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Being in a relationship with someone can be challenging unless you know about the history of that person so that you can trust him or her completely. This also helps in developing the understanding level between the couples who have just found each other and are trying to learn more about one another. When researching public records, a lot of potentially important information may surface. This information is usually updated and is comprehensive so that you do not have to look up anywhere else. For instance, if a person was involved in a divorce case the type of information you will find in the records will include: property records, address histories, judgments/bankruptcies, criminal records, filing number, state of filing, date of filing, respondent’s name and petitioner’s name as well. All this information can be very helpful to know in detail about a person you are concerned with.

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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Arapahoe County, COBarbara T Davis William CDAVIS May 13, 1985
Arapahoe County, COPatriciaf Davis Richard CDAVIS August 22, 1985
Arapahoe County, COMary Dowell Edward CDOWELL September 18, 1918
Boulder County, COGina M Cdebaca Michiel T CDEBACA December 11, 1995
Boulder County, COBettyj Dixon Michael CDIXON
Boulder County, COValorie E Mcdonough Robert M CDONOUGH November 29, 1989
Denver County, COSandral Davis Steven CDAVIS February 26, 1990
Denver County, COBarbara A Cdebaca Lloyd P CDEBACA October 12, 1990
Denver County, COMary F Mcdonough Robert M CDONOUGH February 23, 1983
El Paso County, COSheila D Davis James CDAVIS February 6, 1981
El Paso County, COMary C Davis Richard CDAVIS November 14, 1975
El Paso County, COAngela Ldavis Bryan CDAVIS March 14, 1985
El Paso County, COTerril Day John CDAY March 8, 2002
Jefferson County, COMichael N Cdebaca Linda K CDEBACA
Las Animas County, COAnna Duncan William CDUNCAN October 4, 1919
Pueblo County, COKelly A Day William CDAY May 12, 1994
Pueblo County, COAdolph A Cdebaca Charlotte J CDEBACA January 14, 2003
Broward County, FLJoan D Avis William CDAVIS June 16, 1976
Broward County, FLAndre A Mcdonald Robert M CDONALD August 3, 1979
Escambia County, FLReginia Davis William CDAVIS August 17, 1994
Escambia County, FLRobyn Davis William CDAVIS May 28, 1985
Hillsborough County, FLDaniel Judith Richard CDANIEL October 24, 1973
Hillsborough County, FLDawn Davis William CDAVIS December 12, 1988
Indian River County, FLLaura D Avis Alex CDAVIS December 21, 1971
Indian River County, FLDebra Davis Alex CDAVIS November 9, 1976
Jefferson County, FLDonald Martha Willie CDONALD October 17, 1995
Lee County, FLMichele Mcdonald Timothy M CDONALD June 24, 1993
Levy County, FLJennifer Donovan James CDONOVAN February 19, 1993
Manatee County, FLCarol Day John CDAY March 5, 1997
Okaloosa County, FLDeborah D Ay William CDAY June 18, 1993
Palm Beach County, FLCindy Mcdonald William M CDONALD April 5, 1988
Pasco County, FLVirginia Doerr Thomas CDOERR January 16, 1980
Pinellas County, FLDan Mcdaniel Charles M CDANIEL February 24, 1983
Pinellas County, FLDavid Susan James CDAVID August 11, 1998
Pinellas County, FLElda Davis Richard CDAVIS April 27, 1981
Pinellas County, FLClaudette Davis Richard CDAVIS February 16, 1979
Pinellas County, FLCatherine Davis James CDAVIS October 17, 1985
Pinellas County, FLDonald Karmini Jeffrey CDONALD November 28, 1995
Pinellas County, FLMcdonald Virgina John M CDONALD November 2, 1973
Polk County, FLKimberl Y Davis Steven CDAVIS November 29, 1994
Polk County, FLLavern E Davis Richard CDAVIS July 23, 1979
