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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, COSherylk Smith John HSMITH October 17, 1989
Adams County, COPamelaa Smith Mark HSMITH December 21, 1983
Arapahoe County, COWalter R Shepard Mary HSHEPARD November 8, 1972
Arapahoe County, CORichard G Simmons Jane HSIMMONS August 4, 1977
Boulder County, COCheryle A Smith Kenneth HSMITH October 4, 1992
Chaffee County, COMichele Smith Robert HSMITH
Denver County, COMary L Hsieh Andy HSIEH June 29, 1983
Denver County, COJane E Smith William HSMITH October 1, 1980
Denver County, COTheresa M Stuart William HSTUART June 1, 1978
Fremont County, COAnna M Snyder John HSNYDER December 1, 1916
Jefferson County, COLois V Sommars Robert HSOMMARS January 6, 1994
Larimer County, COJennifer M Schwartz John HSCHWARTZ June 26, 1985
Montrose County, COSandra L Smith Robert HSMITH January 29, 1995
Pitkin County, COPeter G Smith Debra HSMITH September 7, 1982
Pueblo County, COMary Smith William HSMITH June 17, 1907
Weld County, CODarinda K Smith Donald HSMITH March 6, 1990
Brevard County, FLDonn A Smith William HSMITH May 8, 1989
Brevard County, FLSnyder Marguerite John HSNYDER June 26, 1985
Broward County, FLAngel A Smith Kenneth HSMITH
Broward County, FLJennie Smith Robert HSMITH February 26, 1975
Broward County, FLViolet Smith Robert HSMITH May 31, 1972
Broward County, FLVirginia Snyder John HSNYDER
Duval County, FLDoris Sanders George HSANDERS February 4, 1970
Duval County, FLMary Smith William HSMITH March 27, 1978
Duval County, FLMolly Smith William HSMITH March 16, 1992
Duval County, FLKim Smith Walter HSMITH April 2, 1998
Duval County, FLKelly Smith Kenneth HSMITH November 23, 1987
Duval County, FLMelissasmith Henry HSMITH October 17, 1997
Duval County, FLSharon Stephenson George HSTEPHENSON July 22, 1992
Duval County, FLPriscilla Stewart John HSTEWART March 23, 1976
Duval County, FLAnne Stone William HSTONE July 3, 1980
Duval County, FLBeverly Stone William HSTONE March 24, 1976
Escambia County, FLRebecca S Anders George HSANDERS
Escambia County, FLGloria Settle William HSETTLE September 8, 1988
Escambia County, FLSandrasmith Robert HSMITH July 1, 1974
Escambia County, FLKimberly Stephens David HSTEPHENS June 27, 1980
Escambia County, FLDonna S Tephens David HSTEPHENS August 11, 1987
Gulf County, FLLois Stephenson George HSTEPHENSON February 12, 1981
Hamilton County, FLGloria Smith John HSMITH
Hardee County, FLMary Smith Walter HSMITH August 26, 1983
Hillsborough County, FLElaine Sanders Scott HSANDERS April 24, 1991
Jackson County, FLEvelyn Smith John HSMITH March 4, 1975
Lee County, FLCatherin E Smith Kenneth HSMITH November 1, 1977
Lee County, FLShirley Smith Robert HSMITH February 23, 1977
Lee County, FLCrysta L Smith Kenneth HSMITH December 12, 1996
Manatee County, FLLinda Snyder John HSNYDER February 15, 1984
Marion County, FLMarysimmons James HSIMMONS August 25, 1980
Marion County, FLReba Stone Lewis HSTONE February 4, 1985
Miami-Dade County, FLJean Shafer John HSHAFER July 31, 1984
Miami-Dade County, FLAngel A Shaw James HSHAW
Orange County, FLSanders Felicia Michael HSANDERS August 14, 1995
