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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, COLarry L Dvorak Nancy N DVORAK
Adams County, CORonald E Dvorak Linda L DVORAK
Adams County, COJames B Dvorak Mary L DVORAK May 8, 1974
Adams County, COMichael J Dvorak Carolyn S DVORAK September 3, 1999
Adams County, COCindy L Dvorak Rocky W DVORAK September 6, 1985
Denver County, COSusan K Dveirin Gordon F DVEIRIN December 5, 1974
Denver County, COBonita K Dvorchak David J DVORCHAK March 6, 1992
Denver County, COAndrea M Dvorkin Daniel DVORKIN October 3, 2002
Denver County, COAndrea M Dvorkin Daniel DVORKIN December 13, 2002
El Paso County, CORoseanna L Vasquez Alfred DVASQUEZ December 17, 1991
El Paso County, COEdward R Dvorak Mary E DVORAK May 16, 1973
Jefferson County, COSheryl J Valdez Richard DVALDEZ April 21, 1983
Jefferson County, COCynthia A Dvoracek Albert J DVORACEK November 23, 1987
Jefferson County, COMargaret R Dvorak John A DVORAK November 18, 1993
Jefferson County, COLois A Dvorak Robert A DVORAK April 28, 1982
Jefferson County, COPaulette E Dvorkin Barry S DVORKIN
La Plata County, COCheryl A Dvorak Philip K DVORAK July 19, 1990
Larimer County, COElizabeth A Dvorak James T DVORAK November 14, 1978
Larimer County, COLeslie Dvorak Jeff DVORAK February 4, 1998
Pueblo County, COTerry Vasquez David DVASQUEZ February 8, 1993
Weld County, CONeal W Dvorak Mary L DVORAK January 26, 1983
Bay County, FLDonna Dvorak John Frank DVORAK August 6, 1990
Broward County, FLMary D Vorak Daniel V DVORAK April 2, 1974
Broward County, FLPatricia Dvorak Louis J DVORAK April 11, 1997
Broward County, FLRuth Dvorak Louis J DVORAK January 12, 1990
Broward County, FLJudith Dvorak Robert E DVORAK September 26, 1995
Broward County, FLCarol Dvornik John A DVORNIK February 23, 1995
Broward County, FLCarol Dvornik John A DVORNIK July 8, 1994
Clay County, FLDonna Dvorak James A DVORAK March 7, 1985
Duval County, FLMargaret Vaughan John DVAUGHAN September 23, 1994
Hillsborough County, FLPatricia Vojtko Ronald DVOJTKO February 6, 1970
Hillsborough County, FLTheresa Dvorak Gary E DVORAK June 1, 1995
Miami-Dade County, FLVega Yolanda Alfonso DVEGA October 27, 1983
Miami-Dade County, FLVictoria Villa Luis DVILLA May 18, 1976
Miami-Dade County, FLJoan Voges William DVOGES December 16, 1974
Orange County, FLLaura Dvorak Frank R DVORAK July 16, 1979
Osceola County, FLJoan Valle Manuel DVALLE October 3, 1997
Pinellas County, FLJoyce Dvorak Phillip DVORAK November 19, 1984
Pinellas County, FLCarolyn Dvorak Joseph M DVORAK April 23, 1975
Santa Rosa County, FLPatty Vinson Robert DVINSON October 29, 1976
Sarasota County, FLHelen Vanduyne Ernest DVANDUYNE March 2, 1976
Seminole County, FLMary Dvorchak Daniel M DVORCHAK August 21, 1985
St Lucie County, FLKaren Dvorak William F DVORAK January 6, 1978
St Lucie County, FLJoan Dvorak William DVORAK November 1, 1995
St Lucie County, FLJenny Dvorak William F DVORAK May 13, 1981
Volusia County, FLKaren Veale Michael DVEALE October 28, 1982
Volusia County, FLSandra Dvorak Frank R DVORAK September 11, 1998
Anoka County, MNEvelyn M Dvoracek Marvin D DVORACEK February 3, 1972
Becker County, MNBernette R Dvorak Lawrence J DVORAK January 9, 1997
