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How is the property divided during a divorce?

It is common for a divorcing couple to decide about dividing their property and debts themselves, rather than leave it to the judge. But if a couple cannot agree, they can submit their property dispute to the court, which will use state law to divide the property.

Division of property does not necessarily mean a physical division. Rather, the court awards each spouse a percentage of the total value of the property. (It is illegal for either spouse to hide assets in order to shield them from property division.) Each spouse gets items whose worth adds up to his or her percentage.

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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, COSharon E Pauley Richard EPAULEY June 8, 1982
Adams County, COVickie L Perry James EPERRY April 4, 1978
Adams County, COVirgil L Epp Barbara J EPP February 6, 1975
Adams County, COSue A Epperson Harry L EPPERSON March 9, 1976
Arapahoe County, COPeter P Peterson Mary EPETERSON October 15, 1920
Arapahoe County, CONoah N Epley Ina E EPLEY May 4, 1973
Arapahoe County, COTodd N Epley Vikki R EPLEY June 2, 1992
Arapahoe County, CODorothy M Epperson William T EPPERSON April 11, 1989
Arapahoe County, COLinda R Epperson Kenneth L EPPERSON
Arapahoe County, COAnthony J Eppolito Susan J EPPOLITO October 3, 1978
Arapahoe County, COBarry D Epstein Kathleen M EPSTEIN April 29, 1999
Arapahoe County, COFrederick Epstein Ruth EPSTEIN December 15, 1978
Arapahoe County, COJanet E Epstein Carl J EPSTEIN August 19, 1996
Arapahoe County, COMark L Epstein Candace H EPSTEIN April 12, 1996
Boulder County, COManuel B Perez Maria EPEREZ October 18, 1985
Boulder County, COSharon Phillips John EPHILLIPS August 31, 1989
Boulder County, COJohn S Epler Leota E EPLER February 3, 1981
Boulder County, COGeorge E Epp Barbara B EPP November 26, 1985
Boulder County, COSandra L Epperly Robert D EPPERLY August 14, 1991
Boulder County, COKent E Epperson Jeanne D EPPERSON September 16, 1974
Boulder County, CODebra M Epperson Richard D EPPERSON September 7, 1993
Boulder County, COLeslie C Eppinger Robert P EPPINGER January 9, 1984
Denver County, COWarren C Pack Mary EPACK
Denver County, COPedro Perez Maria EPEREZ January 25, 1988
Denver County, CORuth Perkins Robert EPERKINS December 12, 2001
Denver County, COCarolyn M Phelps Robert EPHELPS January 8, 1981
Denver County, COMarylee D Phillips John EPHILLIPS January 15, 1986
Denver County, COSheila G Pierce James EPIERCE September 17, 1975
Denver County, CODenice P Epley Kenneth E EPLEY
Denver County, COJohn Epley Kathryn EPLEY May 9, 1969
Denver County, COKaren Tepley Brian T EPLEY August 16, 1976
Denver County, COGloria T Epley John J EPLEY August 7, 1979
Denver County, COAnne Porter Warren EPORTER July 1, 1976
Denver County, COGerald Lepp Mary L EPP August 29, 1973
Denver County, COJohn Epperly Karen EPPERLY February 7, 1968
Denver County, CONorma P Epperson Ivory F EPPERSON March 12, 1991
Denver County, CORita E Pperson James N EPPERSON November 19, 1993
Denver County, COMichelle Jepperson Harold K EPPERSON May 3, 1994
Denver County, CORonaldr Epperson Cathy A EPPERSON
Denver County, CORobert M Epperson Karen L EPPERSON September 9, 1968
Denver County, COSheryl L Epperson Kenneth E EPPERSON June 9, 1987
Denver County, COSharon E Eppich Robert C EPPICH October 21, 1980
Denver County, COLynn R Eppinger Dean E EPPINGER March 26, 1982
Denver County, COJoseph E Epps Elizabeth EPPS June 26, 1925
Denver County, COEpps Charlotte James F EPPS December 16, 1975
Denver County, COCharlotte Epps James F EPPS December 16, 1975
Denver County, COEthel Epstein Jerry J EPSTEIN
Denver County, COFrances L Epstein Richard EPSTEIN June 18, 1980
Denver County, COCatherine Epstein Edward EPSTEIN October 8, 1999
Denver County, COSharon B Epstein Terry S EPSTEIN February 11, 1987
Douglas County, COAnne Epps Clift M EPPS March 22, 1991
El Paso County, CORuth E Patterson Glenn EPATTERSON April 24, 1922
El Paso County, COMaryc Peters Joseph EPETERS July 12, 1984
El Paso County, COCindyk Phillips James EPHILLIPS October 26, 1983
El Paso County, CODeborah Y Phillips Robert EPHILLIPS March 27, 1989
El Paso County, COCynthia Ephriam Ronald C EPHRIAM November 18, 1987
El Paso County, COLoula G Pierce James EPIERCE December 13, 1985
El Paso County, COKevin K Epke Katina M EPKE April 7, 2004
El Paso County, COPatricia Epler Edwin W EPLER October 15, 1986
El Paso County, COJohn D Hepler H EPLER March 21, 1994
El Paso County, COJoyce A Potter Steven EPOTTER June 19, 1980
El Paso County, COCheryl A Epp Stanley D EPP March 6, 1984
El Paso County, COGael D Epp Diana L EPP June 14, 1990
El Paso County, CODiane D Epp Kevin D EPP March 4, 2004
El Paso County, CODavid G Epp Kyle P EPP May 19, 1994
El Paso County, COGanine V Eppenger Donald D EPPENGER June 23, 1992
El Paso County, COAllen C Eppley Teresa H EPPLEY June 2, 1986
El Paso County, COCynthia A Eppley Samuel M EPPLEY July 8, 1993
El Paso County, COErnest H Eppright Nora C EPPRIGHT July 22, 1978
El Paso County, COFloyd L Epps Nancy L EPPS August 29, 1975
El Paso County, COEarl L Epps Barbara M EPPS October 17, 1973
Elbert County, COJohn D Epley Stacia L EPLEY
Fremont County, COWesley T Epperson Sharon B EPPERSON September 5, 1969
Fremont County, COJames Depperson Mary A EPPERSON June 21, 1989
Garfield County, COMarvin D Peterson Karen EPETERSON June 13, 1975
Jefferson County, COGranta R Parker James EPARKER October 5, 1987
Jefferson County, COLorraine Peterson James EPETERSON March 2, 1977
Jefferson County, CODorothy D Phillips John EPHILLIPS November 9, 1978
Jefferson County, COMardee A Phillips James EPHILLIPS September 29, 1989
Jefferson County, CODarlene E Salazar Salazar EPIFANIO December 8, 1976
Jefferson County, CORobert J Lepley Judy L EPLEY January 31, 1995
Jefferson County, COTrudy D Epling Robert D EPLING January 4, 1990
Jefferson County, CORichard E Eppard Sondra M EPPARD January 16, 1987
Jefferson County, COEpperson Ted Kimberly A EPPERSON October 21, 1986
Jefferson County, CORalph W Epperson Patricia A EPPERSON November 25, 1992
Jefferson County, COSharon L Epperson Thomas H EPPERSON December 5, 2002
Jefferson County, CODaniel N Epperson Laura A EPPERSON November 6, 1972
Jefferson County, COCandace C Epperson Kent E EPPERSON May 16, 1990
Jefferson County, COMichael T Epson Connie J EPSON
Larimer County, COStephen Teppel Erika T EPPEL September 1, 1988
Mesa County, COHarold W Epple Lucy M EPPLE July 24, 1979
Mesa County, COKata J Epps Joe EPPS September 6, 1993
Moffat County, CONorma L Powell Richard EPOWELL January 19, 1977
Moffat County, COPete Repp Doris L EPP February 16, 1993
Moffat County, COHarold W Epple Susan M EPPLE July 24, 1986
Montezuma County, CODavid L Epley Linda EPLEY April 14, 1978
Montezuma County, CODavid Lepley Phyllis K EPLEY February 8, 1977
Montezuma County, COLisa Epps David EPPS September 6, 2001
Montrose County, COCharles Epp Adam EPP April 14, 1975
Otero County, COClarence Pierce Susan EPIERCE March 11, 1971
Prowers County, CODennis D Eppley Mary A EPPLEY December 3, 1985
Pueblo County, COKathleen M Payne Michael EPAYNE October 21, 1994
Pueblo County, COAnna M Epps Munford C EPPS January 16, 1987
Pueblo County, COPamela S Epps Troy L EPPS May 27, 1998
Summit County, COThomasl Peterson Mary EPETERSON August 26, 1977
Weld County, CODebra L Epperson David C EPPERSON March 25, 1976
Yuma County, COCharles R Epperson Heather M EPPERSON October 23, 2002
Alachua County, FLPatricia P Erry James EPERRY December 21, 1989
Alachua County, FLLynn Phillips James EPHILLIPS September 14, 1993
Alachua County, FLBetty Epperson Robert B EPPERSON April 22, 1985
Alachua County, FLCynthia Epperson Donald L EPPERSON February 7, 1996
