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Finding Divorce Court Records

Copies of divorce decrees and official divorce court records are only available to the concerned parties and their attorneys, unless someone is armed with a court order to access them. However, general information confirming the names of the parties and date of the final divorce may be viewed by the public in general. This information is helpful when trying to conduct genealogical research or find lost family members.
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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, CORichard D Jicha Billie J JICHA August 11, 1986
Adams County, CORobert S Jiles Nanette L JILES January 15, 1988
Adams County, CORobert L Wilde Wilde JILL January 11, 1973
Adams County, COJimenez Herman Tony JIMENEZ February 3, 1972
Adams County, COJohna Jimenez Donna R JIMENEZ July 18, 1985
Adams County, COLaura J Jimenez Juan JIMENEZ March 14, 1975
Adams County, COAntonia M Lujan Antonio Jose JIMENEZ October 19, 2001
Adams County, COLidia M Jimenez Guillermo P JIMENEZ June 21, 2002
Adams County, COShirley T Jimenez Juanc JIMENEZ
Adams County, COJuan Jiminez Laura J JIMINEZ March 14, 1975
Adams County, COMarcy G Long Long JIMMIE April 19, 1976
Adams County, COThomas Joan Thomas JIMMIE
Adams County, CODawn Jiron Alvin M JIRON
Alamosa County, COAngela M Jimena Barry J JIMENA November 9, 1993
Alamosa County, COPatricia L Jiron Lawrence M JIRON January 6, 2003
Arapahoe County, COChang C Park Park JI
Arapahoe County, COMark Johns Johns JILL September 9, 1977
Arapahoe County, COSylvia O Jimenez Mario V JIMENEZ August 11, 1986
Arapahoe County, COAnna R Jimenez Jose A JIMENEZ December 11, 1987
Arapahoe County, COJohanna F Jirousek Rudi G JIROUSEK August 15, 1990
Arapahoe County, COJohanna F Jirousek Rudi G JIROUSEK August 29, 1991
Arapahoe County, COPaul J Jirsa Alice C JIRSA March 8, 1974
Baca County, COJohn R Jinright Darlene F JINRIGHT May 19, 1975
Boulder County, COWang Dora Wang JI February 4, 1992
Boulder County, COXiao Li Ng Zhang JIE
Boulder County, CORonald L Mueller Mueller JILL
Boulder County, COGeorge W Thomas Thomas JILL July 16, 1984
Boulder County, COJack Hammond Hammond JILL September 13, 1989
Boulder County, CODavid S Joseph Joseph JILL February 5, 1991
Boulder County, COWalter Bernard Walter JILL October 18, 1974
Boulder County, COCharles R Swain Swain JILL March 14, 1975
Boulder County, COGeorge S Gill Gill JILL April 25, 1995
Boulder County, COSophia M Jimenez Juan R JIMENEZ November 19, 2001
Boulder County, COVirginia Jimenez Joseph JIMENEZ January 15, 1991
Boulder County, COTeresa Jimenez Paul JIMENEZ March 11, 1991
Boulder County, COFransean L Jimenez Joela JIMENEZ February 9, 1999
Boulder County, COIrma R Jiminez Juan JIMINEZ March 3, 1993
Boulder County, COJulie Jiricka Hal JIRICKA April 24, 1992
Chaffee County, CODavid L Jimenez Debral JIMENEZ January 17, 1992
Chaffee County, COMichael C Jimenez Cynthia D JIMENEZ November 19, 1997
Clear Creek County, COLena W Jirak Eugene C JIRAK
Clear Creek County, COSandra L Jiron Phillip G JIRON August 22, 2002
Clear Creek County, COSandra L Jiron Phillip G JIRON October 14, 2002
Denver County, COJack G Schatz Dongning JI November 15, 2000
Denver County, COCindy Yu Yu JIAN August 23, 2001
