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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Denver County, COStanley L Doan Cecelia A DOAN May 6, 1977
Adams County, COStanley L Doan Cecelia A DOAN April 25, 1972
Adams County, COCarl E Doan Norma J DOAN September 5, 1969
Adams County, CODonald L Doane Margaret E DOANE April 4, 1973
Adams County, COLynn M Dobbs Roger L DOBBS April 12, 1999
Adams County, COSari J Doberstein Grant M DOBERSTEIN
Adams County, COEva L Foster Foster DOCK June 3, 1981
Adams County, CODanya R Dodd Michael E DODD May 26, 1993
Adams County, CORobert Dodd Paula DODD December 1, 1998
Adams County, CONancy L Dodd Mike L DODD September 15, 1977
Adams County, COKristina A Dodd Gene P DODD February 12, 1993
Adams County, COJody A Dodd Shawn R DODD January 11, 1994
Adams County, COTerri L Dodd Gregory W DODD November 29, 1983
Adams County, CODonna M Dodds Ronald DODDS November 27, 1989
Adams County, CODonald L Dodds June D DODDS March 28, 1989
Adams County, CORonald L Dodds Sharon DODDS July 29, 1994
Adams County, COLisa M Dodge Donald J DODGE April 11, 1984
Adams County, COJoseph L Dodge Linda D DODGE April 29, 1986
Adams County, COWayne E Dodge Marye DODGE October 25, 1994
Adams County, COJami R Dodge Robert G DODGE December 15, 2000
Adams County, COWilliam G Dodge Myrna G DODGE October 12, 1989
Adams County, COBrenda L Dodge Jesse K DODGE November 18, 1994
Adams County, CODodge Kelly Rick G DODGE October 3, 1984
Adams County, COKevin W Dodge Karla S DODGE December 3, 1991
Adams County, COKathie E Dodson Briana DODSON November 7, 1990
Adams County, CORonald J Dodson Colette M DODSON June 17, 2002
Adams County, COBruce H Doelling Ann M DOELLING November 25, 1994
Adams County, COBonnie L Doerfler Charles L DOERFLER December 2, 1983
Adams County, CONaureen K Doerksen Robert L DOERKSEN February 7, 1983
Adams County, COJohn L Doerr Linda M DOERR June 4, 1971
Adams County, COSonja L Doerr Kevin D DOERR February 2, 1989
Adams County, COJon A Doherty Cynthia DOHERTY July 8, 1982
Adams County, COWanda R Doherty Michaelj DOHERTY May 8, 1992
Adams County, COThomas J Doherty Cheryl G DOHERTY September 2, 1994
Adams County, CODennis R Doiel Gina M DOIEL
Adams County, COJanet L Dokey David A DOKEY October 8, 1987
Adams County, CORobert S Dokken Zelma C DOKKEN October 22, 1975
Adams County, COTimothy M Dolan Tammy R DOLAN June 19, 1986
Adams County, COPatricia L Dolan Robin DOLAN November 18, 1992
Adams County, CODenise Dolce Dennis C DOLCE October 1, 1984
Adams County, COJohn T Dole Jean M DOLE October 6, 1971
Adams County, CORobin M Olin John DOLIN
Adams County, COWilliam C Doll Carol L DOLL March 6, 1969
Adams County, CORonald D Doll Chris DOLL February 21, 1975
Adams County, COKatherine Doll Steve A DOLL January 16, 1985
Adams County, CODiana J Dolph Robert V DOLPH January 24, 1986
Adams County, COMichael W Dolph Tami S DOLPH August 5, 1999
Adams County, COGene A Dolson Myrna J DOLSON January 18, 1990
Adams County, CODonna Strickland Keith W DOMAN August 29, 2002
Adams County, COJames A Doman Mary L DOMAN September 22, 1976
Adams County, CORaymond Domenico Patricia DOMENICO November 25, 1987
