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A divorce record is a public declaration of a separating couple that was once married under the law. When a person gets involved with another person, it becomes imperative for both of them to know about each other. Learning more about each other’s past can be a tedious task unless they get a chance to check each other’s past by way of public divorce records. This is important for someone getting married to an individual who may be was involved in a relationship with someone else in the past. Thus, when records are checked, a person gets confirmation regarding the legal status of someone relationship with the other person.

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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, COEthel M Axelson Richard F AXELSON September 4, 1979
Arapahoe County, COGordon E Axel Patricia A AXEL August 13, 1985
Arapahoe County, COWallace J Axelson Ellen M AXELSON
Arapahoe County, COMickey D Axtell Robin K AXTELL August 16, 1979
Boulder County, CORegina A Axley Paul T AXLEY January 13, 1986
Boulder County, COKathryn L Axtman David W AXTMAN August 15, 1984
Chaffee County, COSusan D Axe Donald J AXE July 15, 1998
Denver County, COKevin M Axe Gina L AXE August 24, 1982
Denver County, CODonald Axelson Carol AXELSON November 24, 1969
Denver County, CODavid E Axmacher Debra N AXMACHER December 8, 1986
Denver County, CODennis Axtell Roberta AXTELL
Denver County, COJulie Axton Gary C AXTON September 2, 1975
El Paso County, COKatherine Axtell Gregory A AXTELL August 31, 1977
El Paso County, COJoyce Axtell Richard AXTELL March 21, 1984
El Paso County, COJennifer Axtell Richard S AXTELL May 9, 1988
Jefferson County, COPamela E Axelsen William J AXELSEN September 26, 1995
Jefferson County, COGail M Axelson Eugene H AXELSON
Jefferson County, COLisa A Axon Rusty R AXON April 4, 1983
Jefferson County, COGary L Axsom Mary L AXSOM January 24, 1977
Jefferson County, COMichael S Axt Tina B AXT February 28, 1977
Jefferson County, COSteve D Axtell Patricia R AXTELL
Jefferson County, COLisa R Axton William AXTON June 21, 1988
Larimer County, COMaureen E Axtell Richard A AXTELL November 2, 1987
Logan County, CODale A Axtell Jeanette M AXTELL
Mesa County, COKyle D Axtell Audrey G AXTELL April 27, 1988
Mesa County, COKyle D Axtell Deborah R AXTELL October 28, 2002
Montezuma County, COWilliam S Axe Diana L AXE July 9, 1990
Washington County, CORichard A Axtell Sandra G AXTELL June 3, 1974
Broward County, FLCarol Axe Kenneth N AXE
Broward County, FLRivera Blanca Rivera AXEL August 8, 1986
Broward County, FLPatricia Axelrod Leslie H AXELROD March 31, 1978
Broward County, FLLinda Axelrod Eric W AXELROD April 14, 1987
Broward County, FLJoyce Axtell Albert E AXTELL July 18, 1974
Duval County, FLBeverly Axtell Paul G AXTELL March 28, 1988
Duval County, FLBrenda Axton Charles E AXTON March 21, 1995
Escambia County, FLMartha Axley John H AXLEY July 21, 1986
Escambia County, FLRuth Axley John H AXLEY January 27, 1983
Hillsborough County, FLShirley Axtell Andrew F AXTELL August 31, 1983
Jefferson County, FLAnnie Baxley William B AXLEY February 14, 1973
Manatee County, FLSamuel Axon Samuel T AXON May 28, 1981
Manatee County, FLDonna Saxton Robert S AXTON March 23, 1983
Martin County, FLJudith Axel Leon A AXEL September 18, 1978
Martin County, FLEvelyn Axton Mark AXTON March 26, 1979
Miami-Dade County, FLCamacho Reina Camacho AXEL October 24, 1997