Bay County, FLMary P Erson Steven EPERSON August 23, 1979
Bay County, FLMary Pierce James EPIERCE June 12, 1986
Brevard County, FLPamela Parker James EPARKER March 12, 1990
Brevard County, FLRose Peters William EPETERS
Brevard County, FLSarah Eplett Joseph G EPLETT April 17, 1989
Brevard County, FLBrenda Powers Ralph EPOWERS May 2, 1988
Brevard County, FLSheila Epper Michael J EPPER October 14, 1997
Brevard County, FLLinda Epperson Stephen D EPPERSON October 3, 1986
Brevard County, FLBrenda Epperson Henry R EPPERSON May 23, 1988
Brevard County, FLEpperson Cecelia Robert K EPPERSON October 15, 1999
Brevard County, FLLinda Eppihimer Robert EPPIHIMER
Brevard County, FLLinda Heppler George H EPPLER February 6, 1995
Broward County, FLMargaret Payne Michael EPAYNE March 18, 1999
Broward County, FLValerie Perkins Robert EPERKINS
Broward County, FLPaula Epley David R EPLEY July 16, 1999
Broward County, FLElizabeth Epling Roby R EPLING June 23, 1986
Broward County, FLBonnie Epling Gary E EPLING January 21, 1988
Broward County, FLKathleen Epp Robert W EPP September 26, 1978
Broward County, FLJulie Epp William Robert EPP August 5, 1980
Broward County, FLBetty Depp John D EPP June 8, 1981
Broward County, FLBrenda Epple Steven W EPPLE June 26, 1987
Broward County, FLAndre A Epps Charles EPPS April 6, 1982
Broward County, FLEpps Alma Charles EPPS September 5, 1990
Broward County, FLWendy Epps Jerome M EPPS
Broward County, FLJacqueline Epson Steven EPSON March 6, 1986
Broward County, FLDebra Epstein Herbert M EPSTEIN April 3, 1985
Broward County, FLJennifer Epstein Raymond D EPSTEIN February 6, 1991
Broward County, FLBarbara Epstein William EPSTEIN January 26, 1999
Broward County, FLMildred Epstein Louis EPSTEIN March 9, 1976
Broward County, FLMarilyn Epstein Paul EPSTEIN March 1, 1977
Broward County, FLEpstein Gail Irving J EPSTEIN July 23, 1981
Broward County, FLRobert A Epstein Mark Sanford EPSTEIN August 17, 1983
Broward County, FLJulie Epstein Arthur B EPSTEIN January 2, 1992
Broward County, FLLaura Epstein Jeffrey EPSTEIN November 17, 1995
Broward County, FLEpstein Janis William EPSTEIN
Broward County, FLAmy Epstein Steven EPSTEIN May 9, 1983
Broward County, FLSheila Epstein Morton C EPSTEIN November 19, 1987
Broward County, FLEpstein Erica Robert B EPSTEIN November 6, 1996
Charlotte County, FLPatricia Pierce John EPIERCE August 17, 1981
Charlotte County, FLDenise Epifano James R EPIFANO November 28, 1990
Charlotte County, FLDebra Epperly Edward A EPPERLY August 14, 1979
Charlotte County, FLSusan Eppers Dennis R EPPERS September 6, 1989
Citrus County, FLBeverly Parker Robert EPARKER November 8, 1990
Citrus County, FLDorothy Eppard Kenneth C EPPARD February 14, 1974
Citrus County, FLEpps Jessie Richard EPPS February 13, 1991
Clay County, FLMary Eppes Keith F EPPES August 28, 1991
Clay County, FLEpps Darlene Loyd T EPPS January 31, 1989
Desoto County, FLLinda Epstein Mark EPSTEIN October 22, 1974
Duval County, FLParker Harriet James EPARKER July 8, 1970
Duval County, FLPayne Cecelia Michael EPAYNE March 18, 1986
Duval County, FLBarbara Perkins James EPERKINS March 5, 1987
Duval County, FLKathryn Peters David EPETERS February 4, 1991
Duval County, FLChristina Peters William EPETERS August 24, 1994
Duval County, FLSharon Phillips David EPHILLIPS July 19, 1977
Duval County, FLCarolyn Phillips James EPHILLIPS May 28, 1976
Duval County, FLNancy Ephrem Freddie T EPHREM June 21, 1973
Duval County, FLDoris Epley James A EPLEY
Duval County, FLPorter Merle James EPORTER January 4, 1984
Duval County, FLRebecca Epp Gary J EPP June 1, 1988
Duval County, FLLillian Epp Thomas J EPP June 5, 1992
Duval County, FLCarolyn Epperly James E EPPERLY November 9, 1973
Duval County, FLJosephine Epperson Merrill A EPPERSON May 11, 1976
Duval County, FLBetty Epperson Merrill A EPPERSON
Duval County, FLDorothyep P Erson Franklin E EPPERSON August 15, 1988
Duval County, FLEppley Paige Roy E EPPLEY April 12, 1995
Duval County, FLElizabeth Epps Junius D EPPS July 27, 1984
Duval County, FLThelma Epps Charles E EPPS February 28, 1979
Duval County, FLMary Epps Enoch E EPPS September 7, 1993
Duval County, FLCynthia Epps Lenny V EPPS
Duval County, FLWanda Epps Wilson F EPPS February 25, 1977
Duval County, FLPatricia Epps Donald L EPPS May 13, 1980
Duval County, FLJamiep Rice John EPRICE June 4, 1996
Duval County, FLKathy Epsilantis Clarence A EPSILANTIS July 29, 1985
Escambia County, FLEpperson June David EPPERSON January 7, 1971
Escambia County, FLCarolyn Epperson Hercle E EPPERSON April 21, 1998
Escambia County, FLEpps Jo Willie D EPPS May 4, 1984
Escambia County, FLPatricia Epps Darnell L EPPS July 8, 1998
Escambia County, FLLinda Epson Richard E EPSON September 12, 1975
Escambia County, FLElizabeth Epstein Charles S EPSTEIN March 31, 1976
Gadsden County, FLKathryn Epps Benjamin T EPPS August 24, 1970
Hendry County, FLAnna Payne James EPAYNE October 15, 1982
Hernando County, FLBetty Epps James H EPPS August 17, 1995
Highlands County, FLLara Ana Lara EPIFANIO May 6, 1974
Highlands County, FLElizabeth Epling Stanley T EPLING March 8, 1990
Hillsborough County, FLBarbara Eparvier Richard M EPARVIER
Hillsborough County, FLPeterson Charmaine Keith EPETERSON
Hillsborough County, FLDale Phillips Johnny EPHILLIPS
Hillsborough County, FLMary Phillips Robert EPHILLIPS March 9, 1979
Hillsborough County, FLAnnie Phillips James EPHILLIPS November 3, 1972
Hillsborough County, FLJoann E Phillips John EPHILLIPS January 22, 1999
Hillsborough County, FLG Ladys Maurice EPHRAIM August 4, 1982
Hillsborough County, FLKaren Epler Eric EPLER May 4, 1995
Hillsborough County, FLDiane Epley Paul E EPLEY August 14, 1973
Hillsborough County, FLRachel Lepley Paul L EPLEY April 21, 1995
Hillsborough County, FLDeborah Epley Thomas E EPLEY March 8, 1996
Hillsborough County, FLCarolyn Eppard Rickie R EPPARD March 15, 1988
Hillsborough County, FLTheresa Epperson Glenn A EPPERSON October 21, 1981
Hillsborough County, FLSharon Epperson Michael E EPPERSON June 4, 1984
Hillsborough County, FLBetty Epperson John R EPPERSON May 12, 1993
Hillsborough County, FLSheila Epperson Henry O EPPERSON December 11, 1978
Hillsborough County, FLKathleen Epperson Wilson C EPPERSON March 18, 1981
Hillsborough County, FLJudith Epperson Buford D EPPERSON June 2, 1983
Hillsborough County, FLCarol Epperson John W EPPERSON August 5, 1988
Hillsborough County, FLDiane Epperson Steven T EPPERSON February 25, 1994
Hillsborough County, FLEpps Yvonne Willie N EPPS
Hillsborough County, FLDebbie Epps Charles M EPPS June 22, 1989
Hillsborough County, FLJacqueline Epps Charles M EPPS January 13, 1993
Hillsborough County, FLSharon Epps Douglas E EPPS February 8, 1995
Holmes County, FLJanet Epley Donaldj EPLEY
Lake County, FLJoycephillips Harold EPHILLIPS June 2, 1982
Lee County, FLRobert A Epling Kenneth EPLING October 13, 1994
Lee County, FLDorothy Epper John X EPPER September 18, 1972
Lee County, FLEpperson Darlene Robert EPPERSON July 16, 1973
Lee County, FLIrene Epps Kenneth EPPS October 3, 1985
Lee County, FLDiane Epps Richard S EPPS May 13, 1992
Leon County, FLPetersen Marcia William EPETERSEN May 7, 1991
Leon County, FLLois Epperson John EPPERSON June 18, 1971
Levy County, FLDouglas Carolyn Douglas M EPHRIAM September 23, 1988
Levy County, FLSharon Epperson Larry F EPPERSON May 3, 1984
Manatee County, FLEpler Roxanne William E EPLER
Manatee County, FLLinda Epps Wayne C EPPS October 24, 1986
Marion County, FLRobin Eppinger Brian K EPPINGER August 25, 1989
Miami-Dade County, FLPaz Francisca Juan EPAZ July 9, 1991
Miami-Dade County, FLAndrea Cepeda Jose C EPEDA May 14, 1981
Miami-Dade County, FLNorma Cepeda Jose C EPEDA April 14, 1983
Miami-Dade County, FLJulia Perez Francisco EPEREZ
Miami-Dade County, FLMiriam Perez Juan EPEREZ July 25, 1975
Miami-Dade County, FLPerez Adrienne Juan EPEREZ August 26, 1993