Adams County, COSandra G Flores Flores DOMINGO
Adams County, COGail Sanchez Sanchez DOMINGO August 29, 1994
Adams County, CODavida Dominguez Robbie DOMINGUEZ January 31, 1975
Adams County, CODebra L Dominguez Donald M DOMINGUEZ November 2, 1977
Adams County, COGeraldine Dominguez Josel DOMINGUEZ November 25, 1981
Adams County, COMelinda A Dominguez Juan D DOMINGUEZ June 22, 1987
Adams County, CORaymond T Dominguez Melinda K DOMINGUEZ May 28, 1992
Adams County, COGeorge A Dominguez Donna L DOMINGUEZ
Adams County, CODolores R Dominguez Miguel A DOMINGUEZ November 4, 1992
Adams County, COJoseph F Dominguez Margaret R DOMINGUEZ November 14, 1980
Adams County, COMiguela Dominguez Rosa E DOMINGUEZ August 11, 1986
Adams County, COTracy Dominick Jerry DOMINICK September 8, 1992
Adams County, CODeborah A Dominquez Ever M DOMINQUEZ May 31, 1990
Adams County, CODebra A Donadio Richard A DONADIO June 24, 1994
Adams County, COThomas K Donahue Mary J DONAHUE June 22, 1973
Adams County, COMargaret Donahue Frederick G DONAHUE April 21, 1917
Adams County, COEugene R Donahue Diane DONAHUE September 25, 1981
Adams County, COBridget A Donahue William E DONAHUE May 1, 1985
Adams County, COPatricia A Ray Ray DONALD February 7, 1991
Adams County, CODonald Ronda Robert DONALD May 21, 1999
Adams County, COBarbara Bailey DONALDBAILEY May 14, 1982
Adams County, COEvelyn Donaldson William DONALDSON July 24, 1975
Adams County, CODoris R Donaldson Robert B DONALDSON August 27, 1979
Adams County, CODorothy C Donegan Frederick DONEGAN December 12, 1975
Adams County, CONate Mcbride Mcbride DONELL March 14, 2001
Adams County, COMichael Donelson Debra DONELSON February 11, 1992
Adams County, COTheresa M Donelson Stephen W DONELSON April 27, 1993
Adams County, CODavid J Donley Shannon R DONLEY November 21, 2002
Adams County, COMichael W James James A DONNA May 3, 1974
Adams County, COKimberly M Dixon Dixon DONNELL November 17, 1993
Adams County, COGordon W Donnelly Nancy K DONNELLY August 4, 1993
Adams County, COMichelle P Donnelly Bruce G DONNELLY December 15, 1992
Adams County, COKaren D Donnelly Gerald L DONNELLY April 13, 1992
Adams County, COMark A Donner Patricia M DONNER
Adams County, COBeverly J Donner Darrell L DONNER September 13, 1979
Adams County, CONeil T Donner Cynthia L DONNER April 15, 2002
Adams County, COMartin S Donohue Melinda M DONOHUE August 1, 1989
Adams County, COErnest Donovan Virginia DONOVAN December 5, 1986
Adams County, COJohn F Donovan Audrey L DONOVAN May 26, 1992
Adams County, COTerrance L Donovan Barbaraj DONOVAN November 2, 1973
Adams County, COKimberly K Doohan Kevin T DOOHAN November 13, 1986
Adams County, COCharles L Doole Wanda M DOOLE August 11, 1970
Adams County, CODennis Dooley Linda DOOLEY July 8, 1969
Adams County, CODennis M Dooley Sherry R DOOLEY April 27, 1994
Adams County, COCraig S Doolittle Melinda L DOOLITTLE March 1, 1993
Adams County, COBarbara A Doomes Ronald E DOOMES May 16, 1991
Adams County, COLinda L Doose Gregory A DOOSE November 8, 1977
Adams County, COIbarra Jesus Ibarra DORA May 26, 1989
Adams County, COAlejandr O Reyes Reyes DORA October 27, 1992

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