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Divorce Records

Divorce records are considered one of the vital components to the public records databases located within a state and corresponding county. Divorces are granted by a judge or magistrate, and contain information regarding a person’s identity, property and relatives. Divorce records are frequently used to track down family members, conduct genealogy research or to verify arrangements contained in a final divorce decree.
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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Arapahoe County, COJoseph K Idol Carol A IDOL September 26, 1968
Arapahoe County, COJennifer Harris Coulibaly IDRISSA January 2, 2003
Boulder County, COJames B Morris Morris IDA March 6, 1911
Boulder County, COYvonne M Iden David E IDEN April 21, 1988
Boulder County, COKathryn E Hegg David E IDEN February 27, 1997
Boulder County, COGregory L Idler Debbie K IDLER June 27, 1988
Denver County, CODavid Sneed Sneed IDA November 22, 1923
Denver County, COWilliam H Thomas Thomas IDA June 26, 1924
Denver County, COMadison Alexander Madison IDA January 7, 1926
Denver County, COAmos L Baca Baca IDA February 26, 1985
Denver County, COMorris Augustus Morris IDA March 22, 1912
Denver County, COAngelo J Vega Vega IDA July 12, 1979
Denver County, CODuran Gilbert Duran IDA
Denver County, COFrank S Madison Madison IDA September 16, 1920
Denver County, COGeorge Medina Medina IDA December 4, 1972
Denver County, COJohn Singleton Singleton IDA October 18, 1972
Denver County, COJustine Y Ide Roy E IDE September 19, 1978
El Paso County, COJames F Ide Betty J IDE
El Paso County, COEric N Ide Lori M IDE December 28, 1993
El Paso County, COEric N Ide Lori M IDE April 11, 1995
Garfield County, COGeorge A Dale George M IDA May 19, 1988
Jefferson County, COGlenda M Ide Larry L IDE December 14, 1983
Jefferson County, COMelvin A Ideker Dorothy H IDEKER November 29, 1971
Jefferson County, COLois M Mariani Marian IDELL
Jefferson County, CODavid J Idoine Kimberly K IDOINE
Logan County, COCharles Aidler Dora A IDLER December 29, 1992
Mesa County, COKeith E Idell Linda J IDELL April 26, 1985
Otero County, COJames Gross Gross IDA April 24, 1897
Park County, COArnold K Arnold IDA December 27, 1916
Pueblo County, COJohn E George George M IDA May 1, 1907
San Miguel County, COWilliamh Johns John S IDA
Brevard County, FLCarol Iddings Robert IDDINGS August 26, 1987
Broward County, FLChristine Lidell Robert L IDELL March 7, 1997
Broward County, FLDiana Idell Michael P IDELL August 31, 1983
Broward County, FLKaren Iden David G IDEN January 3, 1974
Broward County, FLAlice King Dav IDKING October 5, 1976
Broward County, FLBetsy Ridley James R IDLEY March 18, 1997
Broward County, FLKerr Yvonne Kerr S IDNEY November 22, 1988
Clay County, FLMary King Dav IDKING March 21, 1994
Clay County, FLVirginia Idom Daniel E IDOM August 26, 1999
Collier County, FLMarylin King Dav IDKING April 23, 1986
Collier County, FLRegina King Dav IDKING June 14, 1990
Duval County, FLDeborah Iddings Timothy A IDDINGS May 26, 1994
Duval County, FLIddings Gina David Paul IDDINGS February 27, 1998
Duval County, FLI Delorraine Terry W IDE August 25, 1992
Duval County, FLBrenda Ide James M IDE March 27, 1987