Miami-Dade County, FLPerez Silvia Andres EPEREZ October 12, 1995
Miami-Dade County, FLAndre A Perez Jose EPEREZ May 14, 1998
Miami-Dade County, FLPerez Cristina Francisco EPEREZ
Miami-Dade County, FLTeresa Perez Juan EPEREZ August 5, 1974
Miami-Dade County, FLPerez Alberta Jose EPEREZ September 14, 1978
Miami-Dade County, FLJulia Perez Francisco EPEREZ September 14, 1988
Miami-Dade County, FLMariap Erez Luis EPEREZ June 7, 1989
Miami-Dade County, FLDonna Peters William EPETERS July 6, 1978
Miami-Dade County, FLPatsy Phillips James EPHILLIPS
Miami-Dade County, FLSharon Phillips James EPHILLIPS May 7, 1970
Miami-Dade County, FLRuby Cannady Cannady EPHROM
Miami-Dade County, FLAngela Pierce James EPIERCE October 3, 1997
Miami-Dade County, FLRomero Magalis Romero EPIFANIO March 18, 1985
Miami-Dade County, FLReyes Ramona Reyes EPIFANIO March 26, 1998
Miami-Dade County, FLRomero Lidia Romero EPIFANIO
Miami-Dade County, FLCarmen Diaz Diaz EPIFANIO June 22, 1995
Miami-Dade County, FLGonzalez Juliana Gonzalez EPIFANIO November 24, 1975
Miami-Dade County, FLSharon Epling Gary EPLING
Miami-Dade County, FLSharon Epling Teddy W EPLING March 19, 1975
Miami-Dade County, FLEpperley Edilia Delbert E EPPERLEY February 27, 1987
Miami-Dade County, FLSue Epperson Clyde A EPPERSON May 13, 1974
Miami-Dade County, FLCheryl Epperson John K EPPERSON December 21, 1982
Miami-Dade County, FLSandra Epperson Michael D EPPERSON February 4, 1974
Miami-Dade County, FLCarol Eppic David M EPPIC May 28, 1980
Miami-Dade County, FLJanice Eppler Daniel EPPLER June 17, 1991
Miami-Dade County, FLSharon Epps Freddie P EPPS August 15, 1985
Miami-Dade County, FLDeborah Epstein Meyer C EPSTEIN March 4, 1983
Miami-Dade County, FLAngela Epstein Steven C EPSTEIN December 28, 1984
Miami-Dade County, FLBetty Epstein Michael J EPSTEIN
Miami-Dade County, FLEpstein Beatrice Ronald EPSTEIN December 12, 1974
Miami-Dade County, FLCarol E Pstein Jay D EPSTEIN May 4, 1976
Miami-Dade County, FLEpstein Gail Robert EPSTEIN February 23, 1976
Miami-Dade County, FLCarol E Pstein Stanley W EPSTEIN November 6, 1979
Miami-Dade County, FLRosa Epstein William S EPSTEIN December 19, 1995
Miami-Dade County, FLElizabeth Epstein Richard M EPSTEIN October 4, 1978
Miami-Dade County, FLKathy Epstein Grant N EPSTEIN May 21, 1981
Miami-Dade County, FLPaul A Epstein Michael G EPSTEIN September 17, 1982
Miami-Dade County, FLDiana Epstein Steven EPSTEIN January 8, 1990
Miami-Dade County, FLSheila Epstein Andrew S EPSTEIN November 15, 1994
Monroe County, FLSuzanne Phillips James EPHILLIPS September 25, 1973
Okaloosa County, FLCynthia Parker Kenneth EPARKER June 23, 1999
Okaloosa County, FLBrenda Perkins James EPERKINS July 16, 1975
Okaloosa County, FLDonna Peters William EPETERS December 3, 1974
Okaloosa County, FLCrystal Epps Thomas E EPPS May 16, 1983
Okaloosa County, FLRita Epps Steven EPPS June 7, 1976
Orange County, FLSally Payne Michael EPAYNE August 4, 1975
Orange County, FLDorothy Perry Charles EPERRY November 21, 1979
Orange County, FLMargaret Phillips Harold EPHILLIPS
Orange County, FLDeborah P Hillips Robert EPHILLIPS February 18, 1974
Orange County, FLBarbara Pia Pierce EPIA February 9, 1976
Orange County, FLJuli A Alvarez Alvarez EPIFANIO April 23, 1991
Orange County, FLMaria Marquez Marquez EPIFANIO April 13, 1992
Orange County, FLLinda Epperly Marshall L EPPERLY
Orange County, FLBrenda Epping Robert C EPPING March 22, 1984
Orange County, FLBarbara Epple Bruce A EPPLE November 12, 1991
Orange County, FLSylvia Eppleman Gregg S EPPLEMAN June 29, 1987
Orange County, FLBetty Eppler David R EPPLER August 27, 1992
Orange County, FLDoris Epps Horace S EPPS January 11, 1972
Orange County, FLJudith Epps Bobby R EPPS December 19, 1978
Orange County, FLDiane Epstein Alan R EPSTEIN September 24, 1998
Orange County, FLAndrea Sepulveda Juan S EPULVEDA October 1, 1992
Osceola County, FLCatherine Eppler David R EPPLER February 9, 1987
Osceola County, FLEpstein Lynn Jack EPSTEIN November 14, 1988
Palm Beach County, FLPerez Rosalina Francisco EPEREZ September 7, 1973
Palm Beach County, FLBetty Peterson James EPETERSON July 26, 1977
Palm Beach County, FLSheila Eppard George W EPPARD July 26, 1999
Palm Beach County, FLKathleen Epple James D EPPLE
Palm Beach County, FLNancy Epps Bernard M EPPS May 25, 1973
Palm Beach County, FLPamela Epps Richard William EPPS November 2, 1976
Palm Beach County, FLEpps Francis James EPPS February 11, 1976
Palm Beach County, FLMary Epps James EPPS
Palm Beach County, FLElizabeth Epps Jeffery J EPPS March 8, 1999
Palm Beach County, FLEpps Tyra Michael EPPS June 9, 1989
Palm Beach County, FLSara Epstein Harry EPSTEIN January 22, 1988
Palm Beach County, FLPeggy Epstein Steven EPSTEIN
Palm Beach County, FLSylvia Epstein Samuel EPSTEIN April 27, 1993
Pasco County, FLJohnnie Phillips Robert EPHILLIPS September 7, 1989
Pasco County, FLMary Epperson George L EPPERSON July 15, 1998
Pasco County, FLLois Epps Joseph A EPPS June 24, 1985
Pinellas County, FLEdith Paige Richard EPAIGE April 9, 1998
Pinellas County, FLSandra Pearson John EPEARSON July 5, 1973
Pinellas County, FLSusan Peters Joseph EPETERS October 18, 1996
Pinellas County, FLPhillips Candace Richard EPHILLIPS October 28, 1988
Pinellas County, FLJoan Phillips Robert EPHILLIPS August 26, 1992
Pinellas County, FLPenny Phillips John EPHILLIPS November 9, 1995
Pinellas County, FLThelma Epley Kenneth EPLEY May 7, 1973
Pinellas County, FLCarolyn Epperly Gary D EPPERLY December 3, 1985
Pinellas County, FLMary Epperson John K EPPERSON
Pinellas County, FLRita E Pperson Robert G EPPERSON April 8, 1976
Pinellas County, FLMary Epperson Robert G EPPERSON December 29, 1989
Pinellas County, FLJulia Epperson Rodney C EPPERSON February 17, 1995
Pinellas County, FLKathleen Epperson Rodney EPPERSON May 7, 1987
Pinellas County, FLSharon Epperson William G EPPERSON June 3, 1991
Pinellas County, FLGloria Epperson James E EPPERSON October 19, 1994
Pinellas County, FLLinda Epperson Steven M EPPERSON
Pinellas County, FLSandra Epperson Buford D EPPERSON April 3, 1978
Pinellas County, FLBarbara Eppich Jeffrey S EPPICH June 24, 1991
Pinellas County, FLKimberly Eppinger Bryan EPPINGER February 25, 1991
Pinellas County, FLBarbara Epps Danny B EPPS
Pinellas County, FLJean Epps Joseph A EPPS October 9, 1975
Pinellas County, FLBrenda Epps Thomas J EPPS March 29, 1985
Pinellas County, FLJeanne Epps Gary A EPPS August 2, 1988
Pinellas County, FLMary P Rice Edward EPRICE January 18, 1990
Pinellas County, FLMary Price William EPRICE December 12, 1997
Pinellas County, FLShirley Epright John H EPRIGHT October 4, 1982
Pinellas County, FLMary Epright Norman W EPRIGHT November 6, 1986
Pinellas County, FLDenise Epstein Steven G EPSTEIN June 2, 1997
Pinellas County, FLMargaret Epstein Joelj EPSTEIN August 2, 1990
Pinellas County, FLPatricia Epstein Robert S EPSTEIN July 17, 1996
Polk County, FLBetty Epps Bobby H EPPS October 29, 1992
Sarasota County, FLDiane Parker Kenneth EPARKER February 13, 1986
Sarasota County, FLAnna Pepe William P EPE July 3, 1972
Sarasota County, FLBrenda Epling Paul R EPLING July 13, 1976
Sarasota County, FLBrenda Epling Paul R EPLING January 6, 1977
Sarasota County, FLMary Epperley Michael EPPERLEY January 24, 1984
Sarasota County, FLMary Epperley Michael EPPERLEY
Sarasota County, FLSandra Epps Curtis L EPPS September 2, 1998
Sarasota County, FLEpstein Harriet Jay M EPSTEIN December 16, 1982
Seminole County, FLDorothy Epps Harold W EPPS May 23, 1990
Seminole County, FLKaren Epstein Paul I EPSTEIN July 1, 1987
Seminole County, FLRebecca Epstein Mark R EPSTEIN January 13, 1999
Seminole County, FLDeborah Epting Patrick L EPTING June 29, 1989
St Johns County, FLJane Epperly Dallas V EPPERLY
St Johns County, FLEpstein Lynn Marc B EPSTEIN
St Lucie County, FLDonna Epp Donald EPP June 8, 1987
