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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Wood County, TXDonna G Holley Allen J HOLLEY November 19, 1990
Wood County, TXVeronica K Hollingsworth Roger R HOLLINGSWORTH August 27, 1993
Wood County, TXCathy J Hollingsworth Charles D HOLLINGSWORTH March 15, 1984
Wood County, TXPamela J Hollingsworth Troy L HOLLINGSWORTH August 17, 1995
Wood County, TXLinda L Hollingsworth Tommy W HOLLINGSWORTH April 15, 1987
Wood County, TXPatsy A Hollis Johnny R HOLLIS June 24, 1992
Wood County, TXRhonda M Hollis James T HOLLIS April 6, 1994
Wood County, TXKathyl Hollis Johnny D HOLLIS June 25, 1982
Wood County, TXBridget A Hollis Brian W HOLLIS March 6, 1996
Wood County, TXSandra L Hollon Michael M HOLLON March 6, 1991
Wood County, TXDebra A Holmes Johnnyl HOLMES March 17, 1988
Wood County, TXBelinda G Holmes Curtis R HOLMES November 19, 1990
Wood County, TXCatherine D Holmes Everette L HOLMES April 17, 1995
Wood County, TXAnita R Holmes Kenneth W HOLMES October 21, 1982
Wood County, TXMaryk Holt Philip D HOLT November 8, 1979
Wood County, TXKathryn S Holub Gary E HOLUB February 19, 1982
Wood County, TXHood Vicki Robert HOOD November 6, 1985
Wood County, TXMargie A Hood Grover E HOOD May 12, 1986
Wood County, TXDonna D Hood Burl V HOOD September 9, 1976
Wood County, TXBrenda M Hooker Larry HOOKER August 1, 1975
Wood County, TXSheila A Hooks Clint R HOOKS July 17, 1989
Wood County, TXTonya D Hooks John T HOOKS March 8, 1995
Wood County, TXSandra J Hooks Peter R HOOKS April 12, 1984
Wood County, TXTina M Hooks Mickey L HOOKS April 4, 1975
Wood County, TXLindad Hooks Randall R HOOKS December 21, 1987
Wood County, TXPatricia B Hooten Paul C HOOTEN October 29, 1993
Wood County, TXMattie L Horn Charlese HORN November 8, 1979
Wood County, TXDoris F Horn Charlese HORN
Wood County, TXPatsy A Horne Billy R HORNE March 1, 1985
Wood County, TXLaurie L Horne Robert A HORNE January 14, 1988
Wood County, TXRae L Hortman Charles R HORTMAN October 21, 1996
Wood County, TXDonnie M Horton Paul W HORTON April 7, 1982
Wood County, TXTraceyr Horton Jefferyw HORTON September 12, 1995
Wood County, TXLisa R Houghton Brett W HOUGHTON October 26, 1984
Wood County, TXNona E House Euel V HOUSE November 1, 1985
Wood County, TXInez I House Francis N HOUSE
Wood County, TXSharon J House Nolan G HOUSE May 1, 1972
Wood County, TXJanie M House Windell K HOUSE November 15, 1984
Wood County, TXAvis M Howard Aubreyd HOWARD April 27, 1984
Wood County, TXElizabeth J Howard Larryd HOWARD May 23, 1980
Wood County, TXPatriciaa Hubbard Hubbard HOWARD August 4, 1972
Wood County, TXSharon Showell Kenneth R HOWELL March 1, 1988
Wood County, TXBetty D Howell Richard D HOWELL January 14, 1988
Wood County, TXRebecca Showell Martin D HOWELL March 27, 1992
Wood County, TXSara L Howell Franklin D HOWELL April 25, 1994
Wood County, TXBrenda N Howle Doyle M HOWLE May 18, 1990
Yoakum County, TXHobbs Glenda Deryl L HOBBS November 5, 1980
Yoakum County, TXRuby L Holder James E HOLDER March 24, 1983
Yoakum County, TXSharon J Holland Robert G HOLLAND April 28, 1981
Yoakum County, TXNorma J Hollingsworth William J HOLLINGSWORTH March 26, 1986