Orange County, FLHsiao Lili Hsiao Kao HSIEH August 22, 1997
Orange County, FLChen Hsiu Chen HSIUCHIN March 24, 1997
Orange County, FLJoan Smith William HSMITH January 29, 1982
Orange County, FLRuth Stone Lewis HSTONE May 12, 1970
Osceola County, FLJacqueline Smith John HSMITH October 26, 1990
Osceola County, FLRita Smith John HSMITH April 23, 1982
Palm Beach County, FLScott Nancy David HSCOTT October 4, 1977
Palm Beach County, FLRozann Smith Jan HSMITH February 12, 1991
Palm Beach County, FLInex Smith Douglas HSMITH January 27, 1997
Palm Beach County, FLJeanne Smith Beverly HSMITH December 22, 1986
Palm Beach County, FLMa E Smith John HSMITH
Pinellas County, FLDeborah Sherman Robert HSHERMAN November 12, 1999
Pinellas County, FLMary Smith John HSMITH January 11, 1993
Pinellas County, FLCrissie Smith Robert HSMITH February 17, 1995
Pinellas County, FLSusan Smith Robert HSMITH
Pinellas County, FLPatricias Mith Robert HSMITH February 14, 1972
Pinellas County, FLMargaret Smith John HSMITH March 11, 1980
Pinellas County, FLDeborah Stewart Richard HSTEWART September 19, 1997
Pinellas County, FLNancy Hsu James C HSU June 26, 1985
Polk County, FLSanders Gwen George HSANDERS March 18, 1974
Sarasota County, FLRose Marysmith Robert HSMITH January 23, 1990
Seminole County, FLKathy Smith Stephen HSMITH December 8, 1971
St Lucie County, FLElizabeth Hsu Hsu HSIAOYEW February 23, 1996
St Lucie County, FLValerie Snyder David HSNYDER December 26, 1996
Volusia County, FLMat A Smith John HSMITH January 16, 1998
Volusia County, FLElsie Smith Kenneth HSMITH July 25, 1975
Wakulla County, FLMariann A Smith John HSMITH March 7, 1988
Beltrami County, MNJanice E Smith Gerald HSMITH January 13, 1994
Beltrami County, MNSharonk Spangler John HSPANGLER
Clay County, MNLisa C Dockery William HSHAW July 22, 1993
Clay County, MNLydiaa Smith John HSMITH January 15, 1991
Hennepin County, MNLena H Hsie Wei C HSIE June 9, 1989
Hennepin County, MNNancya Smith Bradley HSMITH December 31, 1986
Hennepin County, MNJillm Smith Douglas HSMITH October 2, 1991
Hennepin County, MNBarbara Lsmith Douglas HSMITH October 15, 1975
Olmsted County, MNThelma K Stephens David HSTEPHENS June 12, 1991
Ottertail County, MNCarolm Smith Donald HSMITH January 4, 1990
Ramsey County, MNNelson G Dong Karen K HSIAO May 7, 1997
Ramsey County, MNMuriel G Smith Walter HSMITH
Wabasha County, MNEleanorr Smith Ervin HSMITH
Clark County, NVNguyen Ly Van Ruby HSIEH July 17, 1986
Clark County, NVYing J Cao Huo F HSIEH
Clark County, NVChen Yu Hung Chen I HSIN November 4, 1986
Clark County, NVRaymond G Smith Emily HSMITH September 25, 1996
Clark County, NVMerlel Smith Susan HSMITH September 14, 1995
Clark County, NVRaymond G Smith Emily HSMITH September 25, 1996
Clark County, NVHsu Lily Robert HSU
Clark County, NVJimmy T Hsu Joy G HSU August 12, 1998
Clark County, NVHsu Lily Robert HSU

Hamilton, Hale,William H BAKER, Cynthias Davis, Ford Henrietta, Julie A Hiatt, Ida M Johnson, Linda L Hollingsworth, Carole M Hrubiak, Brendac Smith, Sheri Taylor, Carol M Hutto, Mary L Wilson, Jeanna K Hyder

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