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How is the property divided during a divorce?

It is common for a divorcing couple to decide about dividing their property and debts themselves, rather than leave it to the judge. But if a couple cannot agree, they can submit their property dispute to the court, which will use state law to divide the property.

Division of property does not necessarily mean a physical division. Rather, the court awards each spouse a percentage of the total value of the property. (It is illegal for either spouse to hide assets in order to shield them from property division.) Each spouse gets items whose worth adds up to his or her percentage.

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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, CORory J Eccher Terri J ECCHER August 18, 1994
Adams County, CODonna E Eccleston Robert P ECCLESTON October 4, 1994
Adams County, COVicky D Echard Daniel L ECHARD November 16, 1990
Adams County, COBriana Chavez Patricia ECHAVEZ December 19, 1984
Adams County, COTrisha G Echeagaray Arthur S ECHEAGARAY March 1, 1990
Adams County, COElkin F Echeverri Brandy B ECHEVERRI December 1, 2003
Adams County, CODarlene L Childs Richard ECHILDS July 19, 1982
Adams County, COCharlotte Beck Donald B ECK
Adams County, CONancy F Eck Timothy J ECK October 23, 1984
Adams County, COMary Rose Rawson William J ECKART January 8, 2002
Adams County, COJames L Eckart Roberta A ECKART June 7, 1983
Adams County, COLeslie J Eckenrod Caleb R ECKENROD April 15, 1993
Adams County, COLester R Decker Joan D ECKER March 29, 1968
Adams County, COJohn M Eckert Judith L ECKERT October 18, 1972
Adams County, COLisa Heckert Barry W ECKERT February 8, 1982
Adams County, COJeanne M Eckert Brad L ECKERT February 25, 1983
Adams County, COPhila M Cole Robert ECOLE December 17, 1998
Adams County, CORuby Cook Ronald ECOOK April 5, 1982
Adams County, COPamela L Ecton Dean H ECTON January 11, 1989
Arapahoe County, COVirginia E Carpenter David ECARPENTER February 27, 1985
Arapahoe County, COWilliam R Eccles Dorothy B ECCLES
Arapahoe County, COStephanie Stolte Ralph ECCLES May 22, 2002
Arapahoe County, COWilliam R Eccles Doris J ECCLES
Arapahoe County, CODavid L Eccles Beverly A ECCLES December 9, 1971
Arapahoe County, COChavez Eduardo Mary ECHAVEZ March 1, 1983
Arapahoe County, CORobert J Chavez Mary ECHAVEZ January 24, 1994
Arapahoe County, COLattina L Echelard Timothy R ECHELARD March 29, 1991
Arapahoe County, COStephen E Echelberger Susan F ECHELBERGER
Arapahoe County, CORicardo E Echeverria Donna L ECHEVERRIA July 11, 1979
Arapahoe County, COJoseph A Echeverria Alena K ECHEVERRIA December 28, 1999
Arapahoe County, COTheresa D Echols William F ECHOLS April 16, 1987
Arapahoe County, CORenee L Eck Leo J ECK
Arapahoe County, COJohn E Eckart Karen K ECKART
Arapahoe County, COWendy R Eckburg Todd E ECKBURG August 21, 1995
Arapahoe County, CODiane E Eckels Donald W ECKELS February 2, 1994
Arapahoe County, COMary J Eckerdt Raymond L ECKERDT October 6, 1994
Arapahoe County, COTodd W Eckerman Lorrie A ECKERMAN November 26, 1996
Arapahoe County, CORichard H Eckermann Patricia A ECKERMANN
Arapahoe County, COMichael J Eckert Susanm ECKERT March 23, 2004
Arapahoe County, COLeslie A Eckert Harley R ECKERT May 9, 1988
Arapahoe County, COLawrence J Eckert Glenna C ECKERT April 2, 1998
Arapahoe County, COJeffreys Eckert Heather L ECKERT October 11, 1985
Arapahoe County, COBecky J Eckert Tim L ECKERT November 6, 1990
Arapahoe County, COThomas F Eckhardt Lynette M ECKHARDT