Yoakum County, TXJosephine S Honea Jack O HONEA October 3, 1994
Yoakum County, TXBrenda Honeycutt Charles E HONEYCUTT January 24, 1985
Yoakum County, TXTina M Hope David E HOPE
Yoakum County, TXLoretta F Houck Ralph D HOUCK December 29, 1981
Young County, TXLinda K Hobbs Everett H HOBBS March 22, 1979
Young County, TXMartha A Hobbs Billy F HOBBS October 18, 1979
Young County, TXJackie S Hobbs Jackie D HOBBS August 6, 1979
Young County, TXMerrilyns Hobbs Everett H HOBBS May 26, 1994
Young County, TXZenda K Hodge Larry G HODGE March 4, 1982
Young County, TXIngrid R Hoffman Roy O HOFFMAN July 16, 1987
Young County, TXBecky L Hoffman Billy D HOFFMAN January 26, 1995
Young County, TXHobert E Hogan Bobby J HOGAN
Young County, TXCynthia G Hogan Anthony D HOGAN
Young County, TXCindy L Holcomb David D HOLCOMB August 2, 1979
Young County, TXPatricia A Holcomb William A HOLCOMB April 19, 1990
Young County, TXMichelle L Holeyfield Michael J HOLEYFIELD March 9, 1995
Young County, TXSue A Holland Bobby L HOLLAND November 18, 1982
Young County, TXTena M Hollar Charles D HOLLAR October 17, 1991
Young County, TXSandra H Holley Edward E HOLLEY November 17, 1977
Young County, TXTammi S Holley James E HOLLEY
Young County, TXSandra J Holley Edgar R HOLLEY
Young County, TXJulie M Holman Kenneth P HOLMAN
Young County, TXGlenna J Holman Jackie L HOLMAN January 12, 1978
Young County, TXMary A Holman Larry L HOLMAN April 11, 1985
Young County, TXSusan L Holman Larry L HOLMAN October 24, 1991
Young County, TXPatricia A Holman Larryl HOLMAN
Young County, TXTammy F Holmstrom Kevin B HOLMSTROM April 21, 1994
Young County, TXAlicia G Rojas Rojas HONORIO May 24, 1990
Young County, TXShannon M Hood Charles A HOOD October 17, 1991
Young County, TXDebra J Hood Joe D HOOD January 3, 1991
Young County, TXMarjorie N Hopkins Bert E HOPKINS May 16, 1974
Young County, TXGinger L Horn Charles A HORN October 15, 1981
Young County, TXDorothy K Horn William J HORN April 8, 1982
Young County, TXEstherm Horton Bradford D HORTON November 25, 1980
Young County, TXBetty J Horton Donnie C HORTON May 1, 1975
Young County, TXJudy K House Mark D HOUSE October 2, 1984
Young County, TXDenise K Houser Randall L HOUSER
Young County, TXWanda F Howard George W HOWARD June 28, 1973
Young County, TXPamela I Howard Max L HOWARD
Young County, TXShirley J Howe Phillip N HOWE November 15, 1990
Young County, TXKelley J Howell Steve R HOWELL January 18, 1979
Young County, TXSandra J Howell Steven R HOWELL
Young County, TXDanna M Howell Alan K HOWELL
Young County, TXLinda J Howell Steve R HOWELL March 24, 1977
Young County, TXFreda A Howell Steve R HOWELL
Young County, TXRebecca L Howell Vernon L HOWELL
Young County, TXBarbara A Howell Billy R HOWELL December 18, 1980
Young County, TXShirley J Howell Billie R HOWELL March 8, 1990
Young County, TXKeally L Howell Henry W HOWELL January 9, 1992
Young County, TXCindy A Howeth Rickie N HOWETH April 9, 1992

Hamilton, Hale,William H BAKER, Cynthias Davis, Ford Henrietta, Julie A Hiatt, Ida M Johnson, Linda L Hollingsworth, Carole M Hrubiak, Brendac Smith, Sheri Taylor, Carol M Hutto, Mary L Wilson, Jeanna K Hyder

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