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Divorce Records

Divorce records are considered one of the vital components to the public records databases located within a state and corresponding county. Divorces are granted by a judge or magistrate, and contain information regarding a person’s identity, property and relatives. Divorce records are frequently used to track down family members, conduct genealogy research or to verify arrangements contained in a final divorce decree.
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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, COMartin G Rios Victoria R IOS
Boulder County, COBeth A Ioerger Steve D IOERGER January 13, 1988
Boulder County, CONicholas G Iovino Linda IOVINO March 21, 1975
Boulder County, COJoseph Iozzia Leigh A IOZZIA August 31, 1992
Chaffee County, COWilliam O Iott Martha L IOTT March 11, 1980
Denver County, COMelvin Richardson Richardson IOLA October 26, 1993
Douglas County, COWendy L Iodence Curt C IODENCE June 22, 1994
Fremont County, COThomas P Iovinella Dixie S IOVINELLA April 22, 1985
Fremont County, COMary K Tiffany Vince E IOVINELLA December 18, 1998
Pueblo County, CODean F Farmer Farmer IONE October 14, 1969
Pueblo County, COMarsha L Iovinella Gary M IOVINELLA February 7, 1994
Brevard County, FLMaria Iovine Junio J IOVINE January 9, 1981
Broward County, FLAdam Angela Adam IOAN June 2, 1995
Broward County, FLIole Magnolia Edward IOLE July 17, 1992
Broward County, FLNancy Ion Richard ION March 18, 1994
Broward County, FLLaura Iorillo Louis A IORILLO November 24, 1980
Broward County, FLTerry Iorio James IORIO
Broward County, FLSusan Iorio George J IORIO May 16, 1974
Broward County, FLLori Iorio Stephen IORIO November 9, 1998
Broward County, FLJean Iorio Stephen P IORIO February 8, 1989
Broward County, FLPopovici Veronica Popovici IOTA April 5, 1999
Broward County, FLVirginia Mihut Mihut IOVANELI December 28, 1995
Broward County, FLPatricia Iovino William IOVINO April 15, 1998
Duval County, FLLori Iorio Steve R IORIO June 3, 1994
Duval County, FLElizabeth Iovino Louis A IOVINO December 4, 1991
Lake County, FLRios Jose R IOS January 27, 1995
Lee County, FLMaria Fiore Joseph F IORE August 22, 1996
Lee County, FLSandra Iozia Larry IOZIA December 13, 1988
Leon County, FLAnne Iozzi Rinaldo A IOZZI July 9, 1991
Miami-Dade County, FLMary Viola Joseph V IOLA October 14, 1971
Miami-Dade County, FLFlorence Ion David E ION August 13, 1981
Miami-Dade County, FLNorma Giordano Anthony G IORDANO October 13, 1971
Miami-Dade County, FLPatricia Diiorio Joseph Di IORIO June 1, 1982
Miami-Dade County, FLPatricia Iovine Ernest IOVINE December 27, 1978
Orange County, FLDoris Diorio Anthony Jd IORIO
Palm Beach County, FLPatricia Giordano Anthony G IORDANO February 23, 1990
Palm Beach County, FLVirginia Iorio Paul M IORIO June 6, 1978
Palm Beach County, FLKatherine Iorio Armanda IORIO December 1, 1977
Palm Beach County, FLJanet Giovino Anthony G IOVINO July 2, 1987
Pasco County, FLJanet Iocco Robert L IOCCO July 21, 1997
Pasco County, FLSarah Lion Michael L ION September 19, 1996
Pasco County, FLTheresa Iovino Nicholas C IOVINO September 1, 1995
Pasco County, FLKathy Iozzi Matthew IOZZI October 21, 1999
Pinellas County, FLElizabeth Iocco Robert L IOCCO October 3, 1990
Pinellas County, FLLaura Iovannisci Lawrence N IOVANNISCI March 12, 1984
Sarasota County, FLMary Scaglione John Scagl IONE June 19, 1974