St Lucie County, FLMary Epp Robert W EPP August 7, 1986
Volusia County, FLPaul Judith Daniel EPAUL February 15, 1985
Volusia County, FLMelissa P Hillips John EPHILLIPS February 24, 1984
Volusia County, FLMary Episcopo Joseph EPISCOPO April 29, 1993
Volusia County, FLDenise Epke Thomas L EPKE October 22, 1986
Volusia County, FLAnn E Epley Glen B EPLEY September 7, 1990
Volusia County, FLPotts Carla John EPOTTS January 6, 1983
Volusia County, FLEpps Lacy Bobby EPPS April 25, 1990
Volusia County, FLCynthia Epstein Matthew J EPSTEIN August 13, 1980
Volusia County, FLMargaret Epting Clair L EPTING December 5, 1990
Anoka County, MNFlorence T Peterson Kenneth EPETERSON July 19, 1971
Anoka County, MNCarol A Eppel Richard C EPPEL July 28, 1975
Anoka County, MNJohn C Epperly Eileen M EPPERLY
Anoka County, MNJohn T Epperson Tanika M EPPERSON September 26, 1997
Blue Earth County, MNJane Peppard Larry D EPPARD August 22, 1986
Carlton County, MNMarjorie K Pollard Robert EPOLLARD July 12, 1973
Carver County, MNAllen Lpeterson Mary EPETERSON March 3, 1998
Carver County, MNCarol J Epperson James L EPPERSON July 7, 1993
Clay County, MNMarlene K Peterson James EPETERSON November 8, 1996
Clay County, MNMarilyn C Epp Richard L EPP May 8, 1992
Clay County, MNKatherine L Epperly James A EPPERLY February 9, 1996
Clay County, MNGloria J Epps Alvin M EPPS December 22, 1993
Clay County, MNAndre L Epps Kathleen M EPPS August 8, 1997
Clay County, MNJessie M Price John EPRICE February 16, 1996
Clearwater County, MNGary Crawley Melissa EPPELHEIMER February 27, 1997
Cottonwood County, MNNola D Swedin Paul J EPPLE July 26, 1995
Crow Wing County, MNMarym Epple Duane G EPPLE October 1, 1982
Dakota County, MNJanice M Eppler Gerald L EPPLER December 28, 1981
Fillmore County, MNAngela F Parker Wayne EPARKER September 16, 1993
Goodhue County, MNSandra J Eppen Wayne D EPPEN January 16, 1986
Hennepin County, MNAvis C Parker James EPARKER March 8, 1983
Hennepin County, MNDonna M Pearson John EPEARSON April 3, 1970
Hennepin County, MNJanice A Perry Karl EPERRY August 9, 1983
Hennepin County, MNBecky H Epes Robertg EPES June 27, 1979
Hennepin County, MNCarol M Peterson James EPETERSON July 24, 1975
Hennepin County, MNSylviak Peterson James EPETERSON November 3, 1971
Hennepin County, MNAnnm Phillips John EPHILLIPS September 25, 1985
Hennepin County, MNSheila S Epner Donald B EPNER November 29, 1974
Hennepin County, MNPamela J Epperly James R EPPERLY
Hennepin County, MNBarbara J Epperly Robert S EPPERLY March 8, 1978
Hennepin County, MNTerri E Eppler Billy B EPPLER March 24, 1989
Hennepin County, MNAbra S Epstein Sanford R EPSTEIN August 15, 1986
Hennepin County, MNDorothy L Epstein Bernard E EPSTEIN October 1, 1986
Jackson County, MNJonathan V Peterson Cynthia EPETERSON August 26, 1997
Kanabec County, MNElizabeth A Epple Paul J EPPLE September 5, 1990
Kandiyohi County, MNLoril Peterson James EPETERSON October 7, 1991
Mower County, MNShawn Eppens Mark D EPPENS March 16, 1990
Mower County, MNDebra S Epperson Robert E EPPERSON September 12, 1989
Olmsted County, MNDeboraha Peterson James EPETERSON December 5, 1974
Ramsey County, MNRobert J Paul Margaret EPAUL April 26, 1999
Ramsey County, MNMary T Phillips James EPHILLIPS November 12, 1980
Ramsey County, MNGretchen J Phillips David EPHILLIPS August 7, 1989
Ramsey County, MNLinda L Phillips John EPHILLIPS August 1, 1974
Ramsey County, MNCarol A Epp Zachary V EPP May 5, 1981
Ramsey County, MNHarry S Epperson Elaine M EPPERSON
Ramsey County, MNBarbara J Epperson Michael J EPPERSON August 28, 1979
Ramsey County, MNJanet Epperson Michael J EPPERSON April 11, 1994
Ramsey County, MNJosephine L Eppolito John T EPPOLITO January 16, 1976
Ramsey County, MNAudrey R Epstein Robert W EPSTEIN December 6, 1979
Ramsey County, MNDiane R Epstein Marc E EPSTEIN
Rice County, MNKathleen Leppert Gerald L EPPERT February 24, 1972
Rice County, MNCharles Epps Kaya R EPPS
Sherburne County, MNEva J Phillips James EPHILLIPS January 8, 1976
Washington County, MNBarbara Jpeterson James EPETERSON April 25, 1984
Wright County, MNHelen M Peterson James EPETERSON July 7, 1980
Wright County, MNCindy L Phillips James EPHILLIPS May 15, 1990
Churchill County, NVEsther P Peterson James EPETERSON December 18, 1972
Churchill County, NVBessie B Epperson William H EPPERSON November 8, 1991
Clark County, NVCarlose Perez Maria EPEREZ April 13, 1994
Clark County, NVCarrie H Perkins Robert EPERKINS May 18, 1971
Clark County, NVAntonio O Rnelas Maria Y EPEZ June 26, 1997
Clark County, NVShirley J Phillips Robert EPHILLIPS
Clark County, NVAnna R Phillips David EPHILLIPS
Clark County, NVTony Cheung Cheung EPIFANIA February 28, 1997
Clark County, NVMejia Maria Marquez Mejia EPIFANIO
Clark County, NVJoseph F Epifanio Montana G EPIFANIO December 3, 1999
Clark County, NVAmado L Epino Amelia A EPINO December 18, 1986
Clark County, NVPena Pena EPITACIO September 13, 1993
Clark County, NVJuanda K Epler Tony K EPLER October 16, 1980
Clark County, NVDavid C Nordman Arleen G EPLEY
Clark County, NVJudith Epling Terry V EPLING December 4, 1969
Clark County, NVTerry V Epling Almeda V EPLING August 31, 1973
Clark County, NVKaren Peppard Joseph P EPPARD December 14, 1982
Clark County, NVGabriel M Eppenger Sheila D EPPENGER March 7, 1984
Clark County, NVLloyd A Epperson Jewel M EPPERSON August 6, 1971
Clark County, NVJohn W Epperson Eva J EPPERSON October 5, 1973
Clark County, NVCarol Epperson Gary EPPERSON July 7, 1982
Clark County, NVCynthia Epperson Kenneth EPPERSON August 23, 1984
Clark County, NVCharles H Epperson Glenda S EPPERSON November 2, 1972
Clark County, NVWilliam F Epperson Vickie L EPPERSON October 4, 1999
Clark County, NVWilliam J Eppler Sheila Y EPPLER January 23, 1998
Clark County, NVRonald Eppley Emma G EPPLEY October 7, 1996
Clark County, NVRonald Eppley Emma G EPPLEY October 7, 1996
Clark County, NVMarion J Epps Carolyn EPPS November 13, 1985
Clark County, NVWilliam H Epstein Maxine P EPSTEIN June 17, 1971
Clark County, NVUrsula A Epstein Edwin A EPSTEIN
Clark County, NVGloria Epstein Kenneth EPSTEIN December 1, 1976
Clark County, NVCarol B Epstein Michael EPSTEIN April 15, 1991
Clark County, NVMartina Epstein Kathleen M EPSTEIN July 22, 1998
Clark County, NVMichael H Epstein Pamela J EPSTEIN April 9, 1999
Clark County, NVCharles Epstein Dawn C EPSTEIN December 16, 1975
Clark County, NVElizabeth Epton Louis EPTON July 9, 1985
Clark County, NVLou Epton Elizabeth J EPTON July 18, 1994
Nye County, NVRoy L Epperly Johanna M EPPERLY November 28, 1995
Washoe County, NVAllen W Peterson Karen EPETERSON May 31, 1984
Washoe County, NVLepp Thomas Kimberly L EPP August 14, 1992
Washoe County, NVCatherine M Epperly Ronald E EPPERLY November 3, 1972
Washoe County, NVEdith J Epperson William R EPPERSON August 19, 1971
Washoe County, NVKim S Epperson Eric C EPPERSON May 4, 1981
Washoe County, NVKim S Epperson Eric C EPPERSON May 4, 1981
Washoe County, NVBarbara J Epps Steven L EPPS May 22, 1981
Washoe County, NVBarbara J Epps Steven L EPPS May 22, 1981
Washoe County, NVNathan Epstein Bernice T EPSTEIN April 29, 1968
White Pine County, NVEpperson Lee Lois E EPPERSON June 1, 1981
Galveston County, TXTami L Parker James EPARKER June 12, 1979
Galveston County, TXMargie F Epler Jerry F EPLER March 2, 1976
Galveston County, TXPatricia A Epler Raymond E EPLER
Galveston County, TXTommie L Epler Richard L EPLER February 18, 1992
Galveston County, TXPatricia L Kepley George K EPLEY May 21, 1992
Galveston County, TXTinam Epperson Nathan T EPPERSON August 17, 1982
Galveston County, TXJoyce L Epperson Ronald T EPPERSON May 17, 1995
Anderson County, TXTracey C Perry James EPERRY December 21, 1977
Angelina County, TXJulie E Perry Lawrence EPERRY
Atascosa County, TXPena Angelina Jesus EPENA May 24, 1989
Austin County, TXPamela G Epperly Dewitt C EPPERLY July 12, 1988