Denver County, COSandra L Jiles John R JILES July 12, 1979
Denver County, COMary L Jilka David K JILKA January 14, 1985
Denver County, COHarold Rasmussen Rasmussen JILL
Denver County, COMichael Obletz Obletz JILL January 21, 1975
Denver County, COScott Dale Scott JILL November 12, 1986
Denver County, COMichael Yancey Yancey JILL December 1, 1980
Denver County, COMichael H Erne Erne JILL August 14, 1996
Denver County, COMichael Everroad Goldberg JILL June 11, 2001
Denver County, COLuann R Jilot Russell J JILOT January 8, 1982
Denver County, COJimenez Aurelia Francis JIMENEZ May 4, 1992
Denver County, COVeronica Jimenez Frank J JIMENEZ April 8, 1976
Denver County, COKaren A Jimenez Bernie J JIMENEZ August 4, 1981
Denver County, COMartha Jimenez Pedro F JIMENEZ May 4, 1983
Denver County, COGilberta Jimenez Nancy JIMENEZ April 7, 1994
Denver County, COValerie J Jimenez Joea JIMENEZ July 18, 1994
Denver County, COShirley Jimenez Samuel JIMENEZ December 7, 1977
Denver County, COVirginia D Jimenez Arthur R JIMENEZ March 9, 1981
Denver County, COJeanne L Jimenez Lonnie V JIMENEZ December 15, 1982
Denver County, COJohnny R Jimenez Debra L JIMENEZ December 1, 1993
Denver County, COJimenez Olga John H JIMENEZ July 28, 1994
Denver County, COJill K Jimenez Adrian M JIMENEZ November 7, 1997
Denver County, COGloria Jimenez Victor H JIMENEZ September 22, 1998
Denver County, CORobert Jiminez Mary JIMINEZ February 3, 1970
Denver County, COJiminez Pedro Rebecca JIMINEZ September 7, 1999
Denver County, COJimmerson Ellie Patricia JIMMERSON May 26, 1971
Denver County, COConnie S Jimmerson Ellie J JIMMERSON June 3, 1986
Denver County, COSandra Crump Tracy JIMMERSON March 27, 2001
Denver County, COShirley A Jimmerson Ricky C JIMMERSON September 7, 1994
Denver County, COJohn R Carolyn John J JIMMIE
Denver County, COFarrar Bernard Farrar JIMMIE March 25, 1975
Denver County, COMonica J Lockhart Lockhart JIMMIE June 22, 1987
Denver County, COAnita C Thornton Thornton JIMMIE
Denver County, COKathryn Ellis Ellis JIMMIE July 28, 1976
Denver County, CORichard F Jindrich Carol L JINDRICH July 18, 1986
Denver County, COWang Qiang Wang JINGWEN October 21, 1991
Denver County, COWilliam Jinks Virginia JINKS November 12, 1973
Denver County, COErnest Jiron Frances JIRON
Denver County, COCynthia A Jiron Joseph A JIRON
Denver County, COSusan A Jiron Francis E JIRON May 18, 1984
Denver County, COMary A Jiron Don R JIRON June 1, 1994
Denver County, COManuel Jiron Florence JIRON
Denver County, COAnthony Jiron Emily JIRON June 25, 1968
Denver County, COLorraine T Jiron Francis E JIRON April 29, 1975
Denver County, COGloria M Jiron John D JIRON March 12, 1985
Denver County, COFlorence Jiron Donald R JIRON February 11, 1987
Denver County, CORebecca A Jiron Kenning E JIRON July 9, 1990
Denver County, COPaul A Jiron Karen L JIRON March 18, 1975
Denver County, COManuel Jiron Florence JIRON January 25, 1978
Denver County, COJoseph A Jiron Dolores E JIRON July 18, 1984
Denver County, COJose G Jiron Lucille K JIRON March 17, 1986
Douglas County, CODonald E Winder Claudia V JIRON July 8, 2002
Eagle County, COLeo V Jimenez Tammy JIMENEZ
El Paso County, COSang H Choi Choi JI May 7, 1976
El Paso County, COFrances Jiles Samuel JILES
El Paso County, COJuan R Jimenez Rosa R JIMENEZ

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