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A divorce record is a public declaration of a separating couple that was once married under the law. When a person gets involved with another person, it becomes imperative for both of them to know about each other. Learning more about each other’s past can be a tedious task unless they get a chance to check each other’s past by way of public divorce records. This is important for someone getting married to an individual who may be was involved in a relationship with someone else in the past. Thus, when records are checked, a person gets confirmation regarding the legal status of someone relationship with the other person.

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County Name Name Date, Doc.
Adams County, COPatsy Johnson Charles AJOHNSON February 7, 1990
Adams County, COMarilynf Johnson James AJOHNSON January 15, 2002
Adams County, CORandal J Johnson Patricia AJOHNSON December 14, 1990
Adams County, COClarence C Johnston Shirley AJOHNSTON November 17, 1972
Adams County, COJill S Jones Brian AJONES February 6, 2002
Alamosa County, COGeraldr Jones Delores AJONES March 23, 1984
Arapahoe County, COBradley K Jackson Shirley AJACKSON September 28, 1979
Arapahoe County, COKarenl Jackson Ronald AJACKSON October 14, 1982
Arapahoe County, COLarry S Johnson Barbara AJOHNSON March 3, 1986
Arapahoe County, COPhyllis R Jones Leroy AJONES March 5, 2004
Arapahoe County, COLinda L Jones Ronald AJONES
Arapahoe County, COElsie M Jones Robert AJONES April 14, 1914
Arapahoe County, COKenneth L Jones Rebecca AJONES May 28, 1968
Arapahoe County, COJoan E Jones Robert AJONES September 16, 1991
Baca County, COKent J Johnson Patricia AJOHNSON July 28, 1997
Bent County, COJamesjohnson Robert AJOHNSON February 29, 1988
Boulder County, COIna L Johnson John AJOHNSON October 16, 1984
Boulder County, COTrudi K Johnson Robert AJOHNSON November 1, 2002
Boulder County, CODeborah L Jones James AJONES March 8, 1993
Clear Creek County, CORichard V Johnson Dora AJOHNSON August 26, 1971
Delta County, CODonal D Johnson Phyllis AJOHNSON
Delta County, CORafe A Jones Lori AJONES June 11, 1984
Denver County, CONancy Aja Michael J AJA May 1, 1985
Denver County, COElizabeta Jackson David AJACKSON October 7, 1983
Denver County, COWinona Jackson Ray AJACKSON October 5, 1993
Denver County, COJohneen R Jacobs Robert AJACOBS November 3, 1993
Denver County, COJay Frankie George AJAY April 17, 1923
Denver County, COLeigh K Johnson Patricia AJOHNSON
Denver County, CORebecca Johnson James AJOHNSON February 26, 1990
Denver County, COBarbarag Johnson Shirley AJOHNSON March 24, 1994
Denver County, COClarissa Jones Charles AJONES December 27, 1902
Denver County, COMarjorie Jones John AJONES July 24, 1922
Denver County, COByron L Jones Christin AJONES September 27, 1982
Denver County, COKathym Jones Robert AJONES June 16, 1987
Douglas County, COOtis C Johnson Margaret AJOHNSON January 16, 1987
El Paso County, COSunant J Jackson Ray AJACKSON August 25, 1998
El Paso County, COAndrea R Jay Keith AJAY June 2, 1999
El Paso County, COBarry R Brauer Donn AJBRAUER March 6, 1991
El Paso County, COKimberly S Jensen Robert AJENSEN June 28, 1977
El Paso County, COAudrey G Jensen Robert AJENSEN October 27, 1975
El Paso County, COMchenry Johnson Patricia AJOHNSON December 13, 1983
El Paso County, CONorma A Johnson Don AJOHNSON August 8, 2001
El Paso County, COClaire A Johnson Charles AJOHNSON December 2, 1897
El Paso County, COJacqueli Johnson Keith AJOHNSON July 24, 1991
El Paso County, CODeborah A Johnson Robert AJOHNSON April 14, 1989