Bastrop County, TXEllen E Perkins Ernest EPERKINS September 4, 1991
Bastrop County, TXTheresa D Epperson Arthur E EPPERSON September 7, 1984
Bee County, TXMisty L Perez Carlos EPEREZ May 17, 1993
Bell County, TXMaria Lperez Carlos EPEREZ July 8, 1982
Bell County, TXDonnak Phillips David EPHILLIPS January 13, 1989
Bell County, TXRosado Manuela Rosado EPIFANIO December 21, 1982
Bell County, TXMichelle Eplin Charles D EPLIN February 2, 1984
Bell County, TXBarbara K Epperson Thomas R EPPERSON May 4, 1994
Bell County, TXPatricia A Epperson Thomas R EPPERSON March 9, 1978
Bell County, TXMonica R Epps Calvin H EPPS September 2, 1976
Bell County, TXVeronica J Epps Harry J EPPS March 22, 1979
Bell County, TXLisa A Epps Walter O EPPS September 26, 1988
Bexar County, TXBerta L Parker Kenneth EPARKER July 1, 1975
Bexar County, TXCynthia A Payne Michael EPAYNE September 2, 1975
Bexar County, TXErma M Perez Fernando EPEREZ September 14, 1989
Bexar County, TXAnita Perez Jose EPEREZ
Bexar County, TXRosam Perez Jose EPEREZ May 5, 1982
Bexar County, TXEvelyn C Phillips James EPHILLIPS January 24, 1980
Bexar County, TXCarolyn S Phillips John EPHILLIPS April 6, 1992
Bexar County, TXElizabet H Valenzuela Valenzuela EPHREN September 14, 1993
Bexar County, TXMari A Ramirez Ramirez EPIFANIO August 24, 1977
Bexar County, TXBessie X Porter James EPORTER August 6, 1981
Bexar County, TXBrenda E Epp Jonathan EPP August 13, 1991
Bexar County, TXPamela D Epp Lawrence W EPP March 14, 1995
Bexar County, TXSandra Lepp Terry E EPP
Bexar County, TXBrenda Epp Jonathan EPP August 13, 1991
Bexar County, TXJanice Epperson Thomas C EPPERSON March 12, 1992
Bexar County, TXKimberly D Epperson David M EPPERSON October 29, 1984
Bexar County, TXCatherine E Epperson Godfrey S EPPERSON October 23, 1995
Bexar County, TXNancy N Epperson Thomas C EPPERSON
Bexar County, TXBrandi D Epperson Peter T EPPERSON June 14, 1996
Bexar County, TXKathleen M Eppes Michael L EPPES February 25, 1988
Bexar County, TXMary C Eppley Ronald J EPPLEY September 3, 1976
Bexar County, TXBettye J Epps Albert L EPPS October 12, 1982
Bexar County, TXTeresa Epstein Norman C EPSTEIN December 9, 1980
Bexar County, TXCarol Epstein Stevenj EPSTEIN May 19, 1993
Bexar County, TXRuth A Epstein Jonathan EPSTEIN January 9, 1989
Bexar County, TXLeigh A Epting James R EPTING
Bowie County, TXEva M Perry James EPERRY October 11, 1974
Bowie County, TXBelinda K Epperson Bobbie J EPPERSON
Bowie County, TXJudith A Epperson Lana D EPPERSON August 16, 1985
Bowie County, TXHattie M Epps Robert L EPPS
Bowie County, TXSue J Epps Randy L EPPS May 1, 1981
Brazoria County, TXSheryl L Phillips James EPHILLIPS June 16, 1982
Brazoria County, TXMary A Phillips James EPHILLIPS September 23, 1981
Brazoria County, TXChrisa Powell Charles EPOWELL May 13, 1974
Brazoria County, TXWendy M Epperley Lawrence G EPPERLEY October 21, 1996
Brazoria County, TXNorma J Epperson Reginald D EPPERSON July 28, 1976
Brazoria County, TXTracy J Epperson Vance L EPPERSON February 15, 1980
Brazoria County, TXJennifer D Epperson Vance L EPPERSON July 26, 1983
Brazoria County, TXKaryn L Epps Matthew D EPPS March 6, 1985
Brazoria County, TXJuanita F Epps Michael T EPPS November 15, 1990
Brazoria County, TXCherryl Epps Matthew D EPPS August 18, 1980
Brazoria County, TXBrenda L Epps Matthew D EPPS October 21, 1992
Brazoria County, TXPatriciae Epstein Stephen L EPSTEIN January 11, 1985
Brazos County, TXMarcia D Phillips James EPHILLIPS December 4, 1984
Brazos County, TXRuth A Epley Thomase EPLEY December 11, 1991
Brazos County, TXDiane M Epting Thomas L EPTING April 24, 1990
Brown County, TXJoan Ephraim John EPHRAIM June 14, 1973
Burnet County, TXMelissa M Epley Jeffrey W EPLEY May 22, 1989
Cameron County, TXJulia G Chavez Chavez EPIMENIO March 12, 1974
Cass County, TXSharon D Epps George E EPPS November 21, 1980
Cass County, TXMabel A Epps James W EPPS February 21, 1986
Cass County, TXJanice E Epps Charles P EPPS May 13, 1996
Clay County, TXCarole A Pryor John EPRYOR April 11, 1983
Collin County, TXTorres Evangelina Torres EPIFANIO August 24, 1984
Collin County, TXKathryn A Porter Mark EPORTER December 19, 1990
Collin County, TXGeraldine Powell Charles EPOWELL May 25, 1982
Collin County, TXJanet A Eppard Larry A EPPARD September 6, 1988
Collin County, TXBrenda L Epperson Dale L EPPERSON October 26, 1982
Collin County, TXTammy R Epperson Mansford V EPPERSON
Collin County, TXSylvia Epperson Dale L EPPERSON July 11, 1984
Collin County, TXCynthia S Eppler Eric L EPPLER February 4, 1994
Cooke County, TXEvelyn K Peters William EPETERS April 25, 1996
Cooke County, TXVeronica C Epperson John R EPPERSON May 16, 1995
Coryell County, TXCheryl A Parker Todd EPARKER July 17, 1987
Coryell County, TXMelissa D Epperson Anthony R EPPERSON February 3, 1995
Coryell County, TXTonya M Epps Munford C EPPS April 8, 1994
Dallas County, TXRuth L Parker James EPARKER June 26, 1972
Dallas County, TXCecelia A Parker James EPARKER
Dallas County, TXRebecca F Parker Kenneth EPARKER June 2, 1989
Dallas County, TXShirleyj Parker James EPARKER October 19, 1976
Dallas County, TXDebra J Perez Xavier EPEREZ July 29, 1977
Dallas County, TXPatricia G Perkins James EPERKINS May 29, 1987
Dallas County, TXSharon R Peters Joseph EPETERS March 19, 1980
Dallas County, TXCatherine A Peterson James EPETERSON August 22, 1975
Dallas County, TXJoycea Phillips Dennis EPHILLIPS
Dallas County, TXMary R Phillips James EPHILLIPS October 31, 1972
Dallas County, TXCarolyn H Phillips Johnny EPHILLIPS February 22, 1977
Dallas County, TXBarbar A Phillips Robert EPHILLIPS September 2, 1975
Dallas County, TXGloria F Phillips Robert EPHILLIPS January 18, 1980
Dallas County, TXBetty G Ephraim Willie F EPHRAIM March 18, 1994
Dallas County, TXMelinda M Ephraim Jesse P EPHRAIM March 7, 1996
Dallas County, TXHazel M Ephraim John EPHRAIM
Dallas County, TXSharon Ephraim Waymond E EPHRAIM May 16, 1984
Dallas County, TXRamirez Edelmira Ramirez EPIFANIO May 1, 1980
Dallas County, TXMariam Diaz Diaz EPIFANIO November 14, 1984
Dallas County, TXVasquez Herminia Vasquez EPIFANIO July 6, 1987
Dallas County, TXEdna D Garfias Garfias EPIFANIO
Dallas County, TXPhyllis J Chavez Chavez EPIMENIO September 16, 1992
Dallas County, TXNancy J Epley Billy J EPLEY
Dallas County, TXPaula J Epley Richard W EPLEY June 23, 1981
Dallas County, TXRebecca S Epley Stephen L EPLEY November 4, 1985
Dallas County, TXQuincie P Epley Arvel D EPLEY December 4, 1991
Dallas County, TXKelly A Epley Bret A EPLEY June 26, 1991
Dallas County, TXNorma B Potts John EPOTTS April 5, 1977
Dallas County, TXTerri S Repp Jeffrey R EPP January 13, 1987
Dallas County, TXDeborah J Eppeland David S EPPELAND May 27, 1988
Dallas County, TXElizabeth A Epperly Lloyd A EPPERLY June 18, 1986
Dallas County, TXAudrey J Epperly Ronald R EPPERLY September 11, 1987
Dallas County, TXBarbara L Epperly Lloyd A EPPERLY August 31, 1976
Dallas County, TXJanis A Epperson Jimmy C EPPERSON
Dallas County, TXLouise Epperson William D EPPERSON
Dallas County, TXIris M Epperson Paul R EPPERSON May 15, 1980
Dallas County, TXAudrey J Epperson George W EPPERSON February 11, 1981
Dallas County, TXDonna K Epperson Stephen F EPPERSON July 22, 1981
Dallas County, TXMary L Epperson Preston D EPPERSON January 21, 1983
Dallas County, TXKimberly D Epperson Stephen F EPPERSON February 11, 1985
Dallas County, TXJackie A Epperson Robert H EPPERSON December 19, 1990
Dallas County, TXMaria Epperson Thomas P EPPERSON April 24, 1996
Dallas County, TXPatricia A Epperson Edgar W EPPERSON November 1, 1982
Dallas County, TXPatricia I Epperson Robert J EPPERSON March 23, 1983
Dallas County, TXPaula S Epperson Norman E EPPERSON December 16, 1988
Dallas County, TXDonnaj Epperson Herman B EPPERSON January 27, 1989
Dallas County, TXBrenda K Epperson Ronald E EPPERSON September 25, 1995