Arapahoe County, COBruce M Eckhardt Mary L ECKHARDT June 24, 1991
Arapahoe County, COLoretta J Eckhoff Herbert F ECKHOFF July 21, 1993
Arapahoe County, CORodney D Eckman Angie F ECKMAN September 23, 1992
Arapahoe County, COAudrey F Eckstadt Thomas C ECKSTADT June 22, 2004
Arapahoe County, COEdward Eckstein Elizabeth ECKSTEIN March 24, 1978
Arapahoe County, COTeresa A Clark James ECLARK
Arapahoe County, CODennis L Ecton Vanesse A ECTON July 8, 1971
Bent County, COSteven Heck June A ECK July 26, 1993
Boulder County, CORobert H Echelmeier Joyce M ECHELMEIER December 8, 1970
Boulder County, CORonald J Goecke Cheryl L ECHELMEIER May 6, 1996
Boulder County, COCheryl Echelmeier Craig D ECHELMEIER January 24, 1995
Boulder County, COKimberly C Echols Walter J ECHOLS May 9, 1988
Boulder County, COTheresa A Echols Dale E ECHOLS
Boulder County, COMartina H Eck Richard D ECK September 19, 1988
Boulder County, COTimothy A Eck Cheryl P ECK July 28, 1997
Boulder County, COMarie R Eck Albert R ECK September 8, 1936
Boulder County, COJanet K Eckenrode James T ECKENRODE June 7, 1982
Boulder County, COTubergen Thomas Diane ECKERSLEY April 21, 1997
Boulder County, COSusan L Eckert James R ECKERT February 19, 1986
Boulder County, COStephen C Eckert Bonnie J ECKERT
Boulder County, COEckert Jo Luther E ECKERT February 7, 1983
Boulder County, COSherry L Eckhardt William C ECKHARDT October 5, 1982
Boulder County, COLeland O Eckman Onna L ECKMAN February 22, 1973
Boulder County, COWilliam E Eckstrom Betty J ECKSTROM November 16, 1984
Boulder County, COBarbara A Eckstrom William E ECKSTROM December 28, 1990
Boulder County, COGeraldl Coleman Mary ECOLEMAN January 3, 1972
Boulder County, COSandra A Collins Donald ECOLLINS
Chaffee County, COPeck Fletcher Betty P ECK February 5, 1968
Conejos County, COWilliamh Cooper Teresa ECOOPER March 11, 1981
Conejos County, COWilliam H Cooper Mary ECOOPER May 29, 1969
Delta County, COHarley W Eckert Neeta E ECKERT June 13, 1989
Delta County, CORobert Eckiss Betty ECKISS December 21, 1993
Delta County, COAngela G Cook Lonnie ECOOK December 16, 1997
Denver County, COMary A Eccher Robert L ECCHER May 17, 1984
Denver County, CODorothy A Eccher Sam C ECCHER September 27, 1988
Denver County, CORobb R Eccles Monique H ECCLES March 2, 1994
Denver County, CODavid L Eccles Loma J ECCLES May 2, 1977
Denver County, COWilliam Echols Judith ECHOLS July 26, 1971
Denver County, CORuth E Echols Jacob S ECHOLS December 19, 1983
Denver County, COGeorge Peck Karen P ECK September 2, 1971
Denver County, CORalph W Peck Mary P ECK January 3, 1927
Denver County, COSamuel Keck Patricia K ECK May 19, 1975
Denver County, CODebra Deckard John D ECKARD September 2, 1997
Denver County, COHenry L Eckard Janet ECKARD June 6, 1984
Denver County, COEdward B Eckart Helen L ECKART March 14, 1972
Denver County, COShawn C Eckels Tara R ECKELS September 28, 1992
Denver County, COMary Necker John N ECKER February 28, 1880
Denver County, COSandra R Ecker Kerry A ECKER April 11, 1984
Denver County, COClara A Decker James D ECKER
Denver County, COWilliam D Eckert Marilyn D ECKERT October 2, 1972
Denver County, COKathleen M Eckhardt Mark A ECKHARDT October 5, 1983
Denver County, COJulie A Eckhardt Christy J ECKHARDT June 5, 1989
Denver County, COEdward Eckhardt Ella P ECKHARDT June 4, 1973
Denver County, COSharon R Eckley David C ECKLEY
Denver County, COVirginia Ecklund Philip C ECKLUND June 15, 1976
Denver County, COCindy Eckols Thomas E ECKOLS August 8, 1988

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