Becker County, MNTodd D Dvorak Pamela A DVORAK September 17, 1998
Carver County, MNNancy M Dvorak Lawrence J DVORAK February 3, 1986
Carver County, MNCatherine D Dvorak William G DVORAK May 18, 1989
Carver County, MNCynthia S Dvorak Daniel R DVORAK April 4, 1996
Clay County, MNDanny D Judkins Tina L DVORAK June 7, 1999
Clay County, MNLynn C Dvorak Kurt E DVORAK
Clay County, MNLenore M Campbell Kenneth L DVORAK
Clay County, MNTia M Delano Chad C DVORAK
Clay County, MNCharles D Dvorak Charlotte J DVORAK November 5, 1998
Clay County, MNDale E Sonier Judy A DVORAK February 2, 1998
Crow Wing County, MNLouise R Dvorak Anthony A DVORAK January 3, 1991
Dakota County, MNDolores M Dvalle James M DVALLE August 8, 1983
Dakota County, MNCarol C Dvorak Mark J DVORAK August 7, 1981
Dakota County, MNLaureen D Dvorak Davida DVORAK April 6, 1995
Dakota County, MNVirginia M Dvorak Craig R DVORAK July 15, 1991
Dakota County, MNWilliam E Dvorak Antonia R DVORAK
Hennepin County, MNCharlotte A Dvergsten Rudolph G DVERGSTEN September 5, 1984
Hennepin County, MNLorraine A Dvorak Alvin J DVORAK August 26, 1976
Hennepin County, MNCarol Dvorak Kenneth J DVORAK March 17, 1978
Hennepin County, MNTeresa A Dvorak Kevinj DVORAK April 11, 1990
Hennepin County, MNMarguerite J Dvorak Robert A DVORAK
Hennepin County, MNDianem Dvorak Alvin J DVORAK September 28, 1976
Hennepin County, MNRosalie M Preuss James A DVORAK August 4, 1977
Hennepin County, MNLynann M Dvorak John A DVORAK March 24, 1982
Hennepin County, MNKrista L Dvorak Kurt A DVORAK November 28, 1986
Hennepin County, MNKathryn T Dvorak James L DVORAK September 14, 1988
Hennepin County, MNRita M Dvorak Ralph W DVORAK September 25, 1989
Hennepin County, MNSandra L Dvorak Richard L DVORAK
Hennepin County, MNYvonne M Dvorak Edward F DVORAK June 4, 1973
Hennepin County, MNTammy J Dvorak David J DVORAK October 3, 1990
Houston County, MNKarla K Dvorak Patrick A DVORAK September 7, 1993
Lac Qui Parle County, MNKelly M Dvorak Martin G DVORAK October 22, 1996
Lesueur County, MNTeresa J Dvorak Todd R DVORAK
Lyon County, MNSarah L Dvorak Michael P DVORAK November 19, 1997
Mower County, MNSusan J Dvorak David M DVORAK February 9, 1989
Nicollet County, MNBradley D Dvorak Cindy A DVORAK June 18, 1998
Pennington County, MNMarjorie A Dvorak Thomasj DVORAK November 12, 1980
Ramsey County, MNLorraine A Dvorak Edward F DVORAK February 17, 1971
Ramsey County, MNCarolyn F Dvorak James P DVORAK January 28, 1975
Ramsey County, MNLavonne M Dvorak Robert M DVORAK November 24, 1981
Ramsey County, MNColleen L Dvorak Michael A DVORAK April 24, 1987
Ramsey County, MNSharon A Dvorak Donald E DVORAK April 3, 1986
Rice County, MNMary A Dvorak Thomas A DVORAK January 23, 1981
Scott County, MNCarrol A Dvorak Terry L DVORAK July 12, 1990
Scott County, MNCarrol A Dvorak Terry L DVORAK October 15, 1991
Scott County, MNSusan L Dvorak Mark R DVORAK April 22, 1993
Scott County, MNSusan J Dvorak Donald J DVORAK October 4, 1985
Scott County, MNPamela J Dvorak Roger J DVORAK February 14, 1995
Scott County, MNMark J Dvorak Dawn D DVORAK February 24, 1999
Scott County, MNNancy Dvorak Donald J DVORAK June 15, 1978
Stearns County, MNShirley A Dvorak John L DVORAK February 25, 1970

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