Dallas County, TXJulia D Epperson William D EPPERSON July 23, 1979
Dallas County, TXLinda Jepperson Gordon R EPPERSON December 16, 1994
Dallas County, TXSherry E Pperson Norman E EPPERSON April 4, 1996
Dallas County, TXBarbara L Eppink Stephen G EPPINK
Dallas County, TXEleanor J Epple Michael E EPPLE February 9, 1987
Dallas County, TXDoris M Eppler Gerald D EPPLER August 24, 1977
Dallas County, TXBarbara J Eppler Burley M EPPLER May 13, 1974
Dallas County, TXSusan G Eppler Joe F EPPLER December 19, 1989
Dallas County, TXLinda C Eppright William A EPPRIGHT June 15, 1993
Dallas County, TXJune A Epps Chauncey E EPPS
Dallas County, TXVickie L Epps David L EPPS
Dallas County, TXBertha A Epps Harry EPPS April 26, 1978
Dallas County, TXElizabeth A Epps Robert E EPPS October 18, 1983
Dallas County, TXRubyb Epps Samuel L EPPS
Dallas County, TXEpps Opal Lee E EPPS May 29, 1975
Dallas County, TXDorothy D Epps James R EPPS April 22, 1975
Dallas County, TXDorothy R Epps Hosea T EPPS March 23, 1984
Dallas County, TXDebra K Epps Joel L EPPS July 22, 1992
Dallas County, TXLouis M Epps Roosevelt C EPPS May 18, 1995
Dallas County, TXElizabeth M Epps Harold F EPPS
Dallas County, TXFelicia D Epps James L EPPS July 19, 1974
Dallas County, TXVirginia L Epps Billy R EPPS October 9, 1974
Dallas County, TXWinnie P Epps Oscar W EPPS April 19, 1974
Dallas County, TXCarolyn J Epps Rickey L EPPS February 23, 1978
Dallas County, TXJune A Epps Chancey E EPPS April 14, 1983
Dallas County, TXCarol L Epps Billy R EPPS January 4, 1984
Dallas County, TXSusan B Epps Danny L EPPS July 7, 1989
Dallas County, TXKaren Epps Sam H EPPS January 21, 1992
Dallas County, TXKimberlya Epps Gary L EPPS August 31, 1994
Dallas County, TXMary F Price John EPRICE April 17, 1973
Dallas County, TXJacqueline M Price John EPRICE February 12, 1986
Dallas County, TXJennifer L Epstein Harold I EPSTEIN March 9, 1993
Dallas County, TXBette M Epstein Gary EPSTEIN January 5, 1993
Dallas County, TXDebra M Epstein Robert G EPSTEIN
Denton County, TXElizabeth I Parker James EPARKER June 7, 1995
Denton County, TXFlores Josie Flores EPIFANIO January 23, 1995
Denton County, TXBarbara Lepley Johnny P EPLEY August 27, 1987
Denton County, TXSandra G Epley Stephen L EPLEY February 16, 1993
Denton County, TXKimberly A Epperson Larry D EPPERSON April 6, 1990
Denton County, TXTera E Eppes Thomas A EPPES August 21, 1995
Denton County, TXBetty J Eppinette Jimmy R EPPINETTE November 2, 1987
Denton County, TXRobin A Eppley John C EPPLEY July 2, 1986
Denton County, TXLinda M Epps Raymond L EPPS January 23, 1983
Denton County, TXDella A Epting Thomas M EPTING May 16, 1984
Ector County, TXCora A Ephriam Danny EPHRIAM August 6, 1985
Ector County, TXDominguez Nohemi Dominguez EPIFANIO May 28, 1982
Ector County, TXBarbara Epperson Mickey D EPPERSON
Ector County, TXPaula C Epperson Billy L EPPERSON January 24, 1989
Ector County, TXCarrie L Epperson Billy L EPPERSON July 28, 1980
El Paso County, TXJanice E Payne Michael EPAYNE December 11, 1980
El Paso County, TXCecilia M Payne Michael EPAYNE June 3, 1974
El Paso County, TXJudith C Pierce James EPIERCE January 21, 1985
El Paso County, TXSilva Juliana Silva EPIFANIO November 23, 1977
El Paso County, TXPatricia Gruiz Ruiz EPIFANIO
El Paso County, TXAlicia L Villa Villa EPIFANIO July 9, 1979
El Paso County, TXRosal Gonzalez Gonzalez EPIGMENIO February 22, 1990
El Paso County, TXGail P Episcopo John A EPISCOPO December 11, 1978
El Paso County, TXLinda S Epperson Gary E EPPERSON
El Paso County, TXLorrie A Epps Cory A EPPS April 22, 1993
El Paso County, TXBetty L Epps Dennisc EPPS July 19, 1983
El Paso County, TXCarmen Epstein Frederick M EPSTEIN December 29, 1982
Ellis County, TXMary E Eppler David L EPPLER March 11, 1983
Ellis County, TXJanice I Epps Danny L EPPS October 4, 1982
Ellis County, TXTiffany G Epps Richard L EPPS June 19, 1989
Fort Bend County, TXElizabeth P Hillips James EPHILLIPS March 27, 1996
Fort Bend County, TXSandra K Eppink Dan C EPPINK May 7, 1991
Fort Bend County, TXCatherine B Epps Stevene EPPS October 24, 1985
Fort Bend County, TXStacey L Epps Martin B EPPS March 14, 1994
Franklin County, TXCynthiaa Epps Harold W EPPS May 7, 1984
Galveston County, TXRobbi A Epler Richard L EPLER
Galveston County, TXTracy J Epps Kelly J EPPS August 16, 1996
Gillespie County, TXBetty J Epps Joe P EPPS May 9, 1996
Gray County, TXLeslie C Epps Timothy L EPPS October 27, 1988
Grayson County, TXSherry L Patterson John EPATTERSON May 15, 1972
Grayson County, TXMary A Patterson John EPATTERSON
Grayson County, TXJeanette L Epperson David L EPPERSON April 16, 1991
Grayson County, TXBeverly A Eppler Michael B EPPLER November 18, 1992
Grayson County, TXLisa M Epstein Samuel P EPSTEIN
Grayson County, TXLinda K Epting Herschel R EPTING
Grayson County, TXTeresa A Epting Larry C EPTING September 22, 1987
Gregg County, TXFlorence I Parker James EPARKER December 16, 1977
Gregg County, TXTina L Epperson Brian D EPPERSON May 27, 1987
Gregg County, TXPandora M Epting Thomas L EPTING December 16, 1988
Hale County, TXRosa I Santillan Santillan EPIFANIO October 21, 1996
Harris County, TXKarla K Palmer Robert EPALMER May 13, 1994
Harris County, TXAngela P Almer Ronald EPALMER December 1, 1986
Harris County, TXCaroll Parker David EPARKER August 24, 1977
Harris County, TXJoycea Parker Wayne EPARKER November 17, 1982
Harris County, TXEthelind M Parker James EPARKER July 9, 1984
Harris County, TXFrances S Parker Kenneth EPARKER July 23, 1990
Harris County, TXBrenda G Parker Wayne EPARKER
Harris County, TXFrancis S Parker Kenneth EPARKER February 7, 1972
Harris County, TXNettie L Parker Leslie EPARKER June 13, 1975
Harris County, TXJudym Parker David EPARKER March 31, 1981
Harris County, TXDebra Payne Michael EPAYNE September 26, 1989
Harris County, TXCepeda Raquel Jose C EPEDA December 29, 1976
Harris County, TXLisa A Perez Xavier EPEREZ September 19, 1990
Harris County, TXMariacperez Jose EPEREZ November 16, 1994
Harris County, TXJane T Perkins James EPERKINS
Harris County, TXAugusta M Perry Carl EPERRY January 24, 1972
Harris County, TXMary T Perry Charles EPERRY August 26, 1974
Harris County, TXMaria E Phelps Robert EPHELPS
Harris County, TXJewell B Phillips Robert EPHILLIPS February 13, 1975
Harris County, TXCatherine M Phillips Robert EPHILLIPS February 24, 1977
Harris County, TXEthel M Phillips James EPHILLIPS April 8, 1981
Harris County, TXMuriel A Phillips James EPHILLIPS November 2, 1981
Harris County, TXBelinda G Phillips James EPHILLIPS October 5, 1989
Harris County, TXSharon L Phillips James EPHILLIPS March 22, 1990
Harris County, TXBetty S Phillips James EPHILLIPS
Harris County, TXLynda S Phillips Harold EPHILLIPS October 17, 1974
Harris County, TXLindal Phillips James EPHILLIPS July 17, 1975
Harris County, TXJennifers Phillips John EPHILLIPS January 11, 1993
Harris County, TXJoycea Phillips James EPHILLIPS
Harris County, TXStella L Phillips Robert EPHILLIPS July 25, 1973
Harris County, TXBettyj Phillips Richard EPHILLIPS February 11, 1974
Harris County, TXWilma M Phillips Harold EPHILLIPS June 22, 1977
Harris County, TXDebra J Pierce James EPIERCE November 8, 1983
Harris County, TXEunice W Sanchez Sanchez EPIFANIO September 19, 1980
Harris County, TXSarah J Moreno Moreno EPIFANIO July 25, 1988
Harris County, TXMaria H Mendoza Mendoza EPIGMENIO October 15, 1992
Harris County, TXReba R Epley James EPLEY January 9, 1978
Harris County, TXDebral Powell Charles EPOWELL March 5, 1982
Harris County, TXNorman Epp Jay L EPP
Harris County, TXKaren Epp Mark J EPP December 15, 1988
Harris County, TXShirley Epperley Lawrence G EPPERLEY
Harris County, TXJanice L Epperson Robert B EPPERSON July 28, 1981
Harris County, TXAndrea Y Epperson Winston T EPPERSON April 26, 1988
