July 28, 1969
Denver County, CODavid Hall Jo An KHALL December 21, 1970
Denver County, CORobin L Khan Nasim A KHAN November 3, 1988
Denver County, CODenise L Khan Abdul G KHAN December 9, 1986
Denver County, COZubair M Khan Shonda L KHAN January 21, 1987
Denver County, COAnita R Khan Amjad A KHAN November 15, 1982
Denver County, COJeanne Duong-Vu Vu KHANH September 2, 1999
Denver County, COSandra L Kholos Barry H KHOLOS November 23, 1993
El Paso County, COIsam A Khanfar Sandra L KHANFAR
El Paso County, COHee Shun Nam KHUN January 26, 1978
Jefferson County, COAbduls Khan Joyce M KHAN October 14, 1980
Jefferson County, COKong K Lounady Lounady KHANTHALY October 11, 2001
Jefferson County, COPaul Bharper Linda KHARPER January 13, 1971
Jefferson County, COMohamed B Kharrubi Sana V KHARRUBI September 29, 1998
La Plata County, COKennethg Hill Mary KHILL December 16, 1975
Otero County, COKieu H Kha Diana J KHA January 22, 1990
Pueblo County, COEdward Hall Brenda KHALL April 29, 1975
Pueblo County, COWaseem Akhan Lisa M KHAN February 6, 1984
Pueblo County, COKathryn L Khanzadeh Mohammad H KHANZADEH September 9, 1982
Alachua County, FLSharon Khader Fakhri R KHADER September 8, 1976
Alachua County, FLPamela Khoury Rajai H KHOURY
Brevard County, FLDebra Khan Talat R KHAN May 2, 1983
Broward County, FLBonnie Hassan Hassan KHALED August 22, 1988
Broward County, FLKhan Bibi Raymond KHAN
Broward County, FLTricia Khan Muneer H KHAN October 21, 1997
Broward County, FLNorma Khan Mozharul H KHAN June 21, 1993
Broward County, FLSandra Khan Ahmid K KHAN June 2, 1999
Broward County, FLKhan Tina Shazad I KHAN
Broward County, FLKathleen Khan Mohamed J KHAN September 28, 1982
Broward County, FLLinda Kherkher Yusif N KHERKHER October 28, 1993
Broward County, FLCheryl Kholos Kenneth S KHOLOS September 7, 1999
Broward County, FLShannon Khouri Richard KHOURI December 17, 1997
Broward County, FLJoan Khoury Joseph Michael KHOURY December 4, 1991
Duval County, FLMary Khan Khurram A KHAN January 9, 1991
Duval County, FLTamela Harris Brian KHARRIS
Duval County, FLNguyen Xuan Nguyen KHOA October 15, 1998
Duval County, FLCynthia Khoury Charbel T KHOURY June 23, 1981
Duval County, FLKaren Khoury Charbel T KHOURY April 11, 1986
Duval County, FLJennifer Greene Greene KHRISNA
Glades County, FLPatricia K Han Barkat U KHAN April 26, 1989
Hillsborough County, FLMarie Susan Marie KHALED September 11, 1992
Hillsborough County, FLRuth Pervez Pervez KHALID July 1, 1982
Hillsborough County, FLCynthia Sadeghpour Sadeghpour KHALIL September 13, 1988
Hillsborough County, FLKaren Khalili Mohammad R KHALILI January 5, 1995
Hillsborough County, FLSusan K Han Charles S KHAN
Hillsborough County, FLRebecca Zafar Zafar KHURSHEED August 18, 1994
Lee County, FLLinda Khatib Raed R KHATIB September 15, 1994
Lee County, FLHussain Syeda Hussain KHWAJA July 19, 1989
Leon County, FLKhalil Dana Bashar A KHALIL
Leon County, FLKhouri Edwidge Antoine C KHOURI
Martin County, FLJudith Khoury Brian W KHOURY January 23, 1996
Miami-Dade County, FLAbdullah Naim Abdullah KHALILAH April 19, 1990
Miami-Dade County, FLMaria Khamashta Peter KHAMASHTA May 11, 1995
Miami-Dade County, FLRobin Khan Tahir Y KHAN
Miami-Dade County, FLLaura K Han Shehzad N KHAN
Miami-Dade County, FLLinda Khan Nazira KHAN July 23, 1986
Miami-Dade County, FLMaria Khan Jinnah A KHAN September 11, 1990
Miami-Dade County, FLRachel Khan Michael A KHAN January 15, 1991
Miami-Dade County, FLKhan Nuzhat Shaukat H KHAN June 25, 1976
Miami-Dade County, FLDiane K Han Shakil A KHAN June 7, 1988
Miami-Dade County, FLKhan Patti Irfana KHAN July 9, 1992
Miami-Dade County, FLSandra Khan Muhammad T KHAN October 25, 1974
Miami-Dade County, FLBetty Khan Mustafa A KHAN August 26, 1983
Miami-Dade County, FLRobin Khan Tahir Y KHAN July 7, 1986
Miami-Dade County, FLEvelyn Khouri Nazih M KHOURI December 27, 1974
Miami-Dade County, FLJacqueline Khouri Norman KHOURI August 13, 1992

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