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Divorce Records

Divorce records are considered one of the vital components to the public records databases located within a state and corresponding county. Divorces are granted by a judge or magistrate, and contain information regarding a person’s identity, property and relatives. Divorce records are frequently used to track down family members, conduct genealogy research or to verify arrangements contained in a final divorce decree.
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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, COCarol R Ireland Brian L IRELAND March 7, 1978
Adams County, COMartin L Martin IRENE
Adams County, COCarol A Irey Matthew J IREY
Adams County, CORuth Irey Donald IREY February 22, 1984
Adams County, COKaren J Irions Darrell J IRIONS February 19, 1993
Adams County, COBruce Irish Kathleen IRISH July 17, 1984
Adams County, COGraciano Rodriguez Maria IRODRIGUEZ May 31, 1983
Adams County, COMichael R Irsik Pamela J IRSIK October 29, 2003
Adams County, COMichael R Irsik Deborah L IRSIK January 21, 1987
Adams County, COAllen D Irsik Pamela S IRSIK July 9, 1990
Adams County, COKaren L Irsik Steven J IRSIK November 2, 1987
Adams County, COJohn L Irvine Heather A IRVINE February 28, 1992
Adams County, COPhilip Irving Rosalind P IRVING June 1, 1994
Adams County, COLisa A Irwin Dale V IRWIN
Adams County, COChristin M Irwin Marion R IRWIN
Adams County, CODaniel Jirwin Sandra D IRWIN January 27, 1976
Adams County, CONikki A Irwin Devern L IRWIN July 12, 1991
Adams County, CONancy J Irwin Charles W IRWIN March 8, 1999
Arapahoe County, CORobert A Ireland Jill M IRELAND November 14, 1975
Arapahoe County, COWalterw Evans IRENEEVANS March 22, 1968
Arapahoe County, COMary C Ireson Joseph D IRESON February 1, 1988
Arapahoe County, COCynthia K Irey Brett D IREY December 15, 1982
Arapahoe County, COPatricia D Irions Frank H IRIONS July 24, 2002
Arapahoe County, CODenise L Irish Bradley H IRISH September 12, 1988
Arapahoe County, COCarmen Irizarry Jose E IRIZARRY June 3, 1987
Arapahoe County, COJames L Ernest James N IRMA September 18, 1969
Arapahoe County, COMichelle R Irthum Jeffrey B IRTHUM December 12, 2000
Arapahoe County, CODelbert C Irvin Francis L IRVIN
Arapahoe County, COGeorge J Irvin Irene IRVIN
Arapahoe County, CODonnaj Irvin Brien T IRVIN September 5, 1991
Arapahoe County, COTracey M Irvine Ronald A IRVINE July 23, 1996
Arapahoe County, CODarrell D Irving Marilyn S IRVING June 9, 1986
Arapahoe County, COGary E Irwin Julia A IRWIN
Arapahoe County, COClyde E Irwin Alice M IRWIN April 13, 1915
Arapahoe County, COPatricia A Irwin Gerald R IRWIN
Arapahoe County, CONicole L Irwin Christopher D IRWIN December 3, 2003
Arapahoe County, CORita J Irwin Gerald R IRWIN December 12, 1991
Arapahoe County, COCheryl L Irwin John W IRWIN March 5, 2001
Baca County, COJohn Kirby Anna K IRBY February 17, 1989
Baca County, COThomase Irwin Doris J IRWIN February 15, 1983
Baca County, COMichaeld Irwin Kelly D IRWIN September 25, 1992
Baca County, COMichaeld Irwin Diana E IRWIN October 17, 1983
Boulder County, COJoseph W Irby Terri L IRBY April 13, 1982
Boulder County, COSherry D Irby Michael R IRBY January 28, 2004
Boulder County, CORichard C Kirby Barbara K IRBY July 21, 1975
Boulder County, COBilly R Irby Tanya L IRBY July 22, 1994
