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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Wise County, TXJulie A Hutson Norman E HUTSON June 21, 1974
Wise County, TXPatsy A Hutson Calvin V HUTSON May 14, 1976
Wise County, TXJudy B Hutson Calvin V HUTSON October 11, 1974
Wise County, TXNancy P Hutto Duane E HUTTO November 6, 1981
Wise County, TXCarol M Hutto Michael W HUTTO May 29, 1981
Wise County, TXChristi D Hutto Jerry L HUTTO July 24, 1992
Wood County, TXHelen J Hudgins Thomas C HUDGINS June 9, 1993
Wood County, TXSheilaa Hudson Dannyl HUDSON March 29, 1985
Wood County, TXDeborah D Huey Larrison L HUEY October 4, 1995
Wood County, TXTammy F Huff Joe F HUFF June 26, 1986
Wood County, TXLinda K Huffman John F HUFFMAN January 15, 1987
Wood County, TXBetty D Huggins Frankie M HUGGINS November 2, 1979
Wood County, TXHuggins Lenora Noah M HUGGINS September 11, 1989
Wood County, TXCynthia S Huggins David M HUGGINS June 13, 1990
Wood County, TXLinda Shughes Billy L HUGHES April 24, 1980
Wood County, TXKelly D Hughes Steven D HUGHES December 17, 1981
Wood County, TXSammie J Hughes Elizabeth A HUGHES February 27, 1984
Wood County, TXPeggy J Hughes Phillip L HUGHES August 24, 1990
Wood County, TXDana J Hughes Michael K HUGHES September 17, 1993
Wood County, TXLeslie D Hughes Kenneth D HUGHES April 8, 1985
Wood County, TXMelissak Hughes Larry W HUGHES July 27, 1979
Wood County, TXMelissak Hughes Larryw HUGHES July 27, 1979
Wood County, TXTerri M Hughes Steven D HUGHES May 27, 1986
Wood County, TXJennifer L Humphrey Randy C HUMPHREY
Wood County, TXMary L Humphreys Ronald E HUMPHREYS September 6, 1974
Wood County, TXKathy E Humphries Michael L HUMPHRIES August 1, 1986
Wood County, TXJeane M Hunt Clinton E HUNT
Wood County, TXMargie F Hunt Kenneth D HUNT August 4, 1978
Wood County, TXCecilla A Hunt Paul R HUNT July 2, 1996
Wood County, TXBecky S Hunt Wendell W HUNT June 28, 1985
Wood County, TXJackie S Hunt Douglas N HUNT April 11, 1988
Wood County, TXJohnnie G Hunter Ross H HUNTER June 5, 1991
Wood County, TXWanda J Hunter Jerry L HUNTER
Wood County, TXWava S Hurley Cecil A HURLEY January 26, 1973
Wood County, TXMargaret M Hurst Elmer D HURST December 21, 1992
Yoakum County, TXLaura M Hutcheson Cecil D HUTCHESON December 19, 1985
Yoakum County, TXLaura M Hutcheson Cecil D HUTCHESON March 6, 1986
Young County, TXMaggie B Gray Gray HUBERT November 18, 1976
Young County, TXLori L Hudson Ronaldd HUDSON February 8, 1990
Young County, TXNancy G Hudson Tommy J HUDSON May 4, 1987
Young County, TXTheresa D Hudson John W HUDSON May 24, 1990
Young County, TXKimberly A Hudson Ronaldd HUDSON
Young County, TXElisha M Hughes Shawnw HUGHES December 5, 1996
Young County, TXReba G Hughes William R HUGHES
Young County, TXHuitt Jackie Richard D HUITT May 14, 1987
Young County, TXTonya M Hulsey Michael G HULSEY September 2, 1993
Young County, TXRose A Humphrey Bobby W HUMPHREY February 14, 1985
Young County, TXJeane Hunt Ronald D HUNT
Young County, TXDebbiel Hunt Bill D HUNT May 27, 1976
Young County, TXLoretta F Hunter William H HUNTER September 2, 1976
Young County, TXVerna M Hurst Marshall C HURST July 15, 1981
Young County, TXSheree L Hurst Marshall C HURST August 5, 1993
Young County, TXLacey R Hutchison William B HUTCHISON
Young County, TXLee A Hutto Carl W HUTTO January 5, 1978
Miami-Dade County, FLJanet Hvasta Nelsont HVASTA June 26, 1981
Anoka County, MNDiane L Hvidston Michael C HVIDSTON
Anoka County, MNMary J Hvinden Sherman W HVINDEN October 25, 1977
Anoka County, MNCheryl T Hvinden Ronald N HVINDEN August 4, 1978
Dodge County, MNBrenda R Hvitved Brett R HVITVED
Douglas County, MNRobyn S Hvezda Jeffrey M HVEZDA January 25, 1988
Hennepin County, MNLant N Guyen Nhan HVNGUYEN
Houston County, MNMark S Hvamstad Betty A HVAMSTAD December 29, 1999
Itaska County, MNMargaret M Nason Harlan D HVEZDA September 25, 1986
Pope County, MNCarol J Hvezda Steven J HVEZDA November 2, 1987
Pope County, MNSandra L Hvezda Lawrence A HVEZDA January 8, 1991
Ramsey County, MNEleanor A Hvidhyld Mark D HVIDHYLD May 17, 1999
Ramsey County, MNRuth A Hvidhyld William T HVIDHYLD August 13, 1981
Redwood County, MNGail M Hvamstad Keith J HVAMSTAD
Rice County, MNLaura J Danielson David J HVISTENDAHL September 3, 1986
Ellis County, TXSherie J Hvizdak Allen M HVIZDAK
Polk County, TXDoris E Hvamstad Nathan E HVAMSTAD July 14, 1994

Hamilton, Hale,William H BAKER, Cynthias Davis, Ford Henrietta, Julie A Hiatt, Ida M Johnson, Linda L Hollingsworth, Carole M Hrubiak, Brendac Smith, Sheri Taylor, Carol M Hutto, Mary L Wilson, Jeanna K Hyder

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