Harris County, TXWilma L Epperson Thomas G EPPERSON April 11, 1988
Harris County, TXAmy A Epperson John B EPPERSON March 28, 1995
Harris County, TXBarbara Epperson John W EPPERSON October 9, 1979
Harris County, TXDebbie P Epperson William H EPPERSON March 23, 1984
Harris County, TXDebra D Epperson William B EPPERSON March 18, 1986
Harris County, TXMarilyn Epperson Ralph L EPPERSON June 4, 1973
Harris County, TXGloria J Epperson Kenneth M EPPERSON January 6, 1978
Harris County, TXCarolyn A Epperson Alvin L EPPERSON December 4, 1979
Harris County, TXMargaret N Epperson John C EPPERSON April 15, 1980
Harris County, TXPamela R Epperson Howard E EPPERSON May 27, 1992
Harris County, TXShirley M Epperson Raymond E EPPERSON March 22, 1994
Harris County, TXDana M Epperson Roger R EPPERSON September 24, 1996
Harris County, TXKathie J Eppes William W EPPES May 9, 1988
Harris County, TXBarbara A Eppes Timothy A EPPES December 8, 1989
Harris County, TXKathie J Eppes William W EPPES November 11, 1988
Harris County, TXAnita M Eppinette Dale W EPPINETTE March 17, 1988
Harris County, TXSally A Eppinger Walter W EPPINGER November 7, 1996
Harris County, TXConnie J Eppley Paul EPPLEY March 12, 1979
Harris County, TXMarci A Eppley Paul E EPPLEY October 21, 1981
Harris County, TXBrenda Eppley Donald W EPPLEY November 26, 1991
Harris County, TXShellie K Eppolito Peter J EPPOLITO October 7, 1982
Harris County, TXAlice V Eppolito Louis J EPPOLITO March 6, 1996
Harris County, TXMarie T Epps Harold F EPPS
Harris County, TXCharlotte L Epps Stephen D EPPS August 14, 1979
Harris County, TXTeresa G Epps Frankie N EPPS November 29, 1982
Harris County, TXSandra L Epps Raymond R EPPS March 14, 1978
Harris County, TXOnita J Epps Stephen D EPPS June 11, 1982
Harris County, TXDoris J Epps Charles E EPPS March 11, 1982
Harris County, TXLisa R Epps Robert M EPPS December 14, 1983
Harris County, TXSusan S Epps Jerry E EPPS July 17, 1986
Harris County, TXLou W Epps Wayne H EPPS August 15, 1990
Harris County, TXLinda S Epps Carrol L EPPS December 19, 1991
Harris County, TXPhyllis D Epps Jerry E EPPS January 19, 1976
Harris County, TXDawn M Epps Charles L EPPS November 3, 1978
Harris County, TXIna S Epps Donald E EPPS June 2, 1982
Harris County, TXCarol D Epps William W EPPS November 27, 1984
Harris County, TXSherley M Epps Willie J EPPS April 23, 1985
Harris County, TXDonna K Epps Terry L EPPS March 12, 1992
Harris County, TXNancy S Price William EPRICE
Harris County, TXDebbie J Price Edward EPRICE
Harris County, TXRobyn S Price John EPRICE May 7, 1979
Harris County, TXDeborah D Price Michael EPRICE December 28, 1995
Harris County, TXMary E Epstein Joshua EPSTEIN April 8, 1987
Harris County, TXJessica A Epstein Lewis A EPSTEIN
Harris County, TXRita M Epstein Ira L EPSTEIN July 14, 1981
Harris County, TXNancy L Epstein Henry F EPSTEIN June 21, 1982
Harris County, TXSue E Epstein Jerome C EPSTEIN December 17, 1992
Harris County, TXGrace Pugh Charles EPUGH July 15, 1974
Harrison County, TXDolores E Epps Johnl EPPS June 29, 1982
Harrison County, TXDeborah K Epps Douglas W EPPS December 2, 1986
Harrison County, TXYvonne A Epps Douglas W EPPS December 29, 1993
Harrison County, TXMarilyn Y Epps Johnny L EPPS September 13, 1994
Hays County, TXMendez Beatrice Mendez EPIFANIO March 25, 1989
Henderson County, TXLinda A Epperson Steve A EPPERSON April 7, 1972
Hill County, TXSheila A Epting James M EPTING May 1, 1987
Hockley County, TXBarbara J Epperson Tommy D EPPERSON December 7, 1989
Hopkins County, TXPhyllis A Eppars Johnny D EPPARS September 28, 1973
Hopkins County, TXPamela J Eppars Steven D EPPARS January 6, 1993
Hopkins County, TXRebecca D Epting Jerry R EPTING April 9, 1991
Howard County, TXRonnie G Epley James C EPLEY May 1, 1995
Hunt County, TXRita F Powell Charles EPOWELL November 23, 1992
Hunt County, TXDeborah A Epperson Jerry B EPPERSON October 5, 1987
Hunt County, TXLaura Lepperson Kelly D EPPERSON December 12, 1994
Hutchingson County, TXKimberly R Eppinette Thomas E EPPINETTE January 28, 1987
Hutchingson County, TXCarol L Epps Lee R EPPS July 11, 1979
Jack County, TXBetty J Epperson John H EPPERSON December 14, 1978
Jack County, TXAnn Epperson John H EPPERSON September 11, 1980
Jack County, TXFaith E Epps Billy P EPPS October 11, 1996
Jackson County, TXRegina L Epperson Steven R EPPERSON August 24, 1995
Jasper County, TXAngelia M Palmer Robert EPALMER May 4, 1990
Jasper County, TXGladys M Powell Richard EPOWELL March 15, 1991
Jasper County, TXJackie O Eppler Roger D EPPLER January 5, 1996
Jasper County, TXBetty J Eppler Jack T EPPLER March 16, 1984
Jefferson County, TXLinda C Palacios Jose EPALACIOS
Jefferson County, TXLeona N Parker James EPARKER November 13, 1987
Jefferson County, TXJosefa R Peterson James EPETERSON June 2, 1992
Jefferson County, TXJoye Phillips James EPHILLIPS December 29, 1989
Jefferson County, TXKatherine M Epps Ernest C EPPS December 6, 1995
Jefferson County, TXDonna A Price John EPRICE March 5, 1986
Johnson County, TXChantay D Eppars Donnie E EPPARS September 1, 1996
Johnson County, TXMelissa L Epps Matthew EPPS September 5, 1980
Johnson County, TXSheri L Prater Sammy EPRATER June 22, 1989
Kaufmen County, TXSharil Phillips James EPHILLIPS October 24, 1995
Kerr County, TXEdna J Cepeda Jose C EPEDA September 15, 1989
Kerr County, TXPeggy J Eppers Carl L EPPERS October 18, 1993
Kerr County, TXGlenda A Price William EPRICE September 16, 1996
Lamar County, TXMarye Epperson Albert EPPERSON December 14, 1987
Lamar County, TXTamara K Eppler William D EPPLER April 22, 1988
Lamar County, TXBarbara A Eppler William D EPPLER April 19, 1982
Leon County, TXDeborah J Pollard William EPOLLARD
Liberty County, TXBarbara S Epps Marvin G EPPS
Liberty County, TXLinda S Epps Earl E EPPS March 31, 1986
Liberty County, TXBeverly L Price William EPRICE February 6, 1974
Lubbock County, TXVickie D Perry James EPERRY January 9, 1976
Lubbock County, TXDominguez Evangelina Dominguez EPIFANIO July 15, 1987
Lubbock County, TXKelly Kepley Darin R EPLEY August 9, 1994
Lubbock County, TXJanice Pollard William EPOLLARD October 26, 1993
Lubbock County, TXBillie L Powell Richard EPOWELL April 18, 1980
Lubbock County, TXAmy L Eppers Robert M EPPERS
Lubbock County, TXSusan Epperson Michael EPPERSON
Lubbock County, TXBeverly G Epperson Michael W EPPERSON February 26, 1985
Lubbock County, TXSandra V Epping Michael G EPPING May 19, 1987
Lubbock County, TXRoxanne L Eppler James A EPPLER December 23, 1992
Lubbock County, TXSandra L Epstein Stevenj EPSTEIN
Lubbock County, TXSepulveda Cruz Juan S EPULVEDA March 15, 1973
Martin County, TXRonnie G Epley James C EPLEY October 9, 1984
Martin County, TXVirginia D Epley James C EPLEY July 12, 1985
Mataforda County, TXRutha Phillips David EPHILLIPS May 19, 1972
Mclennan County, TXStacey J Porter Patrick EPORTER July 6, 1993
Mclennan County, TXTeresa S Epps David H EPPS
Mclennan County, TXJudy A Epting Boyd A EPTING November 28, 1995
Midland County, TXKay S Phillips John EPHILLIPS September 2, 1982
Midland County, TXPatricia Epley John E EPLEY April 27, 1992
Midland County, TXPatricia Epley John E EPLEY July 3, 1990
Midland County, TXJulie A Posey Leslie EPOSEY September 22, 1976
Midland County, TXRuby L Epperson Thomas C EPPERSON December 4, 1985
Midland County, TXJean M Epting Garland C EPTING November 18, 1987
Midland County, TXDonna S Epting Loy K EPTING May 31, 1994
Milam County, TXIrene S Epperson Albert S EPPERSON July 2, 1986
Milam County, TXMildred I Epperson Albert D EPPERSON November 18, 1988
Montgomery County, TXDelores A Parker James EPARKER
Montgomery County, TXVirgie A Phillips John EPHILLIPS May 12, 1986
Montgomery County, TXBonnie L Eppes Harold W EPPES March 22, 1988
Moore County, TXJulia Pena Juan EPENA December 19, 1989
Moore County, TXDeborah A Eppard Donald G EPPARD November 17, 1993
