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How is the property divided during a divorce?

It is common for a divorcing couple to decide about dividing their property and debts themselves, rather than leave it to the judge. But if a couple cannot agree, they can submit their property dispute to the court, which will use state law to divide the property.

Division of property does not necessarily mean a physical division. Rather, the court awards each spouse a percentage of the total value of the property. (It is illegal for either spouse to hide assets in order to shield them from property division.) Each spouse gets items whose worth adds up to his or her percentage.

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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Waller County, TXCheryl R England Robert C ENGLAND July 24, 1980
Waller County, TXSylvia A Engle Marvin E ENGLE November 16, 1995
Waller County, TXGloria J English Charles W ENGLISH January 28, 1974
Ward County, TXDelores D Englehart James H ENGLEHART June 9, 1989
Ward County, TXKaren Dennis Ronald J ENNIS October 21, 1992
Washington County, TXTina Mengeling Mark W ENGELING May 19, 1994
Washington County, TXMary I Engeling Floyd W ENGELING November 2, 1993
Washington County, TXLoyce A Engle Thomas E ENGLE March 25, 1993
Washington County, TXJeanne Enochs David H ENOCHS July 8, 1982
Washington County, TXGlenda L Moreno Moreno ENRIQUE January 7, 1993
Webb County, TXVeronica Pena Antonio P ENA July 6, 1995
Webb County, TXGloria Lugo Lugo ENCARNACION July 28, 1994
Webb County, TXTeresa M Pena Pena ENRIQUE May 9, 1974
Webb County, TXSylvia R Amirez Ramirez ENRIQUE February 26, 1974
Webb County, TXMedina Rosario Medina ENRIQUE September 12, 1986
Webb County, TXRubio Rosalinda Rubio ENRIQUE May 11, 1988
Webb County, TXMaria Crangel Rangel ENRIQUE March 17, 1993
Webb County, TXSelma V Enriquez Jorgei ENRIQUEZ June 26, 1989
Wharton County, TXRebecca A Englund John W ENGLUND July 9, 1984
Wharton County, TXNorris Geraldine Robert ENORRIS May 23, 1991
Wheller County, TXCrystal A Enriquez Jeffery D ENRIQUEZ December 6, 1989
Wichita County, TXMelma J Enckhausen William E ENCKHAUSEN February 22, 1979
Wichita County, TXMariae Mendoza Juan M ENDOZA May 29, 1984
Wichita County, TXCarmen D Mendoza Joseph M ENDOZA July 3, 1979
Wichita County, TXMendoza Jovita Jose M ENDOZA August 26, 1994
Wichita County, TXLauri J Endsley Martin B ENDSLEY June 28, 1993
Wichita County, TXWendy R Engel Terry E ENGEL December 6, 1985
Wichita County, TXJuanita E Engelking Wayne H ENGELKING July 24, 1972
Wichita County, TXPatsya England James H ENGLAND January 15, 1973
Wichita County, TXRhonda K England Kenneth D ENGLAND April 12, 1982
Wichita County, TXGinger K England Curtis A ENGLAND October 18, 1993
Wichita County, TXKimberly A Engleman Boyd A ENGLEMAN January 19, 1993
Wichita County, TXLynda S English Winfred L ENGLISH February 21, 1978
Wichita County, TXSiege M English Coy W ENGLISH October 23, 1986
Wichita County, TXCindy F English David C ENGLISH November 21, 1983
Wichita County, TXRuth A English Hugh A ENGLISH April 23, 1986
Wichita County, TXMary A English David C ENGLISH August 4, 1987
Wichita County, TXSharon J English Roberte ENGLISH June 26, 1974
Wichita County, TXNancy S Enlow Jerry G ENLOW May 22, 1985
Wichita County, TXStacy M Bruce Bruce D ENNIS
Wichita County, TXPauline S Norris Robert ENORRIS October 5, 1979
Wichita County, TXFrancis E Enos Williamc ENOS June 26, 1979
Wichita County, TXEditha Enox Daniel H ENOX January 31, 1978
Wichita County, TXEnriquez Rosalinda Jimmy ENRIQUEZ December 27, 1982
Wichita County, TXDona L Ensey Jerry M ENSEY April 16, 1986
Wichita County, TXCarolyn J Entrekin Robert G ENTREKIN May 4, 1978
Wichita County, TXCynthia A Entrekin Robert G ENTREKIN May 24, 1979
Wilbarger County, TXAnita M Pena Jose P ENA October 13, 1987
Wilbarger County, TXSandra A English Michael W ENGLISH March 27, 1987
Willacy County, TXAlicia Gonzales Gonzales ENRIQUE October 17, 1983
Willacy County, TXTrevino Lydia Trevino ENRIQUE May 3, 1996
Williamson County, TXJanice L Enderlin Dennis D ENDERLIN
Williamson County, TXMarilyn M Endres James ENDRES August 11, 1978
Williamson County, TXRebecca Endres Francis L ENDRES November 19, 1976
Williamson County, TXPeggy A Engel Philip A ENGEL April 13, 1989
Williamson County, TXPamelak England David A ENGLAND September 13, 1984
Williamson County, TXRuth A Engle Billy W ENGLE March 15, 1995
Williamson County, TXKristi S English Joel B ENGLISH July 7, 1992
Williamson County, TXVirginia A English Neal W ENGLISH December 5, 1995
Williamson County, TXJennifer M English Michael A ENGLISH November 7, 1995
Williamson County, TXCaroline M English William A ENGLISH April 11, 1996
Williamson County, TXLavon M Jenkins David J ENKINS February 6, 1981
Williamson County, TXDiane Trevino Trevino ENRIQUE April 1, 1989
Williamson County, TXSue Pina Pina ENRIQUE November 2, 1987
Williamson County, TXEnriquez Guadalupe Jesus J ENRIQUEZ January 16, 1987
Williamson County, TXJudith Enyart Mark L ENYART
Wilson County, TXDorothy Perez Perez B ENITO November 16, 1994
Wilson County, TXSerna Alicia Serna ENRIQUE May 31, 1974
Winkler County, TXEnriquez Minerva Jose A ENRIQUEZ October 17, 1988
Winkler County, TXOlga V Enriquez Oscar B ENRIQUEZ November 16, 1981
Wise County, TXLilyan C Enis Larry D ENIS October 14, 1977
Wise County, TXRamona L Enis Larry D ENIS April 13, 1990
Wood County, TXDeborah S Newman Michael ENEWMAN June 8, 1994
Wood County, TXDebbiek English Roger P ENGLISH July 3, 1985
Wood County, TXMary K English Ronnie L ENGLISH February 11, 1972
Yoakum County, TXMendoza Angelina Jesus M ENDOZA December 19, 1985
Yoakum County, TXDebbie J Engle William E ENGLE October 5, 1977
Yoakum County, TXEnriquez Rosario Martin B ENRIQUEZ October 3, 1979
Young County, TXSherry D Enloe Tom F ENLOE January 31, 1991
Young County, TXRhonda L Enlow Larry D ENLOW August 25, 1977

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