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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Clark County, NVHwang R Young Myung S HWANG October 3, 1996
Clark County, NVDanny Y Hwang Marie H HWANG
Clark County, NVHwang R Young Myungs HWANG October 3, 1996
Clark County, NVDennis Yoshida Hyunj HWANG November 17, 1999
Clark County, NVMaria White William HWHITE September 9, 1988
Lander County, NVDonnell White Elizabet HWHITE November 7, 1995
Archer County, TXGladys M Williams John HWILLIAMS March 21, 1974
Bastrop County, TXSandra Lwilson James HWILSON January 4, 1979
Bell County, TXChom S Hwang Dae S HWANG November 15, 1985
Bell County, TXSarah J Wilson James HWILSON October 19, 1987
Bexar County, TXJanetl Walker James HWALKER February 4, 1992
Bexar County, TXMei Y Hwang Chih C HWANG August 25, 1977
Bexar County, TXHattie R White William HWHITE
Bexar County, TXRoylene Williams James HWILLIAMS August 31, 1984
Bexar County, TXRosie M Wilson Charles HWILSON November 22, 1985
Bexar County, TXCarolyn Wolfe William HWOLFE August 12, 1993
Bexar County, TXLola M Wright Paul HWRIGHT May 13, 1992
Bowie County, TXCarola Woods Donald HWOODS
Caldwell County, TXVickie R Wilson James HWILSON August 2, 1988
Calhoun County, TXRose Lwilliams John HWILLIAMS March 14, 1989
Cameron County, TXIris M Williams James HWILLIAMS June 2, 1994
Cass County, TXIma N Watson William HWATSON August 12, 1983
Dallas County, TXDiane Yi Yi HWA June 3, 1980
Dallas County, TXWalker M James HWALKER December 28, 1992
Dallas County, TXLadonna S Walker James HWALKER July 16, 1993
Dallas County, TXPatti G Walker James HWALKER February 13, 1987
Dallas County, TXChung H Hwang Byung D HWANG October 27, 1988
Dallas County, TXHwang Mi Chan S HWANG August 29, 1984
Dallas County, TXJin B Hwang Gap J HWANG August 28, 1987
Dallas County, TXSong J Hwang Joo H HWANG November 14, 1980
Dallas County, TXAnnie C Hwang Bong U HWANG April 3, 1990
Dallas County, TXHwang Fu Sam S HWANG April 17, 1992
Dallas County, TXWard Geneva James HWARD May 25, 1978
Dallas County, TXBernice White William HWHITE February 22, 1985
Dallas County, TXAnnie M White William HWHITE December 5, 1977
Dallas County, TXMary A White Robert HWHITE August 9, 1983
Dallas County, TXLindae White William HWHITE March 23, 1984
Dallas County, TXFrancesl Williams Raymond HWILLIAMS March 16, 1982
Dallas County, TXCharlotte A Williams Roy HWILLIAMS June 2, 1975
Dallas County, TXClaxtine M Williams John HWILLIAMS August 2, 1991
Dallas County, TXMary C Williams John HWILLIAMS April 29, 1993
Dallas County, TXTammy D Williams Francis HWILLIAMS July 15, 1987
Dallas County, TXKathleen Y Williams Roy HWILLIAMS September 5, 1995
Dallas County, TXKathleenm Wilson James HWILSON July 15, 1983
Dallas County, TXSharon L Wilson Charles HWILSON
Dallas County, TXBetty J Wilson James HWILSON
Dallas County, TXVicki E Wilson James HWILSON March 1, 1978
Denton County, TXCynthia Lwilliams Francis HWILLIAMS November 17, 1993
Ector County, TXBeverly A White William HWHITE August 12, 1976
El Paso County, TXLeeanne M White William HWHITE February 14, 1974
El Paso County, TXDianna M Williams John HWILLIAMS October 27, 1995
Erath County, TXCarlaj Walker James HWALKER
