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Finding Divorce Court Records

Copies of divorce decrees and official divorce court records are only available to the concerned parties and their attorneys, unless someone is armed with a court order to access them. However, general information confirming the names of the parties and date of the final divorce may be viewed by the public in general. This information is helpful when trying to conduct genealogical research or find lost family members.
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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Archuleta County, CORenee Chavez Joseph JARAMILLO June 27, 2002
Adams County, CODain A Jablonski Carrie J JABLONSKI October 4, 1973
Adams County, COJeannette Jachetta Daniel D JACHETTA January 3, 1980
Adams County, COJack C Walters Walters JACKIE
Adams County, CODebra Q Jacks Mike C JACKS September 16, 1999
Adams County, CODavidl Jackson Deboraha JACKSON
Adams County, CONikolaus Z Jackson Alison C JACKSON
Adams County, COWilliam Ljackson Alice C JACKSON
Adams County, COGaryk Jackson Sheryl A JACKSON
Adams County, COHomer D Jackson Jacquelin M JACKSON June 18, 1971
Adams County, COClyde L Jackson Precious J JACKSON November 15, 1972
Adams County, COGalen M Jackson Janet A JACKSON September 28, 1972
Adams County, COVictor R Jackson Kathleen E JACKSON August 16, 1973
Adams County, CORichar D Jackson Margarita JACKSON March 14, 1973
Adams County, CORobert E Jackson Carmela JACKSON April 18, 1974
Adams County, CORuth J Ackson Demar JACKSON October 29, 1976
Adams County, COJuliam Jackson Vergil R JACKSON July 22, 1976
Adams County, CORobert Jacks On De Borah JACKSON May 28, 1981
Adams County, CODonna R Jackson David C JACKSON November 5, 1982
Adams County, COJohnnie Jackson Debra JACKSON August 6, 1982
Adams County, COVanessa D Jackson Richar D JACKSON April 6, 1982
Adams County, COWilliam M Jackson Mary R JACKSON December 17, 1982
Adams County, COTroya Jackson Cynthia J JACKSON August 8, 1985
Adams County, COColleen A Jackson Williamj JACKSON November 13, 1985
Adams County, CORebecca Jjackson Troya JACKSON April 15, 1985
Adams County, COValerieg Jackson Karl W JACKSON January 5, 1987
Adams County, COHarold G Jackson Nancyk JACKSON October 11, 1990
Adams County, COIone T Jackson Joseph K JACKSON October 7, 1992
Adams County, CODonald A Jackson Lorrie A JACKSON September 8, 1998
Adams County, COStacy L Jackson Williamj JACKSON September 21, 2001
Adams County, COSherrye Jackson Allen James JACKSON March 28, 2003
Adams County, CONoel R Jackson Carol J JACKSON March 8, 1974
Adams County, COJanet F Jackson Robertj JACKSON September 21, 1978
Adams County, COJoellen Jackson Willia M JACKSON September 21, 1979
Adams County, COBarbaral Jackson Jerry L JACKSON February 25, 1982
Adams County, CORobert E Jackson Janice S JACKSON October 31, 1983
Adams County, COIda L Jackson Eddie JACKSON June 4, 1985
Adams County, CORoyce L Jackson Carol JACKSON April 22, 1986
Adams County, CODiana W Jackson Mannie D JACKSON March 13, 1987
Adams County, COMelodee R Jackson Sammy J JACKSON March 3, 1989
Adams County, COCharles R Jackson Alice L JACKSON August 23, 1990
Adams County, COLynne Jackson Markw JACKSON October 12, 1990
Adams County, COPamela L Jackson Todda JACKSON March 14, 1991
Adams County, CODamone Jackson Delynne JACKSON December 3, 1992
Adams County, COCheryl Ajackson Roberta JACKSON May 28, 1993
