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Finding Divorce Court Records

Copies of divorce decrees and official divorce court records are only available to the concerned parties and their attorneys, unless someone is armed with a court order to access them. However, general information confirming the names of the parties and date of the final divorce may be viewed by the public in general. This information is helpful when trying to conduct genealogical research or find lost family members.
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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, CORosemary Lopez Juan JLOPEZ March 2, 1984
Adams County, COPamela J Lowe Robert JLOWE December 17, 1993
Adams County, COCynthiak Lyons Daniel JLYONS March 28, 1994
Alamosa County, COSandra K Lopez Michael JLOPEZ November 29, 1993
Boulder County, COLori K Lewis William JLEWIS August 29, 1984
Denver County, COBelle S Long William JLONG November 1, 1887
Denver County, COKathy Long William JLONG July 28, 1978
Denver County, COKarend Long Robert JLONG October 5, 1981
Denver County, COMelvin R Long Margaret JLONG
Denver County, CORodolfo Lopez Gloria JLOPEZ December 22, 1993
Denver County, COPriscilla Lopez Juan JLOPEZ June 12, 1991
Douglas County, COGeorge Alee Patricia JLEE
El Paso County, COGary D Lawson Brenda JLAWSON September 24, 1975
El Paso County, CORiney L Lewis Barbara JLEWIS April 2, 1990
El Paso County, COMary A Lewis William JLEWIS May 29, 1992
El Paso County, COGeorge A Long Margaret JLONG January 19, 1973
Jefferson County, COMichael Linda Michael JLARRY November 7, 1986
Jefferson County, COBettyj Lee Timothy JLEE June 9, 1978
Jefferson County, CORoger D Lewis Barbara JLEWIS December 4, 1972
Jefferson County, COEdwin L Lewis Barbara JLEWIS June 8, 1981
Jefferson County, COJanice G Long David JLONG April 22, 1986
Jefferson County, COFrank L Lucero Jo Ann JLUCERO December 11, 1995
La Plata County, COSandra L Lyons Daniel JLYONS September 3, 1992
Larimer County, COCindy K Lawrence Robert JLAWRENCE August 16, 1996
Larimer County, COBrenda Llee Terry JLEE April 7, 1988
Larimer County, COWanda C Long David JLONG June 9, 1992
Pueblo County, COWilbur H Lee Shirley JLEE September 8, 1972
Pueblo County, COJerry E Lee Barbara JLEE September 29, 1970
Pueblo County, COClyde W Lewis Barbara JLEWIS April 29, 1975
Pueblo County, CODaniel F Lopez Linda JLOPEZ December 12, 1973
Summit County, COThomasw Lewis Barbara JLEWIS July 11, 1995
Weld County, COKimm Lawrence Robert JLAWRENCE April 8, 1982
Yuma County, COChristop M Lee Barbara JLEE August 23, 1988
Bradford County, FLMildred Lewis William JLEWIS July 27, 1970
Broward County, FLMary Lee Charles JLEE May 27, 1977
Broward County, FLCharlene Lopez Efrain JLOPEZ November 7, 1989
Broward County, FLSue Lowe Robert JLOWE February 6, 1973
Citrus County, FLLee Myrtle Albert JLEE
Collier County, FLLynch Alejandra Robert JLYNCH July 21, 1993
Duval County, FLLester Veronica Arthur JLESTER
Duval County, FLJuanita Long Richard JLONG
Hillsborough County, FLLawrence Susan Frank JLAWRENCE
Hillsborough County, FLKathleen Leonhard Mark JLEONHARD August 23, 1989
Hillsborough County, FLPamela Lopez Michael JLOPEZ October 18, 1974
Hillsborough County, FLMercedes Lopez David JLOPEZ July 25, 1983
Indian River County, FLKim Lewis Frederick JLEWIS December 4, 1992
