Divorce Statistics in America

Ever wondered why the divorce statistics in America has reached an all time high of 54.8%? Were you even aware that the statistics was all that high to begin with?

Well, it is true that there have been a number of marriage breakups has shot up incredibly over the past few years, and while 54.8% may be a rough estimation, it is safe to say that half, if not more than half, of American marriages, ends in judicial split-up. There are a number of reasons cited for break ups, ranging from the wrong and completely inaccurate concept of “love” which couples harbor in their minds thanks to the wrong image purported by film, literature and other media, in addition to reasons like the pressures put forth by demanding and hectic lifestyles and work schedules, made even more dire by the fact that we are currently in an economic recession and so cannot really afford the “homemaker and bread winning partner” kind of family template.

Divorce Statistics and the Current Economic Recession

Unless the family is incredibly stable when it comes to personal finances. Both of the partners in a marriage are required to pull all the stops and go out and earn enough resources in order to support a family unit, and if children are present in said “family unit”, then the situation becomes even more stressful and may tend to drain a marital relationship of all its appeal, and “sense of necessity”, from the perception of the married partners.

Therefore, it is no surprise to make the observation that the current economic climate of the United States of America has only facilitated the upward trend of the rates measured earlier, in better economic times for the country.

But is it really so? The research actually points out that the rate in the past couple of years has actually fallen, compared to the rates before the Big Recession of ’08 hit the States with the severity of a 9.0 Richter scale earthquake. But the reason for the drop in the rates post recession also has one other factor affecting it- the fact that the marriage rate is also at an all time low.

The Bare Numbers Proving the Drop in Divorce Rates

The bare numbers show that the rates have indeed been reduced by a good deal, and it has to deal directly with the the drop in the marriage rate (more couples tend to settle for live in relationships in the 21st century, as opposed to making things official and legally getting married).

The U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, discovered that in 2009, the overall rate among men aged 15 and above in America was 9.2, (that is approximately 92 men for every 1000 men aged 15 and above in the United States), whereas for women aged 15 and above, the overall rate was 9.7. in 2005, the average marriage break up rate was a mere 3.6, which, interestingly enough, was the lowest since 1970.

A Detailed View of the key statistics

Surveys related to divorce statistics in America in 2008 find that the percentage of legally separated individuals in the country is roughly 10.6%, which is 106 individuals for every 1000 people living in the country. The percentage who were separated but not officially split-up yet were 2.2%, whereas 50.2% of the total population were still married.

A Breakdown of the Rates Across the Various States

It was observed that in the last decade, even though the marriage rate had gone down, it was relatively higher in the more “socially conservative” Southern and Western states (with the exception of California, of course). The reason suggested for this was that the level of education in these states was relatively lower than that in the more “socially liberal” Eastern and Northern States, so marriages occurred at a younger age. Surprisingly, the level of breakup were also higher in the states of the South and the West. The habit of drinking¬†alcohol and divorce statistics are also closely linked.

Breakup Rates For Multiple Marriages

Turns out that the proverb “Once bitten, twice shy” does not really hold when it comes to¬†understanding marriage and divorce statistics. It was shown that the more number of times an individual enters into wedlock, the more the chances of breakup for each subsequent trip down the altar. Here, take a look for yourself-

Rates in America for First Time Marriages- 41 to 50%

Rates in America for Second Time Marriages- 60 to 67%

Rates in America for Third Time Marriages- 73 to 74%

Those were some of the basic divorce statistics in America. So, basically, good news and bad- good news being that the rates have dropped in the past decade, the bad news being that is is only so because the marriage rate is at an all time low!

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