Adams County, COCindy A Cavender Cavender L JACKSON August 4, 1995
Adams County, CORichard J Jackson Sue Carol JACKSON March 31, 1998
Adams County, CODebra H Jackson Johnny P JACKSON November 18, 1999
Adams County, COWilliamj Jackson Susane JACKSON
Adams County, COClyde Jackson Margaret JACKSON
Adams County, COGlendajackson Ronald JACKSON
Adams County, COTaylor W Jackson Erma JACKSON April 12, 1974
Adams County, COJohn E Jackson Debra K JACKSON February 7, 1978
Adams County, COPatriciaa Jackson Raymondd JACKSON April 2, 1981
Adams County, COKaren R Jackson Larryd JACKSON February 15, 1984
Adams County, COKaren S Jackson Henry L JACKSON September 9, 1985
Adams County, COTerry L Jackson Wayne W JACKSON July 3, 1985
Adams County, COMari L Jackson Duaned JACKSON November 12, 1985
Adams County, COJames A Jackson Diana K JACKSON October 15, 1987
Adams County, COElizabet C Jackson Michael D JACKSON June 9, 1988
Adams County, COBob R Jackson Vickie L JACKSON February 25, 1988
Adams County, COJerry D Jackson Maria I JACKSON March 15, 1988
Adams County, COAngela R Jackson David J JACKSON April 18, 1994
Adams County, COEmily K Jackson Kevind JACKSON April 15, 2004
Adams County, COJoseph K Jackson Velina A JACKSON
Adams County, COKaren T Jacobs James P JACOBS September 7, 1979
Adams County, COLinda J Jacobs Donald V JACOBS December 13, 1991
Adams County, COPaula D Jacobs Jim A JACOBS December 5, 1978
Adams County, CODiane M Jacobs Gerald B JACOBS April 2, 1993
Adams County, CODeana L Jacobs Gary R JACOBS May 9, 2002
Adams County, CODavid A Jacobs Heidi J JACOBS
Adams County, CORobertd Jacobs Josephine S JACOBS November 4, 1971
Adams County, COFlorence M Jacobs Gary A JACOBS May 11, 1981
Adams County, COSusanne W Jacobs Lewis W JACOBS December 5, 1988
Adams County, COJennifer L Jacobs Gregory D JACOBS November 6, 2003
Adams County, COVernon L Jacobsen Patricia A JACOBSEN May 28, 1991
Adams County, COGary A Sheperd Amyl JACOBSEN
Adams County, COKennetha Jacobsen Elizabeth JACOBSEN October 26, 1988
Adams County, COClaudia W Jacobson Derric L JACOBSON
Adams County, COWilliama Jacobson Cheryl JACOBSON July 9, 1968
Adams County, COLynn O Jacobson Karen A JACOBSON June 12, 1979
Adams County, COShawn M Jacobson Gene A JACOBSON June 17, 1985
Adams County, COLissa A Jacobson Layne R JACOBSON July 18, 1991
Adams County, COJames M Jacobson Barbara J JACOBSON August 17, 1979
Adams County, COHarold Jacoby Mary J JACOBY April 8, 1975
Adams County, CORobert W Peterson Peterson JACQUELIN June 14, 1977
Adams County, COShanda L Jagger Dustten S JAGGER
Adams County, COVirginia A Jaggers Phillip D JAGGERS
Adams County, CODeborah A Jagodzinski Philip A JAGODZINSKI June 2, 1994
Adams County, COJune C Jahnke Max R JAHNKE
Adams County, COSarah Bilyeu Pena JAIME
Adams County, COJoy L Chavez Chavez JAIME September 17, 1993
Adams County, COBeatrice S Anchez Sanchez JAKE September 7, 1976
Adams County, COSherri E Jakober Gary L JAKOBER September 29, 1999
Adams County, COWilliam R James Dorothy M JAMES December 18, 1969
Adams County, COJames E Norman Elizabeth J JAMES February 19, 1971
Adams County, COJames D Jameson Susan K JAMESON November 18, 1971
Adams County, COJames D Jameson Marilyn A JAMESON September 18, 1970
Adams County, COJamieson Scott Peggy JAMIESON July 6, 1982
Adams County, CODonna J Jamison Marvin L JAMISON October 6, 1976

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