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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Travis County, TXHarriet L Hyden Ronald E HYDEN October 23, 1986
Travis County, TXEvelyn F Hyder George H HYDER December 3, 1990
Travis County, TXJeanna K Hyder Bret A HYDER April 18, 1996
Travis County, TXBarbarette J Hyder Johnny D HYDER August 8, 1995
Travis County, TXRebecca A Hyland Leonard J HYLAND May 12, 1988
Travis County, TXDebra K Hyman Robert B HYMAN July 23, 1975
Travis County, TXMarya Hyman Floyd L HYMAN May 22, 1987
Travis County, TXMarya Hyman Robert B HYMAN August 15, 1985
Travis County, TXDeborah A Hyman Robert I HYMAN March 27, 1986
Travis County, TXLloydris B Hyman Rickey E HYMAN January 31, 1990
Travis County, TXKathleen A Hynds Benjamin E HYNDS July 19, 1989
Travis County, TXMarsha H Hynes Jamesj HYNES July 18, 1983
Tyler County, TXDebra K Hyde Richard F HYDE February 13, 1975
Upshur County, TXStacey A Hyden Tony R HYDEN January 5, 1989
Upton County, TXJanice L Hyatt Eddie J HYATT May 2, 1988
Van Zandt County, TXLisa M Hyde Kenneth W HYDE September 18, 1990
Victoria County, TXKathleen E Hynes George T HYNES July 27, 1978
Victoria County, TXDarlene J Hynes George T HYNES July 16, 1993
Waller County, TXHyatt Vicki Daniel W HYATT December 7, 1992
Washington County, TXCarol J Hynes Carl L HYNES July 18, 1985
Wharton County, TXJanice L Hyatt Ronald L HYATT May 5, 1972
Wharton County, TXDorothy E Hyde Robert HYDE June 15, 1984
Wichita County, TXJuanita G Hyde James F HYDE November 4, 1986
Wichita County, TXGloria J Hyden Robert W HYDEN February 19, 1992
Wichita County, TXLinda J Hyden Robert W HYDEN October 16, 1987
Wichita County, TXKathy L Hyre Mark E HYRE June 4, 1985
Williamson County, TXDeborah Y Hyatt Virgil A HYATT March 4, 1986
Williamson County, TXRosie L Hyde Henry R HYDE September 12, 1975
Williamson County, TXKathy A Hyden Mark HYDEN June 4, 1991
Williamson County, TXNita C Hyer Greg L HYER February 17, 1994
Williamson County, TXSuzanne R Hynes William A HYNES October 3, 1989
Wise County, TXNikki L Hyatt Ricky W HYATT August 7, 1992
Wise County, TXInez Lyoung Carl HYOUNG January 27, 1978
Wood County, TXKathy L Hyde Dennis R HYDE March 4, 1994
Travis County, TXElizabet H Zuniga Edward HZUNIGA October 17, 1985

Hamilton, Hale,William H BAKER, Cynthias Davis, Ford Henrietta, Julie A Hiatt, Ida M Johnson, Linda L Hollingsworth, Carole M Hrubiak, Brendac Smith, Sheri Taylor, Carol M Hutto, Mary L Wilson, Jeanna K Hyder

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