Miami-Dade County, FLGonzalez Maribel Gonzalez AXEL June 29, 1992
Miami-Dade County, FLRivera Gale Rivera AXEL October 9, 1990
Miami-Dade County, FLGonzalez Maribel Gonzalez AXEL June 29, 1992
Miami-Dade County, FLPalma Aurora Palma AXELL October 2, 1991
Miami-Dade County, FLJudy Axelrod Harry AXELROD July 14, 1983
Miami-Dade County, FLJoan Axelrod Irwin L AXELROD June 15, 1979
Miami-Dade County, FLBonnie Axelrod Alan AXELROD May 22, 1975
Miami-Dade County, FLCrystal Axon Raymond C AXON November 29, 1984
Miami-Dade County, FLSandra Axtell Drew AXTELL August 3, 1988
Okaloosa County, FLJulie Axt Christopher R AXT
Orange County, FLSherry Axtell Bryan K AXTELL May 5, 1995
Osceola County, FLDavila Nohora Davila AXEL October 25, 1999
Palm Beach County, FLRebecca Axelrod David AXELROD December 7, 1993
Palm Beach County, FLSheila Axt Donald AXT November 14, 1996
Palm Beach County, FLGloria Axtell Allen F AXTELL August 13, 1985
Palm Beach County, FLCarol Axtell William C AXTELL February 19, 1991
Pinellas County, FLDiana Axelrod William B AXELROD January 2, 1997
Pinellas County, FLCynthia Axtell Lewis D AXTELL March 5, 1980
Santa Rosa County, FLAnna Vonaxelson Edward Von AXELSON June 19, 1978
Seminole County, FLBarbara Axley John H AXLEYIII
Seminole County, FLNancy Axtell Ralph AXTELL June 15, 1988
St Johns County, FLPamela Axen Jeffrey AXEN October 1, 1991
St Lucie County, FLPaul Amila Paul AXEON March 5, 1985
St Lucie County, FLDonna Maxwell Stephen M AXWELL June 9, 1995
St Lucie County, FLDonna Maxwell Stephen M AXWELL April 16, 1996
Volusia County, FLMelissa Axelrod Joseph R AXELROD October 14, 1988
Aitkin County, MNKerri R Axelson Johnathan L AXELSON July 15, 1998
Anoka County, MNDonna M Axel Clayton J AXEL July 6, 1981
Anoka County, MNSarah R Axel Robert J AXEL
Anoka County, MNSusan Axel Herbert J AXEL June 24, 1980
Anoka County, MNJoyce G Axelson Lawrence E AXELSON December 17, 1973
Anoka County, MNChristine M Axelson Wallace C AXELSON September 6, 1996
Anoka County, MNJames M Axelson Nancy J AXELSON
Anoka County, MNBarbara K Axton Jerome E AXTON October 5, 1992
Becker County, MNJanice R Axton Jerome E AXTON February 7, 1983
Blue Earth County, MNJanet K Axzen Randy L AXZEN November 21, 1985
Carlton County, MNDonna M Axtell Lonny R AXTELL June 3, 1987
Carver County, MNDolores M Axtell Rickie L AXTELL
Chisago County, MNCory T Axelson Lisa M AXELSON September 15, 1999
Clay County, MNShannon M Reilly Jay D AXELSON September 1, 1994
Clay County, MNJohn A Axelson Bonniel AXELSON September 23, 1999
Clay County, MNJames D Jackson Kathleen J AXT June 15, 1999
Dakota County, MNValarie I Axtell Fred W AXTELL April 8, 1985
Goodhue County, MNSuzanne L Axelson Cory T AXELSON September 27, 1990
Hennepin County, MNLadan J Axdahl Arlen A AXDAHL
Hennepin County, MNKatherine P Axel Richard C AXEL July 8, 1987
Hennepin County, MNVirginia L Axell Bruce A AXELL
Hennepin County, MNEdna L Axell Arthur A AXELL January 7, 1972
Hennepin County, MNSusan A Axelson Paul K AXELSON April 25, 1988
Hennepin County, MNMary E Hable David A AXNESS April 3, 1975
Hennepin County, MNJanice J Axt Henry B AXT
Hennepin County, MNBarbara A Axtman Richard P AXTMAN March 17, 1981
Itaska County, MNLori A Axford Keith P AXFORD September 22, 1986
Itaska County, MNHeidi C Axford Keith P AXFORD September 6, 1991
Kanabec County, MNAvis E Axtman Marvin AXTMAN February 26, 1981
Kittson County, MNJane M Axelson Patrick L AXELSON December 13, 1993

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