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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Wood County, TXJanie D Hazelwood Thomas M HAZELWOOD May 26, 1995
Yoakum County, TXRosalie R Haag Albert R HAAG September 28, 1989
Yoakum County, TXMary M Haines Robert E HAINES July 27, 1976
Yoakum County, TXDebbie S Hale Charles E HALE May 27, 1981
Yoakum County, TXLois Hale Charles E HALE February 27, 1980
Yoakum County, TXBobbie L Hall Cliftonc HALL December 19, 1985
Yoakum County, TXJoni E Hancock Donald B HANCOCK September 13, 1979
Yoakum County, TXJoan Hancock Donald B HANCOCK February 3, 1981
Yoakum County, TXJanetm Harding Henry H HARDING June 19, 1986
Yoakum County, TXVickie L Harris Kennethr HARRIS August 16, 1993
Yoakum County, TXSharonk Harrison Dennis G HARRISON April 5, 1990
Yoakum County, TXSheila G Harvey Shane S HARVEY March 21, 1994
Yoakum County, TXMary B Hawkins John T HAWKINS August 13, 1987
Yoakum County, TXEmily W Hays Billy C HAYS October 31, 1979
Young County, TXGinger M Haddox James L HADDOX June 15, 1995
Young County, TXSharona Hager Harold L HAGER March 21, 1985
Young County, TXNancy A Hager Verna C HAGER January 23, 1986
Young County, TXSherry J Hale Joe V HALE September 16, 1982
Young County, TXTammy K Hale Jerald T HALE
Young County, TXRhea D Hale Gary D HALE
Young County, TXJanice C Hales Harry E HALES August 21, 1986
Young County, TXAnnie L Hall Charlie HALL May 9, 1991
Young County, TXVelma E Hall Jesse F HALL June 8, 1972
Young County, TXSherrym Hall Tommy R HALL August 2, 1973
Young County, TXMary E Hamblin Howard J HAMBLIN
Young County, TXMary J Hamilton Douglas G HAMILTON October 17, 1991
Young County, TXTheresa L Hammond Randall D HAMMOND April 14, 1983
Young County, TXCindy K Hand Jack H HAND November 14, 1991
Young County, TXBarbara L Handley Kelly T HANDLEY January 5, 1995
Young County, TXMary M Haney Jimmy H HANEY January 4, 1990
Young County, TXDelores A Hankins Edwin L HANKINS September 7, 1978
Young County, TXLisa K Hanks Michaell HANKS August 17, 1995
Young County, TXNorma J Hanks John W HANKS March 7, 1996
Young County, TXJudith C Hanna Berwin D HANNA January 13, 1983
Young County, TXPamela A Hanna Alan C HANNA November 24, 1993
Young County, TXMary A Hannan Larry W HANNAN February 22, 1990
Young County, TXJudith G Hanson Carroll W HANSON October 6, 1983
Young County, TXLinda C Harden Billy G HARDEN
Young County, TXJoyce Harden Herman S HARDEN October 25, 1984
Young County, TXMarjorie J Hardin Alan K HARDIN September 19, 1991
Young County, TXCarla A Hardin William L HARDIN March 4, 1996
Young County, TXSue A Hardin Lawrence W HARDIN December 13, 1979
Young County, TXLoree A Hardy Richard M HARDY August 14, 1986
Young County, TXTeresa O Hardy James W HARDY July 6, 1989
Young County, TXTeresa O Hardy James W HARDY October 21, 1982
Young County, TXTerry J Hargrave Harold D HARGRAVE
Young County, TXTeresad Harper Bobby D HARPER November 6, 1980
Young County, TXMary F Harrelson Jesse D HARRELSON December 29, 1994
Young County, TXCheryl L Harrelson Terry L HARRELSON June 13, 1996
Young County, TXShirley S Harris Tommy N HARRIS April 6, 1972
Young County, TXBeverly D Harris Danielr HARRIS March 25, 1976
Young County, TXDorthea L Harris Paul W HARRIS August 23, 1979
Young County, TXShawna F Harris Williamd HARRIS December 17, 1981
Young County, TXShirley S Harris Tommy N HARRIS September 18, 1975
Young County, TXPriscilla A Harris Cletis HARRIS November 4, 1981
Young County, TXChristinee Harris Jimmyd HARRIS March 24, 1988
Young County, TXBarbara A Harrison Michael T HARRISON May 23, 1991
Young County, TXElizabeth E Harrison Garyl HARRISON March 15, 1979
Young County, TXPamela R Harrison Jerry D HARRISON March 22, 1979
Young County, TXNancy D Harrison Robert K HARRISON September 15, 1993
Young County, TXLesia A Harrison Jerry D HARRISON May 23, 1996
Young County, TXGneta L Hartgrave Larry D HARTGRAVE December 31, 1992
Young County, TXErin E Harvey Todd W HARVEY September 2, 1993
Young County, TXAva D Harvey Jeffrey A HARVEY October 4, 1990
Young County, TXLisa M Harvill George W HARVILL April 4, 1996
Young County, TXNancyl Hastings Robert E HASTINGS February 19, 1976
Young County, TXCara R Hathway Robert L HATHWAY January 4, 1996
Young County, TXWilma A Hatley Herbert C HATLEY June 1, 1989
Young County, TXCarla F Hawkins Williamo HAWKINS February 28, 1974
Young County, TXBrenda A Hayes Kenneth E HAYES January 12, 1995
Young County, TXPhyllis D Hays David H HAYS January 8, 1976
Zavala County, TXJoyce A Hannah Willie Y HANNAH April 18, 1977
Zavala County, TXSharon C Harper Robert F HARPER June 2, 1988
Zavala County, TXLucille P Hartman Daniel W HARTMAN October 2, 1978

Hamilton, Hale,William H BAKER, Cynthias Davis, Ford Henrietta, Julie A Hiatt, Ida M Johnson, Linda L Hollingsworth, Carole M Hrubiak, Brendac Smith, Sheri Taylor, Carol M Hutto, Mary L Wilson, Jeanna K Hyder

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