Morris County, TXSidney A Epps Donald G EPPS February 12, 1993
Morris County, TXShirley A Epps James P EPPS March 19, 1982
Motley County, TXDoretha R Ephraim John EPHRAIM July 13, 1982
Newton County, TXPerry Joann Charles EPERRY May 7, 1982
Nolan County, TXMary B Epting David T EPTING
Nuexes County, TXBarbara A Perez Abel EPEREZ July 5, 1994
Nuexes County, TXEmma Gonzalez Gonzalez EPIFANIO February 23, 1976
Nuexes County, TXMary I Zuniga Zuniga EPIFANIO May 14, 1992
Nuexes County, TXMary Moreno Moreno EPIFANO May 25, 1972
Nuexes County, TXLaura Eppel Gerald R EPPEL January 28, 1988
Nuexes County, TXLaura Jepperson John B EPPERSON August 15, 1991
Nuexes County, TXMarsha G Eppler Jon EPPLER April 25, 1995
Nuexes County, TXCatherine A Epps Alan R EPPS May 26, 1982
Orange County, TXViolet V Epps Jessie L EPPS August 24, 1973
Panola County, TXElaine Ephraim Frederick F EPHRAIM June 8, 1993
Panola County, TXJulian D Price William EPRICE December 11, 1985
Parker County, TXLaura S Phillips James EPHILLIPS October 19, 1983
Parker County, TXDeboraha Phillips James EPHILLIPS September 17, 1993
Potter County, TXDoris P Hillips Robert EPHILLIPS December 3, 1980
Potter County, TXFelecia R Epp David J EPP September 12, 1995
Potter County, TXCarolyn A Epperson Floyd K EPPERSON
Presidio County, TXGladys R Epley Robert W EPLEY July 27, 1982
Randall County, TXSharon K Parker Thomas EPARKER February 17, 1984
Randall County, TXMarye Powers Ralph EPOWERS November 23, 1981
Randall County, TXLinda G Epperson John E EPPERSON July 1, 1992
Randall County, TXKaren L Eppler Garry M EPPLER August 21, 1984
Rovertson County, TXDonna Epperson Johnny EPPERSON April 6, 1987
Rusk County, TXBrenda F Epperson Harold K EPPERSON February 22, 1980
Shelby County, TXSandra J Perry James EPERRY
Shelby County, TXLola B Phillips James EPHILLIPS January 11, 1995
Smith County, TXGayle L Epperson Robert T EPPERSON November 2, 1994
Smith County, TXDebra S Epperson Paula EPPERSON February 25, 1988
Smith County, TXPeggy M Epperson Samuel R EPPERSON January 24, 1996
Smith County, TXElizabeth A Epperson Roy F EPPERSON December 17, 1984
Smith County, TXSheila K Epperson Donald L EPPERSON August 3, 1993
Smith County, TXDeborah R Epperson Bradley E EPPERSON February 15, 1994
Starr County, TXPerez Sanjuanita Jose EPEREZ July 28, 1988
Stephens County, TXSusan E Epperson Donald I EPPERSON July 12, 1996
Sutton County, TXLinda L Epps Benjamin R EPPS July 5, 1979
Tarrant County, TXKimberly Perkins James EPERKINS August 29, 1994
Tarrant County, TXGloria J Phillips Robert EPHILLIPS June 29, 1983
Tarrant County, TXDianal Phillips James EPHILLIPS January 8, 1990
Tarrant County, TXLinda K Phillips James EPHILLIPS July 12, 1973
Tarrant County, TXConni Ephillips Robert EPHILLIPS January 13, 1975
Tarrant County, TXLinda K Phillips James EPHILLIPS April 17, 1979
Tarrant County, TXElvie M Phillips John EPHILLIPS May 31, 1989
Tarrant County, TXEvelyn R Ephraim Melvin L EPHRAIM
Tarrant County, TXLinda B Ephram Roy J EPHRAM September 19, 1978
Tarrant County, TXLola M Pierce John EPIERCE October 27, 1988
Tarrant County, TXJudith L Epker Bruce N EPKER July 15, 1994
Tarrant County, TXSherry L Pleasants Kirk EPLEASANTS March 1, 1994
Tarrant County, TXSherita M Repp Jeffrey R EPP August 7, 1990
Tarrant County, TXKathleen M Epp Charles W EPP May 6, 1993
Tarrant County, TXBrenda Epperson Ronald L EPPERSON October 2, 1974
Tarrant County, TXAngela Epperson Robert M EPPERSON January 28, 1983
Tarrant County, TXSharon L Epperson David L EPPERSON August 7, 1987
Tarrant County, TXFaye C Epperson Jamesl EPPERSON October 17, 1979
Tarrant County, TXKimberly A Epperson Russell L EPPERSON October 2, 1984
Tarrant County, TXValerie R Epperson Raymond E EPPERSON April 18, 1995
Tarrant County, TXFrances F Epperson James T EPPERSON
Tarrant County, TXCarolyn S Epperson Randy B EPPERSON September 7, 1980
Tarrant County, TXJune A Epperson Dale W EPPERSON December 13, 1985
Tarrant County, TXVirginia A Epperson Jimmy D EPPERSON January 9, 1985
Tarrant County, TXLinda C Epperson William C EPPERSON November 16, 1988
Tarrant County, TXKimberly K Epperson David A EPPERSON November 18, 1993
Tarrant County, TXRosie M Epperson Brian L EPPERSON March 31, 1995
Tarrant County, TXTina M Eppes John A EPPES
Tarrant County, TXKayla D Epping Mark S EPPING July 17, 1992
Tarrant County, TXCarolyn D Epps Thomas J EPPS February 26, 1974
Tarrant County, TXSandra L Epps Clyde D EPPS September 28, 1983
Tarrant County, TXPamela D Epps Ronald J EPPS May 2, 1995
Tarrant County, TXRhonda R Epps John R EPPS May 5, 1980
Tarrant County, TXCarolyn L Epps Thomas J EPPS November 7, 1985
Tarrant County, TXJoyce E Epps Robert EPPS October 28, 1987
Tarrant County, TXDaphne D Epps James R EPPS May 17, 1990
Tarrant County, TXPatricia Epstein Edward A EPSTEIN December 15, 1994
Tarrant County, TXRosanna M Epstein Edward A EPSTEIN September 7, 1990
Taylor County, TXLinda L Epley Cary L EPLEY February 5, 1992
Terrell County, TXIrene Epperson Tom G EPPERSON August 19, 1991
Tom Green County, TXJanet E Perkins James EPERKINS May 27, 1994
Tom Green County, TXBetty L Epperson Kenneth M EPPERSON May 27, 1988
Tom Green County, TXArletta J Epperson Oscar L EPPERSON January 26, 1996
Travis County, TXDoris J Perry Charles EPERRY October 11, 1989
Travis County, TXPerry Melvina Charles EPERRY August 1, 1980
Travis County, TXEvelyn A Peters William EPETERS June 12, 1974
Travis County, TXMartha H Phillips James EPHILLIPS January 12, 1990
Travis County, TXPamela Pierce James EPIERCE July 16, 1976
Travis County, TXNancy Castro Castro EPIFANIO November 7, 1978
Travis County, TXCortez Angelita Cortez EPIFANIO January 21, 1972
Travis County, TXTamara N Powell Richard EPOWELL November 1, 1988
Travis County, TXPatricia Fepp Larry E EPP August 3, 1973
Travis County, TXEpperson Regina Melvin C EPPERSON June 2, 1994
Travis County, TXKelly W Epperson William J EPPERSON August 6, 1996
Travis County, TXBonnie R Epperson Alvin L EPPERSON
Travis County, TXMary Epperson Robert J EPPERSON June 29, 1979
Travis County, TXAnna B Epperson Michael A EPPERSON December 2, 1993
Travis County, TXTreva E Eppes Anthony E EPPES August 8, 1991
Travis County, TXRuth A Eppes Michael L EPPES January 6, 1993
Travis County, TXBarbara A Epps Earl N EPPS July 11, 1980
Travis County, TXJoane Price John EPRICE September 6, 1974
Upshur County, TXIna M Parker James EPARKER December 12, 1975
Victoria County, TXHelen J Pollard William EPOLLARD
Walker County, TXRita F Epperson Jamesl EPPERSON November 5, 1992
Wharton County, TXMyrtle Phillips Conni EPHILLIPS August 11, 1976
Wharton County, TXShirley A Eplen Billy J EPLEN November 7, 1989
Wichita County, TXMarjorie M Perkins James EPERKINS April 12, 1993
Wichita County, TXCarolyn J Epley William E EPLEY
Wichita County, TXKathryn L Epperson Jesse H EPPERSON December 21, 1984
Wichita County, TXDebra A Epps Randall T EPPS October 13, 1975
Wichita County, TXLisam Price William EPRICE January 2, 1990
Williamson County, TXNancy Cepley James F EPLEY February 8, 1980
Williamson County, TXKatherine M Eppard Gordon K EPPARD December 15, 1995
Young County, TXLeslie T Pittman William EPITTMAN
Young County, TXLaurie J Epperson Ronald D EPPERSON December 23, 1974
Young County, TXSherry A Epperson Ricky B EPPERSON December 5, 1985
Leon County, FLJudith Equels Thomas K EQUELS June 4, 1980
Martin County, FLMarie Equi Bruce C EQUI March 1, 1988
Monroe County, FLQuinn Suzanne John EQUINN July 3, 1986
Orange County, FLSharon Equi Philip J EQUI April 18, 1996
Palm Beach County, FLAnn Equitz Gerald E EQUITZ April 13, 1971
Galveston County, TXShirley A Quinn John EQUINN July 13, 1979
Nuexes County, TXRenate G Quinn John EQUINN March 25, 1988
Taylor County, TXWilma K Quinn George EQUINN April 29, 1994

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