Polk County, FLLinda Mcdonald John M CDONALD October 25, 1984
Sarasota County, FLSandra Davies Thomas CDAVIES May 12, 1978
Sarasota County, FLSheri Davis Gene CDAVIS September 29, 1997
Volusia County, FLIrene Mcdougal John M CDOUGAL December 4, 1981
Washington County, FLWanda Daniels Donald CDANIELS November 3, 1981
Hennepin County, MNBarbaraa Davis Richard CDAVIS December 9, 1986
Hennepin County, MNBarbaraa Davis Brian CDAVIS September 21, 1984
Houston County, MNMargaret T Davis Richard CDAVIS
Clark County, NVSally C Doyle Joseph CDOYLE December 9, 1993
Douglas County, NVRobin Mcdonald Sean M CDONALD July 13, 1994
Washoe County, NVGeorge Mcdonald Shirley M CDONALD January 26, 1973
White Pine County, NVMartha Mcdonald Robert M CDONALD December 17, 1991
Galveston County, TXJacqueline D Davis Ronnie CDAVIS September 22, 1987
Angelina County, TXTracy K Davis William CDAVIS October 14, 1980
Bailey County, TXDorothy Drake John CDRAKE April 16, 1974
Bexar County, TXShyrl L Davidson James CDAVIDSON September 9, 1988
Bexar County, TXGwendolyn M Davis Richard CDAVIS September 9, 1992
Bexar County, TXGwendolyn M Davis Richard CDAVIS December 6, 1994
Bexar County, TXGwendolyn M Davis Richard CDAVIS
Bexar County, TXSondrae Davis Richard CDAVIS May 7, 1985
Bexar County, TXSandra M Day John CDAY September 12, 1990
Bexar County, TXLila J Diaz Juan CDIAZ
Bexar County, TXNancy J Dietrich Robert CDIETRICH February 2, 1988
Bexar County, TXJanice A Dorsett James CDORSETT June 11, 1974
Bowie County, TXConnie L Derrick Douglas CDERRICK May 29, 1981
Cameron County, TXMary B Davidson James CDAVIDSON November 12, 1987
Childress County, TXDewanda J Davis William CDAVIS December 3, 1984
Collin County, TXTammy G Davidson James CDAVIDSON March 23, 1989
Comal County, TXGail A Davis William CDAVIS November 22, 1976
Coryell County, TXJudith D Dale James CDALE June 26, 1990
Dallas County, TXSandra A Davis Albert CDAVIS September 3, 1982
Dallas County, TXTeril Davis Joe CDAVIS November 28, 1984
Dallas County, TXCarol D Avis Ronnie CDAVIS March 1, 1973
Dallas County, TXDonna Jdavis James CDAVIS January 5, 1973
Dallas County, TXMarthaa Davis William CDAVIS September 16, 1975
Dallas County, TXDurawn A Davis William CDAVIS September 22, 1992
Dallas County, TXDoris D Day John CDAY
Dallas County, TXVirginia S Day John CDAY August 24, 1995
Dallas County, TXBillie R Day William CDAY November 7, 1984
Dallas County, TXMaryl Day John CDAY August 15, 1978
Dallas County, TXJosephine Mcdonald Robert M CDONALD December 19, 1979
Dallas County, TXSusan M Donald Douglas CDONALD October 12, 1993
Donley County, TXRebeccaa Davis James CDAVIS October 4, 1982
El Paso County, TXMary A Cdebaca David L CDEBACA December 11, 1987
Fort Bend County, TXJeri S Dowell Robert CDOWELL May 11, 1994
Harris County, TXDaniel E Cathy James CDANIEL November 13, 1989
Harris County, TXClaudia D Davidson James CDAVIDSON January 5, 1983
Harris County, TXSusan K Davis Robert CDAVIS
Harris County, TXMelissam Davis Christopher CDAVIS
Harris County, TXEssie L Davis Steven CDAVIS May 23, 1977
Harris County, TXJenny L Day John CDAY August 28, 1979
Harris County, TXRose Mdelgado Joe CDELGADO February 2, 1983
Harris County, TXFlorence Mcdonald William M CDONALD February 1, 1983
Harris County, TXJanice S Duncan William CDUNCAN May 4, 1994
Henderson County, TXDarla J Davis Ronnie CDAVIS May 9, 1989
Hidalgo County, TXDiaz Dalinda Jose CDIAZ September 22, 1972
Hill County, TXConniej Davis James CDAVIS December 27, 1991
Hunt County, TXDarlene K Davis Richard CDAVIS April 29, 1993
Jasper County, TXKathyj Davis William CDAVIS December 16, 1994

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