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Welcome to divorcestatistics.net If you need information on divorce rates in America pertaining to a number of different aspects, then this is the place to be. Here, you will find most of the compiled data relating to divorce statistics in relation to the following aspects- percentages among the fifty states, percentage breakdown between the genders, rate breakdown among different categories of age, rates among religious couples in America, percentage breakdown between couples of various sexual orientation, rates among military families, and many other such specific cases.

In addition to checking on marriage breakup rates relating to specific instances, we will also try to see reason behind the rise and fall, or the magnitude of these statistics with respects to elements which may affect a certain given case in general (Disclaimer: These reasons may or may not come with technical credentials. If professional references are given, then consider that those points made do have an academic, psychological or survey background and the data collected from these studies inform the statements we make on our site, attached to said references. Otherwise, analytical statements without any references on this site are meant to be taken as theories placed forwarded here are based on observations and studies from our side and not from any external body or bodies of research).

Speaking of analysis, we also take a look into various things, like the effects such separation can have on the children, quantifying these effects on kids and measuring them, the effect of alcohol on a marital breakup, the cases arising out of alcoholism, the role money plays in marriage split-ups; be it alimony, breaking up of shared assets of a couple, or the money involved in judicial separation cases that go to court. The website also delves into the multiple reasons behind the separation ratio in different states, the reasons for child custody percentages between the two genders calculated considering different cases from different states, as well as a complete and proper breakdown of the various factors which lead to the legal split-up, as well as pitting the “reason rate” for each of these causes.

As we update our site with all of these facts and rates, let us first mention that here, we heavily focus on the marriage and divorce statistics in the United States of America. In order to calculate the such rates, we look at surveys which have utilized as samples the cases of American couples from different states, from different economical, social and religious backgrounds, and of different ages. As an introduction to divorce statistics by state in USA, let us have a look at where the nation stands when it comes to such rates, especially when compared to other countries:

Ranks of Countries According to Their Rates (From Lowest Rate to Highest Rate):


Rank Nation Percent
1 India 1.1
2 Sri Lanka 1.5
3 Japan 1.9
4 Republic of Macedonia 5.0
5 Bosnia and Herzegovina 5.0
6 Turkey 6.0
7 Armenia 6.0
8 Georgia 6.6
9 Italy 10.0
10 Azerbaijan 10.3
11 Albania 10.9
12 Israel 14.8
13 Spain 15.2
14 Croatia 15.5
15 Greece 15.7
16 Singapore 17.2
17 Poland 17.2
18 Romania 19.1
19 Slovenia 20.7
20 Bulgaria 21.1
21 Switzerland 25.5
22 Portugal 26.2
23 Slovakia 26.9
24 Moldova 28.1
25 Latvia 34.4
26 Canada 37.0
27 Hungary 37.5
28 Netherlands 38.3
29 France 38.3
30 Lithuania 38.9
31 Germany 39.4
32 Iceland 39.5
33 Ukraine 40.0
34 Norway 40.4
35 United Kingdom 42.6
36 Russia 43.3
37 Czech Republic 43.3
38 Austria 43.4
39 Belgium 44.0
40 Denmark 44.5
41 Estonia 46.7
42 Luxembourg 47.4
43 Finland 51.2
44 Belarus 52.9
45 United States 54.8
46 Sweden 54.9

As is unfortunately apparent from this international survey conducted in 2007, the United States is almost at the fag end of the happy marriage rate. A whopping 54.8% of broken homes, which roughly translates to about five to six legal breakups for every ten marriages. Think about it. That is one, or more than one, split-up for every TWO American marriages!

What is it with the Western First World and High Divorce Rates?

While the bare numbers are abysmal for the States, one however cannot help but notice that almost all of the countries in the bottom half of the table are First and Second World countries of the West, with predominantly Caucasian population. Does that mean a more stable economic environment prove to be a fertile ground for marital problems to run amok and threaten an individual’s space and peace of mind, more so than countries where making a living is that much harder? Do conservative cultures, social norms and country laws reflecting these norms have any effect on the legal split-up rate in the East, keeping them to a bare minimum?

There isn’t a shortage of theories to explain America’s poor showing when it comes to stable marriages. Here on the site, we will be focusing on specific elements relating to divorce statistics in the country, and as mentioned before, the separation rates among different groups of US citizens. So have a look around and hopefully you will find what you are looking for.

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