El Paso County, COEileen T Johnson James AJOHNSON February 6, 1990
El Paso County, CORonaldh Jones Carol AJONES May 31, 1979
El Paso County, CORicharde Jones Nancy AJONES January 12, 1989
El Paso County, COAlanb Jones Patricia AJONES August 26, 1986
Fremont County, COIsaac J Johnson Margaret AJOHNSON
Jefferson County, COMartha L Jackson David AJACKSON August 19, 1998
Jefferson County, COJosepha Jackson Barbara AJACKSON August 26, 1986
Jefferson County, COSue C Johnson James AJOHNSON October 23, 1992
Jefferson County, COStephen Hjohnson Patricia AJOHNSON January 17, 2002
Jefferson County, COGerald H Johnson Judith AJOHNSON May 11, 1970
Jefferson County, COBarbarajohnson James AJOHNSON June 17, 1976
Jefferson County, COThomasc Johnson Margaret AJOHNSON July 31, 1981
Jefferson County, CORichard B Johnson Tracy AJOHNSON June 15, 1993
Jefferson County, CORobert Cjohnson Phyllis AJOHNSON July 2, 1974
Jefferson County, COMariaa Johnson James AJOHNSON November 18, 1987
Jefferson County, COWarrene Johnson Julie AJOHNSON September 3, 1992
Jefferson County, COKristina M Jones Robert AJONES October 6, 1994
Jefferson County, COAndrew C Jones Judith AJONES January 21, 1974
Jefferson County, COMichelle Rjones Thomas AJONES November 13, 1984
Jefferson County, COLarryj Jones Patricia AJONES November 27, 1984
Kit Carson County, COGerald D Johnson Margaret AJOHNSON May 27, 1975
Larimer County, COSheryl Johnson Richard AJOHNSON January 26, 2004
Larimer County, COLa Verne Johnson Beverly AJOHNSON July 2, 1973
Larimer County, COVera Jones John AJONES November 12, 1986
Larimer County, COLaurie K Jones Michael AJONES May 17, 1999
Larimer County, CODale W Jordan Carol AJORDAN December 19, 1988
Mesa County, CORobertl Johnson Barbara AJOHNSON February 17, 1970
Mesa County, COMichaell Johnson Dana AJOHNSON July 15, 1993
Mesa County, COMelvin W Jones Carol AJONES December 6, 1971
Montezuma County, CORobert Ljohnson Patricia AJOHNSON December 4, 1981
Montezuma County, COMinnie A Johnson Charles AJOHNSON November 22, 1913
Montrose County, COKenneth H Johnson Patricia AJOHNSON September 13, 1973
Montrose County, COBobr Johnson Phyllis AJOHNSON July 29, 1982
Otero County, COGaryd Johnson Margaret AJOHNSON March 29, 1993
Prowers County, COThomas R Jones Patricia AJONES October 15, 1974
Pueblo County, COJimenez Priscilla Luis AJIMENEZ December 17, 1976
Pueblo County, COZoe A Jones John AJONES November 3, 1975
Pueblo County, COJames B Jones Lori AJONES March 12, 1982
Pueblo County, COLeontine J Jubic Philip AJUBIC November 9, 1988
Weld County, COInez A Johnson Herbert AJOHNSON
Weld County, CORose Jones John AJONES February 5, 1936
Alachua County, FLLisa Jacobs Robert AJACOBS March 17, 1988
Alachua County, FLLuella Johnson James AJOHNSON October 3, 1995
Alachua County, FLMaureen Johnson Richard AJOHNSON December 15, 1997
Alachua County, FLDennie Johnson Richard AJOHNSON November 2, 1989
Alachua County, FLHelenj Ohnson Christopher AJOHNSON November 19, 1999
Bay County, FLLinda Jackson Charles AJACKSON February 3, 1981
Bay County, FLShannon Singh Singh AJAIB June 23, 1981
Bay County, FLChristie Johnson Keith AJOHNSON September 8, 1986
Broward County, FLJennifer Wilson Wilson AJ August 9, 1997
Broward County, FLLois Jackson Joe AJACKSON May 29, 1973
Broward County, FLJoan Ajmo Louis V AJMO March 3, 1980
Broward County, FLKaren Johnson Richard AJOHNSON April 11, 1991
Broward County, FLHolly Johnson James AJOHNSON February 7, 1995
Broward County, FLRuth Johnson Richard AJOHNSON April 7, 1976

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