Indian River County, FLAnn Luke Richard JLUKE July 2, 1993
Lee County, FLSharon Lally William JLALLY June 26, 1992
Leon County, FLSharon Lobello Anthony JLOBELLO December 24, 1997
Manatee County, FLMichelle Long William JLONG April 21, 1992
Marion County, FLTerry Carolyn Terry JL September 15, 1981
Miami-Dade County, FLNeal Gwendoline Neal JL November 13, 1986
Miami-Dade County, FLLee Eleanor Richard JLEE August 2, 1983
Miami-Dade County, FLLeon Vivian Lazaro JLEON February 8, 1988
Miami-Dade County, FLLeon Vivian Lazaro JLEON
Miami-Dade County, FLFelici A Lopez Juan JLOPEZ March 2, 1972
Miami-Dade County, FLAlina Lopez Juan JLOPEZ February 13, 1973
Miami-Dade County, FLTanya Lopez Juan JLOPEZ August 4, 1978
Miami-Dade County, FLYolandalopez Juan JLOPEZ August 4, 1975
Miami-Dade County, FLEvangelin A Lopez Manuel JLOPEZ March 28, 1979
Miami-Dade County, FLRosario Lopez Carlos JLOPEZ February 12, 1985
Miami-Dade County, FLJacqueline Lopez Juan JLOPEZ August 6, 1992
Miami-Dade County, FLNancy Lopez Carlos JLOPEZ September 15, 1992
Miami-Dade County, FLMari A Lopez Carlos JLOPEZ May 6, 1994
Miami-Dade County, FLAnn A Lopez Juan JLOPEZ October 21, 1974
Miami-Dade County, FLHortensia Lopez Juan JLOPEZ April 14, 1982
Miami-Dade County, FLMayra Lopez Jose JLOPEZ January 3, 1994
Miami-Dade County, FLNora Lopez Carlos JLOPEZ October 4, 1994
Monroe County, FLGertrudis Lopez Fernando JLOPEZ
Monroe County, FLGertrudis Lopez Fernando JLOPEZ
Okaloosa County, FLRoberta Larson Erik JLARSON
Orange County, FLLee Joan Charles JLEE August 11, 1976
Palm Beach County, FLDolores Lynch John JLYNCH February 22, 1979
Pinellas County, FLDeborah L Ake Ronald JLAKE
Pinellas County, FLLee Catherine Michael JLEE
Pinellas County, FLGeorge Catherine George JLEE November 4, 1987
Pinellas County, FLSha Ron Lee John JLEE
Pinellas County, FLLeonard Una Frederick JLEONARD June 2, 1970
Pinellas County, FLBetty Levesque Michael JLEVESQUE March 5, 1997
Pinellas County, FLSandra L Ewis Frederick JLEWIS April 18, 1990
Pinellas County, FLSusan Long Michael JLONG October 15, 1976
Pinellas County, FLMart A Lopez Juan JLOPEZ November 19, 1997
Pinellas County, FLDolores Lynch John JLYNCH January 14, 1981
Pinellas County, FLJacqueline Lynch Daniel JLYNCH
Pinellas County, FLLynn Carolyn James JLYNN March 9, 1999
Polk County, FLChristie Lopez Michael JLOPEZ October 21, 1983
Sarasota County, FLDawn Lopez Fernando JLOPEZ April 23, 1996
Sarasota County, FLDawn Lopez Fernando JLOPEZ April 23, 1996
St Johns County, FLJoyce Lewis William JLEWIS October 29, 1991
Anoka County, MNLynda K Lehn William JLEHN October 13, 1981
Carver County, MNKay F Larson Frederick JLARSON August 7, 1970
Clay County, MNCatherine M Lawrie Thomas JLAWRIE September 23, 1994
Crow Wing County, MNKaren I Lutz Michael JLUTZ June 25, 1975
Dakota County, MNCatherine L Losie Michael JLOSIE September 8, 1988
Hennepin County, MNLaura A Larson Anthony JLARSON August 31, 1982
Hennepin County, MNLaura A Kranz Anthony JLARSON August 31, 1982
Hennepin County, MNKim J Young Sang JLEE July 11, 1977
Hennepin County, MNSeungy Lee Jung JLEE June 18, 1981
Hennepin County, MNJudy L Lewis William JLEWIS February 25, 1971
Hennepin County, MNRita Logan William JLOGAN January 16, 1981

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