Boulder County, COChristina Ireland Davida IRELAND January 25, 1989
Boulder County, COWilliamj Ireland Patricia A IRELAND December 13, 1988
Boulder County, COJohn L Ee Lee IRIS
Boulder County, COChris Lavelle Nieves IRIS May 4, 2001
Boulder County, COGeorge H Sierra Sierra IRMA September 9, 1977
Boulder County, COMarilyn Ironhorse Alex IRONHORSE March 15, 2002
Boulder County, COMichelle Irons John IRONS January 31, 2003
Boulder County, COJames D Irvin Jane G IRVIN
Boulder County, COChristina Irvin Frankie L IRVIN
Boulder County, COCarl E Irvine Susan E IRVINE March 22, 2002
Boulder County, COCarl E Irvine Susan E IRVINE March 12, 2002
Boulder County, COMarjorie B Weiss Weiss IRVING October 21, 1989
Boulder County, COKeith W Irwin Regina E IRWIN
Boulder County, COMarion M Irwin Gregory W IRWIN October 25, 1976
Boulder County, COCraig J Irwin Kathleen D IRWIN May 18, 1982
Boulder County, COPeggy L Irwin Michael H IRWIN October 19, 1988
Boulder County, CODaniel M Myrtle Daniel F IRWIN April 23, 1913
Boulder County, COJohn W Irwin Mary L IRWIN April 15, 1968
Boulder County, COLaurie J Irwin Chris D IRWIN December 12, 1983
Boulder County, COBasil L Irwin Peggy H IRWIN June 12, 1986
Chaffee County, COGene L Ireland Judith L IRELAND April 3, 1991
Chaffee County, COWilliam D Irwin Mabel L IRWIN January 8, 1915
Delta County, COJames R Leland James G IRIS November 15, 1972
Delta County, COCharles S Irish Janet L IRISH
Delta County, COElizabeth J Irvin Frank IRVIN June 8, 1911
Denver County, COGrace Oldham Oldham IRA September 27, 1920
Denver County, CORichard Hallen Allen IRA October 21, 1913
Denver County, COBrent D Kirby Barbara K IRBY November 19, 1973
Denver County, COCarol R Ireland Brian L IRELAND
Denver County, COBeatrice A Ireland Clarence M IRELAND November 13, 1939
Denver County, COLori Ireland Dennis M IRELAND March 22, 1979
Denver County, CODavid A Spell Jill C IRELAND
Denver County, COFloyde Ireland Virginia F IRELAND May 16, 1969
Denver County, COMelissa K Ireland Sean A IRELAND January 28, 2004
Denver County, COSamuel H Frank Frank IRENE
Denver County, COJames S Marvin James C IRENE June 18, 1920
Denver County, COLawrence Lorenzo Lawrence IRENE November 25, 1929
Denver County, COArnulfo Rodriguez IRENERODRIGUEZ March 6, 1985
Denver County, CODavid Irigoyen Gloria IRIGOYEN November 6, 1978
Denver County, COJamesstevens Steven S IRIS November 25, 1970
Denver County, COAngel Benny Angel IRIS June 15, 1973
Denver County, COWilliam J Boyer Boyer IRIS May 4, 1972
Denver County, COLucille K Irish David L IRISH
Denver County, COCarmen Irizarry Jose E IRIZARRY February 28, 1983
Denver County, COEddie J Irizarry Maria O IRIZARRY February 15, 1985
Denver County, COJune A Irizarry Steven F IRIZARRY April 11, 1989
Denver County, COWilliam M Irlando Deborah L IRLANDO June 24, 1991
Denver County, COJames H Aynes Haynes IRMA May 27, 1971
Denver County, COAntonio Ortiz Ortiz IRMA February 13, 1992
Denver County, COCasado Eloy Franco Beltran IRMA August 14, 2001
Denver County, COCasado Eloy Franco Beltran IRMA March 11, 2002
Denver County, COAnthony Medina Medina IRMA October 15, 1974
Denver County, COJuan Heredia Heredia IRMA July 25, 1974
Denver County, COJohn H Irons Linda F IRONS September 27, 1968

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