Duval County, FLElizabeth Idels Steven B IDELS January 31, 1996
Duval County, FLHelen King Dav IDKING
Escambia County, FLSuzette King Dav IDKING March 1, 1991
Hillsborough County, FLLorenzo Reina Lorenzo IDALBERTO July 13, 1999
Hillsborough County, FLSandra Idell Randall B IDELL August 29, 1972
Hillsborough County, FLDiaz Alina Ramon IDIAZ June 17, 1977
Hillsborough County, FLKaren King Dav IDKING October 29, 1984
Hillsborough County, FLBetty K Ing Dav IDKING February 12, 1986
Lake County, FLBonnie Ide Roy IDE November 15, 1984
Lee County, FLCaro King Dav IDKING April 26, 1974
Martin County, FLI Delynn Douglas L IDE March 5, 1974
Miami-Dade County, FLPerez Aida Perez IDALBERTO
Miami-Dade County, FLClara Perez Perez IDALBERTO January 17, 1977
Miami-Dade County, FLClara Perez Perez IDALBERTO January 18, 1977
Miami-Dade County, FLNora Perez Perez IDALBERTO March 24, 1993
Miami-Dade County, FLPerez Isolina Perez IDALBERTO September 28, 1999
Miami-Dade County, FLNancy Idarraga Gustavo A IDARRAGA May 29, 1986
Miami-Dade County, FLMae Stewart Stewart IDAS October 7, 1986
Miami-Dade County, FLNancy Ide William IDE April 26, 1971
Miami-Dade County, FLDonna Ide Ralph IDE May 23, 1989
Miami-Dade County, FLAna Cruz Cruz IDELFONSO July 19, 1999
Miami-Dade County, FLMari A Morales Morales IDELFONSO July 23, 1990
Miami-Dade County, FLErnestin E King Dav IDKING
Miami-Dade County, FLJoseph Robbie Joseph S IDOINE
Monroe County, FLDebra King Dav IDKING January 23, 1995
Okeechobee County, FLTeresa Idaspe Patrick J IDASPE January 5, 1993
Orange County, FLSandra Ide George E IDE February 7, 1986
Orange County, FLVirginia King Dav IDKING December 16, 1982
Palm Beach County, FLMedina Maria Del Medina IDELFONSO April 14, 1997
Palm Beach County, FLAnn A Pierre Pierre IDEVERT
Palm Beach County, FLJoan Idol Larry L IDOL March 16, 1993
Palm Beach County, FLSherry Idol Larry L IDOL June 2, 1999
Palm Beach County, FLHarvey Melvin Harvey IDUS September 28, 1970
Pinellas County, FLPamela Eide Ronald E IDE September 19, 1975
Pinellas County, FLMargaret King Dav IDKING July 15, 1992
Sarasota County, FLLinda Idelberger Charles F IDELBERGER February 19, 1993
Sarasota County, FLMichelle Idsardi Ken A IDSARDI
Volusia County, FLIdell Maureen William IDELL January 28, 1992
Beltrami County, MNJane M Iddings Robert L IDDINGS September 13, 1994
Clay County, MNSusan G Idelburg James IDELBURG February 19, 1992
Crow Wing County, MNMargaret B Idzorek Julian J IDZOREK November 14, 1995
Faribault County, MNKari L Ide Todd W IDE
Faribault County, MNKathleen C Ide Douglas A IDE March 26, 1993
Hennepin County, MNCarol A Iden Ronald T IDEN
Hennepin County, MNRollie King Dav IDKING April 16, 1987
Hennepin County, MNJean M Idstrom Thomas U IDSTROM August 21, 1980
Houston County, MNFred A Ideker Dawn R IDEKER April 28, 1997
Kittson County, MNCorey Lide Darlene M IDE June 9, 1997
Lyon County, MNAmy L Idso Kacy D IDSO
Olmsted County, MNBrenda Idso Gregory IDSO October 7, 1988
Ramsey County, MNJanis R Ideson Alison B IDESON February 28, 1992
Scott County, MNMargaret A Idler James D IDLER
Sibley County, MNSandra L Ide James V IDE June 14, 1991
Washington County, MNLila L Idso Irwin R IDSO October 12, 1990

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