Fort Bend County, TXConnie W Hite Ronald HWHITE August 22, 1980
Freestone County, TXMary T Wright William HWRIGHT June 18, 1990
Grayson County, TXSheri A Wilson Charles HWILSON October 11, 1982
Grayson County, TXBarbara P Wright Frank HWRIGHT December 23, 1980
Gregg County, TXJanie S Walker James HWALKER May 4, 1977
Gregg County, TXLouis E Wiley James HWILEY June 5, 1981
Guadalupe County, TXFlossie M Wilson Charles HWILSON February 25, 1981
Harris County, TXSusane Wagner David HWAGNER December 11, 1975
Harris County, TXBarbaraj Walker James HWALKER June 2, 1978
Harris County, TXLinda F Walker David HWALKER January 25, 1989
Harris County, TXSaundra L Walker James HWALKER July 3, 1986
Harris County, TXJoung Y Hwang Chun Y HWANG January 17, 1986
Harris County, TXVirginia K Hwang Seung H HWANG
Harris County, TXMei L Hwang Shi J HWANG November 26, 1986
Harris County, TXJuanne S Wang Peter HWANG May 17, 1990
Harris County, TXBarbara A Ware John HWARE September 22, 1987
Harris County, TXPatsy L Ware John HWARE June 21, 1991
Harris County, TXHazel J Washington Richard HWASHINGTON March 24, 1988
Harris County, TXBecky A Webb William HWEBB May 4, 1982
Harris County, TXPaula J West Harry HWEST
Harris County, TXCarola White William HWHITE December 21, 1984
Harris County, TXSharon Awhite Ronald HWHITE September 29, 1995
Harris County, TXLana J White William HWHITE October 3, 1977
Harris County, TXSusan Lwhite William HWHITE November 28, 1979
Harris County, TXJessie P Williams John HWILLIAMS May 7, 1980
Harris County, TXLucy N Williams John HWILLIAMS September 17, 1974
Harris County, TXSusan F Wilson James HWILSON November 25, 1981
Harris County, TXHollyd Wilson Charles HWILSON November 3, 1995
Harris County, TXDianak Wilson James HWILSON
Harris County, TXDianes Wilson James HWILSON
Harris County, TXDonnaf Wilson Robert HWILSON
Harris County, TXLaur A Wilson James HWILSON December 16, 1996
Harris County, TXLouisea Woods Robert HWOODS February 22, 1994
Harrison County, TXBillie A Walker James HWALKER January 24, 1974
Harrison County, TXVirginia B Walker James HWALKER December 14, 1982
Harrison County, TXMarye Woods Donald HWOODS December 13, 1988
Hood County, TXJoni L White William HWHITE May 1, 1995
Jefferson County, TXMolly L Walker James HWALKER August 27, 1987
Jefferson County, TXRobbie G Williams James HWILLIAMS
Jefferson County, TXGilda O Wilson Charles HWILSON November 9, 1989
Jefferson County, TXMary Wolff Robert HWOLFF February 25, 1994
Liberty County, TXDixie A Walker James HWALKER January 24, 1996
Medina County, TXDorothy K Williams Ronald HWILLIAMS July 13, 1976
Midland County, TXTeressa G White Steven HWHITE February 6, 1980
Morris County, TXMona J Wiley James HWILEY November 13, 1992
Navarro County, TXPatricia W Hite Robert HWHITE January 11, 1995
Nuexes County, TXGloriaj Williams James HWILLIAMS June 27, 1975
Nuexes County, TXRobbie J Wilson Charles HWILSON May 14, 1987

Hamilton, Hale,William H BAKER, Cynthias Davis, Ford Henrietta, Julie A Hiatt, Ida M Johnson, Linda L Hollingsworth, Carole M Hrubiak, Brendac Smith, Sheri Taylor, Carol M Hutto, Mary L Wilson, Jeanna K Hyder

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