St Lucie County, FLKaren Rion Michael R ION October 13, 1995
Volusia County, FLMary Ioannidis John IOANNIDIS March 8, 1990
Faribault County, MNKaren L Ioerger Lafe A IOERGER January 16, 1990
Houston County, MNJustin Iovinella Rebecca IOVINELLA July 15, 1999
Clark County, NVJames F Rio Barbara R IO October 3, 1991
Clark County, NVRyan Bernard Ryan V IOLET March 5, 1981
Clark County, NVMary M Iorio Julian J IORIO May 16, 1997
Clark County, NVCatherine Milanov Milanov IOTKO November 12, 1996
Clark County, NVNicholas Iovino Christine IOVINO November 29, 1988
Clark County, NVCarmen Iovino Michelle IOVINO April 9, 1991
Clark County, NVJohn Iozzo Mary E IOZZO
Washoe County, NVAlice M Iori Richard A IORI August 24, 1993
Bexar County, TXKathy B Iosue Timothy F IOSUE December 8, 1995
Collin County, TXRhonda M Iovinelli Robert A IOVINELLI June 9, 1988
Dallas County, TXEugenia L Diorio Anthony Jd IORIO November 28, 1979
Dallas County, TXMarlene A Iovinella Guido T IOVINELLA November 7, 1989
El Paso County, TXGiordano Alicia Anthony G IORDANO July 11, 1990
El Paso County, TXRebecca T Ortiz Jose IORTIZ January 5, 1987
Tarrant County, TXKathleen Ioannou Johnp IOANNOU September 11, 1991
Tarrant County, TXKerry J Ioualalen Reda M IOUALALEN
Taylor County, TXLynda R Iorg James L IORG October 28, 1994
Travis County, TXDiane Iosue Benjamin P IOSUE September 15, 1978
Wichita County, TXPatricia A Iocca Robert R IOCCA November 22, 1976
Denver County, COFrank A Tipton Margaret T IPTON January 21, 1971
Montrose County, CORoger K Ipson Vikki D IPSON June 1, 1994
Brevard County, FLShirley Pufahl Daine IPUFAHL March 25, 1982
Broward County, FLPatricia Ippolito Ronald P IPPOLITO November 7, 1975
Broward County, FLAnn Ippolito Michael P IPPOLITO November 5, 1979
Broward County, FLCatherine Ippolito Salvatore A IPPOLITO June 16, 1988
Broward County, FLEllen Ippolito Americo B IPPOLITO August 25, 1972
Broward County, FLConstance Phillips Bobby Phill IPS December 2, 1983
Hendry County, FLGeorgi A Phillips Bobby Phill IPS December 3, 1991
Hillsborough County, FLPatricia Pippin Willie P IPPIN
Hillsborough County, FLBrenda Ippolito Kenneth A IPPOLITO April 28, 1988
Hillsborough County, FLAlice Ippolito Joe IPPOLITO December 17, 1997
Lee County, FLGrace Ipavec Anthony P IPAVEC May 4, 1989
Levy County, FLTammy Ippolito Brian D IPPOLITO May 12, 1998
Miami-Dade County, FLPatricia Ippolito Frank IPPOLITO April 16, 1970
Miami-Dade County, FLKaren Ippolito Edward IPPOLITO March 4, 1974
Miami-Dade County, FLHelen Ippolito Ralph IPPOLITO November 6, 1974
Orange County, FLMary Ippolito Joseph E IPPOLITO February 25, 1983
Palm Beach County, FLCarolyn Ippolito Craig A IPPOLITO
Pinellas County, FLYip Yan Peter Y IP June 21, 1996
Pinellas County, FLLisa Ippolito Paula IPPOLITO September 6, 1984
Pinellas County, FLVirginia Ippolito Joe IPPOLITO October 16, 1998
Dakota County, MNKimberly A Ipsen Gregory A IPSEN February 27, 1989
Hennepin County, MNWail Wong Wong IP August 28, 1984
Hennepin County, MNWai Lkwan Wong IP August 28, 1984
Ramsey County, MNMargaret E Mackenzie John D IPSEN May 29, 1986
Wadena County, MNSharon M Ippolito Rodney IPPOLITO July 12, 1995
Clark County, NVJimmy Ipock Gloria IPOCK July 24, 1978
Clark County, NVRonald S Ipock Andrea K IPOCK August 24, 1990
Clark County, NVRonald S Ipock Andrea K IPOCK August 24, 1990
Clark County, NVRonald Ippolito Sandra IPPOLITO March 15, 1972

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