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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, CORios Cecilia Luis HTORRES
Arapahoe County, COChristin E Thompson Robert HTHOMPSON April 19, 1990
Denver County, COJennie S Taylor George HTAYLOR October 19, 1891
Denver County, COJames R Vicki James HTHOMAS March 28, 1984
El Paso County, COLissie Thompson James HTHOMPSON September 12, 1910
Brevard County, FLSheri Taylor George HTAYLOR
Brevard County, FLThomas Tiffany William HTHOMAS February 1, 1994
Brevard County, FLBetty Thompson Robert HTHOMPSON June 29, 1978
Brevard County, FLPhyllis Thompson Robert HTHOMPSON November 2, 1970
Broward County, FLThomas Vivian James HTHOMAS February 13, 1980
Collier County, FLElizabet H Thompson Robert HTHOMPSON December 6, 1994
Duval County, FLTina Taylor William HTAYLOR
Duval County, FLJennifer Turner James HTURNER October 12, 1973
Hendry County, FLSha Ron Thomas Charles HTHOMAS November 2, 1979
Hillsborough County, FLDian E Thomas Richard HTHOMAS September 21, 1982
Hillsborough County, FLCarol Thomas William HTHOMAS May 15, 1991
Hillsborough County, FLCynthia Thornton James HTHORNTON March 8, 1993
Marion County, FLDebora H Turner James HTURNER August 1, 1986
Miami-Dade County, FLGail Thompson Robert HTHOMPSON November 8, 1971
Miami-Dade County, FLEva Thompson William HTHOMPSON December 13, 1999
Miami-Dade County, FLBetty Turner John HTURNER February 2, 1984
Palm Beach County, FLGina Taylor George HTAYLOR
Pasco County, FLLucile Thompson William HTHOMPSON April 2, 1971
Pasco County, FLSadie Thompson Robert HTHOMPSON December 8, 1978
Pinellas County, FLCarolyn Thomas James HTHOMAS January 6, 1989
Pinellas County, FLMary Thomas James HTHOMAS June 2, 1982
Goodhue County, MNRita Rthompson Robert HTHOMPSON November 25, 1977
Norman County, MNCarola T Hompson Robert HTHOMPSON April 18, 1989
Ramsey County, MNLaural Thomas James HTHOMAS July 22, 1985
Ramsey County, MNLorrainem Thomas James HTHOMAS January 25, 1979
Clark County, NVOdessa E Thomas Richard HTHOMAS April 23, 1973
Clark County, NVJoy D Terry Terry HTHOMAS April 15, 1976
Clark County, NVRobinm Thompson Robert HTHOMPSON January 29, 1992
Clark County, NVSherry R Thompson James HTHOMPSON February 15, 1991
Galveston County, TXFaye Dthomas James HTHOMAS August 25, 1972
Bell County, TXMary Ftaylor John HTAYLOR October 16, 1986
Bexar County, TXKaren F Thomas James HTHOMAS June 27, 1991
Bexar County, TXSydney J Thomas James HTHOMAS
Bexar County, TXEustacia V Thompson Calvin HTHOMPSON
Bexar County, TXMaribel Thompson Norman HTHOMPSON July 19, 1995
Bowie County, TXDaviee Thomas James HTHOMAS August 16, 1974
Brazoria County, TXDorothy T Homas James HTHOMAS March 21, 1988
Brazoria County, TXBarbara J Thomas James HTHOMAS November 8, 1993
Burnet County, TXCathryn S Thomas James HTHOMAS June 24, 1976
Callahan County, TXTammyl Thomas James HTHOMAS June 13, 1996
Chambers County, TXAnnette D Turner James HTURNER July 31, 1981
Chambers County, TXTylene W Turner James HTURNER October 3, 1988
Dallas County, TXNancy T Aylor John HTAYLOR May 15, 1992
Dallas County, TXLyndal Thomas James HTHOMAS January 8, 1975
Dallas County, TXAlma R Thomas James HTHOMAS July 26, 1977
Dallas County, TXTreva P Thomas James HTHOMAS June 15, 1983
Dallas County, TXMaryl Thomas Richard HTHOMAS December 17, 1987
Dallas County, TXElizabeth T Hompson James HTHOMPSON February 25, 1977
Dallas County, TXKarene Thornton James HTHORNTON January 22, 1980
Dallas County, TXKatherine W Turner Larry HTURNER July 26, 1978
Denton County, TXBrendac Taylor George HTAYLOR November 19, 1993
Denton County, TXTerri J Thompson Robert HTHOMPSON August 28, 1995
Eastland County, TXTheressa J Thomas James HTHOMAS March 16, 1993
Ector County, TXFrancie E Thompson William HTHOMPSON September 24, 1985
Ellis County, TXJudy K Thompson William HTHOMPSON April 15, 1976
Harris County, TXKathryn L Taylor James HTAYLOR January 26, 1994
Harris County, TXMaryathomas James HTHOMAS June 8, 1979
Harris County, TXThomas Mae James HTHOMAS May 4, 1993
Harris County, TXSue H Thompson William HTHOMPSON June 28, 1976
Harris County, TXDeboraha Thompson William HTHOMPSON July 11, 1994
Hill County, TXAretta J Thomas Douglas HTHOMAS April 13, 1988
Hopkins County, TXAmanda F Thomas James HTHOMAS August 28, 1987
Jefferson County, TXJanice Thompson Robert HTHOMPSON April 7, 1994
Liberty County, TXJudy M Thompson William HTHOMPSON February 2, 1987
Mclennan County, TXKay Turner James HTURNER June 14, 1985
Navarro County, TXViola R Thomas James HTHOMAS July 7, 1975
Palo Pinto County, TXBrenda R Taylor James HTAYLOR April 11, 1980
Randall County, TXGlendaa Thompson William HTHOMPSON October 29, 1986
Tarrant County, TXElizabeth Athompson James HTHOMPSON February 14, 1978
Tarrant County, TXJean Thompson Washington HTHOMPSON December 26, 1979
Tarrant County, TXJane S Thornton James HTHORNTON August 3, 1993
Tarrant County, TXPatricia J Turner James HTURNER February 8, 1973
Taylor County, TXDiane K Taylor James HTAYLOR March 26, 1987
Travis County, TXOlivia D Thompson Robert HTHOMPSON July 12, 1982
Travis County, TXBarbaraa Thompson Robert HTHOMPSON
Travis County, TXAllison B Thompson Kim HTHOMPSON March 2, 1993
Travis County, TXRuth A Thompson James HTHOMPSON April 14, 1972
Upshur County, TXAnniel Thomas James HTHOMAS December 5, 1975
Walker County, TXGloria L Taylor William HTAYLOR August 5, 1996

Hamilton, Hale,William H BAKER, Cynthias Davis, Ford Henrietta, Julie A Hiatt, Ida M Johnson, Linda L Hollingsworth, Carole M Hrubiak, Brendac Smith, Sheri Taylor, Carol M Hutto, Mary L Wilson, Jeanna K Hyder

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